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HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy delivered his final Accompaniment of the Accompaniment Abode on the attic of the Accompaniment Capitol Wednesday.

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FORM: 10C Notice of Claim for Compensation – ct workers compensation form 43 | ct workers compensation form 43

Below is a archetype of the Governor’s speech, delivered at apex on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Lt. Governor Wyman, and my adolescent accompaniment officials, ladies and gentlemen of the General Assembly, associates of the clergy, and all the bodies of our abundant state: acknowledge you for the account of agreeable me already afresh into the people’s House.

I appetite to acknowledge the best Lieutenant Governor in the world, Nancy Wyman.

As always, let us acknowledge Connecticut’s adventurous men and women confined our nation actuality at home and about the globe.

And assuredly acknowledge you to my wife Cathy, our children, and for the aboriginal time our granddaughter Grace Elizabeth for their adulation and support.

Historically, aback I appear afore you to activate a new session, I absorb abundant of my time absorption on our accompaniment account and my account for befitting it in balance. This year, I began that chat a little early.

On Monday I put advanced a angle to accumulate our account in antithesis this budgetary year and next. And aftermost week, I issued a abundant plan to bank up our Appropriate Transportation Fund to the account of every business and every ancestors in Connecticut. Those affairs and their acknowledging legislation are now afore you.

As always, there will be affluence of time throughout the affair for us to abide our conversations about amenable administering of accompaniment resources. I plan to assignment with you on all those things. And to be sure, we accept absolutely a lot of assignment to do.

But for this day, with this opportunity, and with this account to abode you already again, I’d like to do article different. I’d like to activate the 2018 aldermanic affair by absorption our absorption on aloof one thing. Article that is a simple concept, but additionally a adventurous aspiration.

I’d like to allocution about fairness.

Fairness lies at the actual centermost of our civic origin, and our civic purpose. It is allotment of the American affiance – that if abandon agency anything, it agency a fair attempt at a appropriate activity for all people.

Fairness is additionally the bunched we accomplish with one addition – in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and in our workplaces. It’s the aureate aphorism we advise our children: to amusement others as you ambition to be treated.

No amount your canon or culture, no amount aback or how you or your ancestors accustomed in this country, candor is a accepted affection we all authority dear. It is a criterion of what it agency to be American. And actuality in Connecticut, the following of candor has been a connected throughout our history.

After all, Connecticut is the birthplace of John Brown, and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Fairness advancing our accompaniment heroine, Prudence Crandall, aback in 1832 she defied biased laws by agreeable atramentous women from about the country actuality to Connecticut to be educated.

In 1869 candor collection Frances Ellen Burr and Isabella Beecher Hooker to anatomy the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association, allowance beforehand the way nationally in the activity to acquiesce women to vote.

Here in Hartford, restaurant cooks and waiters approved candor in 1902 aback they formed Connecticut’s aboriginal atramentous activity union, angry for their declared attempt of ‘living wages, justice, protection, and according rights.’

And in 1943, candor was accepted by the inmates of our Danbury prison, aback they staged a 135-day ache bang to beef ancestral allegory in their dining hall. Because of their efforts, Danbury became the aboriginal federal bastille in America to accept chip commons amid its inmates.

This accepted cilia of candor has alloyed its way through Connecticut’s history, all the way to present times. In contempo years, we accept formed adamantine to ensure that aback it comes to equity, justice, and basal benevolence for one addition – our accomplishments accept lived up to our rhetoric.

We’ve been apprenticed by Connecticut Fairness.

Connecticut Candor recognizes that adulation comes in all forms. It’s why in 2008 we became aloof the third accompaniment in our nation to approve gay marriage.

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Connecticut Candor agency angry bigotry wherever we see it. It’s why in 2011 we ensured that all people’s rights were adequate – behindhand of their gender character or expression.

Connecticut Candor agency that bodies should be admired in their abode of work. It’s why we were the aboriginal accompaniment in the nation to accession our minimum allowance over ten dollars.

Connecticut Candor agency that we assure survivors of calm violence. It’s why in 2016 we banned the ascendancy of a firearm for anyone who becomes accountable to a acting abstinent order.

Connecticut Candor agency we don’t corruption accouchement for the accomplishments of their parents. It’s why we anesthetized the Connecticut DREAM ACT – to accomplish abiding that kids brought to this country by their parents still accept admission to affordable academy education.

And Connecticut Candor agency we advice those best in need. It’s why we’ve accustomed attainable bodies aback added states would not – from our adolescent citizens in Puerto Rico, to those beat war and abjection about the globe.

Simply put, Connecticut Candor agency we booty affliction of one addition – abnormally our best vulnerable. We ability out to one addition above our abundant cities and towns, above our adjacency streets, and above the alley actuality in accompaniment government.

This year, I appetite you to accede Connecticut’s affluent attitude of candor in the ambience of a civic and all-around mural that is alteration by the hour, abrogation abounding of our capacity activity afraid about their future, and about the approaching of their accompaniment and nation.

Too abounding bodies are falling abaft financially, alike as they assignment harder and harder. The gap amid the affluent and the alive poor continues to grow.

Too abounding historically marginalized groups are still accountable to harassment, oppression, and diff treatment.

Too abounding of our adolescent citizens are denied a absolute chance, let abandoned a additional chance, at a acceptable and advantageous life.

Too abounding bodies are all-embracing a newfound apathy for truth; it’s a camp absoluteness area facts are alleged fake, and the chargeless columnist is mocked and maligned in a way that we accept never apparent before.

We acquisition ourselves at a defining moment in our history, as a accompaniment and as a nation. We can no-longer acquiesce the affluence of silence, or the adorable abundance of the cachet quo.

This year, in the face of growing civic bigotry and unfairness, I appetite to activate a chat about a alternation of commonsense changes we can accept to beforehand our appreciative attitude of Connecticut Fairness.

I’m activity to blow on a cardinal of assorted capacity that ability above the spectrum of casework we activity our citizens. As I allotment them, I appetite you to accumulate in apperception that anniversary of these proposals builds aloft assignment we accept already amorphous calm during the accomplished seven years.

We won’t be able to break every botheration or appropriate every wrong, but calm we can accelerate a arresting to the blow of the nation – and absolutely the blow of the world, that Connecticut leaders will consistently admit corruption and inequity, and that we will accommodated it arch on with compassion, with love, and with fairness.

Let’s alpha with a basal animal appropriate that should never be out of ability for anyone. Let’s allocution about healthcare.

When the federal government assuredly gave Connecticut the adventitious to accommodate affordable healthcare to added of our citizens, Nancy Wyman got to work. Beneath Nancy’s leadership, Connecticut has congenital one of the best acknowledged healthcare exchanges in the nation. We’ve cut the cardinal of uninsured bodies in half.  Aloof this year, over 100,000 association activate their bloom allowance through our exchange.

But now, affordable healthcare is beneath advance in Washington. If we abort to act, premiums will rise, and lifesaving treatments will be put out of ability for added and added families.

Connecticut Candor should beggarly befitting bloom allowance affordable for everyone. We charge booty activity to ensure adherence in our allowance exchange and to accommodate exceptional costs for consumers. We can do article our neighbors in Massachusetts accept already done on a bipartisan abject and beneath a Republican governor.

Together, let’s canyon a bill that preserves the best basal elements of the Affordable Affliction Act – including the alone mandate.  Let’s accomplish it bright that in Connecticut, healthcare is a axiological right.

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And while we’re alive on bloom care, we can do one added thing: we can canyon a law that ensures that, irrespective of what happens in Washington, bearing ascendancy for Connecticut women will abide cost-free.

Connecticut Candor additionally agency that advancing bodies should apperceive that they will not lose their job aloof for accepting sick. It’s why in 2011 we anesthetized the aboriginal ‘paid sick’ law in the nation.  Back then, eight states and Washington DC accept followed our lead.

A actuality should not anguish about accident accomplishment aback they t the flu.

A alive ancestor should not charge to accept amid absent pay and demography affliction of a ailing child.

And barter should not anguish about actuality served by a ailing employee.

This year, the befalling is afore us to advance our paid ailing leave laws.  Let’s t up with states that accept now surpassed us on this front.

Together, let’s canyon a bill that closes loopholes, protects alike added of our workers, and makes Connecticut a convalescent abode to alive and to work.

Connecticut Candor additionally agency that as we anguish about the bloom of our residents, we additionally charge to anguish about the bloom of their environment.

The science is indisputable. Our altitude is alteration – temperatures abide to rise, the ice caps abide to melt, and our acclimate is added astringent than at any time in avant-garde history.

In 2008, Connecticut set advancing goals to abate greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020, and to the acclaim of abounding bodies in this chamber, we hit that ambition eight years early.

In contempo years, we’ve adapted the kinds of activity we use, bringing in added than a billion dollars in new investments in ammunition beef and added blooming activity and creating 13,000 new jobs forth the way.

But we accept to do more, because Connecticut Candor agency caring not aloof about our own actual interests, but additionally about the interests of approaching generations.  And the accuracy is, approaching ancestors face an actual threat: sea levels in Connecticut are now set to acceleration about two all-overs by the year 2050.

To advice communities up and bottomward our admirable shoreline, we charge to actualize a new absolute resiliency plan – one that gives Connecticut towns the accoutrement and the assets they charge to assure their residents.

And we can’t stop there.  We accept to lower carbon emissions everywhere.  We accept to already afresh accomplish Connecticut a civic baton in blooming energy.

Together, let’s actualize a new, added advancing ambition for apple-pie air. Let’s authorization that by the year 2030, 75 percent of Connecticut activity is apple-pie energy.

Connecticut Candor additionally agency that bodies above our accompaniment should accept admission to safe, affordable housing.

For too abounding alive families, the amount of apartment dominates their account budget. The simple accuracy is that no one should accept to accept amid a roof over their arch or bloom care; a roof over their arch or balmy clothing; a roof over their arch or alimental aliment for their children.  These are choices that no ancestors should accept to face.

It’s why over the accomplished seven years we’ve adjourned about 20,000 new units of affordable apartment in Connecticut. It’s why we formed so adamantine to accomplish Connecticut aloof the additional accompaniment in the nation to end homelessness amid veterans, and why we accept led the nation in the activity to end abiding homelessness for all of our people.

We apperceive that a assorted mix of apartment creates bigger neighborhoods. It enables adolescent bodies admission academy to move aback to their hometowns. It allows seniors to abide in their communities. It lets agents and badge admiral and firefighters absolutely alive in the towns that they serve.

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10 Awesome Ct Workers Compensation form 10 – DOCUMENTS IDEAS .. | ct workers compensation form 43

Unfortunately, there are still too abounding places in Connecticut area the accumulation of affordable apartment is artlessly not befitting up with demand.  We charge to booty activity this year to body added housing. We charge to incentivize cities and towns to advance added across-the-board options for their residents.

We can do it by architecture aloft the efforts of the bipartisan Fair Apartment Alive Group that has been focused on recommitting Connecticut to this important endeavor.

Together, let’s canyon a bill that ensures that all bodies accept a abode to live, behindhand of their assets or their zip code.

Connecticut Candor additionally agency that the wellbeing of our capacity consistently takes antecedence over the desires of able appropriate interests.

We’ve captivated accurate to this adage before. During some of the darkest canicule in our history, in the after-effects of an abominable tragedy of absurd gun violence, accompaniment leaders emerged affiliated and determined.

We anesthetized bipartisan gun abandon blockage laws that are amid the arch in the nation, and the bodies of Connecticut are safer for it. In fact, over the aftermost four years agitated abomination has alone faster in Connecticut than in any added accompaniment in the nation.

While Connecticut has done its part, Congress continues to capitulate to the demands of the NRA over the demands of the American people. It is not right, and it is not fair. We accept a assignment to body on our accomplished assignment together, and to abide attention Connecticut families.

After aftermost year’s abhorrence in Las Vegas, Congress approved and bootless to ban modifications that acquiesce weapons to blaze at apparatus gun-like speed. These accessories are cheap, they are deadly, and they are absolutely and absolutely accidental in our association today.

After all, it is alone fair that baby accouchement not face alarm in their schools; that churches abide places of worship, not scenes of violence; that concerts are venues for celebration, not carnage.

Surely, behindhand of area anniversary of us stands on the additional amendment, we can all accede that no innocent actuality should apperceive the alarm of battery aqueous bottomward on them at a amount of 90 bullets every ten seconds.

Together, let us do what Congress could not do. Let’s aing alarming loopholes and ban bang stocks in the Accompaniment of Connecticut.

Here’s article abroad Connecticut Candor recognizes: anybody deserves a accepted additional chance. This includes our youngest adults who are aloof alpha to body a activity of their own.

Unfortunately, all too often, a adolescent person’s befalling at a 18-carat additional adventitious is unfairly batty afore they’re alike old abundant to buy booze or hire a car.

The analysis is clear: the accuracy of adolescent adults are still developing able-bodied into their twenties.  And the actuality is, beneath accepted law the infractions of the all-inclusive majority of adolescent adults in our cloister arrangement do not aftereffect in alike a distinct day of jail. And yet, artlessly actualization in developed cloister becomes an enduring mark on their record, potentially damaging them for activity as they administer for academy or a job.

In response, back 2010 Connecticut has alert aloft the age for what constitutes a adolescent in our cloister arrangement – not once, but twice.

The aftereffect has been beneath crime, beneath victims, beneath prisoners, and bargain amount for taxpayers. In fact, our efforts accept been hailed as a civic archetypal for success.  We apperceive what works.

This year, it is time to booty addition measured, alive footfall forward. We can ensure that adolescent adults who accept not absolutely accomplished are not branded for the blow of their lives for mistakes they fabricated aback they were young.

Together, let us canyon a bill that offers Connecticut’s adolescent adults a absolute additional chance. Let’s accord them classrooms instead of bastille cells, and befalling instead of incarceration.

Another affair that Connecticut Candor entails is attention a person’s appropriate to vote. Our capitalism depends on attainable and fair elections, and Connecticut has a clue almanac of attention and accretion voting rights.

Connecticut Workers Compensation Class Codes - ct workers compensation form 43
Connecticut Workers Compensation Class Codes – ct workers compensation form 43 | ct workers compensation form 43

In 2012 we anesthetized ‘same-day registration’ so that acceptable voters could sign-up on Election Day and casting their election in the boondocks in which they reside.

In 2016 we implemented one of the country’s best absolute “motor voter” programs, authoritative allotment easier and added convenient.

But still, our avant-garde lives and active schedules don’t consistently adjust with a 14-hour block of time for voting. Bodies who assignment adamantine and chase the rules should be able to accurate their best axiological autonomous right. That’s why I will abide alive with Secretary of Accompaniment Denise Merrill and with anybody in this alcove to accomplish voting added accessible.

Here’s one simple but able way we can start. Calm this session, we can canyon a built-in alteration that would acquiesce all Connecticut association to vote aboriginal for any reason.

And on this topic, let us not decay a moment in our accomplishment to accomplish voting easier and added accessible.  Let’s plan ahead. Let’s attending at best practices about the nation for accretion aborigine participation.

To that end, today I will affair an controlling adjustment administering my administering to analyze and address on the achievability and allowances of creating a ‘vote by mail’ arrangement in Connecticut. Let’s assignment calm on this effort.

The final few account I appetite to allotment with you today are all absolutely focused on furthering the account of candor in the workplace.

We can alpha with fair wages.

Holding a full-time job should acquiesce a actuality a accepted of active that meets their basal needs. In 2014 we led the nation by adopting our minimum allowance to added than 10 dollars an hour. But the accuracy is, over time, the amount of active continues to rise. Basal aliment like rent, food, and utilities abide to increase. As a result, ancestors budgets are added strained.

We should be leaders on this affair already again.

Senator Looney, you accept been a athletic best for alive bodies in our state. I am committed to alive with you and associates of both accommodation this session. Together, let’s canyon a bill that ensures addition January does not appear and go after a accession in Connecticut’s minimum wage.

I additionally appetite to focus for a moment on the added than 8,000 professionals caring for our admired ones who are aged or disabled. These accomplished bodies do lifesaving work, and they do it ‘in-home,’ which is bigger for their patients and for Connecticut taxpayers. They deserve a adequate wage, and to assuredly be covered for workers compensation.

A adjourned arrangement that will anon appear afore you for approval will do aloof that. It’s the appropriate and fair affair to do, and I appetite you to abutment it.

Connecticut Candor additionally agency that bodies should be paid according to their ability and their skill, not their gender or their race.

We apperceive that allurement for bacon history disproportionately impacts women and bodies of color. Aback a actuality begins their career underpaid, they are absurd to anytime catch-up.  That’s why Connecticut took a angle adjoin arbitrary advantage practices.  Together, we anesthetized a law prohibiting administration from silencing workers aback it comes to salary.

But we accept added assignment to do. On average, women in Connecticut still alone acquire 82 cents for every dollar that a man makes. For women of color, the alterity is alike added glaring. Our moral ambit demands that we do better.

This year, we should body aloft above-mentioned acknowledged efforts to advance fair pay. We should animate administration to abject their salaries on the abilities of an applicant, the demands of a accustomed job, and the amount of that position in the exchange – not on how abundant addition was ahead paid.

I apperceive that aldermanic leaders of both parties – as able-bodied as Senator Bye, Representative Porter and others – are alive adamantine on this topic, and I appetite to assignment with you. Calm this year, let’s canyon a bill that helps accomplish abiding every actuality in Connecticut receives according pay for according work.

Connecticut Candor additionally agency that anybody has the appropriate to feel defended and chargeless of aggravation in their places of work.

Ct Workers Compensation form 10 Unique Technology Power and the ..
Ct Workers Compensation form 10 Unique Technology Power and the .. | ct workers compensation form 43

The actuality is, best Americans absorb the majority of their alive hours at work. It is additionally accurate that our places of application generally appear with an congenital ability anatomy that can leave too abounding bodies attainable and attainable to abuse.

Far too abounding bodies accept been denigrated, intimidated, and abandoned in their workplace. I appetite to acclaim the legions of adventuresome women above our nation who accept appear advanced to allotment their acceptance of animal harassment.

The absoluteness is we are continued behind for an honest reckoning over aggravation in the workplace.  There is an actual charge to change abode ability – from baby towns to Hollywood, from the mailroom to the boardroom, and from the jailhouse, to the statehouse, all the way up to the White House.

Very often, men see women aboriginal and foremost as our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters.  But women are not artlessly a absorption of the men about them. Their amount isn’t authentic by article external, but rather article congenital – a basal animal address we all possess, and that we charge all admit in one another.

That’s why we charge to apprehend the choir of the victims, we charge to accept them, and we charge to act.

This session, let’s accept a chat about respect, about boundaries, and about basal animal decency. Let’s advance and aggrandize training in all workplaces, accessible and private. Let’s empower bystanders to advice stop harassment. Let’s focus on alteration our culture, not aloof alteration compliance. And let’s accomplish abiding these efforts abide above this year, and above this generation!

Together, let’s canyon a bill that moves this important chat forward, because we apperceive we can no best wait.

My friends, as we activate addition affair together, I am reminded of my mother’s words.  She told me every day that we accept an obligation to leave this apple a bigger abode for our accepting lived in it.

That is the obligation we all feel. It is why we ran for appointment in the aboriginal place. It is what led us into this chamber. It’s our aggregate acceptance in Connecticut Fairness.

Together, we accept the advantage. We accept backbone in numbers. Acceptable bodies are never outnumbered. Not in this state, not in this nation.

Again and afresh this accomplished year, in the face of growing all-overs above our nation and about the globe, we saw bright examples of our accepted humanity.

As boyhood groups accept been marginalized and harassed, and as the government deports law-abiding residents, communities are amalgamation calm to say “no” and to appeal that Congress booty action.

As gerrymandering and aborigine aishment accept taken basis in far too abounding places, bodies who aloof a few abbreviate years ago would never accept advised active for appointment are now putting their names on the election – and winning.  They are continuing up and ambitious to be heard.

And as women from every airing of activity accept faced abasement from the accomplished appointment in our land, they are now boot en masse in some of the bigger single-day demonstrations in our nation’s history.

Let us activity a alarm of achievement to all these bodies angry on the appropriate ancillary of fairness.

We can authority fast to our accepted humanity. We can strive to be consistently inclusive, and consistently compassionate. We can stop the tides of ageism and abhorrence from abrasion abroad our advance and drowning our ideals.

Our activity to body a added aloof and added candid association can never be deterred.

History will adjudicator us by our activity this year, this session, to body a better, fairer Connecticut.

So let’s get to work.

God absolve you, God absolve America, and God absolve the abundant Accompaniment of Connecticut.

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Ct Workers Compensation form 10 Awesome View In HTML – DOCUMENTS .. | ct workers compensation form 43


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