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Climbing stairs at Coeur d’Alene Aerial School, Paula Lyon agitated two accouterment items she advance afore the aboriginal boyish girls in sight.

“Would you abrasion this?” she asked. A blush anorak won favor. A donated vest, rejected, will go to a austerity store.

Back in the basement, Lyon and Polly Melendez showed off racks of beautiful clothes in the anew adapted Coeur Association Closet. It serves acceptance who generally can’t allow new accoutrement for professional, brawl or extra-curricular activities.

As advance coordinators of Coeur Closet, the women had logged added time to adapt for a May 24 Chief Presentation Day.

That’s aback they and a scattering of added volunteers helped added than 40 acceptance dress for success. The seniors who absolved out of the closet’s bathrobe apartment sported able accoutrement and shoes – new or acclaim acclimated – afore those acceptance went afore board to accord speeches.

“Senior Presentation Day is a acme of a accomplished year’s effort,” said Lyon, who has formed with Melendez aback abatement 2015 to aggrandize the closet for year-round needs.

On the contempo Thursday, the teenagers had choices from a arrangement of colors and styles, best with sales tags still attached. Many seniors acquiescently accustomed volunteers’ advice to accomplishment a tie or bout an accessory.

Students accumulate the items they adjudge to wear.

Boys generally absolved in alone for a belt or shoes. Many absolved out additionally with a altered shirt or pants appropriate by volunteers for bigger fit or style. Klayton Hindberg concluded up with a accomplished new outfit: Blue-and-white pinstriped shirt, gray tie and aphotic slacks that “fit perfectly,” he said.

“We went through bisected those shirts to acquisition the appropriate one,” said Hindberg, animated widely. “I had on a white assignment shirt I wore at Super 1. They said what I had was good, but they could advice accomplish it better.

“I wouldn’t accept stood out before. There’s an added aplomb addition because this is all new.”

Senior Leah Warner had brought a atramentous dress from home, but she didn’t accept the appropriate shoes. Lyon and Melendez best out atramentous sandals and a biscuit cardigan with alarm sleeves to complete the look.

“It meant a lot,” Warner said. “Going bottomward there actually opens your eyes. I actually accept a lot of clothes, but I apperceive there are added kids who don’t accept a lot. Our academy actually cares for us.”

Lyon and Melendez are moms with accouchement affiliated to Coeur d’Alene Aerial School, but they accept added in common.

Both endured the afterlife of a son, years apart. They now call confined to account them, and they do so with a bandage best accepted by any ancestor who absent a child, said Lyon, 56. Her son Corbin, who was built-in with a academician malformation, died in 1995 at age 3.

Melendez, 54, remembers her son and CHS graduate, Brendan, who died July 9, 2015. He had dealt with depression, and aloof shy of age 21, took his own life, she said.

Working calm on the closet, the women call joy as they advice accepted students.

“For me, it’s afflicted my affliction in a way I can accord aback to the community,” Melendez said. “It actually has afflicted me from attractive entering to absorption outward. I accept been so devastated with my son’s death. This is a way I can accord back, and it gives his abbreviate action meaning.”

Another acumen for Melendez is canonizing that Brendan had abysmal affinity for acceptance who acquainted out of abode at school.

“One of the things he noticed while action to school, and in his depression, he’d say there were accouchement who didn’t accept basal needs met, and they were afraid because they weren’t dressed the way they were declared to be,” Melendez said. “They didn’t accept name-brand shoes or whatever.

“He had aggregate he bare in life. He still suffered from his depression, and he acquainted he was afraid because he didn’t fit in.”

Lyon knows that she charge serve.

“I absent my son, and I’m an eight-year blight survivor; I get amazing joy in giving,” she said. “That’s aloof allotment of me. It’s aloof abstract by the affliction our ancestors has overcome.”

Lyon began her assignment with the academy closet – afresh alleged Viking Vault – in 2012, afterwards a adventitious appointment with a advance student. She met the adolescent man aback both were decorating for a chief brawl actuality captivated at the Coeur d’Alene Resort.

She anticipation he formed at the resort, but as they visited, she abstruse he’d accustomed a scholarship from the academy to pay for his brawl attendance.

“Fast advanced a few hours later, and I came aback to the brawl to see the kids all dressed up in tuxes and dresses, and I run into this boy,” Lyon said. “He was in that day’s clothes still – atramentous jeans, atramentous tennis shoes, white flannel shirt. He was action to abrasion that to the prom.”

She absolved a few anxiety out of the resort, chock-full and angry about to access then-CHS abettor arch Troy Schueller. She offered to go in chase bound for a tux, and Schueller agreed.

“I went to the aboriginal tux shop, and it was closed,” Lyon said. “I went to a additional tux shop; it was closed. So I went to Shopko and begin atramentous pants, and a red dress shirt and tie in a box calm for like $2. I alleged a adherent to say, ‘I’m bottomward off clothes, can you columnist them?’ ”

A quick stop at Sears yielded a white dress shirt and tie, to accord the boy some options. Lyon alternate to the resort aural 45 account and covertly handed items to Schueller. Later, one of Lyon’s accompany who helped at brawl alleged her.

“She told me that he was amphibian on Cloud Nine and looked fabulous. He wore the white shirt with the dejected tie and atramentous dress pants.

“The aing day, I begin out he was a advance kid. He had ridden his bike bottomward to the resort.”

When Schueller, who was CHS’s arch aback he died beforehand this year, afterwards asked her to about-face in receipts, she declined.

“I told him, ‘We’ve never had a son to do this for, so it’s our pleasure.’ I went home and told my bedmate and he said, ‘That can never appear again.’ I took that as a claiming that we will do this.”

So she volunteered for the closet, calling it Corbin’s Closet for a time, while abacus boys’ dress attire.

Melendez knew Lyon through their 19-year-old daughters, who are friends. Brendan additionally had accelerating the aforementioned year as Lyon’s added daughter, Courtney.

In 2015, anon afterwards her son’s death, Melendez came to the academy to leave a donation in his account and saw Lyon’s assignment on the closet.

Melendez instantly acquainted fatigued to advice with the closet. She additionally capital to add items for boyhood girls.

“I do what I do in the closet with the achievement that by giving new affection clothing, a ablaze smile and accurate benevolence for anniversary of these adolescent men and adolescent women, that they will apperceive how important they are and how abundant they are aces of love,” Melendez said.

Started in 2006, the beforehand Viking Vault ahead fit into a distinct bend allowance in the basement, mainly with academy and hygiene food for acceptance in need. Some donated clothes got added.

Recently alteration the name to Coeur Closet, the two women asked academy admiral for bare space.

That advancement came by abatement 2017, with the basement closet now accoutrement three baby rooms, demography over accumulator areas. A ample donation through the Excel Foundation, advance action and added donors accustomed an all-encompassing acclimate with custom shelving and carpeting.

The women corrective closet walls the night afore new carpets arrived. Its amplitude additionally now has small, concealed bathrobe apartment with feature mirrors.

A new axial amplitude holds girls’ accouterment – dresses, pencil skirts, blouses, jackets, cardigans, shoes, hosiery and accessories. Addition closet amplitude for boys offers of an arrangement of on-up shirts, dress socks, slacks in capricious lengths, white undershirts, atramentous or amber angishore shoes, belts and ties.

The area’s aboriginal allowance still carries basics from academy food to compatible materials.

Lyon and Melendez accept broke grants from banker Kohl’s, and they’ve accustomed added banknote donations as chat has spread. Aback asked how abundant time they devote, Lyon estimated about 40 hours a ages each, but they additionally bound acclaim added volunteers and association partners.

Around 2014, Lyon said she asked Terry and Perry Finley of Country Cleaners in Hayden to advice out by acute shirts. The boutique owners anon got abaft the project, she said.

“They’ve apprenticed about 250 to 300 items of accouterment per year.”

It’s not abnormal for the women or added volunteers to advice acceptance accept added about how to dress professionally. They’ve accomplished boyhood girls that flip-flops don’t assignment with a skirt. Male acceptance aren’t consistently acquainted that a white affection T-shirt about is beat beneath a dress shirt.

“Most of these kids accept never beat dress clothes, the boys in particular, because they don’t accept role models,” Lyon said.

Outside of volunteering, Lyon is a full-time action administrator and geologist in a home appointment for an engineering firm, and Melendez is a part-time mammographer for Kootenai Outpatient Imaging.

But while alive calm to buy apparel, array and organize, they’ve bonded, cried and laughed together. Their accord has grown. They generally accomplishment anniversary other’s sentences.

Overall, they call alternate contentment in seeing action in adolescence over accepting a new contemporary outfit. And they see a growing need. Alive with CHS counseling secretary Lori Humphries as a liaison, the women advice any apprentice referred to them, generally by a academy employee.

Lyon and Melendez additionally alike with Achievement on the Homefront, a affairs that supports commune acceptance who don’t accept abiding housing. Sometimes, the women accept a appeal for a apprentice in actual need, and one of them will go custom shopping.

Mary Ruch, with Achievement on the Homefront, said 432 commune acceptance don’t accept abiding or defended housing, and about 42 percent of acceptance in all grades authorize for chargeless or reduced-price lunches.

“There is such a apropos gap amid the haves and the have-nots,” Lyon said.

“We do accommodate essentials, but the key things are accouterment able dress for chief presentations, graduation and interviews – be they for jobs, aggressive or college. The accouterment items we accept additionally let kids participate in extra-curricular action such as band, orra, choir, agitation and DECA.”

Melendez said they attending for the latest boyhood fashions, which they generally buy at assorted food on auction at 70 or 80 percent approval from aboriginal prices.

Prowling for deals are Lyon, Melendez, and addition advance “angel shopper” Ellen McNeely.

“We’ve become acute sales shoppers,” Lyon said. “We do the majority of our arcade in January, February and March aback a majority of accouterment we’re attractive for is 70, 80, or 90 percent off. And afresh we administer coupons.”

“I’d say 95 percent of the items we accept are purchased,” Lyon said.

They try to accept a abounding ambit of sizes. Their families generally angle to advice them acquisition those beautiful clothes.

Lyon and her bedmate accept two daughters, Courtney, 24, and Darby, 19.

An earlier son in the Melendez ancestors didn’t go to CHS, but babe Mercedes, 19, is a alum and son Alex, 16, is enrolled.

Both women say they generally get opinions about what to banal by active accoutrement items by Darby, Mercedes, Alex or added aerial academy acceptance they ask while volunteering at CHS.

“We capital this to be accouterment that these adolescent adults will abrasion and feel that they fit in with their peers,” Melendez said.

“We don’t appetite this to be like a austerity store,” Lyon added.

As chat has advance about Coeur Closet, banking donations accept caked in, Lyon said.

“We charge to fundraise at atomic $10,000 a year to accumulate it at this akin and sustainable,” she said. “We leave Kohl’s with receipts four or bristles anxiety long. We’re acceptable admiral of any donations received.”

As coordinators, their accolade comes from how acceptance attending as they leave the closet, Melendez said.

“It is actually amazing aback they put on these clothes and apprehend they are theirs,” she said. “It’s a admirable brace of shoes, a abundant brace of slacks and a new crisply ironed shirt, or brim and blouse.

“They attending amazing.”

Added Lyon, “It’s a absolute transformation. They can go from that airy kid to a assured adolescent adult. They actually airing 6 inches taller and authority their active high.”

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