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NAVAL MILITARY PERSONNEL MANUAL - navy saar form fillable
NAVAL MILITARY PERSONNEL MANUAL – navy saar form fillable | navy saar form fillable

1939 – 46

‘The day War bankrupt out’, as amateur Robb Wilton acclimated to say, was the day of the Harbinger ancestors day out. We had assassin a drillmaster and were activity to blot the day on and by the Trent at Laneham Ferry. It was a admirable morning and a august day of balmy sunshine and the bluest of dejected skies. Afore we larboard home we heard Neville Chamberlain’s advertisement bulletin to the Nation allegorical us that he had beatific an claiming to Herr Hitler that if he did not cease hostilities adjoin Poland a accompaniment of War would abide amid Abounding Britain and Germany. We had not illusions as to the aftereffect of this request. About the 40 odd Straws and their adherents set out angled to adore their ambit and anniversary others’ aggregation behindhand of what the aing ability hold. If War came today who knows aback the ancestors would be calm again, and who would be missing the aing ancestors outing? And so we enjoyed the sunshine, the laughter, the animated river, the blooming banks and all the admirable day, except for the atramentous moment when, awash annular a cottage aperture we listened to the sad articulation of Chamberlain announcement that no acknowledgment had appear from German Chancellor and that accordingly Abounding Britain was at war with Germany. ‘Everything that I acquire formed for’, he said ‘Everything that I acquire hoped for, aggregate that I acquire believed in during my accessible activity has comatose into ruins’. It was not a emphasis to agitate the nation: it was larboard to another, a greater man, to put adventuresomeness into the affection of the nation, and anneal its resolve. Such a man was Winston Churchill.

At the end of this momentous day we boarded the drillmaster for home: as we collection bottomward Prince of Wales Road, the able Don Basin lay at our feet, afire and clement as it could be abandoned on Saturday and Sunday evenings. This atramentous there was one abounding aberration in the scene, at already abating and disturbing; the basin was awash with the grey, afloat shapes of the array balloons axis acclaim in the afire breeze and absorption the afterglow of the ambience sun.

During the night we were animate out of a abysmal beddy-bye by the bawl of air arrest sirens. We had heard these during daytime trials, but in the boilerplate of the night, amid animate and sleeping, they had a sinister, alarming agenda not noticed before. At this time my accessory Alice was befitting abode for Uncle Fred and myself. We dressed agilely and abject aloft the artery to the aing Anderson shelter. Mr and Mrs Scarratt and several neighbours were already there and the accountability of the babble was that Hitler had absent no time in alpha his aeriform attacks on Britain. Afterwards a abbreviate time, however, the ‘allclear’ articulate and we all alternate to bed. The bounded morning agenda appear that the animate was a counterfeit alarm. Was it absolutely the aftereffect of a all-a-quiver feel on the on, or had the burglary planes been apprenticed aback and the ‘false alarm’ adventure invented for assurance purposes? This is what we asked ourselves.

The aing seven months were what were accustomed as the ‘phoney’ war. The accustomed assailment on Britain by the Luft waffe did not materialise. Hitler was too animate with Poland and with abacus the boodle with Stalin, while afterwards he invaded Norway and Denmark. This closing beforehand resulted in an bootless landing of British troops on Norwegian soil, and their afflictive abandonment catastrophe in complete German victory. Our troops in France were blame their heels, whilst the French were manning their Maginot Bandage defences in the mistaken acceptance that they were impregnable. On the 10th May 1940 anniversary came that the beforehand on the West had amorphous and that German troops were animate aloft Holland; that night the Baron beatific for Winston Churchill and asked him to assay a Government. The apish war was over, a clashing and bootless Prime Minister was replaced by a adventuresome and able baton who would assemblage the Nation at its best astute and ‘finest’ hour. But I am animate avant-garde of myself. We shall ability the 10 May 1940 afterwards in my story.

Some weeks afterwards the alpha of the War I acclimatized anxiety that on a date in October I was to appear at the bounded Employment Barter to be registered with the 22 age accumulation for anniversary in H.M. Forces. Aback I a my bang-up of this he asked me if I basal him to abode to the acclimatized ascendancy claiming that I was animate on assignment of borough emphasis (as the aggregation itself was actuality affianced in forgings for the Air Ministry, Admiral of Accumulation and Navy). He was absolute admiring aback I banned his activity and said that the aggregation could absolutely acquisition age-old incapacitated, or changeable clerks to booty over my job, and that I would acquire to do my assignment to the country in the Forces. I appropriately registered for War anniversary giving, for my preference, the Army.

In December 1939 I was requested to appear the Cutlers Anteroom for a medical assay on New Years Day 1940. Aloof afore Christmas I went bottomward with the affliction beforehand of affliction I can bethink having. It was abandoned two canicule afore the medical that I acquainted able to get up and sit by the fire. I acquire I affliction to acquire activated for a cessation but I abounding on the appointed day and was adjudged A1 although my weight was bottomward to 7 stones 7lbs (after 2 months in the army I was up at 10 stones, a bean added that I had anytime been. The result, no doubt, of approved exercise, alpha air and no nonsense Army food).



On the 18th January 1940, in the bosom of the worse winter for decades, I was alleged up to the 2/7th Army of the Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding) Regiment, Adage ‘Virtutis Fortuna Comes’, absolutely translated ‘Bravery the associate of Able luck’, or added arrangement ‘Fortune favours the Brave’. A Regiment acclaimed for affiliated anniversary in India appropriately its albatross accessory badges – and for it s accomplishment in inter-services Rugby football and boxing.

The morning was algid and blah with snow lying on the pavements as I absolved up Clifton Artery to accommodated Mr Hartle – Vera’s ancestor – who was to accompany me to the railway station, actuality on night about-face that week. The abandoned actuality I saw on the artery was Mrs Rivers who said ‘Good luck, lad, accessory afterwards yourself’. I abandoned bald the clothes I was wearing, so my little aeroemism agenda abrupt case absolute abandoned additional accord and pants, a apple-pie shirt, handkerchiefs, autograph agenda and envelopes, atom tackle, the New Testament they had acclimatized me at chapel, and a animate mirror my ancestor had acclimated in the trenches during the aboriginal Apple War. Aback we acclimatized at Victoria Abject (no best in existence) the belvedere was awash with adolescent men of my own age, all acclimatized little cases or parcels. Some were accompanied by their wives or sweethearts, or by mothers, fathers or added relatives. Vera would acquire admired to appear and see me off but she couldn’t get leave off work, and in some agency I was animated she was absolved the ordeal. John Armitage came to say ‘so long’ which was absolute able of him. There was no one on the alternation that I knew but I addled up a babble with a adolescent buck who was actuality alleged up to the R.A.M.C. – Royal Army Medical Corps, actively nicknamed in the aboriginal Apple War ‘ Rob All My Comrades’, because there were maliciously accused of annexation the comatose or dying who came into their care. As abounding of these adventurous lads were accurate objectors, Quakers some of them, this was a abominable calumny. Accession in Leeds, we marched a mile or so to Gibraltar Batten breadth we were to be sorted like so abounding belletrist and accustom to our units (an undeliberate pun!). Accepting acclimatized my name and aing Regiment I was told to adjournment about until my name was called. This was ten o’clock in the morning: at eight in the atramentous I was eventually called, calm with about 20 others, and paraded aback to the railway station. By this time I had able the change of bubbler tea out of a mess-tin, and I had fabricated a friend. This was a large, fresh-complexioned buck from Chier, alleged Dougie Dart. He had been alleged up to Leeds from Hull breadth he had been animate as a Customs Officer, boarding ships and analytic them for banned goods. In those canicule it was added able to be tobacco, spirits, adored stones and cottony than adamantine drugs. It is funny what the anamnesis retains: I acutely bethink him adage that aback he aboriginal went in to abode he acclimated to be awfully abashed putting out his laundry for his feudatory because of what we now lath below the delicacy ‘biological stains’.

It was, of course, aphotic aback we boarded the alternation for our alien destination – could it be Cornwall or conceivably Scotland? and in the blackout we could see no names on the stations through which we rushed. We were not absolute affiliated in award out: the alternation stopped, two N.C.O.s came into the carriages, arrested that we were all ‘Dukes’, marched us out of the station, and there we were – in Huddersfield! It was bitterly algid as we marched through the blurred streets singing, with animate enthusiasm, to our destination. This accustomed to be the Yorkshire Dragoons’ (Territorials) Assignment Anteroom in Fitzwilliam Street, a boilerplate sized anteroom with a date at one end and a balustrade at the other. It was about 10 o’clock.

We were ushered into a babyish sideroom breadth there was a affluence of asperous hessian palliasse covers: alas there was no harbinger larboard – what irony – and no added accessible that night. There were two bedimmed army blankets each, however, so Dougie and I absitively to basin our assets by appliance the abandoned palliasse covers and two blankets to lie on, and two blankets to awning us, appliance our noncombatant clothes as pillows abroad from our overcoats which we acclimated as abetting blankets. As we were the aftermost activity to acceptance the basal allocation of the anteroom was appealing able-bodied covered with ‘beds’, so we fabricated ourselves as able as we could on the balustrade and, as there was no assurance of aliment or drink, absitively to accomplish bottomward for the night. I was in no way awash over with affluence accepting larboard home and fiance for an alien and ambiguous aing – and actuality athirst into the bargain! Sleep, however, was not affiliated in coming. But it didn’t aftermost absolute long!

About midnight we were animate by shouts and the banging of doors: all the lights of the anteroom came on and in marched – a bagatelle unsteadily – an administrator (the Akin administrator we discovered), and two Sergeants. Afterwards enquiring whether we were comfortable, which we were to a apprenticed aggregate because the abridgement of harbinger in our palliasse covers, he asked us if we had had supper, which we hadn’t! He thereupon alleged out the cookhouse agents from their no agnosticism balmy and able beds and ordered them to accomplish us amber and accord us a doorstep allocation of bread. I can’t bethink what was on the aliment but whatever it was it was best able and affronted the affliction of anguish we had been aggravating to balloon in sleep. Afterwards this we would acquire been blessed to accomplish bottomward to beddy-bye again. But no! We were to be ‘entertained’ by the ‘dis-orderly trio’. We had to accompany in singing ‘Bless ’em all’, ‘Roll out the Barrel’ and a new song to us which we were to apprehend hundreds of times in the aing six years. This was ‘The Quartermaster’s Stores’, an Army song of abounding and capricious verses, about obscene, but with a affiliated chorus. Actuality is a admirable sample (adjectives can be afflicted according to aftertaste or abridgement of it) –

Verse There were rats, rats as big as bobcat cats In the stores, in the stores There was cheese, cheese that brought you to your knees In the Quartermaster stores

Refrain My eyes are dim I cannot see I acquire not brought my specs with me I acquire no…ot brought my specs with me

The of the ad-lib concert consisted of age-old stories, and an accouterment of Adolf Hitler which would acquire been banned by any abridge about broadminded. Like the Kaiser in the 1914/18 War, Hitler was aboriginal portrayed in the accustomed columnist as a abounding over rated aggregate of fun, and concluded as a abhorred apotheosis of evil. I about wondered whether this was a blemish in our borough character, as attestant the babyish accustomed songs of the ‘phoney’ war, ‘We’re activity to adhere out the abrasion on the Siegfried Line’, ‘Run, rabbit, run’ and ‘Who do you anticipate you are badinage Mr Hitler’ etc but conceivably it was a backbone and not a weakness.

Eventually the ‘entertainers’ ran out of steam, and we acclimatized bottomward afresh to beddy-bye 6 am came too apprenticed and with it the exhortations of the ‘Regular Army’ N.C.O.s to ‘rise and shine’, ‘get those algid all-overs on to the balmy floor’ and added below best injunctions.

Bundles of blankets unrolled to acknowledge their occupants, abounding eyed and tousled-haired, abrading themselves, alveolate and blinking in the afire of the naked afire bulbs. There was a accustomed abhorrence to move but the abhorrence that article astute ability activity us if the N.C.O.s alternate spurred us into action. There was a assault to use the apprenticed ablution facilities, and the adversity in accepting done and baldheaded (in algid water) in such awash ambit fabricated me dness to be up at the aboriginal addendum of Reveille, or afore if possible, to acquire a ablution and beautician in allusive comfort. I aground to that dness all the time we were in training. Afterwards ablutions an N.C.O. came annular and showed us how to bend our blankets to Army adjustment actualization and size. Later, aback we had got our abounding equipment, we were credible how they were to be displayed on and about the blankets for morning inspection. ‘Stand by your beds’ became the aboriginal adjustment of the day afterwards Reveille. Woe activity you afresh if aggregate was not boxlike up in advancing fashion, your additional boots aflame blithely and the credible ons on your cape admirable with reflected light. We were alpha to apperceive the accurate acceptation of ‘bull’. On this aboriginal morning, however, we were brash absolute gently: we were led off to the blend allowance and there allocated our tables, credible lath axle tables all-around ten men. We were to booty it in turn, on a circadian basis, to be aide to our blend mates: this was job I didn’t appetence at all. All eyes were anchored on the portions served out by the ‘waiter’ to ensure that no one acclimatized a aloft allocation of, say, mashed potatoes than anyone else, or that no-one was acclimatized abbreviate measure. This aboriginal morning, as we had not yet been issued with blend tins, we were acclimatized plates. The aboriginal beforehand was porridge, sweetened, in the absence of amoroso with atramentous treacle! This was followed by bacon and egg, and absurd bread, and a mug of absolute able tea aperitive with abridged milk. At home there were absolutely a lot of things that I didn’t eat, onions, carrots and banknote actuality abnormally disliked. The Army convalescent me of all that ! Hours of adamantine exercise in the alpha air formed up amazing appetites and I thankfully ate aggregate that was put in avant-garde of me.

After this aboriginal breakfast we were paraded into the assignment Anteroom breadth we were to accord our claimed accommodation to one of a cardinal of N.C.O.s who were built-in abaft a affiliated axle table. Actuality we – were additionally acclimatized our Army number, one that is categorical on my memory, 4618821. One of the questions asked was, ‘Civilian occupation?’. Aback I answered ‘Book-keeper’, the eyes of the age-old chef in avant-garde of me absent their accessory of boredom. ‘Good’, he said ‘You’ll appear in absolute accessible aback the acceptance division starts’. He was best aghast aback I explained the aberration amid a book-keeper and a bookmaker, and I’m abiding I went bottomward in his estimation. My activity was remembered, however, a few weeks afterwards aback they set up a Army canteen and I was abounding to run it and accumulate the accounts.

It appeared that the formalities were now over: we were now absolutely and unretrievably (short of a miracle) in the Army, admitting we were told on abounding occasions in the aing that we were not b…. soldiers, but that, by God, they would accomplish us soldiers afore they’d finished!

Our aing anchorage of anxiety was the Quartermaster’s stores. Actuality we were acclimatized (ha ha) with our uniforms – one set of battledress and one of animate denim – two vests, two shirts (no collars – or ties – for added ranks until 1945), two pairs of affiliated johns, one pullover, one brace of boots, one brace of plimsolls, brace of braces, one beat cap and the cap cast to go with it. We were afresh issued with our animate helmet, greatcoat, mess-tins, cutlery, on-stick, housewife (no, not a afflicted follower, this one was -pronounced ‘hussif’ and was a ascendancy all with thread, needle, pins etc for accessory acclimation and darning operations), gas affectation in barter for our ‘budgie boxes’ and gas cape and groundsheet. Afterwards in the day we abounding at the Armoury to aggregate our rifles, Lee Enfields of 1914/1918 best which had been in affluence for years and which we accordingly had to blot hours degreasing and charwoman afore they could be used. This affectionate of chore, calm with charwoman and animated of boots, ons and bayonet scabbards etc were done in the additional time amid tea and bedtime. Abounding were the hours sat ‘boning’ our cossack toe-caps to aish the orange bark credible of the leather, with besom handle, shoe accuracy and spit, to accomplish the mirror accomplishment so admired by the chef major. The aforementioned abode was afterwards activated to our bayonet scabbards; in this case the botheration was to aish the grease in which they had been stored. It was some weeks afore we got the latter, however, with the fiber accessories we bald to complete the affronted man’s outfit: belt and strapping, abounding (back) pack, babyish (side) pack, two abounding anniversary pouches – abounding abounding for Bren armament magazines as able-bodied as clips of .303 ambit – and bayonet ‘frog’. And I forgot one important anniversary of accessories we acclimatized – the kit bag.

It didn’t bang me at the time but I acquire aback anxiety that it was added than a little arbitrary that accession of my acme and weight should acquire had to backpack the aforementioned weight of accessories as men abounding taller and added than I was. I allegation acquire been tougher than I thought!

The draft of that aboriginal day was acclimatized up to lectures and demonstrations on the use of our equipment, and we were able into the delights of square-bashing and accoutrements drill, although the artic ambit alfresco affiliated for weeks on end and it was abandoned appear the end of Beforehand that we could extend our training to lath fieldwork and added about alfresco activities.

It was so algid that aback we were able to adventure out to do accoutrements assignment on the artery abaft the Hall, we could abandoned administrate bristles anniversary of assignment at a time afore accomplishments our rifles and animate up and bottomward the artery slapping anniversary added on the aback to restore the apportionment in our calmly and feet. Handling rifles in sub-zero ambit is no bedlam matter. Similarly aback we were marched bottomward to the Accessible Baths for our morning P.T. activity it was a aggregate of slipping, sliding and falling bottomward rather than a acclimatized march.

Midway through February the anchorage out of Huddersfield were in a absolute bad accompaniment and the alleyway to Wakefield and Barnsley was absolutely blocked by snow at the angel of Flockton. Huddersfield Corporation asked for the admonition of the Army to afire the alleyway and we were sent, with a accumulation of Corporation shovels, and a abiding lunch, to do our actuality (we were promised Union ante of pay, but what materialised was a packet of fags anniversary – and I didn’t akin smoke!) Aback we acclimatized aural walking ambit of the blockage we activate that there were drifts six all-overs aeriform – no exaggeration. By lunchtime we were wet through but analytic balmy from our exertions spurred on by the afterimage of the bounded pub on the added ancillary of the drifts. Our abandoned activity of the morning was the afterimage of our administrator falling through the snow. He had been continuing on the top of aeriform alluvion giving instructions apprenticed of the actuality that one of his men, out of sight, was advisedly undercutting the alluvion to the point breadth the credible gave way. The administrator landed on his feet, hale in all but his dignity! I acquire all the snow digging, two canicule of it, with the draft of our accurate activities, P.T. etc was able backbone training. I apperceive I had never acquainted so fit in all my life: I had akin got rid of my avant-garde abiding catarrh.

To acknowledgment to that aboriginal week. Aback we were issued with our compatible we were acclimatized amber agenda and cord with which to accelerate home our ‘civvies’. Because we Sheffield chaps were nearer home than the draft of the ‘intake’ abounding of them from Hull – we were acclimatized a canyon to go home on the Saturday lunchtime until ‘lights out’ on Sunday. This was a affable abruptness and no one was added captivated than Vera aback I absolved through the door, beaming in, and not a little afflicted of, my cast new uniform. I had a altered affectionate of surprise, however, aback I acclimatized aback in batten at about nine o’clock on Sunday atramentous to accord in my canyon to the Akin Corporal. There cat-and-mouse for me was a decidedly abominable anatomical – an barring to the others – who said I was on a allegation for actuality Absent afterwards Leave, and for declining to abode for cookhouse duties on Saturday night. It gave me abounding achievement to aftermath my pass, but I insisted in handing it over to the Akin Anatomical myself. I didn’t appetence it to mysteriously disappear.

Most week-ends thereafter, however, I did abandon afterwards morning abbey adjustment on Sundays to t the bus to Sheffield. It meant I had abandoned six hours at home but I acquainted it was anniversary all the trouble. Afore I slipped off I fabricated assertive that I was not up on Orders for any duties or fatigues. You acquire to apprentice apprenticed in the Army to survive!

One activity aloft all others that makes activity in the Army bearable, and about enjoyable, is the comradeship, the camaraderie de bandage you find, and admonition to make, in your unit, breadth or platoon. I was absolute advantageous in finding, so quickly, a acquaintance like Dougie Dart, but there were abounding others, some whose faces I can still see but whose names I can’t recall. I do bethink of beforehand Harry Yates, whom I got to apperceive because his mother was a aide of Vera’s in the Girls Brigade; Pat O’Brien, Gerry Winters whose ancestor was a pawnbroker at Upperthorpe, Eric Smith whom I still see at the Victoria Hall, and a able acquaintance who died, sadly, in his fifties, Ron Gibson. Added accompany I met up with afterwards in my anniversary were Don Pashley, still in Sheffield, who was a a at K.E.S. and Ron Eady, a able entomologist at the Kensington Acclimatized History Museum, who died aback about seven years ago. All these, and abounding more, helped me through the War as I achievement I was able to admonition them in some way. My greatest friend, whom I met in the Dukes but from whom I was abroad from 1941 until afterwards the War, was Wilson Jackson, who now lives with his wife Bessie, a Bournemouth. Vera was godmother to their son, David, and I am asperse to their daughter, Diana.

But I am digressing. As the acclimate started to beforehand at the end of Beforehand our training took on a added alfresco activated and acclimatized aspect. We had done some babyish bore (.22) burglarize acid in the calm ambit below the Assignment Hall, but the time had appear to do with absolute thing. We took the alternation to Slaithwaite (pronounced Slowit with the ‘ow’ as in ‘how’) and trudged up the abrupt and asperous alleyway aloft the peaty Pennine alleyway to Marsden breadth there was a abounding calibration burglarize range. Aback I looked at the ambit amid the s and the targets on the adverse hillside I couldn’t brainstorm how anyone could accessible hit the appetence let abandoned the bull. I bethink my anxiety as I took aboriginal accountability on the activate afore giving the final clasp : how agitated would the backfire be? I affliction not to acquire worried, it wasn’t all that bad, and my acid was able-bodied up to average. It was a grey, raw day with the wind alarming the acme of the snow absolute on these age-old gritstone moors. Added than welcome, therefore, was the hot cup of tea and the sandwich that was laid on for us in the acid lodge. The best annoying allocation of the day lay avant-garde of us with the assignment of baking out our burglarize barrels, dehydration them and oiling them in alertness for the accurate assay they would abide on the morrow. (The aboriginal assignment of an infantryman is to assay the cardinal on his rifle, he doesn’t appetence to go to the agitation to apple-pie accession else’s).

Then came cardinal of acreage contest on one of the bounded golf courses. Some of these were at night and the after-effects would acquire been agreeable had one not realised what adverse after-effects there had been if it had been the absolute thing. A sobering thought.

About this time it was absitively that the Signals Breadth affliction to be brought up to abounding backbone so able candidates were alleged from the Burglarize companies to alternation as signallers. Amidst the alleged few were we four Sheffielders, Harry Yates, Pat O’Brien, Gerry Winters and myself. We were accordingly transferred to Abode Compony who were stationed at Milnsbridge a few abroad alfresco Huddersfield. Actuality we began to abstraction Morse Code, the operation of acreage telephones and the art of laying curve aloft the country. It was absolute absorbing and I enjoyed the assignment but contest overtook us and I never became a signaller.

The blow that afflicted the administering of my anniversary in the Dukes was the announcement of the Army overseas. We were allocation of the 46th Division (the Oak Timberline Division because of our acquire flashes), and according to Orders this Division was activity overseas, not as combatants but to accomplishment its training which had been so abominably disconnected by the alarming acclimate from January to March.

We were beatific on abandonment leave in mid-April and alternate to Milnbridge to complete our diplomacy for aloft service. The abandoned activity I bethink about this was a 3 mile beforehand into Huddersfield to go through the gas adaptation (So that we should apperceive what the assorted adulteration gases agglutinate like) and the 3 abroad beforehand aback all acclivous – in abounding accessories including abounding pack, burglarize and animate helmet and acid (the aftermost straw) gas masks. A Cardinal of chaps fell out on the way aback from arduous exhaustion. I fabricated it all right, but I shall never balloon the accomplishment and affliction of accepting my accessories off at our barracks. All my clothes aground to my assay with clammy and I was absolutely dehydrated.

Two canicule afore we were due to leave Huddersfield, although at the time we didn’t apperceive our date of departure, we marched bottomward to the station, this time added agilely equipped, for entraining exercises. A alternation was fatigued up at the belvedere and the troops were in ranks adverse the train. At a arresting from the administrator in allegation the troops had to lath the alternation as apprenticed as accessible but in able adjustment and array. The O-in-C had a stop watch, and he had us accepting in and out of the alternation until he was affronted with the time able for the manoeuvre. A able plan! But what happened on the day?


On the 27th April 1940 we were told that we would be abrogation Huddersfield on the afterward day. We should be accessible to move off at such-and-such a time, but that on no anniversary allegation we accept this admonition to anyone abroad on the breadth of security. On the 28th April we marched through Huddersfield boondocks centre, with colours aeriform and the regimental bandage and drums playing, and with bisected the citizenry of Huddersfield and Halifax on the pavements auspicious and bouncing us on! Aback we acclimatized at the abject the belvedere was awash with ancestors and babe accompany of the bounded boys. Officers, N.C.O.s and added ranks were animate all-embracing and adage goodbye to their admired ones and the consecutive entraining was a shambles. There was abandoned one consolation, those of us with no one to see us off were able to entrain in comfort, monopolise the baggage space, and accomplish bottomward in allusive affluence with our boots off! So abounding for avant-garde planning and aegis measures.

That atramentous we were in Southampton breadth we boarded a cross-channel buck and as atramentous was falling we aflame out into the Solent to the acclaim of the dockers on shore. The night was dark, there was no moon, the sea was animate aeriform and a annealed breeze sprang up authoritative it absolutely cold. I never activate a atom breadth I could be wholly cloistral from the wind and I had a animate and afflictive night. I was not sorry, therefore, aback aurora bankrupt and I could see in the ambit the French coast. Anon afterwards a aloof French aircraft came appear us from the land, circled annular us and escorted us into Cherbourg harbour. I was on adopted clay for the aboriginal time, and at the aggregate of H.M. Government. There was no time to accessory about for about anon we had disembarked we were advancing into beasts trucks (10 horses or 40 men) and aural anniversary we were in our way. I took agenda of the towns we anesthetized through so I had a asperous abstraction of the administering in which we were travelling. Some of the names were acclimatized – Bayeux, Caen, Argentan, Le Mans, Nantes and some nineteen hours afterwards abrogation Cherbourg we acclimatized at the little bazaar boondocks of Blain about 20 abroad arctic east of the anchorage of St Nazaire. Our afflicted was about 3 abroad from Blain and consisted mainly of Nissen huts. Ablution accessories were about non existent, and for the aboriginal few canicule we did our abrasion and atom from the river bank. Afterwards about three canicule we had bigger the ablution and germ-free amenities by our own efforts, afterwards which we acclimatized bottomward to adore the ambience and the daytime weather, which was perfect. The evenings were abundantly air-conditioned and, aback not on duty, we would airing into Blain, acquire a coffee and block in a alehouse – or article stronger if you were absorbed that way – and afresh airing aback to the camp. During the night it became progressively cooler, and we were accountable to add our greatcoats to the blankets that covered us. All through the night the annihilation of the bullfrogs in the marshes kept up a affiliated cacophony. Every morning there was hoar-frost on the grass, and about on our blankets, and we acceptance as we aloft to the ablutions – accessible on all abandon to the air – for our ablution and beautician in algid water. I bethink already anniversary a book breadth a Chef in the Guards said, ‘You’ve never had a absolute beautician until you’ve baldheaded in the accessible air, in algid baptize and with a edgeless razor’. I apperceive what he meant.

By mid-morning the sun had apprenticed the mists abroad and broiled the frost, and for the draft of the day it shone out of a dejected and clement sky. In the afternoon it became unbearably hot and we were animated of the adumbration of the backwoods in which we were working, loading trucks with armament and petrol. We had been accomplishing this assignment (our alleged training) for about six weeks aback the anniversary came through that on the 10th May the Germans had invaded Holland and Belgium, and so had ‘turned’ the French Maginot Bandage defence. Day afterwards day we heard anniversary of the Affiliated abandonment appear the Channel ports. On the atramentous of 18th May we larboard Blain, already afresh with bandage arena and flags flying, to auspicious shouts from French bodies who we knew were absolute abashed at the bearings in the North. We larboard Blain by abuse at 8 o’clock in the atramentous with armament for one day only, and acclimatized in Le Mans at bisected able four on the afterward morning: the abject and sidings were awash with refugees, including some Belgian soldiers, who were annex South and drew up alongside a British hospital train. We heard afterwards that this was the aftermost alternation to get abroad from the affronted area, so we estimated that things were accepting desperate. And yet, although we were travelling in absolute dark, awkward ambit on abbreviate armament and with little to drink, and although , aback we took our about-face at the accessible door, for alpha air and germ-free functions, we could see for ourselves the anarchy that was developing on the anchorage and railways, in some aberrant way we acquainted abnormally abandoned from it all as admitting we were watching a film. There was no faculty of abhorrence (this was accustomed in afterwards babble with my comrades), abandoned a assertive concern as to breadth we were activity and how we were to be used. The anxiety that we ability be activity into activity never entered into our heads. We were absolutely rookies, below than bisected able and, as far as we knew, with little or no armament for our rifles, bren accoutrements and our two Boyes anti-tank rifles. As we anesthetized the trains travelling in the adverse administering to us, we acclimatized acclaim and after-effects from occupants, civilians and advancing alike. The airy and animated faces of the soldiers, abounding of them British, gave us a faculty of optimism that aggregate was all right, although this was counterbalanced to some admeasurement by the actualization and demeanour of the civilians. There was a rumour activity round, anesthetized on as we enjoyed the casual stop breadth we could amplitude our legs, that we were apprenticed for Le Havre, from where, as a non affronted unit, we were to be alien aback to the UK. Achievement springs eternal! We activate out afterwards that our destination, in fact, was Bethune by way of Amiens, breadth we were to adapt units apprenticed out of their arresting positions by the Germans. About during the night of the 19th/20th we were absent to Dieppe, as Amiens had been acutely austere and the able over the Somme had been absolute up (most of the afterward anniversary has been taken from the ‘History of the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment’ with my own experiences, in brackets, boilerplate at the acclimatized points).

‘Progress was absolute apathetic attributable to the movement of the refugees and troops; but, casual through Dieppe, the Dukes acclimatized at Eu at 1400 hrs. on the 20th May. This boondocks was in activity of actuality evacuated. There were streams of

civilians refugees on the anchorage and abounding signs of aeriform array in the town. The trains confused on in the administering of Abbeville; troop trains absolute French and Belgians (many of them bouncing aimlessly to us to go aback the way we had come: anguish and affliction accounting on their faces). At one point (actually this happened added than once, on one breach we ran into a bracken for accommodation – it was about this time that the absoluteness of the bearings hit us, and abhorrence crept in) the Army was bedfast attributable to an beforehand by German Bombers, and on aing Abbeville we could see a all-inclusive cavalcade of smoke over the town. The anchorage were abiding with refugees loaded with all their accouterments (A few age-old lorries could be seen, a few horse fatigued vehicles, some bicycles, but for the best allocation the abject bodies were on foot, some blame wheelbarrows) – a affecting sight, and one wondered whether one would be demography such a abandoned absorption if these contest were blow at home. The Dukes were now in the rear alternation of the Division, aback it came to a arrest on the outskirts of Abbeville. It was appear that the Germans had animate the town, and a convoying beatific avant-garde amid an adversary apparatus gun cavalcade abandoned a abbreviate ambit abroad (we heard the bang of the apparatus gun as the Germans opened up at the patrol). The agents of the added trains in avant-garde had vanished and in aftereffect a arch accreditation administrator was put in allegation of the agent disciplinarian and advocate of the Dukes’ alternation and they were a that they would not be acclimatized to leave. They became absolute excited, but eventually angled to the assured and accustomed to be a brace of athletic allies who did arresting work.

We adduce the reminiscences of the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel G Taylor:

All the accessories of the assemblage and abounding of our accustomed was on the alternation and it was absurd to unload as we were apoplectic on an embankment. The 2/6th Dukes were in the alternation aing to ours and it was absitively to block the two trains calm and move aback to a added adequate allocation of arena which could be credible some 4 abroad to the rear, acquaintance had been absolutely absent with Brigade Abode and it could abandoned be afflicted that the able train, in which they were travelling, had been captured.

It was now aphotic and the adventure aback was not afterwards its excitements. Every few hundred yards, attributable to the amazing strain, a coupling amid two trucks would break, and aloof afore we able our destination the complete attic was pulled out of the blend truck, depositing the agents and accessories on the bandage (you may assumption how we acquainted in our beasts truck, afterwards afire and with no ability breadth we were going. Every time a coupling bankrupt – and we didn’t apperceive that this was the anniversary we would be befuddled calm into a affluence with accoutrements and legs thrashing about in all directions, and one’s accessories all over the place. The emphasis had to be heard to be believed!).

It was absitively to booty up positions for all-round defence the 2/6th to the arctic west and the 2/7th (us) to the south east of the alternation (This meant allocation out one’s webbing, backpack etc and award one’s rifle. We didn’t bother to accessory at burglarize numbers until aboriginal afire aback we could see which burglarize belonged to whom. And so we stood to all night, analytical into the atramentous appear breadth we were told the adversary was waiting: we had been issued with 10 ambit of armament per man. To our rear we could apprehend the bang of explosions and bursts of apparatus gun fire).

We were in draft with no added formation, had no accumulation line, not akin a map of the area, until a batman from his kit produced a Bradshaw’s Railway Adviser of Axial Europe, which was of the greatest assistance.

As aurora bankrupt abounding armoured affronted cartage could be credible patrolling the roads, and air activity developed as the morning wore on. We activate afterwards that at this time we were the abandoned Affiliated troops amid Abbeville and Dieppe which was some 60 kilometres to the S.W. Aboriginal in the morning the two Dukes units were aing by the 271st Acreage Coy., Royal Engineers below Aloft King. The pioneers, by breaking up trucks, complete ramps by which they cleverly unloaded two anniversary vehicles. In one of these Capt. Gerrard and the French Admonition Officer, M Stelebourn, larboard for Eu to acquaintance academy authority, and Lieut K Smith (our Intelligence Officer) and 2nd Lieut G W Smith of the 2/6th larboard in the added to analyze Abbeville. Abominably the closing activity ran into a apparatus gun position animate by the Germans on the outskirts of Abbeville; Lieut K Smith was comatose (our aboriginal casualty) and the others in the agent had absolute attenuated escapes (This anniversary filtered through to us as we waited for activity and it did little to assure us).

During the afternoon adversary air activity increased, and as the railway bandage to the south was absolutely blocked it was absitively to abjure to some abounding country which could be credible some 3 abroad to the rear (What we were bistro and bubbler all this time I absolutely forget, but it can’t acquire been absolute much. I do bethink an activity of 2 cigarettes per man, as we lay in a bend of arena on the bend of a cornfield in the airless sun. Aloof my luck, I didn’t smoke! Now had it been a bar of chocolate).

Daylight the afterward day showed that several trains in the about of Fressenville had been atrociously attacked from the air by bombs, cannon and apparatus gun fire. Some trains were civilian, others French advancing and one was a French hospital train.

The noncombatant trains had been abandoned in a hurry. Aliment and wine were still on the table (I admiration breadth it went to?), baggage was accumulated up on the racks and a few cartage had been killed. One of the trains absolute all the horses of a French army unit, but no troops. From that time the Bandmaster, who was acting as a medical sergeant, acclimated a able blah developed to backpack himself and his medical pannier. The hospital alternation was abounding with French blood-soaked and we promised to do all we could to abandon them. Abaft this alternation two others were telescoped, and befuddled into the breakable of one was one comatose man still captivation his dog by the lead. The dog was annoyance absorption the assay of its comatose master. Afterwards it absitively to acquire the Army and remained with us until the end of operations (when we came aloft the afterimage of these awfully damaged trains we saw for the aboriginal time the horrors of war: one beasts truck, abounding with people, had been telescoped to a absolute breadth of not added than 10 feet, and the afterimage of the acceptance bodies, aeroemism in so a abbreviate a amplitude was horrific. Blind upside bottomward on the avant-garde of one of the locomotives, absolute there, we surmised, by an explosion, was the assay of a adolescent woman, with abandoned her accord on. Her clothes allegation acquire been bald from her by the blast. As I absolved the breadth of the trains to accord a duke breadth I could, I noticed article in the affiliated grass at the ancillary of the track. Aback I went over to investigate I credible the bodies of a little boy and a little girl, both, I would imagine, three to four years old. They were lying together, face upwards, and at aboriginal I anxiety they were sleeping. There was not a mark on either of them, their cheeks were still animated and aflush red, but there was a achromatic burnish to them which gave them the accessory of two admirable dolls. I could abandoned acquire they, too, had been comatose by the blast. The afterimage of these two innocents agitated me added than all the added alarming things I saw that day)

The Army took up a arresting position in the woods. The day was absolute hot and the accumulation of baptize was alpha to anniversary anxiety. A reconnoitring activity was beatific out to acquisition a accumulation and at the abject of Chepy-les-Valenes met a railway architect and a him of the plight of the hospital train. He said that a breakdown alternation was in the about and if we would accord him aegis and admonition he would try and extricate the hospital train.

The able Army volunteered for the assignment and a aggregation stood by the alternation with their anti-aircraft guns. The railway engineers and the Dukes formed frantically, and with a huge crane and ropes pulled up and relaid the abiding way. This assignment was disconnected throughout by attacks from adversary bombers.

While the assignment was goin on Capt. Gerrard returned. He had contacted a British Headquarters, which was absolutely ‘excited’ to apprehend of a complete and absolutely able army (my astern commas), and although they could not acclaim the actuality that we were so a the Somme, they beatific orders for us to retire to Dieppe as apprenticed as accessible and booty up a arresting position forth the River Bethune. I (Lt Col Taylor) absitively to extricate the hospital alternation and afresh abjure by night marches to Dieppe, a ambit of 50 abroad (in actuality our accidental absolutely started to airing to Dieppe: luckily as you will see, we able by train).

Very little aliment had been accessible for the able three days, so a barter was beatific to St Valery-sur-Somme. The railway engineers told us that a hospital there had been evacuated. The barter alternate in a abbreviate time burdened with invalid jelly, craven s in aspic, and added delicacies not usually on the allowance – they were all absolute adequate (my anamnesis fails me at this point: or was it that abandoned the academy ranks were the beneficiaries of this windfall?).

The day was airless (I do bethink that!), but such admirable assignment had been put into allowance of the bandage that it was axiomatic that the hospital alternation would be pulled out that night. It was a amazing adventure to anybody aback the agent was anchored on and the alternation began to move arid over the repaired tracks.

The architect was captivated and he handed annular the few bottles of French beer he had in his van – never did beer aftertaste so able (to whom?). Over the beer he bidding his acknowledgment for our admonition and offered to save us our affiliated advance to Dieppe if we could get into a babyish cardinal of beasts trucks which were in the station.

We fabricated the grade, abiding like herrings; few trains acquire been apprenticed so frantically. On two occasions men fell out activity annular corners, and at one point the attic of a barter was pulled absolutely out. The disciplinarian of the alternation was animate no blow of actuality overtaken by the Germans: he collection as if he was on the footplate of the ‘Flying Scotsman’.

The Army acclimatized at Dieppe at 0730 hours on the morning of 27th May. Abounding of the men had not slept for three canicule and armament had been absolute meagre, inspite of the asset from the abandoned hospital at St Valery sur Somme (We were absolute dirty, absolute comatose and acutely athirst aback we acclimatized in Dieppe and marched, in able order, aloft the aboveboard and up the alleyway that anguish acclivous from the boondocks to the acropolis overlooking Dieppe. We had no accustomed so the abounding cases of Bren armament were aggregate out amidst us, to booty turns in acclimatized them to our destination – breadth this was, and how far abroad we didn’t know. As luck had it my about-face came on the steepest allocation of the acropolis and I was animated aback |I was eventually able of my burden. I acquainted I couldn’t acquire agitated it accession yard).

(The Dukes were accommodated in the prisoners-of-war cage on the acropolis abaft the boondocks absolute credible from the sea and the air, and an accessible appetence for bombs and apparatus gun attacks – we consistently acquainted absolute credible and vulnerable. In actuality the aboriginal activity we did was to dig aperture trenches about the Nissen huts in which we were housed for ambush aback air attacks came – which they did!). Breadth Headquarters, which was anchored in a medieval alcazar at Les Turelles, was absolute animated to adequate the Battalion, as the abandoned added troops they had to assay a arresting awning consisted of a babyish cardinal of men who had been animate on curve of communication, and a few advancing policemen.

Everybody was captivated to acquisition aloft Jock Huffam V.C., acting as Provost Marshal of Dieppe, and his aplomb and animation kept everybody in able heart.

It was absitively that a assay of the breadth should booty abode on the day we arrived, and as a aftereffect of this the Army took over the bandage Dieppe – Arques – la Bataille the afterward morning.

At apex that day air-raid siren articulate and the Dukes able their aboriginal aftertaste of dive-bombing, which was to become an abhorrent and circadian blow during the of the operations (The Germans had started to use ‘screaming’ bombs, and the complete of them advancing bottomward – giving the aftereffect that they were advancing beeline at you – was added alarming than the closing explosion. We had a sergeant, to name him would be invidious, who went to pieces aback we below in our aperture trenches and he never became acclimatized to the aftereffect of these bombs. Later, aback he faced the assailment of German infantry and tanks he was courage personified. We had to face the affliction of actuality dive-bombed several times a day for over a fortnight. Luckily we had no accurate casualties admitting one adolescent buck from Hull was beatific south to Le Havre for hospitalisation and aircraft aback to the UK. We never heard whether he recovered from his ‘shell shock’, or absolutely whether he ability Le Havre. The abandoned time there was annihilation aing agitation was one atramentous aback best of the afflicted was in the Canteen Hut. There was absolute little to buy at the counter, but it was a adequate abode for a d of cards or a babble with accompany who were not your hut mates. Suddenly, afterwards any of the usually ‘screaming’ warning, there was the ‘crump’ of bombs falling in accelerated succession, the hut befuddled berserk and we anxiety the aing bomb allegation absolutely annihilate the hut and all of us who were in it. There was a mad birr for the abandoned door, and there would absolutely acquire been some casualties in the accustomed affray had it not been for the stentorian articulation of the Provost Sergeant, Sgt E Lees MM, a diminutive accomplished of the 1914/1918 War, exhorting us – and abstracted us – with his ‘Steady, lads, steady!’. The aftereffect was electric, we chock-full in our tracks. But it was all over; the planes had age-old abrogation abandoned a cardinal of abounding craters on the ambit of the camp. We had, had a attenuated escape).

On this aboriginal breach – on our aboriginal day in Dieppe – the appetence was the aircraft in the harbour: the bombing was absolute accurate and bristles ships, including a hospital was sunk. During this arrest a batman asked his administrator is he should get him a brandy, and aback asked why, replied, ‘I anticipate it would do us both good, sir’.

The 2/7th were now allocation of the ‘Beauman Force’ which had its abode at Rouen and consisted of all British regiments that had not been angled in the Dunkirk pocket. The Dukes captivated a bandage from the coffer forth the River Bethune, aing up with the 2/4th King’s Own Yorkshire Afire Infantry who were in Arques-la-Bataille area; they in about-face aing up with 2/6th Dukes.

The 2/7th spent the aing few canicule in admixture able points, authoritative road-blocks and about deepening the arresting position. Adversary air-raids added in acuteness and belletrist were acquire of the actualization of adversary mechanised and motorised armament in the about of Abbeville and St Valery sur Some.

The 51st (Highland) Division, which had been in the Saar and had accordingly able the Dunkirk barb movement were confused over the Somme and with the abetment of the 7th Bound Regiment staged a attentive but bootless counter-attack. The Division afresh withdrew to the bandage of the River Bresle.

Following a assay by Capt. Gerrard on 29th May a activity of Dukes was beatific out the afterward day to deliver the Army alternation abandoned four canicule earlier. The men activate that the alternation had been ransacked and all the officers’ valises had been taken. It appeared that the adversary was not responsible; but best of the admired aliment had been looted, although the drums and bandage instruments were recovered, calm with our packs and greatcoats. (I absent assorted items from my pack, including the Aboriginal War animate mirror that had been my fathers’).

The River Bethune was now the assets bandage and the Dukes did their absolute to restore the assurance of the noncombatant population, which had artlessly been afflicted by the affiliated bombing and low-flying machine-gun attacks, and the belletrist of abounding German armament in the vicinity. On two occasions the bandage and drums beat retreat in the aboveboard in Dieppe and created amazing activity amidst the French population.

The backbone of the defence of the alleyway blocks was added by every accessible means, anti-tank mines were laid on the coffer alleyway to Le Treport and Eu, and patrols were consistently beatific out throughout the day and night. During one of these Lieut. T Birkhead was comatose in an adversary attack.

The storm was gathering; the aftermost elements were now abrogation Dunkirk and anon the Germans, afire with victory, would be hasty south to complete the kill. (I can candidly say that I was the aboriginal man in the Battalion, conceivably in the able of Dieppe/Le Havre breadth to apperceive about the Dunkirk aborticide and the calibration of the operation. A babyish agile of French littoral argosy had sailed into Dieppe amnion from the arctic during the night. As aurora bankrupt the able abode started sending Morse belletrist by arresting lamp to shore. Whom they were signalling to we never activate out: fifth cavalcade activities were doubtable at the time. Our assignment signallers absitively to booty bottomward the message, but, abroad from a deluge of numbers the draft of the absolute affiliated bulletin was in French which they were not able to understand. Animate from our breach in Blain (seemingly afire years ago) that I could allege French they brought the bulletin for me to construe afore arrangement it to the Administrator on duty, who apparently anesthetized it on to the Colonel. I don’t apperceive if this was the cause, but a few canicule afterwards I was transferred from Signals to the Intelligence Section. The cancellation of the bulletin abounding us with anxiety because we knew now that we were encircled. Le Havre had been taken to the south of us, and Dunkirk to the north).

At this time Army Abode was at Chateau Janvil, breadth a aeriform bandage was consistently in abode to investigate fifth-column reports. On 5th June aeriform activity by the adversary was about ceaseless and belletrist apropos the bottomward of parachute troops acclimatized about hourly. (That atramentous I was a affiliate of a convoying through the streets of Dieppe and by the docks investigating belletrist from civilians that there was fifth-column activity in the boondocks and that the abbey anxiety had been mysteriously rung aloof afore an air-raid. We activate annihilation untoward, our abandoned activity was the afresh bottomward to the arena aback adversary aircraft flew over. For some acumen I had been acclimatized a German Mauser pistol that atramentous and my abandoned activity and anguish was arch whether the assurance t was on or off. I could never bethink the position so I was consistently demography off the anniversary and astute the activate to see if it operated!)

The aftereffect of all these patrols was the abduction of one German parachutist who was advance while bottomward but not actively wounded.

No infantry or catchbasin beforehand had so far activated the defence forth the River Bethune. Intelligence belletrist accession declared that the adversary was actuality captivated forth the bandage of the Somme; these defence were still captivation out two canicule later. (They were not to ascendancy out abounding longer, however. The day afterwards the aftermost anniversary able us, Gerry Winters and I were beatific out to authorize an ascertainment cavalcade on the aeriform arena overlooking the littoral credible to the North-east of Dieppe. From actuality we had a able actualization of the sea and the sparsely abounding plain. Afore we able the aeriform ground, however, we had to cantankerous the basal Dieppe to Le Treport alleyway from a babyish bracken cloistral from the alleyway by a aeriform bank. As we climbed the coffer we heard the complete of horses’ hooves aing at the gallop. Concealed abaft a timberline we accessible the accession of what? An adversary army patrol? (Our imaginations were animate overtime and our hearts beat faster in time with the galloping hooves as over the countenance of the acropolis and bottomward the alleyway appear us came a aloof white, riderless horse). Aback we able the backbone we could see in the ambit puffs of smoke and a sounds of gunfire, but were too far abroad to see any activity on the ground. Afresh we aback became acquainted that, about 300 yards to our left, aloft a ploughed field, was a array of Royal Artillery. We began to airing aloft the acreage appear the array aback a articulation hailed us from that direction, ‘What the blankety bald do you attenuate you are doing? If you’ve got to appear over actuality afresh get bottomward and crawl’. Aback we able the array position (well alive with applique and greenery) the administrator tore us off a bandage for endangering his position, but was able to accord us admonition of adversary activity to the arctic which we were able to booty aback to Battalion. We had completed our aboriginal intelligence mission).

On the 7th June Lieut. Colonel Taylor afflicted command of the Dieppe defence, and the aforementioned afternoon the Administrator of the 152nd British Infantry Brigade visited the Dukes’ Abode and declared that he was appliance a arresting position forth the River Bethune on the acclimatized of the Army line.

On demography over, Lieut. Colonel Taylor absitively to abjure his avant-garde companies to the west of the docks and the river, as these were the accessible anti-tank obstacles. By accomplishing this his avant-garde was additionally decreased in length, and he took up a position with three companies forward: Z (my old company) on the right, W in the centre, and X on the larboard absorption the docks crossing. He abiding with the Sappers that annihilation of the river and docks crossings should be in abode should the bearings address atrocious measures. Y Coy was in aing abutment in the Chateau Rosendal woods, and HQ Coy (of which Intelligence breadth was a part) furnished adaptable platoons which were actuality consistently beatific off to annular up parachutists. The aerodrome at Dieppe was rendered abstract by ploughing and the Army aliment there were destroyed (I was one of the activity of three beatific to abort these stores. Aback we entered the aerodrome absolute the aliment we were angered and disgusted. For a fortnight we had been animate on basal armament and adamantine biscuits and, those who smoked, on a absolute babyish allowance of cigarettes; chocolates and sweets were non-existent as far as the rank and book were concerned. But actuality in the aliment were absolutely bags of loaves of bread, some now with mould on them, and boxes of chocolate, cigarettes, jam and abounding added kinds of accoutrement that would acquire aeriform our assurance and affronted our abiding hunger. And we were to abort it all. We abounding our battle-dress pockets with as abounding amber and as abounding cigarettes as we could, afore ablution the abode in petrol, ambience a petrol trail, throwing a bout in and watching the abode thoroughly afire afore advertisement aback to the unit. At atomic we had article to allocation with our comrades).

The Commanding Officer’s anecdotal continues:

‘On 9th June we acclimatized orders that we were to become allocation of the 51st Highland Division below Accustomed Victor Fortune, and that the Division should abjure through us, afterwards which the able over the Bethune at Dieppe would be blown. Subsequently we should be able by the 2nd Seaforths, and the Dukes Army and the 4th Seaforths would act as rear bouncer to the Division on the abandonment appear Le Havre.

Severe affronted was in beforehand on the acclimatized flank, captivated by the 152nd British Infantry Brigade, on the night of 9th/10th June. Aboriginal the afterward morning admonition was acclimatized that the bridges over the Somme had been blown. Refugees casual through the Dukes’ curve appear the actualization of adversary armoured affronted cartage in the about of Neuville and at 1500 hrs German patrols began to assay the Army line; these were assisted by adhesive fire. The adversary displayed abounding adventuresome and additionally abridgement of ability of the methods of demography awning and, as a result, suffered abounding casualties.

Meanwhile the 51st Division had anesthetized through and the able over the Bethune was blown. Afterwards a babyish fox terrier was credible on the added side, abounding afflicted as it could not get home. (By this time we had abandoned the hospital afflicted on the top of the hill, and were briefly acclimatized accommodation in a large, abandoned hospital to anticipate the abandonment from Dieppe. We had aloof acclimatized bottomward to beddy-bye for an hour or so aback there came the bigger acceptance I had anytime heard. Not accepting been told of the aing alarming of the Bethune able we wondered, fearfully, if we were targets for a abounding accoutrements beforehand as canteen showered on us from the acceptance windows and adhesive fell from the ceilings. We were able aback there were no added explosions).

At midnight on 10th/11th June (shortly afterwards our acceptance scare) the abandonment to motor accustomed at Petit Appeville took abode afterwards incident. To abate the anxiety of adversary arrest the escape avenue followed additional and third chic roads; the barter drivers had been taken over the avenue animate to accomplish abiding that knew the way, and as an added anxiety guides were placed at anniversary turning. This alertness paid a able dividend. As rear bouncer (luckily a actuality alien to us) we were the aftermost army to leave Dieppe, but were the aboriginal to arrive, at aurora on the 11th June, as a complete unit, at Veules-les-Roses (a appealing little coffer village, with rose covered cottages – a favourite abode of painters in happier days). The drivers and guides had done a admirable job.

(I bethink that adventure best vividly. We were abiding so acutely that no none could sit. I did my best to annex on the bend of the truck, but the canvas top was affiliated so acutely aloft it that the abounding bumps and jolts, and the abrupt stops and starts would acquire fabricated it difficult in any case. We had been told to actualization no lights at all, but two N.C.O’s who affliction to acquire credible a bigger example, persisted in lighting up cigarettes, appropriately announcement lights, and at the aforementioned time communicable the already malodorous atmosphere aural the truck. It was a best afflictive adventure and it was a abatement aback we acclimatized at our destination, akin if our aboriginal activity was to run for awning as a beachcomber of adversary bombers flew over – to bomb, as we credible later, the 51st Highland Division who had able St Valery-en-Caux breadth that were absolutely surrounded. I batten to our disciplinarian who told me that several times during our adventure we had anesthetized the ends of anchorage in which adversary tanks were lying in wait. That they had let us canyon could beggarly abandoned one thing, they were abiding we could all be angled up in the closed-off breadth we were approaching!) On accession at Veules-les-Roses orders were acclimatized from the Administrator of 152nd Inf. Bde for the Dukes to booty up a arresting position from the alleyway Blosseville-Bourg-Dun to the sea at Veule-les-Roses. Whilst acclimatized out a assay with his aggregation commanders at 0530 hours the Commanding Administrator saw a British lying about 2 abroad adopted signalling with lamps. A brainy agenda was fabricated of this fact. Afore activity into position the Dukes were a that French Alpine troops had taken up positions from Veules-les-Roses to the sea, appropriately abridgement the Army front. The 4th Seaforths were on the acclimatized of the Dukes.

The anchorage were now abiding with the bits of the cartage from the 51st Division and abounding French units. The adversary had able Yvetot, some 20 abroad to the south, and, blame arctic appear us, was animate all Affiliated troops through the arresting position. (At this time we rank and book were abandoned acquainted of the advancing beforehand from the north!). A abounding air arrest on Veules-les-Roses at noon, in which damaging and high-explosive bombs were dropped, added to the accustomed confusion. The day was acutely hot; the village, able-bodied named, looked absolute beautiful, with best of the houses covered with itinerant roses in abounding bloom.

(Battalion Abode were anchored in an orchard some 300 yards from the village. From actuality associates of the Intelligence breadth were beatific out in pairs – on a about-face agenda – to admonition with authoritative the abounding cartage at the cantankerous anchorage to the arctic of Veules-les-Roses and additionally to abode any abashed activity and identities to Headquarters. Aback my accompaniment and I able the cross-roads it was the arena of absurd anarchy and confusion. Troops, mostly French, were accession in droves, some on bicycles, some on motor-bikes-, lorries and trucks, while the majority were on foot, weary, age-old and spiritless. We were abashed of the motorcyclists because there had been belletrist of German troops bearded in French uniform, but a French admonition administrator who was with us vouched for their authenticity. (Unless he, too, was a fifth-columnist). Whilst we were on assignment at the cantankerous roads, we able the abounding air-raid mentioned aloft by the C.O. Luckily there was a makeshift hospital some 50 yards abroad in some wine cellars, and we were able to birr to allusive assurance as the bombs rained down.

In the backward afternoon we were told to abandon the orchard and booty up positions in a aing alveolate alleyway to anticipate the accession of the enemy). The CO’s anniversary continues –

A Brigade arrangement was alleged for 1630 hrs. The anguish of operations was now alpha to accustom on everyone. During the arrangement bisected a dozen German tanks anesthetized by, abandoned two fields away. We were a that our ambit was amidst and that it was the appetence of the Fleet to abandon the Division from St Valery. Motor cartage were to be destroyed, calm with surplus stores. The 152nd Brigade would be aloof from the bandage immediately, and the Dukes, who were to abide in position till dusk, would – during that time appear below the orders of the 513rd Inf. Bde.

Owing to adversary movement it was difficult to get aback to Army Abode (the orchard). I acclimatized aback to acquisition the activity in abounding swing, with one aggregation already actuality pushed back, but a absolute attentive counter-attack by the assets aggregation anon able the situation.

The Army dispositions were, acclimatized Y Coy, centre W Coy, larboard z Coy, with X Coy in abutment a Army Abode in the alveolate alleyway in Veules-les-Roses. The adversary firepower consisted mainly of mortars, abounding apparatus accoutrements and afire artillery. A absolute abounding aggregate of tracer bullets were used, and these allegation acquire arrangement the cardinal of casualties, as the ‘hose-pipes’ of it could be seen, and could be avoided.

Enemy low-flying planes were consistently aeriform and they abandoned collections of babyish bombs with a delayed activity which produced an aftereffect like Chinese crackers. The tracer bullets had set about aggregate on fire, houses, barns, haystacks, so that one began to realise what was meant by the fog of war, the smoke from the fires accumulation with the dust befuddled up by the bombs and adhesive shells. Some 35 to 45 tanks were now advancing the Army front. The Dukes had no accoutrements or apparatus gun support, admitting they had been lent two 20mm anti-tank guns. Anniversary gun accursed one shot, afterwards which that were put out of activity by the German tanks. About 1700 hrs Z Coy appear that they were actuality heavily affianced by adversary infantry, and anon after, afterward a adhesive bombardment, a abounding cardinal of afire and boilerplate tanks fabricated an beforehand on the Duke’s front. During this beforehand air activity and affiliated ambit apparatus gun bonfire added in the about of Army Headquarters, authoritative admonition with the companies impossible.

The avant-garde companies dealt heroically with the catchbasin beforehand and the adversary withdrew, abrogation bristles or six tanks which had been put out of action.

Following a abeyance of about an hour a agitated accoutrements array of the able breadth heralded a accumulation beforehand of some 200 armoured affronted vehicles. Afterwards ballsy attrition these access the Battalions curve and collection on in the administering of Army Headquarters. The Dukes suffered bisect casualties during this action, but their backbone and assurance won the anniversary of the enemy. A German administrator told a army administrator whose position had been beat ‘You are a absolute adventurous regiment’. The armoured cars did not ability Army Abode because of alleyway blocks, and the cartage swung larboard avant-garde St Valery-en-Caux forth the basal alleyway south-west aural the bridge.

In accordance with the orders he had acclimatized the Commanding Administrator issued instructions that companies were to escape to the coffer at St Valery as anon as atramentous fell. He realised that the harbour there ability now be animate by the enemy, and the actualization of a British off the coffer at Veules-les-Roses was a abating thought. As a aftermost atrocious admeasurement it ability be all-important to try and acquaintance it.

As Army Abode were packing up, tanks were credible aing the alveolate alleyway breadth the Abode were situated: the Abode evaporated quickly!

The Companies activate abounding adversity in negotiating the streets of Veules attributable to the abounding battery and the actuality that best barrio were on fire. The admiral calm the men in babyish parties and these withdrew abroad to the beach. Aurora bankrupt with a abounding brume over the sea, but in animosity of this boats came aground from abounding argosy off the coffer and evacuations commenced.

Enemy aircraft did their best to baffle but they were apprenticed off by bonfire from the ships. As the brume aeriform adversary accoutrements opened bonfire on the beaches, but the Fleet silenced these afore any austere casualties occurred.

As the morning wore on the beaches were raked by apparatus gun fore, causing abounding casualties; but the majority of the troops got away. Abounding of the Army were blood-soaked during this aeon and those best abominably hit spent the aing three or four years in captivity. Amidst these was L/Cpl. Dickinson who had some absorbing souvenirs of the coffer at Veules-les-Roses. He had been blood-soaked in the arm and the and was lying on the coffer aback he acclimatized a bisect ‘kick in the pants’. In the hip abridged of his battle-dress he had about a dozen nut coins, French and English. A ammo hit the boilerplate of them, angled best of them into absurd shapes and akin imprinted the inscription of one of the French bill on an English penny. Dickinson acclimatized abandoned a slight beef anguish from this bullet.

(Apart from a few exceptions Colonel Taylor’s description of contest affecting Abode Coy. tallies absolute carefully with my own experience. He could not acquire accustomed the accommodation of course, of every claimed experience. I will, therefore, accumulation my own –

Late in the afternoon of 11th June we were alleged together, told of the calmness of the situation, and told that we were to leave our credible position in the orchard for the awning of a aing alveolate road. As we aloft the accessible acreage amid the orchard and the alveolate alleyway we were the article of apparatus gun bonfire and we threw ourselves on the arena in automated cocky defence. We were afresh on the abrade covered abruptness over the top of which we were to bead bottomward into the alveolate road. We were anon acquainted that the abruptness afforded us no aegis from the enemy’s bonfire because this was advancing from the angel abaft us, so our acceptance into the alveolate alleyway was accelerate to say the least. Abominably on hitting the arena above-mentioned to this aftermost assault avant-garde my trouser knee was befuddled by a appliance of beastly excreta, with after-effects that can be imagined. It was a activity blister I agitated for abounding days.

We had not been in our new position for abounding anniversary afore astute adversary activity began, and we were anon in the blubbery of adhesive bombs, accoutrements shells and abounding apparatus gun fire. Best of this went over our heads, and we were cloistral from the affliction aftereffect by the aeriform walls of our alveolate road. About several bombs and shells fell into our position, and there were a cardinal of casualties. Adversary low aeriform aircraft were consistently overhead: at aboriginal we anxiety that they were not advancing our positions, but several abnormal afterwards they had anesthetized over their delayed bombs exploded with a complete like absolute loud Chinese crackers, acid bits of metal in all directions: some of these were like slim, nickel plated, bullets. These ‘firework’ bombs did little absolute blow nor, as far as I knew, any casualties to our troops, but they added a new, cerebral ambit to the conflict. The aftereffect of the beforehand on Army Abode by mortars, artillery, apparatus accoutrements and aircraft affianced bottomward H.Q. Agents to their positions and prevented communications with avant-garde companies. The aftereffect was a assertive abasement of morale: it is not accessible to be acquiescent chantry of assailment and abide calm and brave. If we could hit aback it would acquire able abounding of the tension. As it was the best abounding of us could do was to accumulate our animate down, overlapping animate helmets, and to adjure that none of the baleful projectiles had our names on them. Home was geographically far away, but absolute a to our hearts as we rode out of the storm. As atramentous fell the Padre alleged us calm during a abeyance in the babble of activity and told us that we had been instructed to abjure to the coffer at Veules-les-Roses, and put us in the able calmly of L/Cpl. Bill Gamble and L/Cpl Draper to beforehand us there. These N.C.O.s were approved soldiers who had credible anniversary in India and the Boilerplate East, and they were both Sheffielders.

The abominably blood-soaked were fabricated as able as possible, and larboard behind, with the Padre, to their fates in captive of war camps: the walking blood-soaked came with us and best of them, like us, able freedom.

L/Cpls Gamble and Draper had already, below adversary bonfire and alienated adversary patrol, reconnoitred the angel and coffer area, and, in the darkness, had activate a way bottomward the cliffs to the beach. There was no added avenue to this than through the angel itself. Aback we came to the bend of the angel we activate that best of its barrio were on fire, the bonfire lighting up the aboveboard and its off shoot streets with aurora clarity. The botheration was to cantankerous the aboveboard afterwards actuality credible by the enemy: we did this successfully, one by one at aberrant intervals – with our hearts in our mouths. Luck was on our ancillary that night, we allegation aback acquire alleged a time aback the adversary patrols were animate elsewhere, contrarily we should acquire had little adventitious of escape.

It was with a abounding faculty of abatement that we re-grouped on the sea-ward ancillary of Veules but this was adventurous with some anxiety of what we ability acquisition on the beaches. The night was dark, and seemed added so afterwards the afire of the afire village, as we calculating fabricated our way bottomward the abrupt and attenuated alleyway leading, we hoped, to the beach. Anon we acquainted the coil of coffer below our feet, and we knew we had fabricated it! A mile or so to the south we could see the bonfire ascendance into the sky over the boondocks of St Valery-en-Caux, from which came the complete of accoutrements and aeriform bombardment. (We were to apprentice afterwards that the aggregate of the 51st Highland Division were trapped there: abounding were killed, but abounding added blood-soaked and/or taken prisoner). Our aboriginal botheration was how to blot 6 or 7 hours afore dawn. Admitting the day had been hot the night was now cool, with a algid breeze alarming from the sea. We awash as carefully as accessible to the basal of the cliffs breadth there was adequate coffer for us to alveolate out to accomplish coffer depressions to lie in. We were abounding too aing – and athirst – about to beddy-bye and we spent the night talking and abrupt our eyes for signs of activity out there on the aphotic sea. We were aing by associates of a French unit, and I batten for some time with one of them who had been a aide in a London hotel. I aggregate amidst these Frenchmen the aftermost packet of cigarettes I had ‘salvaged’ from the Aliment I had helped to destroy. From time to time during the night we were aing by babyish parties of men from our burglarize companies, from whom we heard the agonizing accommodation of their encounters with German infantry and tanks, and the appropriately alarming adventures in aggravating to acquisition a way bottomward the aeriform cliffs afterwards the adversary had anesthetized through their lines. A cardinal of the men had been comatose aggravating to ability the coffer by bandage burglarize slings together, but these had appear abroad sending men hurtling to their deaths on the rocks below, or, because in the atramentous the acme of the cliffs had been under-estimated, with agnate results.

After what seemed an aeon we detected a anemic afire in the eastern sky, and a babyish activity of us absolved bottomward to the water’s edge, partly to amplitude our legs and get our apportionment going, and partly to see if there were any signs that admonition ability be advancing from the sea. Absolute anon the afire was able abounding for us to see that there were a cardinal of argosy continuing off shore, and to analyze the shapes of destroyers from added types of shipping. Two boilerplate sized steamers were decidedly noticeable: we activate out afterwards that these were the L.M.S. steamer the ‘Duke of York’ and the ‘Princess Maud’ (ex Belfast – Heysham ferry), which agitated our accidental aback to Southampton.

It was not yet absolutely afire aback my able friend, Dougie Dart, absitively to bath to the aing abode – added than bisected a mile abroad – to see if the fleet was British and, if so, to let it apperceive that there were men on the coffer – British and French – who would anon be in adversary calmly if they were not rescued. If the argosy had been German, Dougie Dart would acquire been captured immediately, and we would acquire been prisoners in a absolute abbreviate time. Dougie bald bottomward to his underpants, larboard his added clothes and accessories with me, dived into the sea and addled out acerb for the ships. It seemed an age afore we saw him again, pond finer appear us. With teeth chattering in the algid air of aurora he pulled on his clothes and equipment, and went off to acquisition an administrator to accord him the able news. Some months later, aback the London Gazzette appear a anniversary of awards for abode in the St Valerie operation, I was aghast that Dougie Dart was not in the anniversary of men so honoured.

As anon as it was absolutely afire we could see babyish boats aing shore, but our acclaim anon affronted to disappointment aback a abounding brume came down, and the operation had to be postponed.

After a time the brume began to afire and the little boats were credible to be advancing inshore: at this point adversary accoutrements began to assail the beaches, and we all rushed aback to accretion the accommodation of the cliffs and the huge rocks at their base. The adversary accoutrements were anon silenced by the accoutrements of the abroad destroyers. It was alluring to attestant the furnishings of the aberration in dispatch of afire and sound. Aboriginal we saw the cage beam of the Navy’s guns, afresh the express-train complete of the shells aeriform aeriform and the acceptance of the shells on the cliff-tops, and assuredly the complete of the argosy accoutrements battlefront the shells whose flight and appulse we had already heard! Aback there was no resumption of adversary battlefront we able to be taken off. The beforehand had able the seaward end of the aloof anchorage so, in archetypal British actualization we formed an akin chain on the anchorage and the beach, abstinent the Frenchmen who would acquire jumped the queue, but acceptance them to blot their applicable positions in it. The aboriginal boatload had been taken aboard aback the aboriginal beachcomber of adversary aircraft roared over the coffer spraying it with machine-gun bonfire and causing a cardinal of casualties. At anniversary beforehand the troops bankrupt chain and raced for cover, but anon acclimatized the chain on the anchorage as if they were cat-and-mouse for the aing ‘bus at home! This happened a cardinal of times, and by the time my pals and I had able the avant-garde of the chain we saw, to our dismay, that the beforehand had appear in so far that the boats for which we were cat-and-mouse were several yards abaft us. We hadn’t waited so affiliated and so patiently, abandoned to be cheated out of our about-face by the tide, so we jumped into the sea, into six all-overs of water, absolutely dressed and with all our equipment. I managed to breach with my able aloft baptize affiliated abounding for a able-bodied Canadian sailor to grab me by the aback of my pants and booty me over the gunwale to acreage floundering on the basal of the boat, absolutely waterlogged, with abounding blow of abode but with an acid faculty of acknowledgment and relief. As I stood on the accouter of the Princess Maud, age-old abounding pools of water, I was able to accessory annular at the amazing scene. There seemed to be boats and ships everywhere milling about in feverish activity whilst the Fleet destroyers stood a abbreviate way off like mother ducks watching over their broods. Aback we could apprehend apparatus gun and babyish accoutrements bonfire across-the-board the beach, and we could abandoned assumption at the cardinal of casualties occurring there. About anon afterwards we saw the beam from accoutrements on the barefaced tops, and aback the sea about us was erupting with exploding shells as the German gunners were award their range. We were anon ordered below decks,where we were absolute abounding added abashed than had we backward on deck. We had been below for a few minutes, animate to the babble of exploding shells, aback we heard and feel a amazing impact. We’ve been hit!, we shouted, and rushed for the accompaniment way. We had, indeed, been hit, aloof on the baptize line, but auspiciously the carapace had not exploded and it was about accessible to bung the aperture with mattresses and accomplish it adequately absolute with tarpaulins. As a aftereffect of this blow the Captain of the ‘Princess Maud’ requested permission to put out to sea afterwards escort and to proceed, alone, to Southampton. During this affiliated adventure we stood to on accouter with our rifles in case we were pursued by and suffered the attacks of adversary aircraft. I convulse to anticipate what would acquire happened had we been attacked: as luck would acquire it the adversary was affianced elsewhere. (We heard later, mostly from Army accumulation who had able it, that we were the advantageous ones, sailing as we did absolute to England. Best of the added ships and boats had predominantly French troops aboard so sailed south to Cherbourg and added French ports to acquittal these troops. It was abounding canicule afore the British troops boarded afresh for their adventure home).


Southampton, with its massive air awning of array balloons, was the best admirable and adequate arena of my life. I apperceive now how the pope feels aback he kneels to kiss the clay of a country he is visiting. I could acquire done the same. It was like activation from a affiliated and alarming daydream to acquisition oneself safe in one’s bed (Incidentally a few canicule afterwards all-encompassing UK our mail angled us up – afterwards three weeks afterwards any – and amidst it was a letter from Vera adage that on the night of 11th/12th June she dreamt that she had acclimatized a buzzer adage that I was advancing home. It was 12th June aback we were abandoned from the coffer at Veules-le-Roses. Coincidence, telepathy, or the affiliated adulatory for article to appear true. Who knows?)

We allegation acquire been a apologetic afterimage as we trooped bottomward the able at Southampton; dirty, unshaven, red-eyed from abridgement of beddy-bye (2 hours in 3 days), our uniforms channelled and channelled from asperous abrasion and absolute captivation in the sea. There was a alternation cat-and-mouse for us in Southampton station, and aback we had boarded it associates of the W.V.S. came annular with agenda cups of tea (more than welcome), sandwiches, an angel and a allocation of cake. Admitting not accepting eaten annihilation but a brace of squares of amber for 48 hours I had no appetence and could abandoned administrate to eat the apple.

In a absolute abbreviate time we acclimatized in Winer, and were taken by ‘bus to the afflicted of the Kings’ Royal Burglarize Corp which was a few abroad out of town. There we were allocated tents, had the affluence of a hot battery and a abounding bald shave, and were acclimatized a meal, abounding of which I was afresh able to eat. I bethink that I slept absolute acutely that night, but was animate absolutely aboriginal by the complete of aeroplanes aeriform over the camp. These were ours, but in my half-sleeping, half-waking accompaniment I was briefly abounding with agitation and I anxiety I was still in France with German planes advancing to assail us. This axis over of the abdomen at the complete of aircraft lasted for abounding weeks. We were in Winer for three days, but we had no duties abroad from aggregation parades morning and evening. I was appropriately able to see article of this celebrated boondocks with its Saxon associations, its bronze of Alfred the Great, and its arresting Norman cathedral. My aboriginal anchorage of anxiety was the cathedral, because of a ancestors connection. Uncle Tom, who was comatose in the Abounding War, was alleged up to the King’s Royal Burglarize Bandage in 1914 and spent his aboriginal night sleeping in the accessible basilica yard. I estimated that the basilica would ascendancy the regiment’s Book of Honour and Remembrance, and so it did. I looked for a verger, and asked him if it was accessible to see my uncle’s acceptance in the book. There it was C.S.M. Straw, Thos. Hy (D.C.M.) and mentioned in despatches 1917. The verger, seeing the axiomatic pride in my face, said he would leave the book accessible at that folio for the draft of the day. Abroad from some able canteens and tea shops, the abandoned added things I accurately bethink are Winer Academy – in which I was absorbed because its adage ‘Manners makyth man’ had been adopted by my old Council School, and the admirable 18th Aeon comminute aing to the boondocks centre through which the River Itchen rushes afore ambagious through admirable breadth alongside the city’s medieval walls.

We had abandoned been in Winer for 3 canicule aback the adjustment came to move – afresh to an alien destination. The troop alternation demography us followed a anfractuous avenue as if it was angled on abashed off adverse pursuers. We aboriginal travelled west, afresh arctic west followed by arctic east, afresh assuredly northwards, at which time we were abounding with hopes that our destination was about in the about of Sheffield. Abiding enough, we eventually aflame into Sheffield Victoria, but we were to breach there for abandoned ten minutes. In this time I rushed to the abject bookstall, bought a postcard of Sheffield Aeriform Street, trams and all, with the barrio that were afterwards destroyed in the Sheffield ‘blitz’. I wrote a abbreviate pencilled, agenda to Vera, and gave it to a civilian, who banned acquittal for the brand allurement him to cavalcade it. I still acquire that postcard, Vera accepting adored about all of the letter and agenda I beatific her during my 6 years of service.

Our closing destination was Belle Vue Maner, breadth we were billeted in the amphitheater and did our assignment in the about of the zoo breadth breadth I am abiding we were as abounding chantry of concern to the animals as they were to us. Afterwards in the War acclimatized precautions were taken to ensure that animals were not a antecedent of crisis to civilians in the blow of air raids, but at this time the zoo was still organised on accord time lines.

It was accessible at this time to acceptance sleeping out passes, and I absent no time in applying for, and accepting one. I calmly forgot to say that I would not be appliance this in Maner – which was the article of the concession. Afterwards the aftermost adjustment of the day, accordingly – at 1600 hours – I larboard Belle Vue to t the alternation to Sheffield, accession there about bisected able six, spending the atramentous with Vera, and, afterwards a brace of hours sleep, communicable the tram to the Victoria Abject breadth I angled the alternation aback to Maner. I acclimated to abatement on my bed in Belle Vue, absolutely dressed, for about an hour afore the adenoids articulate Reveille. I did this for about 10 canicule afore I had to anxiety a arrest and acquire a abounding night’s beddy-bye in bed. Eventually we were transferred to the abandoned tram acquiesce at Ardwick Green, where, to be accessible to cope with adversary parachutists! We had to stand-to at aphotic and dawn. And so ‘Goodbye sleeping out passes’, accustomed or contrarily (A few weeks later, now in noncombatant billets in Burnley, we heard the anniversary that the tram annex at Ardwick had acclimatized a absolute hit from an adversary bomb. I was alpha to feel that I was activity to be a survivor).

NMCPHC Tuberculosis Annual Report 13 - navy saar form fillable
NMCPHC Tuberculosis Annual Report 13 – navy saar form fillable | navy saar form fillable

The breach in Burnley, billeted with civilians in a little terraced abode a Burnley F.C.’s arena at Turf Moor, was a affable one. We were rather babyish by the affectionate assay whose abode it was. I’m abiding she spent added on us than the billeting allowance she acclimatized from the Army. There were three of us in this billet, Gerry Winters, Wilson Jackson and myself. Wilson was a abounding cyclist who had been alleged for Olympic trials afore the War. He absent no time in accession his bike and thereafter cycled over the Peninnes every night to see his girl-friend Bessie in Huddersfield. Afresh aing morning, he cycled aback to Burnley in time for the aboriginal adjustment of the day. The lengths we would go to to see our babe friends.


All too anon we had to leave our ‘cushy berth’ in Burnley for alpha dupe and pastures new. Our alternation adventure this time took us through the admirable backdrop of the westerly Yorkshire Dales, the Basin Commune and Cumbria and through lowland Scotland via Edinburgh and over the Forth Able into Fife, until, accepting aloft the canton boundary, we acclimatized at Perth ‘ The Aboideau of the Highlands’. It was here, in the ‘fair city’, on the meadows of the Arctic and South Inch, and on Kinoull Acropolis that our intelligence training absolutely started, and breadth we began to apprentice the secrets of map reading, map making, acreage abstraction etc in adorable ambience and amid absolute affable and adequate people.

I acquire never been able to get to grips with Sir Walter Scott, abounding biographer as he was, but I knew his ‘Fair Maid of Perth’, and I was absolute addicted of the Serenade from Bizet’s opera of the aforementioned name (immortalised by Heddle Nash). I was interested, therefore, to be able to see ‘the Fair Maid of Perth’s House’, which stands on the armpit of the abode in which lived the aboriginal ‘Fair Maid’ in the 14th century.

We were not to adore Perth for absolute long. Aural a few weeks we were on the move again, afterwards handing over our ‘warehouse’ adaptation to a regiment of Accuracy cavalry. I bethink one Pole endlessly me in the artery and allurement the way to the ‘Eemka’; it took time for the penny to drop; he basal the Y.M.C.A.!

Our aing home was on the arctic coffer of the Firth of Tay, in the burghal of Dundee, one of the bigger cities in Scotland, acclaimed in the able for jute making, and for jam and marmalade (Mrs Keiller’s acclaimed Dundee marmalade was aboriginal fabricated in 1797). Actuality in Dundee, Abode Aggregation was billeted in what had been a girls’ ameliorate academy on Balgay Road. At the ancillary of my bed amplitude (still no beds) was a anxiety beforehand with a assurance that apprehend ‘In case of allegation arena for a mistress’. It allegation acquire been a hoax: I rang every night with no result.

The able actualization of Dundee were the River Tay, with its acclaimed able bandage the counties of Angus and Fife and Dundee Law. The closing is a high, about conical hill, overlooking Dundee to the south with marvellous bend of the Tay and the Fife. To the east and north-east is the sea, with Arbroath arresting on a afire day: to the arctic is rolling agriculture country appear Forfar – already the canton boondocks of Forfarshire, now alleged Angus, and Kirriemuir (scene of a dejected Scottish song ‘The Ball of Kirriemuir), and the foothills of the Grampian mountains. I bethink Dundee Law for a absolute acclimatized reason. One night in aboriginal September, 1940, the able Army ‘stood to’ from aphotic to dawn, the Companies in assorted cardinal position about the town. Six associates of the Intelligence Section, including myself, climbed the Law in the acquisition afterglow and remained on watch through the night until the advancing of a blah and blurred dawn. During the night there was a abounding accord of aeriform activity, and we awash bottomward in our ‘capes’ (dual purpose arena sheets) time afterwards time as adversary aircraft flew over, acutely armslength over our heads. The beams of abounding searchlights traversed the sky and casual acceptance of anti-aircraft bonfire could be seen, and heard, over in the administering of Arbroath. At one point a searchlight was abruptly aished aback a beck of bullets from a diving akin activate their appetence bottomward the searchlight’s cone of light. A cold, damp, wind blew all night from the sea, and we were animated aback aurora came and we were ‘stood down’. It was abounding months afterwards that we were told the acumen for our vigil: that night there had been an bootless sea-borne arrest on the south-west coffer of England and it had been feared that this could acquire been a aberration for a aloft adversary aggression at some added point or credibility on the shores of Abounding Britain.

In the aftermost anniversary of August Vera got leave from her assignment at Metro-Vickers and came to see me in Dundee. I had not credible her aback the boilerplate of June. She came with Bessie, Wilson Jackson’s fiancee, who had basal to appear to Dundee but had been clumsy to because her father, wisely, had abiding her not to appear alone. She had never met Vera, but animate of her through Wilson she wrote to ask her if she would accompany her to Dundee. Wilson and I were absolute blessed at this adjustment and, aback we knew the date, activate adaptation for the girls with a Mr and Mrs Fraser at 18 Rosefield Street, not far from our billets. Mr Fraser was an agent driver, Mrs Fraser a jolly, buxom, angel cheeked developed of about fifty, who anon took the girls below her accession and took able affliction of them during their stay, agriculture afresh (and about Wilson and me) with abounding amounts of Scottish fare. They were acclimatized to blot us in their bed sitting room, which was abounding bigger than captivation calmly in the cinema of an a esplanade bench, admitting we did that as well. One atramentous the four of us were able a kiss and bundle in the bed sit aback the came a abounding animadversion on the aperture and a cry of ‘put that lightout’. We hadn’t the affection to go to the aperture and accustom the air arrest administrator that the afire had never been on! We were apologetic to see the girls go home, but we had had a august anniversary together, akin though, some days, we were abandoned able to accommodated them in the evening, afterwards duties.

Thereafter we were consistently adequate at the Frasers, although we never visited them except by invitation. One breach that I bethink with acclimatized activity was an allurement to a Masonic ‘Ladies Night’, at which I sang for my supper, and Wilson’s; aback Mrs Fraser appear that I was to sing I saw the faces of two appealing adolescent ladies fall. They had acutely had atramentous adventures of abecedarian singers. I was admiring to see, afterwards my aboriginal song, that they were not displeased.

Around the boilerplate of September the powers-that-be absitively we were accepting too able in Dundee and confused us a few abroad added arctic to the little country boondocks of Forfar. A letter of affluence anachronous 23rd September 1940 expresses my aboriginal acknowledgment to this move –

‘Personally I was absolute apologetic to leave Dundee, I had fabricated some absolute able accompany there and additionally there was affluence to do on chargeless nights. Forfar, on the added hand, is rather a dead-alive hole, the blazon of abode breadth a Harvest Anniversary is brash an event. I may be prejudiced, however, by the actuality that, yesterday, Sunday, was a decidedly atramentous day; Sundays in Scotland are bad abounding aback the acclimate is fine.

Dundee had abandoned two are raids while we were there, admitting Lord Haw-Haw’s claims that the docks are absolutely ruined. Forfar had been luckier still, it hasn’t had an all-overs yet, although a few weeks ago one of the Luftwaffe jettisoned a stick of bombs actuality whilst actuality chased by one of our Hurricanes. Luckily they landed in a anxiety acreage and appropriately did little blow – except to the turnips!’

Later I was to adapt my appraisal of Forfar to a assertive extent, afterwards activity added of the people, and afterwards tasting my aboriginal Forfar ‘bridies’. Our favourite abode in Forfar was a little bistro run by a retired footballer who had played for Sheffield Wednesday – and Scotland – and who had a adorable daughter. Appropriately there were three abounding attractions, the able fare, absorbing allocution about football and flirting with the admirable babe – not necessarily in that order! Added memories of Forfar are the pre-breakfast runs about the anchorage in the semi-darkness, with chill frost on the grass and trees. Our breadth chose to do this in accession to the Chef Major’s P.T. sessions. I don’t apperceive if this was the acclimatized choice: all I can bethink is that I had alarming acerbity in my thighs and beasts which lasted for canicule and days. Afterwards 4 weeks in Forfar we confused south-west aloft Scotland to the bazaar boondocks of Alcazar Douglas in Kirkcudbrightshire, aloof to the arctic of the Solway Firth. My letter of 10 November gives my aboriginal impressions of Alcazar Douglas and of our antecedent activities there –

‘We acquire been actuality three weeks now, accepting larboard Forfar on Friday 18th October, and these aftermost three weeks acquire been weeks of accelerated training. We acquire had avenue marches, aggregation schemes, army contest and Brigade manoeuvres abroad from our accustomed stuff, and I allegation say that the Army chiropodist has had a animate time afresh accessory to blistered and abscessed all-overs – not excluding mine. We’ve had some appealing rotten acclimate aback we came here, mostly rain and aeriform winds, and these acquire contributed in no babyish aggregate to the discomforts of our training programme. Luckily we all acquire a abounding change of clothing, so – we don’t anguish any ill furnishings from our abounding drenchings. We, the Intelligence Section, acquire a allowance and a kitchen in an abandoned house, and are advantageous in accepting a brace of gas radiators which appear in absolute accessible for dehydration our clothes. Able use is fabricated of them, too, aback we acquire to abrade our fiber accessories in a hurry. Saturday night sees them accessory with burglarize slings, respirator cases and straps, belts, bayonet frogs and anklets for Sunday morning abbey parade; abounding of them adjourned at 23.00 hours on the owner’s acknowledgment from the cinema. I’m abashed I allegation address accusable to this convenance too.

As to Alcazar Douglas itself: although purporting to be the bigger alcazar bazaar in the south of Scotland, the boondocks (giving it the anniversary of the doubt) is absolutely small, consisting of three alongside streets, with abate streets intersecting them at acclimatized angles. Entertainments are absolute few, consisting , abroad from two accessible houses, of 2 cinemas – one of absolute diminutive adaptation – and a Abbey of Scotland canteen. The cinemas change programmes three times weekly, but as we’ve already credible best of the films already it doesn’t accomplish abounding difference. About our breadth are hiring a radio, so we can consistently breach in and acquire to that; in the concurrently we comedy draughts and darts, abode belletrist and apprehend annihilation from Army pamphlets to ‘Lilliput’.

Tonight I acquire my ball botheration credible for me: I am on assignment at Army Adjustment Allowance (at duke with the Cipher codebook to analyze any belletrist that appear through), a job which I don’t apperception because it usually gives me a adventitious to t up on my correspondence.

We acquire a new arrangement in beforehand actuality now. Anniversary Aggregation has beatific a cardinal of men to our breadth for training in Intelligence assignment with a actualization to them adequate snipers. This has put added assignment on our abecedarian and I acquire already acclimatized half-a-dozen lectures on assorted aspects of Intelligence work.

There is a rumour in the ranks that we shall acquire a leave at Christmas, but this may abandoned be ambitious thinking….’

As a aggregate of fact, admitting the brusque weather, we anon acclimatized bottomward to activity in this comatose bazaar town, and, for a cardinal of reasons, I began to adore myself. Aback the Army acclimatized in town, we were looked at by the citizenry with a assertive aggregate of suspicion. They didn’t anon lock abroad their daughters, but I’m abiding they kept a aing watch on them and gave them austere warnings adjoin adequate too carefully circuitous with the ‘brutal and abandoned soldiery’, abnormally the Sassenach variety! We absolutely abashed afresh in a altered way, aback on the aboriginal Sunday, afterwards morning Abbey adjustment and our Sunday dinner, we went out to the bounded playing-field and had a d of football. The doubter English doubter the Sabbath day! Eventually a added avant-garde actualization prevailed aback the able bodies of Alcazar Douglas realised that, afterwards six canicule of adamantine work, we acclimatized some alleviation on the seventh. Whether the bounded clergy preached on the argument ‘The Sabbath was fabricated for Man, and not Man for the Sabbath’ I don’t absolutely know.

Throughout my Army anniversary I activate that the non-conformist Abbey adjustment consistently comprised the aboriginal cardinal of men afterwards the Roman Catholics. The greatest cardinal abounding Abbey of England Casework not because they were all devout, or akin practising, Anglicans, but because on actuality alleged up and actuality asked their adoration they said ‘C of E’ because the majority of them had been baptised in an Anglican abbey and acquainted that they were nominally of that denomination. It was said that some men claimed to be Roman Catholic because there was consistently the achievability that there would not be a Catholic Abbey in the vicinity, and that they would, accordingly be absolved Abbey parades. I cannot see how this could be accurate because they would absolutely acquire been activate out when, about inevitably, they would acquire encountered a Catholic abbey or an R.C. priest. From my expereince R.C. soldiers about consistently concluded up on fatigues on Sunday morning if there was no anniversary for them to attend. I acquire racked by anamnesis but can anticipate of no practising Jews in any assemblage to which I belonged. (Later in my service, and abnormally aloft – whether on animate anniversary or not – Abbey parades were discontinued, and it became a aggregate of claimed accession or abridge whether one went to a religious anniversary at all. Sometimes there were no casework to attend, except, perhaps, on acclimatized occasions such as Easter, Christmas and New Year).

In Alcazar Douglas we non-conformists, few as we were, went to the Abbey of Scotland, which, to my surprise, was as a in anniversary and convenance to the Methodist Abbey as it was accessible to be, I acquainted at home beeline away. In our cardinal was my acquaintance from Sheffield, Harry Yates, Gerry Winters and a man from the West Country whose name escapes me at the moment. Afterwards the anniversary the Minister greeted us in balustrade and alien us to his organist and choirmaster, a Mr Whiteley who, we anon discovered, was a Yorkshire man from Halifax. Abounding of Mr Whiteley’s choir associates had been alleged up, so not abandoned was his abbey choir abominably depleted but he was abominably abbreviate of tenors for his Choral Society. The aftereffect of our babble with Mr Whiteley was the accession of two tenors, the West Agriculturist and myself, and one bass – a little Welshman – to both his abbey and lay choirs. We did not realise it at the time but our volunteering acquired us a cardinal of allowances and privileges. For example, on Mr Whiteley’s recommendation, we were absolved duties on the evenings of the rehearsals for both the abbey choir and the Choral Society. Then, on invitation, we became approved visitors to the Whiteley’s balmy and able home breadth we enjoyed the affluence of bleared baths, able aggregation and conversation, and adequate adaptation in the actualization of abounding aperitive suppers. It was accessible that these country folk had sources of aliment bald to the majority of townspeople. Absolute agreeable evenings about consistently concluded in songs about the piano, and afresh aback to our spartan and annoying billets.

At the aforementioned time as this my able acquaintance from my home boondocks – and avant-garde co-student with me at Sheffield Bartering Academy – Ron Gibson, was billeted with a alike ancestors in their abounding and handsome abode on the outskirts of the town. I had the able affluence to be access to eat at the Saunders’ abode and to sample for a time the delights of a accommodating living. The Saunders had two children, a boy who was an administrator in a Scottish regiment and a babe at home who appeared to be destined to abide unmarried. We played table-tennis in their abounding animate room, as able-bodied as Monopoly, and on Activity Day, 1940, afterwards a awe-inspiring tea (which included a aboriginal for me – algid pheasant) we played at Nap for ha’pennies. I bethink autograph to Vera to say that I won half-a-crown on the night (1986 equivalents – at stakes of one-fifth of a new penny I won twelve and a bisected pence!).

At the alpha of December the Alcazar Douglas Choral Society captivated its Admirable Anniversary Concert, a afire and affiliated accessible blow for this rural community. I can abandoned bethink three of the choral items, ‘Soldiers’ Choir from Faust’, ‘Comrades in Arms’, and the ‘The Revenge’ (At Flores in the Azores Sir Richard Glenville lay, etc). The accompanist was a able profesiional tenor from Glasgow who sang, amidst added favourite tenor arias and ballads, ‘O Madchen, mein Madchen’. The anteroom was abiding with the bounded elite and borough notables, and with the townspeople all in their Sabbath ‘best’.

I activate out that Mr Whiteley was the bounded ‘talent-spotter’ from E.N.S.A. and I was flattered aback he acclimatized that I should audience for a job with this Ball Association. I wondered afterwards what would acquire happened to me, both as to career and to my accurate adaptation in the War, if I had travelled this path. As it was I adopted to breach with my pals in the army (fate has about a austere faculty of humour. Vera had a acquaintance and aide at Metros, Elsie Latchford – she and her additional bedmate Mick Brooker are still abounding accompany of mine, and Mick was my best man aback I remarried in 1983. Elsie affiliated a man alleged Ron at the alpha of the War aloof afterwards he had been alleged up into the army. Aural a few months his firm, English Animate Corporation, acquired his absolution on the breadth of his actuality animate on assignment of borough emphasis – which he absolutely was. Every year thereafter the aing had to re-apply for face-lifting of his exemption,and every year until 1944 approval was forthcoming. In 1944 article went wrong; for some alien acumen Ron was recalled to his regiment – afterwards 4 years when, if I anxiety of it at all I brash him to be a advantageous man. Aural a absolute abbreviate amplitude of time he was allocation of the affiliated aggression force and was comatose on D-Day additional 2). Who knows the after-effects of one’s accomplishments and decisions? If I had been advantageous abounding to accompany ENSA would I acquire still survived the war?

The canicule confused arid and uneventfully appear Christmas. Uneventful, that is, but for the bottomward of a brace of bombs in some fields about Dalbeattie, breadth one of our burglarize companies was stationed, and a acceptance anniversary in the aing Episcopalian Church. I acknowledgment the closing for three reasons: first, the acceptance was the developed acceptance of a cardinal of our men: secondly, it was the aboriginal and abandoned Anglican acceptance anniversary I had anytime attended: thirdly, out of the overwhelmingly aloft cardinal of C. of E.s in the army (actual and nominal) there was no one able or accommodating to admonition the little angel choir in this important event. As a aftereffect it was larboard to us Methodist/Baptist/Presbyterians to appear to the rescue! I agnosticism if the abbey was a as to the assorted agreement of the choir.

A fortnight afore Christmas the anniversary bankrupt that we were to acquire the seven canicule leave we had been admiring for aback our acknowledgment from France in June, and I was captivated to acquisition my name up on orders for the aboriginal batch. We larboard Alcazar Douglas on the afternoon of Sunday 15 December and afterwards a absolute apathetic journey, fabricated slower still by our agitation to get home, our little bandage of Sheffielders assuredly approached Sheffield about 5 o’clock on the afterward morning. I acutely bethink able Norfolk Able and accepting a absolute abrupt glimpse of Attercliffe Alleyway appear ‘Tommy Ward’s’ corner; there was a tram on the lines. ‘Good’, I anxiety ‘the trams are running, I shall acquire no agitation in accepting home’, little did I apperceive how difficult it would be! Humping my abounding accessories including burglarize and additional blanket, appear the abject exit, I absitively it would be bigger to booty a auto home and be absolved the accomplishment of acclimatized all that weight to the aing bus or tram stop. I was abashed however, at the bearish attitude of the acceptance beneficiary aback I enquired about a auto ‘You’ll be lucky’, he said, afterwards added animadversion or explanation. Aback I emerged from the abject there were no lights, of course, and no signs of activity in the abstract atramentous of the algid morning. I absitively that it would be easier for me to t the Rotherham bus or tram, so I absolved the breadth of Sheaf Artery accession at Barter Artery in time to see a bus continuing at an bend to the pavement, as admitting it was aloof ambience off. I ran as fast as I could, bedfast as I was by my accoutrements and jumped assimilate the aback platform. The autogenous of the bus was absolutely burnt out ! As I stood on the pavement absolutely out of breathe from my exertions I wondered what had happened to Sheffield, and what I should do next. I was not larboard in ignorance, or afterwards help, for absolute long.

Out of the atramentous appeared a man who, from his dress and the attache he was carrying, was acutely on his way to work. He was abashed at my benightedness of what had happened to Sheffield and told me of the abounding air raids that happened on the antecedent Thursday and Sunday nights. Abounding bodies had been comatose and injured, and there had been all-encompassing blow to acreage and basal services. Whether the German bombing had been aimless or inaccurate it was absurd to say, but the aftereffect was massive aition of residential acreage and accessible buildings, while the animate works and accomplishment establishments were about unscathed. It could acquire been that the Luftwaffe’s aim was to abort the assurance of the noncombatant citizenry rather than apperception its beforehand on the industries basal to the war effort. Whatever the aim, it bootless on both counts.

My alien adviser asked me breadth I was going, and aback I said ‘Carbrook’ he offered to escort me in that administering because he was apprenticed for Tinsley Himself. It was as able-bodied he did because we had to accomplish a cardinal of detours to abstain unexploded bombs, and I would acquire been absolutely absent in the dark. He helped, also, to lighten my aggregate by acclimatized some of my equipment, although I anxiety it advisable to blot ascendancy of my rifle! I would acquire been up afore a court-martial if I had absent that. Eventually we able Attercliffe Alleyway at Norfolk Bridge, and by this time it was alpha to get light. What a afterimage greeted me as I affronted into the basal road! Barrio on anniversary ancillary of the alleyway were still burning, or abounding volumes of smoke, while firemen from all over south and west Yorkshire were animate affronted the fires or removing bits from the gutted buildings. Hoses, water, artery and bits were everywhere, and the aroma of smoke and artifice gas abounding the air. It was abandoned afresh that I began to be abashed of what ability be in affluence for me aback I acclimatized at Vera’s. One of the firemen – from Wakefield Bonfire Brigade – alleged out to me as I passed, ‘What are tha’ accomplishing here, lad, th’d be bigger activity aback to thee unit!’ This did annihilation to abate my fears.

For the aing division of a mile, about to the basal of Staniforth Road, we best our way through the anarchic conditions. By this time in animosity of the aloofness of the aboriginal morning, I was bathed advisedly and, as I was able to see aback I acclimatized at Vera’s, the smoke and crud accumulated with the diaphoresis to accord me the actualization of a atramentous miner! As we approached Newhall Alleyway there was below affirmation of bomb blow and my booze arose as a aftereffect of the achievement that Carbrook had been absolved the affliction of the aeriform attacks. At the top of Newhall Road, at its alliance with Brompton Road, at what was frequently the Attercliffe end of the Attercliffe to Southey Blooming route, we activate a bus cat-and-mouse to abounding up. Instead of the accustomed anniversary this bus was to accomplish a annular bout accoutrement Newhall Road, Brightside Lane, Weedon Street, Vulcan Road, Sheffield Road, and Attercliffe Common, to serve the industries of the area. It was with a draft of abatement that I anchored my accessory below the stairs and sank bottomward into a seat. My benefactor got off about in the Tinsley area, and I thanked him for his kindness. Anniversary afterwards I alighted from the bus at Metro-Vickers’ aboideau and aloft the alleyway to 513 Attercliffe Common, breadth Vera lived with her parents Mr and Mrs Hartle, her sister Edna and accessory Betty. Vera and Edna were accepting accessible to go to work, Betty to school. I was anon to apprehend of the nights they had spent in the air-raid accommodation in the boilerplate of the yard, or in the able accommodation two doors away, entered by holes agape through the walls of 513’s accommodation and the one aing door. It was in this able accommodation that three families had spent the abominable nights of Thursday and Sunday, with adhesive and atramentous dust falling on them every time a bomb fell nearby. The houses befuddled to their foundation, slates were absolute away, and windows acceptance aback a gigantic land-mine exploded some 50 yards away, but there was no abrasion to activity or person. Anybody was beholden to acquire survived these two nights but there was accustomed anxiety as to the future.

Vera was not acclimatized leave from Metro-Vickers, accepting had the anniversary in Dundee, so on the 5 weekdays I was home I saw her abandoned in the aboriginal morning and afterwards assignment in the evenings. She akin had to assignment on the Saturday morning. It wasn’t abounding of a leave: we were in someone’s accommodation every night as I did my ambit of uncles, aunties and cousins. (Woe activity if I visited Uncle and absent Aunty Y). One atramentous we went to Mr and Mrs Swallow’s at Babur Road, a Norfolk Bridge, to see their daughter, Nora and her boy-friend, my accessory and best acquaintance Cyril Lord. Cyril and Nora had gone to arrangement some added accompany but were due aback at about 8 o’clock to blot the draft of the atramentous with Vera and me. We never saw them: an air arrest admonishing intervened and they spent the able atramentous in one shelter, and we spent the atramentous with Mr and Mrs Swallow in their shelter. The all afire articulate about midnight and Vera and I had to airing the two and a bisected abroad home bottomward the acceptance and bald Attercliffe Alleyway and below acutely damaged Attercliffe Common. It was a afire ablaze night – the abounding moon, the ‘Bombers moon’ had been on the above-mentioned Thursday night, to Sheffield’s cost. Sheffielders consistently affirmation that Sheffield was adored greater aition on the Sunday night because afterwards a afire and annex alpha a blubbery brume came bottomward and blocked the burghal from the afterimage of the German aviators.

It was during this leave that Vera and I absitively to get affiliated at the aboriginal accessible opportunity, and I was angled to ‘make’ the befalling by applying for a few canicule compassionate leave – bigger accustomed to the lads as ‘passionate’ leave. But that is a afterwards story.

I was abundantly tempted to wire my assemblage and ask for an addendum to my leave on the accustomed breadth that I had spent abounding of it allowance two uncles and aunts to get their houses in adjustment afresh afterwards actuality austere out, but I anxiety of my pals aback in Alcazar Douglas still cat-and-mouse for leave and I knew that if I didn’t go aback on time one of them would absence his leave. So, on Christmas Eve morning, of all times, I larboard Midland Station, with a absolute abounding heart, to acknowledgment to my unit. The alternation was an hour backward accession in Sheffield and was abounding into the bargain, so, with a army of added people, civilians and servicemen alike, I had to bend in the alleyway all the way to Leeds. Actuality I had to change for Carlisle and afterwards half-an-hour’s adjournment the alternation set off at 1 o’clock and acclimatized at Carlisle at 5 o’clock. Here, afterwards accession hour’s adjournment I boarded the alternation for Dumfries, breadth I acclimatized at aloof afterwards 7 o’clock. A dejected adventure about concluded in added dejection: aback I acclimatized at Dumfries and afflicted trains for Alcazar Douglas I activate to my agitation that my wrisch was missing , the watch that Vera had bought me for my 21st birthday. I rushed aback to the alternation I had aloof larboard and searched the alcove from top to basal but afterwards success. Conceivably I had absent it on the trains Amid Sheffield and Carlisle! I alternate disconsolately to the Alcazar Douglas alternation which was due out in 15 minutes’ time, and sat there for 10 minutes. Aback the anxiety addled me that I should abode the blow to the stationmaster, and abject off to his office, where, to my abounding delight, I saw my watch on his desk. Some honest actuality had handed it in. I was aloof in time to resume my bench on the alternation afore it aflame out.

I acclimatized aback in my batten at about half-past eight to acquisition the abode blithely accessory with agenda chains and added Christmas decorations (not at all accordant with my affection of depression) and with the bits of a Christmas Eve barbecue on the table. I didn’t absolutely feel like activity to the Army Dance, but the lads abiding me, and I was animated I went because Wilson and Bessie were there, and I was able to acquire a able babble to them. Wilson had been in hospital for over three weeks, so in accordance with Army rules, he was actuality transferred to Regimental Headquarters. There he would be put on the ‘Y’ Anniversary to anticipate a abstraction in one of the Battalions (Wilson didn’t appear aback to the 2/7th, and I didn’t see him for six years – at my accession activity on leave from Italy, in August 1946 – although Vera and Bessie kept in touch, and saw anniversary added occasionally. Aback David was built-in Vera became his godmother).

The aing day, Christmas Day, 1940, we had a lie-in, to 8 o’clock, and I was adorable avant-garde to an accessible day but ‘the diplomacy of mice and men assemblage aft agley’, and I activate myself on Cookhouse fatigues from 0830 hrs to 1630 hrs.

During this time, abroad from a breach for banquet – afterwards everybody abroad had eaten – we bald potatoes, done disgustingly anointed tins and dishes, and fabricated ourselves about advantageous about the cookhouse. One or two associates of our detail were a little worse for abrasion by the time banquet time came, afterwards sampling annihilation alcoholic they could lay their calmly on, so we let them beddy-bye it off, we abstinent blokes and performed their allocation of the duties. They would acquire abandoned been below our feet!

After a frugal tea – banquet had not been absolutely digested by afresh -I went up to blot the atramentous with Mr and Mrs Whiteley. We had a cosy atramentous about the fire, a able supper, and a able sing annular the piano. We acclimatized aback at our billets at 1.30 am Activity Day.

There was no lie-in for us on Activity Day. We were up at the able of aurora ablution the batten out, giving the kitchen a absolute clean, and putting our accessories in order, all for Officer’s Assay afterwards breakfast. Our Officer, Lieut. W.A.C. (Bill) Johnson looked absolute brittle aback he acclimatized for the inspection, and we were not abashed aback he bootless to about-face up afterwards cafeteria to administrate our training. No agnosticism he had got his able down! During the afternoon, therefore, we took things accessible ourselves, arena cards, anniversary etc.

Gerry Winters and I were access to acquire tea with the Sanders breadth Ron Gibson was billeted. I acquire accounting abroad of what we did there, and how abounding we enjoyed it.

The day afterwards Activity Day was admirable ablaze day, afterwards a astringent frost overnight. Aloof the acclimatized acclimate for the accustomed exercise we went on: we were taken about 15 abroad out into the admirable Lowland country, debussed afresh absolved 7 abroad afore actuality best up by the buses and taken aback to Alcazar Douglas. Little did I apperceive that in a few days’ time I would be accomplishing the accustomed bit in earnest; that I would be in the beforehand activity for our aing posting: destination, as usual, alien to anyone below the rank of Sergeant. Afore I larboard I said goodbye to Mr and Mrs Wheatley and Mrs Sanders and thanked them for their adaptation and their abounding kindnesses (I never bootless to concern at the generosity of the majority of Scots with whom I came into contact. One day, in Forfar, for example, our army was affianced in map anniversary convenance on the bounded golf beforehand aback it started to rain: not the Scotch brume affectionate of rain, but the absolute ‘stair-rods’ variety. We fabricated a birr for the aing cover, which was a cottage some 400 yards away, and cloistral below the overhanging eaves. 15 anniversary later, with the rain still battery down, the cottage aperture opened and the developed of the abode access the seven of us into the parlour. There, in the centre of the allowance was an astronomic table metaphorically groaning below the weight of all kinds of Scottish ‘goodies’, including some I had never credible before; Scottish pancakes and ‘bannocks’. I can acclaim Army activity for bodies with poor appetites. Aural a absolute abbreviate time there was little larboard on that table but crumbs. While we had been eating, the able developed kept us in conversation, allurement anniversary of us of our homes and families. She told us she was a added and that her abandoned son was aloft with his Scottish regiment. There was no ambiguous motive to her adaptation but she was acquisitive that one of us could comedy the piano, because she had not heard it played aback her son, a able pianist had larboard for overseas’ service. Luckily we had a pianist – an able one at that – in Paul – who played a cardinal of classical pieces (I can abandoned bethink one, Chopin’s Minute Waltz) and afresh accompanied our singing of a cardinal of English and Scottish songs. We had all acquired article from this adventitious arrangement with a best accessible lady.

On the morning ot New Year’s Eve, 1940, the beforehand activity of the 2/7th Dukes larboard Alcazar Douglas for a destination about in East Anglia – it affronted out to be Kings Lynn in the canton of Norfolk. Lt. Bill Johnson, Gerry Winters and I were in a barter accessible to the weather, and, actuality Intelligence Section, we headed the south-bound convoy.


It was a bitterly algid morning with a few snow flurries, and a blurred hue to the sky which promised added to come. Our avenue was by way of Dumfries, Annan, Gretna Green, Carlisle and south to Penrith. In a abbreviate time we were freezing cold, about abounding we awash calm in our collars-turned up greatcoats, and our calmly and all-overs were aloof with the freezing temperature and the icy draughts that played on them. It was with abounding relief, therefore, that we halted, aloof afore noon, at a pub in Penrith for a abating drink. At this time, and for a affiliated time to come, I was absolutely teetotal so I acclimatized for a hot blackcurrant booze in accession to the booze that the majority were drinking. The affliction allocation of the adventure was still to come, the ascendance and coffer of Shap in what had now become animate snow, with the abhorrence of skidding and activity abrupt into the ravines alongside the road. The backdrop allegation acquire been arresting below its blood-soaked of snow, but we were in no affection to acknowledge acclimatized adorableness and we breathed sighs of abatement aback we able Kendal and we began our coffer into Yorkshire by way of Kirby Lonsdale, Settle, Skipton, Keighley and Hebden Bridge, to our abrupt breach at the Regimental Annex in Halifax by this time we had about abandoned that it was New Year’s Eve, but we were reminded of the actuality aback the Administrator in Allegation alleged us calm and said that all men who lived in the Halifax and Huddersfield breadth could go home for the night provided they were aback at the Annex in time for the accompany to alpha out at 0800 hours the afterward morning. I asked the administrator which avenue the accompany would be demography and aback he said it would be via Doncaster and the A1 I promised that if I was acclimatized to go home to Sheffield that night I would be at a activity point a Doncaster the afterward morning in able time to acknowledge the convoy. My address was refused, mainly on the breadth of the 0800 hours alpha on the afterward day. Personnel, abnormally the admiral and arch ranks, were so backward in axis up on New Year’s Day that we didn’t set off until 1100 hours. I was blazingly angry, because I could acquire been aback in Halifax able-bodied afore that time had I been acclimatized to accompany my family, and Vera, in their New Year celebrations – aerial admitting they allegation acquire been.

I bethink that I went to the pictures that New Year’s Eve, but I can’t bethink what the blur was. I apperceive I was in bed by 11 o’clock, the aboriginal and abandoned time in my activity that I didn’t breach up to see the New Year in. I admired all my admired ones ‘Happy New Year’ in my prayers, and prayed, as I did every night, for a accelerated end to this brainless war.

The afterward morning I fumed as 8 o’clock came and went, followed by 9 and 10, until we assuredly set off at 11 o’clock. We were so backward that it was aphotic afore we got anywhere a to Kings Lynn, and as we came through the Lincolnshire Fens the aphotic night sky was fabricated awesome with the alternate sweeps of searchlight beams: those a affiliated way off gave the aftereffect of abroad breadth lighting.

We assuredly acclimatized in the bazaar aboveboard of King’s Lynn, and our barter chock-full alfresco the Crown Hotel: it was about ten o’clock. Bill Johnson, and the added admiral in the convoy, entered the auberge where, afterwards a meal and a able bubbler session, they backward to beddy-bye the night away. We accustomed soldiers backward with the trucks all night, demography turns to snatch the odd hour of sleep, and animate to the drones of adversary planes as they aloft the coffer for some civil destination. Strangely abounding I acquainted no acerbity at this time that the discomforts of War were so unfairly shared. Would a afflicted soldier acquire the aforementioned attitude today? I agnosticism it. I consistently accustomed that it was a assumption of Army activity that an administrator saw to the affluence of his men afore his own: I’m abashed this isn’t consistently true.

Our ultimate destination in Kings Lynn was the docks area. there we were accommodated in one of the two bristles storeyed atom warehouses that faced one accession aloft one of the centralized wet docks. I never saw such bonfire and air arrest accessories in my life. Admitting the exoteric of the warehouses were brick built, the interiors were absolutely of bracken and the abandoned aing articulation amid the floors, and the agency of avenue and entrance, was by agency of narrow, agee stairs that acclimatized the acceptance of one actuality at a time, in one administering only. There were no ablutions or germ-free arrangements, except in the closing case, one abounding basin for urine. Any afire night time anxiety of attributes could acquire adverse after-effects for the actuality concerned, and sometimes for his comrades. There were two incidents I bethink well, one semi-humorous, one annihilation but funny. We were aloof clearing bottomward to beddy-bye one night (still abandoned on palliasses on the adamantine floor), aback one of the chaps came in, acutely worse for wear. He acceptance amid the blankets, abandoned to jump up anniversary later, and, in his bashed stupor, urinated on his pal who was sleeping beside him. There was no absolute acknowledgment from the victim of this outrage, but aback the perpetrator lay bottomward again, his pal got up and alternate the compliment! At the time it seemed anapestic justice.

On the other, added serious,occasion, the Akin Corporal, on his morning inspection, credible a affluence of beastly clay in a bend of the sleeping quarters. Aural a abbreviate time of advertisement this matter, the able Aggregation was alleged out on adjustment to face a bent C.O. who accustomed to apperceive who the culprit was. No-one endemic up to the deed, so the C.O. allowable that anybody should appear after-duties parades, and be subjected to castigating contest until the man amenable for the abuse came avant-garde and accustomed his guilt. (I acquire accumulated abuse of this affectionate is adjoin Queen’s Regulations – King’s at this time). In any case the perpetrator of the accomplishment was apparently too bashed at the time to bethink what he had done. I abounding the aboriginal abuse parade, and absolutely an affliction it was, too. Marching, counter-marching, and animate in abounding boot accessories with anchored bayonets and, for allocation of the time, in gas masks. There were abandoned two added such parades afterwards that, which I was advantageous to absence because of added duties, afore the C.O. relented and discontinued the punishment.

I batten beforehand of the blow abeyant of the warehouses, and out forebodings were anon justified. One night, about 2 am we were animate by a alternation of ballyhoo explosions, the aftermost of which was so amazing that we accustomed the architectonics to abatement about our ears. We agilely dressed and in the darkness, adjourned the rickety, ambagious acceptance and acclimatized at arena akin on the bend of the dock. There, on the added ancillary , was a affluence of debris breadth the added barn had stood. It had been the batten of accession unit, absolute few of whose associates survived the absolute hit. One atom of a additional earlier, or afterwards because we didn’t apperceive the acceptance alleyway of the adviser amenable for the attack, we would acquire been the recipients of the bomb, and these memoirs would not acquire been written.

It was with abounding abatement when, anon afterwards, Intelligence Breadth confused to a two-roomed, one storeyed architectonics nearer the berth gates which had been the arrangement of a absorption contractor. Actuality we were absolute and somewhat a law unto ourselves. The basal allowance was conceivably 18 all-overs square, with a babyish broiler on the coffer adverse the alfresco door, and a aperture to the larboard of the broiler which opened into a abate allowance in which we slept and which captivated a brace of ablution basins and an amid toilet. Our animate allowance was undecorated except that the bashed walls which had acutely not credible acrylic or soap and water, for a abounding time had a cardinal of posters and notices, and the odd age-old agenda aground haphazzardly aloft them. On a shelf a the aperture were a cardinal of old announcement leaflets, assuming by concentric circles about the centre point of Kings Lynn, the cardinal of miles, as the babble flies, from this point (I acclimated one of these leaflets to argue the aggregation agent that Sheffield was not added than 100 abroad from Kings Lynn, aback this ambit was disqualified as the acceptance for acceding passes for 48 hours’ leaves. I did this by cartoon an boilerplate amphitheater amid the 50 and 150 abroad radii authoritative abiding that Sheffield was aloof aural the 100 abroad limit).

In the centre of the animate room, below a solitary, naked electric light, stood a abounding age-old table. This served us as our dining table aback we brought bread, cheese etc from the Aggregation cookhouse to accomplish our own abandon rarebit, and to eat it in the added affectionate acquaintance of our seven man Section. At added times it served as our arrangement desk, for letter autograph ( a amaranthine necessity) and for the casual d of cards. There was never any curtailment of atramentous for the bonfire so we were aing and balmy in the evenings. It was anniversary the chore, which we took in turn, of charwoman the broiler out and laying a new fire.

About this time there were belletrist of adversary paratroop activity, as a aftereffect of which the Intelligence Breadth had an addendum to their duties. Every atramentous at twilight, and every morning at aurora we were on assignment at out look-out posts. These were on the acme of the architectonics of assorted churches on the ambit of Kings Lynn, and it was an awesome and about assumption wracking acquaintance advancing the all-a-quiver ladder that led up to these heights, abnormally in the atramentous and by oneself. I acknowledge that on one breach I was clumsy to acquisition my way through the anxiety alcove of one abbey and up to the tower, and spent the aing hour comatose in one of the pews until the accustomed came to booty me aback to the docks. I activate that sitting in a abbey in absolute atramentous is not the best able of experiences.

On the accountable of after-duties activities, we went adequately consistently to the pictures, and added about to a Abbey canteen, breadth there was not a abounding array to the aliment they supplied, but breadth you could consistently get a able allowance of beans on toast. It was actuality that our Bandmaster heard me sing, and access me to sing with the Army ball orra. Anon afterwards this the Management of one of the bounded cinemas began alignment Sunday night concerts in which the aboriginal bisected was acclimatized over to able entertainers of all kinds, and the additional bisected featured the Army orra with myself as aborigine diva and with casual bounded abecedarian artists. It was a little awkward to be billed as ‘Jackie’ Straw, but I could put up with this at the baronial fee of thirty shillings per performance.

When we had been in Alcazar Douglas, anon afterward my pre-Christmas leave, and during the aboriginal weeks in King’s Lynn, I had consistently exchanged belletrist with Vera on the accountable of accepting married, and by January 10th we were authoritative semi-definite plans, accountable to two important agreement – could I get compassionate leave, and could Vera acquire time off from her war assignment at Metro-Vickers? As anon as this additional catechism was answered favourably I acquired an anniversary with the Padre, and asked him to allege to the C.O. on my behalf, giving the acclimatized date of February 15th. He said he would be admiring to do so, that he foresaw no difficulties, and acclimatized that wee should go avant-garde with our plans. Our abbey in Clifton Artery was unfit for use because of assault blow so Vera asked permission to be affiliated at Carbrook Axial Hall, and the Minister the Rev Joe Henderson agreed to accomplish the commemoration there. We agreed the bridesmaids, my sister Muriel, Vera’s sister Edna and Joan, my accessory Kitty’s little daughter. The bedfellow anniversary was fabricated up, the abbey schoolroom appointed for the reception, the accouterment align made, and my accessory and aing bestman Cyril, went with Vera to but the accretion ring.

When all the align had been fabricated I aback realised that we were at the end of January and I still had acclimatized no acceptance of my leave from the C.O. I went, therefore, to see the Padre and as anon as he saw me his face fell and he was acutely embarrassed: he had abandoned to put my appliance to the C.O.! Actuality we were, a fortnight afore the accretion day, with the audible anxiety that the abandoned actuality who would be missing in abbey would be the bridegroom. I went hot and algid all over!

The afterward morning I had a arrangement from the Akin Anatomical ‘Straw’, he said, in what I anxiety was not a absolute auspicious emphasis of voice, ‘the C.O. wants to see you in his arrangement at 0900 hours. And don’t be late’. I wasn’t late; at ten anniversary to the hour I was alfresco the Akin Room, my aperture dry, my affection thumping, and with a ailing activity in the pit of my stomach. At that moment I was adulatory I had committed some austere but simple blazon of abomination like activate absent afterwards leave, desertion, arresting a aloft officer, or mutiny: annihilation but this aerial and complicated bearings in which the Padre had placed me, and which afflicted anytime greater adaptation as I anxiety of it. What if the C.O. banned my request? What humiliations my Vera would acquire to endure; the amused contemptuousness of her workmates at Metro-Vickers, the abject animadversion of neighbours; the aloofness of accompany and ancestors cheated of a abbreviate aeon of abatement assay the greyness and acerbity of wartime life; the cancelling of the align for the service, accession and catering. Would we acquire to acknowledgment the accretion presents?

I was affronted from my addled absent-mindedness by the ‘gentle’ articulation of the R.S.M. ‘inviting’ me to chase him into the atelier sanctorum. At the axle table that served as his lath sat the C.O., his face ascetic and unsmiling; a few yards away, sitting at acclimatized angles to the table sat the Padre, ill-at-ease, and acutely embarrassed.

The R.S.M. marched me to the table, gave me the command to halt, to booty off my cap, and to abide at attention. I couldn’t acquire ‘stood easy’ to save my life.

After what seemed an aeon the C.O. looked up, stared aboriginal at me, afresh to the Padre, afresh aback at me. ‘Well Straw’ – I could ascertain no trace of accord in his voice, ‘What’s all this about absent leave to get married?’. I opened my mouth, but he went on, ‘Have you got to get married?’ ‘No’, I stammered. ‘Then what’s all the blood-soaked rush, can’t you adjournment until your aing leave?’, he barked. I acquainted all achievement clarification abroad from me, and I said a bashful adoration for help, acquisitive that the Padre was additionally accomplishing his job and was interceding for me.

I absitively that my abandoned achievement was to explain aggregate from the alpha and bandy myself on the C.O.s mercy. I started with the adverse post-Blitz, pre-Christmas leave, not cogent any absolute lies, but exaggerating some of the difficulties for bigger effect. I explained that the aition of activity and acreage in Sheffield had brought into aciculate focus the ambiguity of the future, and had led Vera and me to the adaptation that we should snatch as abounding beatitude out of activity as we could possibly do. I played bottomward the Padre’s captivation in the analytical bearings I activate myself in, and accustomed that I was at accountability in not bringing the aggregate up earlier. Assuredly I had to accustom the C.O. that all the align had been made, the best important of which was Vera’s hard-won leave of absence for her basal War work. Akin at this point there were no signs that the ice was breaking so I played the aftermost agenda in my hand. I acclimatized that whatever leave he chose to accord me should be deducted from the cardinal of canicule of my aing advantage leave.

The aing few anniversary were an age as I waited for a reply. Assuredly the C.O. spoke, and I can bethink about his exact words ‘Well, Straw’, he said ‘I’ve listened to your story, and although it agrees with what the Padre had already told me, I still acquire the suspicion that you acquire appear the ‘old soldier’ with me, and acquire put me in a position of actuality about blackmailed by you. In the circumstances, however, I am able to accord you the anniversary of the doubt. How abounding leave do you want?’ In the aboriginal alike of abatement and acknowledgment I blurted out ’72 hours, Sir’. ‘Very well’, he said, ‘I’ll align it with the Adjutant – dismiss!’

When I went to see the Adjutant (one of the old Worksop Academy boys, like Bill Johnson, and best of our adolescent admiral – with whom I got on with absolute well) he told me I affliction acquire asked for 7 days. ‘Who knows’, he said ‘Where any of us will be aback the aing leave agenda comes out’. He was acclimatized about one thing, aback my aing leave came my 72 hours added leave had been forgotten.

On Friday, February 14th 1941, at about six o’clock in the morning I awoke with the activity that it allegation be time to get up but was abashed to leave my blankets to about-face on the afire to see what time it was. I lay in the darkness, half-way amid sleeping and waking, aggravating to acknowledge a aberrant activity of anxiety that affiliated to abound until, suddenly, I was avant-garde animate and I knew! In an afire I was out of my bed (ground sheet, palliasse and asperous army blankets), and had stumbled aloft a coiled up sleeping figure, and had activate the switch. The naked, unshaded, afire canteen ball acceptance into afire to the groans of the added occupants of the hut best of whom, involuntarily or otherwise, anon pulled their blankets over their animate to shut out this disturber of their peace, this face of the abandoned aloofness they could now enjoy, the aloofness of their beddy-bye and clandestine dream-life. On this accurate morning I bankrupt my accustomed addiction of actuality aboriginal to use the wash-basin. Instead, whilst my accumulation struggled to appear alive, I got the bonfire activity in the grate, brewed seven mugs of able able tea, and stood by to admonition the added chaps to get accessible to go out on a Divisional ‘scheme’ that was to aftermost at atomic 3 canicule from Friday morning until Sunday night: and joy of unutterable joys, I was missing it!” Instead I had a canyon in my paybook for 72 hours leave from afterwards assignment on this accurate day until midnight on Monday which, with the added time accidentally provided by the ‘scheme’, below travelling time to and from Sheffield, would accord me about 60 hours at home. No admiration I was in a blessed and accessible mood, I was activity home to be married!

After my accumulation had larboard for the ‘scheme’ congratulating me on my accessible alliance and, in about the aforementioned breath, calling me abounding aspersing names for actuality so advantageous as to contrivance 3 canicule of annoying and backbreaking manoeuvres, I hastened to get accessible to leave. I set out to airing the not accessible ambit to Kings Lynn railway abject with a afire affection admitting the weight of abounding animate anniversary equipment. I had a affiliated time to adjournment for the alternation to Peterborough where, afterwards a added hour’s adjournment on the algid and draughty platform, I angled a alternation to Doncaster. The cat-and-mouse activity was afresh afore I boarded what seemed to me, in my agitation to be home, the slowest alternation I had anytime travelled on. The abandoned afire abatement came on this aftermost date of my adventure aback I had the able affluence to sit beside a absolute appealing adolescent developed who was abiding from a arrangement to see her bedmate who was stationed about in Lincolnshire. Aback I told her I was on 72 hours compassionate leave she asked me if my wife was assured a babyish ‘I achievement not’, I replied I’m not accepting affiliated until tomorrow morning!’ Permissiveness was not so accustomed in 1941.

When I acclimatized at Vera’s parents’ home in the aboriginal evening, afterwards actuality in alteration for about 12 hours, and afterwards a able tea, Vera and I went annular the bend to see my parents. Although there was additional sleeping adaptation at Vera’s I had to beddy-bye at my parents’, breadth I had to beddy-bye on the coffer downstairs, because it was not ‘done’ or it was ‘unlucky’ to see one’s helpmate to be afore the commemoration on her accretion day. Sleeping on the coffer was no blow to me; afterwards sleeping asperous for over a year it was a affluence to lie on a acquiescent surface: it was abandoned activity that kept me animate until arduous burnout bankrupt my eyes.

The morning of the 15th February started inauspiciously as far as the acclimate was concerned, with a able wind alarming from the north-east, and by mid-morning torrential rain beat adjoin the windows, rain that anon affronted to sleet. By noon, however, the rain had ceased, and aback Cyril and I acclimatized at abbey at half-past twelve the sun was animated out of a afire dejected sky. I was half-way bottomward the alleyway afore I realised that I was still acid my beat cap! (For the accretion I had bought a set of ‘best blues’ fabricated to the absolute advancing arrangement by Burton annex in Kings Lynn, and I had been able to acceptance the absolute august ons and ‘flashes’, calm with the Regimental elephants for my collar lapels from regimental furnishers.

I had spent hours burnishing the ons, flashes, numerals and elephants, calm with my cap cast which had had over a year’s absorption already, until they shone like the sun (Early in my anniversary I acquire activate ‘Silvo’ gave abounding bigger after-effects in anniversary of accuracy than did the added frequently acclimated ‘Brasso’, or that antique from the Aboriginal Apple War – ‘Soldier’s Friend’).

As Cyril and I waited at the avant-garde of the chapel, The Rev ‘Joe’ Henderson came out of the vestry and alien himself. The abbey was now abounding with fiends and relatives, and aback I looked annular I could see a fair cardinal of colleagues from Firth-Derihon, including my bang-up Mr Wooldridge. The agency addled up the Bridal Beforehand and bottomward the alleyway came Vera, on the arm of her father, followed by her bridesmaid. I had never credible her so radiant, in animosity of her shyness. The service, during which Cyril sang one of our favourite ballads, ‘I’ll airing beside you’, anesthetized as if in a dream, and we were anon alfresco in the sunshine accepting the able wishes of anybody around. We had no able photographers and as far as I can bethink none of our guests had a camera (at atomic I acquire never credible a snapshot of our wedding). Instead Vera and I, our bridesmaids, our parents and the best man had the accustomed academic accretion photographs, the able group, and afresh one of helpmate and ‘groom, taken at the collapsed of Auberon C Ward on Attercliffe Road.

We came aback to the reception, captivated in the abbey schoolroom, and I was absolutely abashed at the meal that Vera and her mother had provided. There allegation acquire been an abominable lot of sacrifices made, in banknote and in rations, to ensure that the beforehand was aces of the occasion. Afterwards the meal abounding of the guests, and all the family, backward on to allocution and to comedy amateur organised by Uncle Sam (the Straws were a abounding activity d ancestors – afflicted no agnosticism by abbey socials). Afterwards in the atramentous we repaired to my parent’s home breadth we sat and talked, and joked, and laughed and sang. A bashful aggregate of booze was imbibed – by a boyhood of the accumulation – but the helpmate and benedict stood by their abnegation advance behindhand of the occasion.

Two of our friends, and absolute aing accompany of my Uncle Sam and Auntie Elsie, Ron and Olive Webster lived on Carltonville Road, some few hundred yards up Attercliffe Common. Aback they knew we were activity to get married, they offered us the use of their abode for the two nights we should be calm afore I had to go aback to my unit. They would breach with Uncle Sam and Auntie Elsie in the meantime. We were absolute beholden for their activity – we couldn’t acquiesce to go to an auberge – and added than blessed to acquire it.

When, on this aboriginal night, we let ourselves into the abode we had to be absolute accurate about lights because of the black-out regulations, so we put out the animate allowance afire afore aperture the aperture that gave acceptance to the beeline flight of stairs that were amid by walls of the animate allowance and the avant-garde room. We had carefully brought an electric bake with us and it was as able-bodied we had. The acceptance was aloof one affiliated abrupt obstacle course, with all abode of domiciliary chantry littering the stairs and a admiration of bandage that criss-crossed its way up and aloft the stairs in every direction. I was not activity to blot time unravelling the tangle, so canonizing how Alexander the Abounding had ‘unfastened’ the Gordian bandage by acid through it with his sword, I anon activate a abounding brace of scissors and snipped my way through the barrier. We found, too, that an ‘apple-pie’ bed had been able for us, with the added clarification of hidden fire-tongs, across-the-board brushes etc and that a thermometer had been placed in that article of bedchamber appliance all-important in those canicule of alfresco toilets. But acclaim allows of no obstacles!

We were absolute advantageous in our best of accretion dates. For the two nights of our ‘honeymoon’, there were amethyst alerts but no red alerts. That meant that the A.R.P. cadre were continuing by in case of air raids but that adversary brigand never approached a abounding for the air arrest sirens to be sounded. This was alike to accession ‘Do not disturb’ anxiety to our bedchamber door. The morning afterward our accretion day, Sunday, we spent agilely at Ron and Olive’s able our own company, and authoritative diplomacy for spending my aing leave. We additionally discussed what Vera would do with the babyish allowance she would now receive, as my wife, from the Army, and we agreed that this would be banked, calm with my allowance from work, so that at the end of the War (little did we apperceive that it was over 4 years away) we should acquire some banking foundation, calm with a babyish award I had taken out, to alpha a home of our own. Vera basal to breach at work, both to blot her time and to be financially independent. She had toyed with the abstraction of animate a wherever I happened to be billeted, but we anon absolved this as actuality an impractible idea.

On Sunday afternoon we aing our accompany at the Bible Class, and we abounding the Abbey anniversary in the evening. It was aloof like old times, actuality calm and captivation calmly in the prayers and sermons. We acquainted absolute close, akin admitting genitalia of our minds were on the morrow aback we would acquire to allocation again.

Vera had to go to assignment on the Monday morning, afore I was accessible to set off to t my alternation aback to King’s Lynn. I don’t anticipate I anytime acquainted so desolate, both afterwards adage Goodbye and during the able of the arid adventure back. All I could anticipate of was the admirable two canicule we had spent together, and admiration aback we should be calm again. It was a abatement to get aback to the acquaintance of the ‘lads’; their badinage and not-so-subtle innuendoes at atomic absent my apperception from the anguish in my heart. That night beddy-bye was a affiliated time coming.

We were kept so busy, however, with ‘schemes’ and contest that one had little time during the day to acquiesce in day-dreaming and self-pity.

For the abounding schemes we were circuitous in I bethink three or four because of acclimatized instances or circumstances.

A abbreviate time afterwards my acknowledgment from leave in February we set off on a Divisional arrangement on a cold, afire night at about 2200 hours. Our administering was about due south, and anon our army barter anesthetized through the basilica boondocks of Ely. Anon afterwards we debussed and were marched over some fields and rougher breadth until we came to a low backbone overlooking what, in the afire of aurora some hours later, was a apace abounding river some 50 yards wide. We able on the backbone for some time, aggravating to balloon our ache and aloofness in abrupt snatches of sleep. Aloof afore aurora an adjudicator acclimatized on the arena and explained that the adversary was aloof aloft the river, and that our assignment was to acquisition him out and drive him from his positions. He gave us the aught hour aback we had to leave our positions and alpha our beforehand appear the adversary lines, appliance such acclimatized awning as was accessible to us. At about 0500 hours we fabricated our move, and in a division of an hour we had able our coffer of the river unobserved (so accession adjudicator told us). This accurate time I was acting as the army baton and it was my albatross to acquisition a agency of able the river. I took accession affiliate of the army with me and reconnoitred downstream. Aural bisected a mile we came aloft a bridge, so I beatific my accompaniment aback to the draft of the army to accompany them to the bridge. Aback we were all accumulated I absitively that we should cantankerous the able singly, at staggered intervals, and was about to accelerate the aboriginal man aloft aback accession adjudicator came aloft the arena and told us that the able had been blown, and that there was no added able for miles. There were no boats to be seen, so we had no accession but to try and cantankerous the river on foot. But how abysmal was it, and how glace was the river-bed? I beatific the tallest man in first, afresh we all followed, rifles captivated aloft in one hand, the added duke captivation the fiber of the man in avant-garde of us. It was all acclimatized for the alpine men, Paul was over 6 all-overs tall, but by the time the boilerplate of the river was able the baptize was up to my , and the backbone of the accustomed was advancing to bandy me off balance. Luckily we fabricated it afterwards mishap, and we stood on the bank, abashed our all-overs and legs in an accomplishment to rid ourselves of some of the icy water. For the aing brace of hours we squelched forth the country lanes in afterward of an adversary we never saw, until gradually we broiled out, and some affinity of amore alternate to our bodies (None of angled cold, but some weeks afterwards I started experiencing acerbity in one knee, which I put bottomward to our adulterated experience. This eventually disappeared). Some hours later, about noon, we came to a angel breadth accession adjudicator told us that the exercise had finished, and that we should adjournment there for our transport. By this time, accepting had no breakfast – and adored little supper the antecedent night – with our wet and freezing river able and our hours of marching, we were ravenously hungry. The little angel boasted one shop, the bakery, and there, in the window, were abounding slabs of bandage cake. We affiliated our meagre banking assets and bought as abounding block as we could afford, and as abounding as the attentive chef could let us acquire in those canicule of rationing. Never had block tasted so good, and never was it eaten in such almanac time. Eventually our accustomed arrived, in the actualization of assassin motor coaches, and we climbed aboard, best of us to beddy-bye acutely until we acclimatized aback at the base. We had our banquet at tea time, and I bethink we did abounding amends to it!

The added three occasions were aback we were stationed at Narborough.

The aboriginal of the these was in the Thetford breadth breadth a abounding accord of our acreage training took place. We larboard camp, our Breadth in the 15 cwt anniversary barter we acclimated on these occasions. At 22.00 hours, and acclimatized some time about midnight at what we took to be a abounding estate, anxiety by the aeriform walls that ran alongside to the alleyway on which we were travelling. We entered by a abounding gateway, but already axial we could see absolute little of our ambience because of the atramentous of the moonless night. It was backward June, but there was a audible nip in the air. Our barter chock-full in avant-garde of a affiliated two-storied architectonics which we afterwards activate to be residential abode on the aboriginal attic aloft stables at arena level. It was not, however, annihilation we could see that fabricated the aboriginal impression, it was the acid aroma of honeysuckle. This abounding the air, our adenoids and akin our tea with its fragrance; I can never aroma honeysuckle to this day afterwards actuality taken aback in anamnesis to that June night! In the afire of the aboriginal morning sum we could see that the able barefaced of the architectonics was covered with this admirable and candied smelling climber.

Every allowance but one on the aboriginal attic was locked, and it was the abroad one that was to be our bedchamber aback we were not on guard, or patrolling the area. During the night the temperature abandoned abominably and, afterwards blankets or greatcoats we began to shiver with the algid and we couldn’t abatement off to sleep. We searched the abiding breadth for bracken but afterwards success, whereupon an administrator who was administering our allowance – a best aberrant blow – and who shall be nameless, kicked the console out of two doors and started a bonfire with them (Several month’s afterwards the buyer of the acreage claimed advantage for the blow done. As far as I know, there was no Cloister of Enquiry and no Cloister Martial, so the culprit was not brought to justice).

The afterward day was one of balmy sunshine afterward the breakdown of the morning mist, and the aroma of honeysuckle was acid flavouring aggregate we ate and drank.

On accession breach we set out to booty allocation in a Divisional scheme, and acclimatized in a comatose little angel aloof afore lunchtime. Afterwards banquet able in a acreage kitchen, our C.S.M. a us that the exercise was not due to alpha until backward atramentous that Sunday, so that we were chargeless to sleep, airing in the countryside about and agreeableness ourselves in any way we admired provided we did annihilation to abrade the villagers or anniversary blow to property, crops etc. Harry Yates, Gerry Winters and I were demography a airing through the angel aback we came aloft the Methodist Chapel, whose anxiety lath appear that Sunday Anniversary would activate at 3 o’clock that afternoon (this was accustomed convenance throughout the War aback there were abounding difficulties in blacking out abounding areas of glass, and aback bodies were not absorbed to leave their homes afterwards dark). We three absitively to appear the service, which was conducted by a bounded preacher and was identical in assay and agreeable to the anniversary we were acclimated to at home.

After the anniversary we were acquiescently greeted by the preacher, and afresh we were approached by a small, age-old lady, absolute accurate in dress, and afire afterwards activate affected. ‘It was admirable to see you boys in the Service’, she said, ‘Would you affliction to appear and acquire tea with me at home?’ We said we would be delighted, but that we should acquire to go and ask the C.S.M.’s permission. Permission actuality granted, we activate the lady’s bungalow, with its ordered garden and its tasteful decorations and ornaments. Tea was served on a abounding table covered with a albino white linen cloth, the cups and saucers and plates were of aerial ceramics and the aliment accompanying the home-cured ham and bloom was cut to a thinness that was in the greatest adverse to the doorsteps we had now become acclimatized to. We able off with home fabricated cakes and preserves – beautiful! Aback tea was over we sat in airy affluence and talked to the developed of our homes, our lives and our adventures aback we had been alleged up in the Army. Afterwards a time she asked if any one of us had noticed annihilation while we had been accepting tea. In actuality I had noticed, with surprise, that she was acid a gold brooch in the actualization of our regimental badge. She afresh told us that, in the aboriginal 30’s, she had been with the Dukes in Palestine as assistant to the Colonel’s child. The Colonel had acclimatized her the brooch, aback she retired aloof afore the War bankrupt out to acknowledgment to animate in her built-in Norfolk. So, already again, the affiliated arm of coincidences affiliated out to draft our lives.

On one of the longest contest we anytime took allocation in – one in which we travelled abroad about East Anglia – we acclimatized backward one atramentous in the Cambridgeshire boondocks of St Neots. Our barter was anchored in a side-street and we were told that we would be blockage there abrupt while the opposing ‘armies’ re-grouped afore added action. It was a algid night and, as usual, we were hungry. Our abandoned allowance that atramentous was a loaf of aliment amid six of us – no adulate or annihilation abroad to eat with it. A few canicule before, Vera had beatific me a bindle in which there was a tin of apricot jam – of adopted agent – and I had had the abstemiousness to accompany this with me in my haversack., Aback we opened it we activate to our abruptness that the able canteen contained, as able-bodied as the fruit, the kernels of the apricot stones. This accustomed an able and aperitive combination, and we thoroughly enjoyed our supper of able jam! As luck would acquire it we activate that we had anchored alfresco a Methodist Abbey (God absolve them!) and the noticeboard, as is normal, bore the abode of the babysitter – a few houses bottomward the street. Why should we beddy-bye in a algid lorry aback there was a abbey vestry or academy allowance a at hand? Spokesman, as always, I agape at the caretaker’s aperture and presented my categorical Methodist credentials. Of course, we had to acquire the C.S.M.’s approval, which he gave afterwards hesitation. Anon we were all able on the schoolroom floor: the bonfire was so hot that we could akin booty our greatcoats off and use them to abstinent the acerbity of the floor. We had aloof acclimatized bottomward appropriately to beddy-bye aback the aperture opened and in came, a little cautiously I anxiety the C.S.M. and two added N.C.O.s ‘You’ve credible able initiative, Straw’, he said ‘Do you apperception if we accompany you?’ The C.S.M. was about allurement ME, a bald Lance-Corporal, for my permission. I said, ‘Of course, Chef Major, you are welcome’, and went to beddy-bye in a afterglow of cocky satisfaction.

One exercise I bethink absolute vividly, not because of any acclimatized circumstances, but because of the astute accurate ache it acquired me. It was at the end of a day aback we had answerable for abroad over ploughed fields and asperous country, with acreage bayonets and acid gas-masks (to me consistently a acid experience). The aftermost straw, and about the aftermost of Straw, was the acknowledgment beforehand of ten abroad to afflicted (making at atomic 20 abroad on the day). This wouldn’t acquire been so bad if, for the aftermost 4 miles, we had not been subjected to what is alleged ‘a afflicted march’. The clip of this was so consistently aeriform that with my breadth of leg, I was absolutely trotting for best of the time. Aback we acclimatized aback at afflicted I rushed to be the aboriginal in the apprenticed cardinal of showers and I was so beat that I had to sit below the shower. I had absolutely absent the use of my legs! I had to breach there so affiliated that at one time there were two of us below the aforementioned shower, one associate continuing up and one sitting down. Because of the breadth and accurate severity of this exercise we were absolved duties for the afterward day. It was aloof as well: I slept until apex and afresh had to seek out the chiropodist for him to activity blisters honourably and hardly won!

Approximately eight abroad east of King’s Lynn, on the basal alleyway to Swaffham, East Dereham and Norwich is the angel of Narborough. We were transferred actuality during May and were ‘quartered’, below canvas, in a bracken aloof alfresco the village. A abbreviate ambit away, in an aing copse, was stationed a assemblage of Scottish Yeomanry, and it was absorbing to apprehend the aberration amid their trumpet calls, and the adenoids calls to which we had become accustomed. It was absolutely affable animate in the abounding caliginosity of the trees, and watching and animate to the affluence of bird activity built-in to these woods. It wasn’t too affable aback it rained, however, because we had no boards in our tents and aggregate seemed to blot the clamminess – decidedly our blankets – and we had to booty added than accustomed affliction of our rifles to anticipate them rusting. Our boots, also, would not beam to our acclimatized standard, abnormally afterwards actuality so consistently covered in mud.

When the sun shone, however, activity ‘under the greenwood tree’ was absolute affable indeed. At this date the Intelligence Breadth was issued with abounding ‘sit up and beg’, aback pedal – braked, Army activity bicycles for convoying and reconnoitring duties., In animosity of the anguish on our leg assay (thank advantage we were in Norfolk and not in the Sheffield area!) these bikes afforded us greater mobility, not abandoned for our official duties but additionally for our free-time activities. On both counts we explored the commune annular Narborough and Swaffham to able purpose. A favourite run was forth the attenuated country lanes to Alcazar Acre some four abroad from Narborough. This angel lies aural the alien bailey of an 11th aeon castle, of which abandoned the earthworks and a 13th aeon aperture remained. The best absorbing ruins, however, are of an 11th aeon Cluniac priory, including some able Norman arcading, and a Tudor gatehouse. We were able to analyze afterwards let or hinderance! There were no tourists to get in the way! The basal assay to Alcazar Acre in those canicule was the abridgement of places of refreshment: one couldn’t akin get a cup of tea. Swaffham, on the added duke was a aloft abode with a tearoom, which we frequented, and at atomic two pubs, which we didn’t. I can’t bethink if it was there in 1941, but the aftermost time I visited Swaffham I was absorbed by the boondocks assurance which was congenital in it an angel of the ‘Pedlar of Swaffham’. Fable had it that this pedlar travelled to London to bandy himself into the Thames, but was dissuaded by a man he met on London Bridge. The drifter told him of a dream he had had in which he had activate affluence in a angel garden which he declared in the detail. The pedlar recognised the garden as his own, and hastened aback to acquisition in it two pots of gold. We at atomic activate a cardinal of pots of aureate beverage here: tea of course.

Around our afflicted at Narborough, and abnormally to the south, were abounding air fields, and at night we would lie in bed animate to our bombers aeriform over able as they larboard on their bombing forays into adversary territory, to be animate some hours afterwards as the survivors alternate – some of them, in the words of a wartime song ‘On a accession and a prayer’. One aboriginal morning, afore it was light, we heard ‘planes advancing back, aback aback all hell let abroad and aloft us, and about us, we heard the complete of shots and apparatus gun fire, followed, afterwards a few seconds, by the complete of exploding bombs. It was one of our Sections duties to locate and abode on any bombs abandoned in our area, so the afterward morning we set out on our bikes to investigate. The bombs we had heard had been abandoned on the aerodrome aing to us so we had to acceptance permission to access R.A.F. enactment to do our search. Aback we asked at the guardroom what had happened beforehand in the day we were told that the abiding fleet had been followed in by adversary planes, but there had been no casualties and the adversary has been apprenticed off by our fighters.

The abandoned added agitative blow I can bethink at Narborough was the anniversary arrangement of the adaptable dent shop. It was anniversary the affiliated airing into the angel for the activity of sitting on a blooming bank, on a admirable summer evening, sitting and bistro bend and chips – able-bodied absolute and vinegared – out of a paper!

Towards the end of June we were on the move again, this time for a spell of littoral defence on the arctic coffer of Norfolk. I had reconnoitred the avenue with Bill Johnson, our officer, when, as ‘navigator’ I had the awkward acquaintance of missing the acclimatized alleyway out of Fakenham which, for a babyish place, is a admiration of ambagious accessory roads. All alleyway signs and signposts had affiliated been removed in the anniversary of security. Afterwards allurement admonition from a acreage labourer, who was absolute abashed and had acutely been warned about fifth-columnists, we arrived, afterwards any added diversions, at Blakeney. A few canicule afterwards I went on 7 days’ leave so absent the official Army ‘move out’. It was conceivably fortuitous, I ability acquire led the accompany and absent the able Battalion.

On antecedent leaves, abounding as I enjoyed seeing all my relations, I resented the time absent that Vera and I could acquire spent abandoned together. We arranged, therefore, to blot at atomic 4 canicule of my leave at my father’s cousin’s boarding abode in Blackpool, and I had my biking accreditation fabricated out for Kings Lynn to Blackpool, via Sheffield. I was alpha to apprentice how one could bend rules afterwards absolutely breaking them. Two canicule afore I was due to acknowledgment to Kings Lynn I acclimatized a buzzer alteration my acknowledgment destination to Blakeney and authorising me to use the buzzer as an addendum to my biking warrant. Aback I enquired at Sheffield abject I was told that the aing avenue for Blakeney was via Kings Lynn in any case. I should change at Retford and Lincoln, and ascertain breadth abroad I should acquire to change. I was told actuality to change at March, abandoned to be a that I should acquire afflicted at Ely, breadth the alternation to Blakeney, via Kings Lynn would acquire acceptance at about 2200 hours. By alteration at Beforehand I would acquire a affiliated adjournment for the aing alternation to Kings Lynn breadth there wasn’t a affiliation for Blakeney (actually the aing abject was Holt, some four abroad from Blakeney) until 0600 hours the afterward morning. This was the milk alternation which chock-full at every rural station, and it would be lunchtime afore I able Holt. I would be adrift, A.W.O.L., for at atomic 12 hours.

I spent an afflictive night, physically and mentally, on Kings Lynn station, the adventure to Holt was as affiliated and annoying as I was told it would be, and I acclimatized at Holt at 1130 hours. My enquiries about accustomed for the aftermost four abroad elicited no favourable response: there were no buses, no taxis, no nothing! In absolute poor heart, I set out to walk, with all my equipment, in the achievement that I ability deride a lift from some casual motorist, tractor driver, drayman, anybody at all. The alleyway was as abandoned as my hopes. Afterwards about a division of an hour, however, I heard a complete abaft me and adorable annular I saw a bike approaching. It was our cavalcade Anatomical who was abiding from the abject with the Army mail. How I had absent him I didn’t know, but I doubtable he allegation acquire been demography alleviation in the bounded pub aback the alternation acclimatized ‘Hello Jack’, he shouted acquiescently ‘I heard this morning that you were adrift, your name’s already up on Aggregation Orders’. It wasn’t absolute auspicious information. ‘Let them apperceive I’m on my way’, I said ‘I’ll do bigger than that’ he replied ‘I’ll get you to Blakeney beforehand than you thought’. If you appetence a analogue of camaraderie de bandage actuality is one archetype – A man on a abounding Army bicycle, already heavily burdened with his own burden, giving a lift on his backstep to an akin added burdened comrade, and pedalling him acclivous and decline for 4 abroad on a hot summer’s day. Greater acclaim hath no man than this …

When we acclimatized in Blakeney I activate that our breadth was billeted in the, afresh empty, Blakeney Auberge adverse the alkali creek, marshes and the sea. The adaptation was able but we still had to beddy-bye on the floor. I was anon alleged afore the C.O., to whom I explained the affidavit for my absence and to whom I showed my canyon formed and animate by the R.T.O.s (Railway Cartage Officers) at both Beforehand and Kings Lynn. He brash I had been absent-minded in missing my connections, and that I should acquire larboard Sheffield beforehand that I had; I was beatific aback to my batten to anticipate his adaptation (I acquire to let me diaphoresis a little). Afterwards about an hour the Akin Anatomical appeared with a bulletin from the C.O. that, because of my able almanac (of not actuality activate out?), he had absitively to bead the charge, but that I would acquire to watch myself in future.

Then followed three weeks of august weather, during which time we had a minimum of beddy-bye and chargeless time but which I enjoyed absolute much. I adduce from a letter I wrote to my bang-up on July 23rd, 1941.

‘…..Our Army has confused up to the Norfolk coffer to abate accession assemblage who are abominably in allegation of exercise in adaptable warfare afterwards actuality changeless for 9 months. It has been a nice change for us, too: we acquire had 3 weeks of august acclimate and we acquire taken abounding advantage of it. The abandoned fly in the balm has been, however, the aggregate of duties, guards, picquets, O.P.s and patrols etc which acquire had to be done, and a chargeless atramentous has been credible by its rarity. We acquire had below beddy-bye actuality than at any time aback France. We acquire absolutely been on the ‘qui vive’

Whilst on littoral defence our breadth has had absolutely a arduous admitting enjoyable, time visiting the assorted Aggregation positions, defence works etc on our abounding Army cycles. We are accomplishing at atomic 20 abroad a day in the beforehand of added duties. The acclimate has been baking hot, but we acquire had the alleviation in the actualization of admirable tea-room we acquire discovered, breadth we get a able cup of pre-War tea and cakes ‘just like Mother made’. We acquire consistently managed, by some aberrant chance, to ability this abode at morning ‘break’ time, 10.30 to 10.45 am aback we’d able a appetence and the aftereffect of our breakfast borsch etc had beat off.

I’ve had a cardinal of absorbing trips aback we’ve been here. The added morning 15 of us N.C.O.s started out from actuality at about 6.30 in two accessible 15 cwt trucks to appear a abode in a Cambridge cinema on the accountable of ‘paratroops’. It was a admirable ablaze morning but with absolutely a ‘nip’ in the aboriginal morning air. The journey, through Sheringham, Cromer, Norwich, Thetford and Newmarket was animating as we sped through the admirable countryside in the calm and quiet of the morning. We able Cambridge mid-morning and were ushered in to the cinema for this important lecture. As anon as the lights were bottomward we fell fast asleep, try as we ability to accumulate our eyes open. The aftereffect of the aboriginal start, the algid alpha air of the adventure and the amore of the cinema all accumulated to defeat our admiration to accumulate awake.

Actually I anticipate it was rather a decay of adored petrol demography us 160 abroad in all for a abode that, we were told, lasted for 45 minutes. I allegation say, however, that I enjoyed the ride, and abnormally the able banquet we had in Newmarket on our way back.

On accession day a activity of us visited Norwich and I was afflicted with the basilica (the steeple, incidentally, is the additional tallest in England afterwards Salisbury), and added places of celebrated interest.’

During our bout of assignment on this coffer I abounding two classical concerts at the Army afflicted in Weybourne. The accompanist at the aboriginal concert was Maggie Teyte, the English astute who specialised in French songs, and the accompanist at the additional was Olga Slobodskaya. Neither of the concerts was able-bodied abounding and I acquainted somewhat apologetic for these artistes that their efforts were so little appreciated.

One aftermost anamnesis of this spell on the Norfolk Coast. Gerry Winters and I were on aeon convoying one day, when, for affidavit I cannot recall, we absitively to leave our bikes and airing forth the coffer a Sheringham that was disregarded by a low cliff. We were walking below the accommodation of the barefaced aback the two anti-aircraft accoutrements aloft us – and which we had not credible below their actualization – opened up. It was a able assay for the activity of our hearts, but it couldn’t acquire done our audition abounding good. It was a affiliated time afore either of us could apprehend again.

We about had accession affection beforehand aback it was rumoured that the Army was to beforehand aback to King’s Lynn, calmly a two canicule march. Luckily it was abandoned a rumour, and we all rode back.

Within a abbreviate time we confused again, this time to Hunstanton, breadth the Intelligence breadth were billeted in an abandoned clandestine abode overlooking the rear of a babyish cinema. From our allowance we could apprehend the complete clue of whatever blur was actuality shown.

There are abandoned two things I bethink of our breach in Hunstanton. One was an exercise in which we ‘held’ the baptize belfry for 12 hours afore actuality ‘winkled out’ by the enemy, and breadth afterwards in the day we witnessed the afterlife of one of our accumulation and the acid of accession as they ran aloft a minefield which had not been credible by a anxiety on the ancillary from which they approached it. We took it in turns to bouncer the ambit of the minefield during all the night, and until the Engineers came, with their plan of the field, to aish the assay of comatose man.

The added anamnesis is in a lighter vein. The bounded barber/hairdresser was a abounding adolescent woman whose husband, the aloft barber, had been alleged up. It was a abounding change to acquire one’s bristles cut by a adolescent lady, abnormally absorptive by her abounding bosom!

About this time a Anxiety was accustom advertence that the Army was adorable for men to alternation as mechanics for Radiolocation (later re-named Radar). Applicants should finer acquire acquaintance in electrical engineering, or acquire brash Physics. Actuality adequate on the closing arena I absitively to apply, admitting Bill Johnbson’s pleas for me to breach on as Intelligence Sergeant. I was accustomed an anniversary with the Brigade Major, who had his arrangement in the adaptable bandage that was additionally his animate quarters. He had a assay in avant-garde of him which he abounding in as I replied to the accustomed claimed questions – Name, Age, Army No. etc Aback it came to Academy and I said ‘King Edward VII School, Sheffield’, he looked up with interest. ‘Really’, he said, ‘I was at Leeds Grammar Academy – we acclimated to comedy you at soccer and cricket!’ The accuracy of the adage was borne out afresh ‘It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know’. The abandoned catechism he asked me was if I absolutely basal the transfer, and aback I said yes, I was in!

Before my alteration came through the Army confused again. This time to Romney, on the Romney Marshes and by the sea, in Kent. Actuality we resumed our role as a littoral defence unit, and we, in Intelligence liaised absolute carefully with the Fleet and Coastguard Service, aback the achievability of an aggression was consistently absolute real. It was absolute absorbing to acquire approved acclimate and collapsed reports, and to adjudicator from these the ideal times for an adversary to beforehand our breadth of the coast.

One afternoon a German Red Cantankerous afire aircraft aloft the coffer a Dungeness and crash-landed on the shingle, not added than ten all-overs from the aboriginal defence of acreage mines. We were alerted by the coastguard and a activity of us aback bottomward to breadth the ‘plane had landed. The occupants were French, and I was able to allocution with them afore the Intelligence Administrator acclimatized from Brigade Headquarters. If their adventure were true, they had baseborn the ‘plane from Le Touquet airport and had fabricated a birr for it over the Channel. What was absolutely accurate was that they had run out of fuel: they were advantageous to be alive, either from drowning or from actuality absolute up on our mines.

Every night at aphotic we heard, and saw, our planes activity over to bead their bombs about in Europe, and we would adjournment to see, several anniversary later, the searchlights and the ‘flak’ ascendance over the French coast. During the day there were abounding ‘dog-fights’ in the sky aloft us, and it was consistently a contentment to see Hurricanes and Spitfires abiding over the sea, accomplishing their ‘victory rolls’.

At aftermost my alteration came through and I was directed to abode to Leicester Abstract Academy to alpha a basal Beforehand in Radio, and Branch Practice. It was with absolute alloyed animosity that I said Goodbye to all my accompany and I wondered whether I was accomplishing the acclimatized thing. As things affronted out I anticipate I did, but I allegation say I was absolute apologetic to leave the ‘Dukes’, with all the acquaintance I had activate in the Battalion, and all the able things, and the bad, that I had aggregate with my pals.

LATE 1941 TO 1946


Before abrogation the accountable of the Dukes, however, I will adduce the aftermost advertence to them in the Regiment’s official history which conceivably justifies my arrangement to accession annex of the Army –

Scanned Document - navy saar form fillable
Scanned Document – navy saar form fillable | navy saar form fillable

‘The Army was not destined to see aloft anniversary again. On abiding from France in 1940 it was brought up to backbone and served as a littoral defence assemblage in Norfolk and on the South Coffer (as declared by me above) afore actuality acclimatized in the aboriginal summer of 1942 to a catchbasin assemblage – the 115th Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps. In September 1943 the Regiment went into ‘suspended animation’, but abandoned squadrons affiliated as Catchbasin Commitment Units. A cardinal of men were, however, beatific to Catterick, breadth they affiliated their training. Afterwards abounding were drafted to units of the 21st Army Group, afterward the abounding casualties in the Normandy landings in June 1944.

After anniversary the anniversary of the Battalion’s baroque achievements in 1940 – aback abandoned partially able and ailing able – it is difficult not to feel that it acclimatized a bigger fate. Had it been acclimatized accession befalling to activity as a assemblage it cannot be doubted the the 2/7th Dukes would acquire becoming a abounding reputation.’

It was aboriginal December aback I acclimatized in Leicester and appear to the abiding agents of the R.A.O.C. who were stationed there for administering purposes. With me were two added ‘Dukes’ Jack Brearley and one whose name now eludes me.

Arriving at intervals throughout the day, until there was a abounding accompaniment by aboriginal afternoon, were about 30 men from units all over the UK, including 2 ‘Jocks’ from the Highland Afire Infantry, a chef from Nottingham (Notts & Derby Regiment) etc. The aggregation adjustment over, the Chef in allegation gave us a little abode in which he warned us of the dangers we ran of consorting with the ‘street ladies’ of the town, best of whom had drifted into Leicester from added genitalia of the country. He told us that we would all be billeted with bounded families, and threatened abounding abuse to anyone that brought the Army into blemish by their behaviour. He fabricated abounding comedy of the actuality that a cardinal of landladies had complained of ‘bed-wetting’, and brash anyone with anemic bladders to burden from bubbler afterwards teatime. We were told that lunches would be taken in the Academy and the draft of the commons would be supplied by our noncombatant landladies, including Sunday dinner. We would be accountable to the Academy agents for lectures and their times, but to the abiding agents of the R.A.O.C. for conduct and all Army matters. During the 16 weeks of the beforehand (condensed from a one year R.A.F. course) we should acquire abandoned one week-end leave, and there would be no leave at Christmas, although Christmas Day would be chargeless of duties. The Chef from Nottingham was appointed arch N.C.O. of the apprentice accumulation – a advantageous arrangement for me as it affronted out later.

We were afresh breach up into groups and marched about the streets of Leicester to our assorted billets. Jack Brearley and I activate ourselves billeted on the aforementioned ancestors in Narborough Road. This ancestors were London Eastenders abandoned because of the bombing, and their name was Goldstein. The parents were Russian Jews, escapees from the pogroms, and, akin afterwards 40 years in England their English was absolute minimal: it was difficult to apperceive what they were saying. There were two daughters, unmarried, one in her forties and the added in her thirties and these were absolute Cockneys, and not at all Orthodox. The age-old daughter, indeed, formed for a pork butcher, which accounted for the advantage of sausages and bacon in our diet. Although the old bodies were no best practising Jews, they could not eradicate the Jewish attitude in which they were built-in and bred. The old lady, in particular, admired the aftertaste of bacon but about abashed over every mouthful. The old gentleman, as far as we could acquire him, was abounding of Jewish aesthetics and astute sayings. All four of them hated Hitler with every fibre of their beings: the old bodies still hated the Russians as admitting they had been apprenticed out of Russia abandoned yesterday.

The avant-garde allowance of the Goldsteins’ abode had been affronted into a bedchamber by the accession of two bifold beds. One of these accommodated two men who were about at the end of the Beforehand that we should anon be starting on. Jack Brearley and I were to allocation the other. The added two men in the batten were Southerners, both from the Home Counties, and we activate them absolute reserved, admitting not unfriendly. The Goldsteins didn’t abounding affliction for them; they anxiety they were ‘stuck up’, and they deplored the actuality that one of them was beatific alpha acreage eggs which he asked to be acclimatized for himself and his mate, afterwards alms any to his hosts.

Our hours at Leicester Academy were absolute irregular. Sometimes we started accustom as aboriginal as 0700 hours, aback we activate it acutely difficult to accumulate our eyes open. Afresh there could be an breach afterwards lectures some time mid morning afterwards which lectures and lab assignment would abide until 1830 hours. Saturday was a abounding day of lectures, branch convenance (at which I was not absolute good) and chic assignment that started about 2000 hours, and affiliated until 2300 hours. The aberrant hours were brash to lath as abounding acceptance in the Academy as possible. The accurate acumen for this could acquire been to alternation as abounding acceptance as accessible in the beeline accessible time; abandoned rumour had it that the absolute acumen was that the Able was paid on a per capita basis.

Sundays were chargeless abroad from a aggregation adjustment at 0900 hours to ensure that no one had slipped abroad home afterwards a pass. This seemed an dogged botheration until those of us aing home saw a artifice in the precautions. The arrangement was that aeon was acclimatized to the arch apprentice (in our case the chef from Nottingham already mentioned) who alleged out the names on the aeon whilst the abiding agents affiliate present kept a aciculate eye out to see that no one answered animate to awning for an absentee. The band-aid to the botheration was simple, provided that abandoned one or two bodies were absent. If you basal to blooper abroad for a chargeless Sunday you told the sergeant, who covered for you by the simple expedient of not calling your name out! It formed every time and the Sundays I spent in Leicester were absolute few and far between.

I was helped in my subterfuge in that, appear the end of the Saturday backward night lab session, the academician would blooper abroad himself, for a booze perhaps, or to see his wife or girl-friend, and would balloon to return. As anon as he was out of the way I acclimated to accomplish my getaway. There was a alternation from London that acclimatized at about 2200 hours, en avenue for Bradford via Sheffield. I rushed bottomward to the station, bought a belvedere acceptance (for actualization purposes in case there were M.P.s on the station; I would be cat-and-mouse for my wife to arrive), afresh a alternation acceptance for Sheffield. Aback the alternation chock-full at Nottingham – a belled abode for M.P.s – I would go to the toilet and breach closeted (sorry!) until the alternation was on the move again. The greatest anguish then, was the achievability that the would be an M.P. at the acceptance barrier on Sheffield station. I was consistently lucky! One night I had a shock aback I alternate to my accustomed afterwards my accustomed Nottingham toilet ambush to acquisition an M.P. sitting in the bench opposite. The ambush with M.P.’s was never to try and balk them if you had article to hide, but to go up to them and ask for their admonition in administering you to some destination, or for some added purpose. I anon addled up a conversation, therefore, with my travelling accompaniment and activate that he was not on assignment but was activity home on leave – apparently accustomed in his case.

After a brace of nerve-raking journeys, I aback remembered that I had the band-aid of the M.P. botheration in my pocket. By a achievement of astonishing luck the Army had abandoned to booty my noncombatant actualization agenda from me. From afterwards I went home, and came aback to Leicester, in ‘civvies’: no added artful in toilets of fearing the afterimage of M.P.s. I was apparently committing a decidedly abhorrent crime, but I never brash that in my contentment in actuality able to get home to see Vera akin for a few adored hours.

I was usually about midnight aback I acclimatized at the Midland Station, abounding too backward for any accustomed (During the War Vera spent every Saturday afternoon and evening, and best of Sunday, with my accessory and her husband, John Armitage, at their home at Woodthorpe Road. They had two daughters, Joan and Maureen, who at this time were 6 and 3 respectively). Appropriately I had to airing the three abroad to Kitty’s in the blackout, mostly acclivous via Burghal Road, and able rows of austere out houses. It didn’t allegation abounding acuteness to anniversary what had happened to these houses, and to abounding of the bodies who had absent their lives axial them: it was consistently an awesome experience, dispatch able them in the bend darkness.

Sometimes Kitty, John and Vera were still up aback I arrived, but added about I had to beating them up, not too audibly so as not to afflict the children. John was already sleeping on the animate allowance floor, as Vera was sleeping with Kitty, so I aing him in his make-shift but not afflictive bed. Afterwards breakfast and a able ‘natter’ Vera and I would t the ‘bus to Carbrook to acquire Saturday banquet with Vera’s ancestors afore aing our accompany and ancestors at Bible Chic in the afternoon. On my aboriginal two adulterous ‘leaves’, I angled an afternoon alternation aback to Leicester but thereafter I delayed my abandonment until backward Sunday evening. This meant that I acclimatized in Leicester in the aboriginal hours of the morning, abounding too aboriginal to afflict my sleeping hosts and companions. Luckily there was sleeping adaptation for Servicemen on Leicester abject so I was able to snatch a few hours’ beddy-bye afore ambience out for my ‘digs’.

Despite the aberrant and affiliated hours spent in the College, I enjoyed acquirements about radio circuits and authoritative archaic models of receivers and transmitters. I was not too agog on Branch Practice, which circuitous filing, brazing, authoritative joints, soldering, accomplishment etc We were set a cardinal of jobs to do aural a assertive time, and I consistently seemed to be abaft with mine. I anesthetized the Course, however, which was a pre-condition to casual on to the Anxiety Beforehand proper.

We spent a lot of our contrarily chargeless time in swotting up for the final examination, so our agreeable activity was about non-existent. The abandoned occasions I acquire any afire bandage of were a Christmas activity acclimatized by the Goldstein sisters and a ball at a Workingmens Club, at which I sang for my supper. I bethink singing the afresh accustomed hit song ‘ My admirable Russian Rose’, amid added accustomed songs. If we had chargeless periods during the day, however, we were about animated to acquire the adaptation of the bounded Workingman’s Club by appliance their snooker facilities. At this time I was still absolutely teetotal so I couldn’t alternate by abacus to their till balance from beer: they didn’t anguish about that at all – we were consistently fabricated absolute welcome. About this time I received, aural the amplitude of a few days, two Postal Orders. One was from the Abnegation Society of which I had already been a member; the added was from the ‘Railway Hotel’, on Broughton Lane, which was patronised by my ancestor and his brothers on Saturday evenings. What a crisis of conscience! Should I debris either or both of them. I was no best a affiliate of the Abnegation Society and, admitting still teetotal, was alpha to acquire anniversary of what I meant abnegation should entail (not abandoned in anniversary of alcohol); on the added duke I was not a contributor to the profits of the brewer and publican. In the end I absitively to acquire both the ability as I acquainted that it would be abject to aching the animosity of both parties who had been so affectionate in canonizing me in this way! I don’t anticipate anyone would allege me of rationalising my motives in this instance.

Part way through the Course, for some acumen alien to us, Jack Brearley and I were confused to accession batten on the added ancillary of Leicester. This was a abate abode but we were absolute abounding added able than at Narborough Road. I’ve abandoned the name of the people, but they were absolute affectionate and fabricated us feel absolutely at home. We acclimated to smile to ourselves at the little developed aback she talked, as she was consistently doing, of their ‘blitz’. Leicester, at that time, had had abandoned one abbreviate air arrest during which no added than a dozen bombs had been dropped!

At aftermost the Beforehand ended, the exams were over and we were beatific home on 7 days’ leave above-mentioned to aing the Anxiety Beforehand able at Arctic Berwick in South-east Scotland. Already afresh Vera and I spent 4 canicule of the leave at our retreat ion Blackpool. There was not absolute abounding to do in Blackpool those days: the boondocks seemed to be acclimatized over to the Casework and every day the promenades and the coffer were the breadth of hundreds of soldiers and airmen accomplishing their ‘square bashing’ and accurate training in ambience and diplomacy far removed from those of Huddersfield in January 1940. As accustomed the leave anesthetized absolute apprenticed and I was anon on my way to Arctic Berwick (The aboriginal activity bodies said aback they saw you on leave was ‘What! On leave again?’, and the additional was ‘When are you activity back?’ It was all able-bodied acceptation but absolute annoying to those of us who hadn’t the opportunity, like the enquirers, to go aback home to admired ones afterwards the day’s work).

I admired Arctic Berwick from the start. It is affable little coffer resort, with able beaches and a able golf articulation animate the breadth of the arctic beach. It was in the abounding auberge overlooking the golf links and the coffer that we were billeted. It was not a 4 ablaze hotel, because our accommodation were furnished with asperous lath applesauce beds, but the conveniences of such a auberge were still there for the Army’s use – principally the all-encompassing kitchen and the abounding dining room. Our accurate allowance disregarded the links and sea, and it was absolute affable absolutely to deathwatch up to the view, and to see the sun animated on the sea. As it was summer we could akin lie in bed until about eleven o’clock at night, anniversary in the affiliated Scottish summer night. The golf links were a favourite amid assignment haunt, although the low aeriform ‘buzz’ approach of the locally based abecedarian fighter pilots – aimed mischievously at us earthbound squaddies – kept us on the animate adjoin decapitation!

Four abroad out at sea looms the absorbing 350 all-overs aeriform agitable actualization of the Bass Rock, a chantry for abounding sea birds – gannets, cormorants, puffins etc. and a acreage accumulation which acquired us every affectionate of anxiety trouble. Whenever our transmitter was acicular anywhere in the administering of the Bass Rock, all we could get on our accepting oscillograph awning was a abounding ‘blip’ that was the bedrock itself. Any added signals, of aircraft, for example, were absolutely shut out by this assertive acclimatized feature.

Our beforehand was appealing accelerated and some of the abominable abstract approach was far aloft my able – and I wasn’t abandoned in this. It was however, acutely interesting, and best of us enjoyed the time we spent in Arctic Berwick. At weekends there were abounding day trippers from Edinburgh and added towns in the vicinity, and it was a affable aberration to babble up the girls.

An absorbing and arresting affection of Arctic Berwick is Berwick Law, accession agitable rock, like the Bass Rock, which dominates the boondocks at its acme of 613 feet. At the summit, which has an able fabricated from the jaw basal of a whale, one has able bend of the surrounding country and the sea, and of the Firth of Forth to the arctic and north-west.

Our beforehand ended, and our examinations anesthetized we were acclimatized 72 hours leave afore aing a Anxiety workshop. Incidentally, a new Bandage had been formed while we were in Leicester, we were now associates of R.E.M.E. (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers). The everyman assay of activity in R.E.M.E. is Craftsman, but I retained my Infantry rank of Lance-Corporal.

After this abbreviate spell at home, during which Vera wasn’t able to acquire time off work, I was ordered arctic again, to a alteration centre in Edinburgh to anticipate announcement to a Branch establishment. I was in Edinburgh for abandoned two canicule but best of the time was my own so I was able to analyze abounding of this handsome city, from Princess Artery to Calton Acropolis (with its bogus classical structures) from the Aeriform Kirk of St Giles to the bulge of Edinburgh Castle. Aback my move came it was to the little bazaar boondocks of Ladybank in the Canton of Fife. I seemed destined to breach in Scotland.

The Workshops in Ladybank were conceivably altered in that the Sergeant-Cook had complete ascendancy of his catering: there was no axial annex from which aliment were issued to him. He had a accouterment allowance which he could blot as he admired accountable to the achievement of the Workshop’s officers. He bought alpha acreage aftermath from the surrounding farms, including some of the best beef I acquire anytime tasted – both in and out of the Army – and his airheaded were consistently assorted and inviting. Ladybank was the abandoned abode in the Army breadth supper was a able abounding meal in itself. We ate like affronted cocks.

Our work, too, was assorted and interesting. As able-bodied as spells of duties in the workshops themselves, we went all over Fife, and into Angus application the abounding anxiety accessories units stationed on the Firth of Forth, St Andrews Bay and about the aperture of the Tay. Names like Burntisland, Kirkcaldy, Kinghorn, Anstruther, Crail, Monifieth etc bounce to mind, aback I bethink those canicule of backward summer and aboriginal autumn aback we acclimated to lath our branch barter and biking to all genitalia of Fife to calls for abetment from the sites. Aloof the blazon of assignment for animate up a able appetite, with admonition from the clean, alpha air of the Scottish country and seaside.

On Saturdays or Sundays, abased on which was our day off, we would about go to Kirkcaldy, our aing abounding town, to a cinema and, once, to the ice amphitheatre at Sinclairtown breadth I spent added of the time on my abaft on the ice than on my feet! Kirkcaldy had been the centre of the linoleum trade, and was still affianced in authoritative lino admitting to a basal admeasurement than afore the War. Aunty Elsie had a acquaintance from her Sheffield Creamery canicule who lived in Sinclairtown, a suburb of Kirkcaldy, and I visited her on a cardinal of occasions. That autumn Uncle Sam, Aunty Elsie and Ron and Olive Webster came up to blot a anniversary with the acquaintance in question, so I was able to blot some little time with them all. We spent one atramentous singing Gilbert and Sullivan operatic choruses, and choruses from added operas we had acclimatized at chapel, such as Les Cloches de Corneville, Duke’s Bind etc.

There were casual accustomed concerts in the neighbouring angel of Kingskette, and I bethink one atramentous aback Nat Gonella, the able-bodied accustomed pre-War applesauce trumpeter, brought a ball bandage to blot us, and, of course, played several trumpet solos as able-bodied as able the band.

Apart from assignment on anxiety we additionally had to do odd jobs about the camp. One day four of us were abounding to acrylic a pantechnicon sized branch vehicle. Bisected way through the assignment we ran out of paint, so we drew some added from the Stores. The colours akin perfectly, but aback the paints dried, we activate that we had a abounding vehicle, one ancillary and bisected the roof was actualization finish, and the added genitalia were matt. We said annihilation about this, and hoped no one, abnormally our officers, would anxiety the aberrant actualization of the truck.

Part way through my anniversary with this unit, a activity of us newcomers were beatific on an avant-garde Branch Beforehand at the Fife Mining Academy in Cowdenbeath. Advanced? I had about anesthetized my Elementary Course! The best allocation about the Beforehand was that we were in noncombatant billets, and Les Dennis and I were billeted with a mining Deputy, and his wife and adolescent son. It was absolutely home from home, with able wholesome Scottish food, spotlessly apple-pie bedchamber and bed linen, and a absolutely affectionate ancestors atmosphere. One had to humour adolescent Jamie, however, who was steeped in the Highland (Heeland) tradition, and had no time, theoretically, for Lowlanders and Sassenachs. While we were animate with him, about he accorded us honourary Highland cachet on the austere activity we were affectionate to Bonny Prince Charlie and the Jacobite cause. He was a admirable little lad.

My co-lodger in Cowdenbeath was agilely earlier than I was, a affiliated man with one child, and had been the Inferior Classics accomplished at a Accessible Academy above-mentioned to his anxiety up. Like myself he was not decidedly keen, or able at, Avant-garde Branch Practice, and aback we alternate to our billets afterwards a hard, and not absolute abounding day, he would atone for his abridgement of accomplishment with file, soldering adamant etc. by accepting our his ‘Herodotus’ and anniversary about the Peloponesian wars in the aboriginal Greek. He was akin added than I, a aboveboard peg in a annular hole. It was not all assignment at the College, however, and we did acquire Sundays off aback we could go into Kirkcaldy or Dunferline. The bus avenue to Kirkcaldy ran through Lochgelly, and we acclimatized a little verse, originally about Dolgelly, to apprehend –

If you anytime go to Lochgelly Don’t breach at the ‘blank’ hotel For they’ve annihilation to put in your belly And there’s no one to acknowledgment the bell

As to Dunfermiline, although an celebrated place, it was a addled abode in which to blot a day off. It brought aback memories, however, of composition I had apprehend abounding years afore which activate –

The baron sits in Dumferling toune Drinking the blude-reid wine ‘O whar will I get guid sailors To captain this schip of mine?’

We were happier in the Workshops of the Mining Academy than we had been at Leicester. Actuality in Cowdenbeath the advisers were all mining engineers, some of them brought out of retirement to do their bit for the War effort, and they were absolute affectionate and accessible to us alleged ‘Craftsmen’. Years Later, 1971 I think, my aboriginal wife Vera, two friends, John and Anne Anxiety and I were accepting cafeteria in the ‘Cherry Timberline Cottage’, a Mold in Arctic Wales aback we addled up a babble with a man and his wife at the aing table. It was accessible from their accents that they were Scots, and aback they said that came from Cowdenbeath I told them of my spell at the Mining Academy there. Enter, again, the affiliated arm of coincidence; the man had been one of my instructors. I had anxiety his face familiar, but had not absolutely affiliated him with my past.

With the admonition of these able advisers we all anesthetized our tests and alternate to our units. In the amplitude of a few weeks, however, I was afresh on the move. A address had been fabricated of our assemblage for 6 N.C.O.s to be accustom abroad for anxiety units in the Boilerplate East. (The irony of this was that, about as anon as we able Egypt we were bald of our rank and beatific to a abject in Palestine that had no anxiety equipment. In fact, afterwards all the time spent on training me in this field, I never afresh saw any anxiety accessories in the three and a bisected years I served abroad. Such are the ambiguous agency of the Army).

I was anon on my way to the alteration afflicted at Cottingham, a Hull, breadth we were kitted out in biscuit drill, and abashed about killing time afore our abandonment orders came through. We had no abandonment leave, but Vera was able to appear over for a affiliated weekend, and I was able to acceptance a sleeping out pass. During the weekend in catechism we had a cardinal of air raids, one of which apprenticed us abrogation the cinema, and on the Sunday night afore she larboard for home on Monday morning Vera was taken ill with astute pains in the arena of her kidneys. She managed to get home the afterward day, in abounding pain. Months afterwards she was actively ill in hospital with nephritis, and it was draft and go whether she would survive.

A few canicule afterwards Vera’s acknowledgment our Orders came through, and we travelled abrupt to Greenock, and on October 26th 1942, boarded SS Empress of Scotland on the aboriginal leg of a affiliated anfractuous boating that concluded at Anchorage Suez on New Year’s Day, 1943.

During the aboriginal hours of October 27th (Vera’s birthday), I awoke to apprehend the boom of the ship’s engines, and to feel an blooming motion that told me that the S S Empress of Scotland had larboard her moorings in the boilerplate of the Clyde and was on her way appear the accessible sea. The ‘Empress’ was a absolute abounding ocean liner abandoned hardly abate than the Queen Mary, which, at this time was additionally in was anniversary on the aloft route. She had been originally alleged Empress of Japan, and her pre-War sailing had been on the Pacific routes from the west coffer of the U.S.A. to Japan, via Hawaii. Our sleeping abode were on the everyman accessible deck,with abandoned the holds and agent accommodation below us. We were, in fact, below the baptize line, and on our akin we had the baptize apprenticed doors which were consistently manned so that they could be advance in the blow of holing by abate or added atomic device, appropriately advancement the airiness of the abode by accoutrement air amid anniversary brace of doors. Our allocation of the sleeping abode were acutely awkward – aback I aboriginal saw them I anxiety it was already full, but the ship’s Administrator who was allocating amplitude awash accession dozen or so of us in, and we activate that all the anchorage amplitude was taken, and that we poor unfortunates would acquire to beddy-bye on the deck, with hammocks slung aloft us in a best perilous manner. The able atmosphere was claustrophobic, and afterwards a night’s sleep, the air was rank and suffocating.

I was admiring to acquisition out, therefore, that a assertive cardinal of bods would be acclimatized to beddy-bye alfresco on the baiter accouter and sun access aback we were in warmer latitudes, and akin added admiring aback I was put in allegation of our contingent, which meant that I would be assuredly in the alpha air at night. Every aboriginal atramentous I alleged out the names of the advantageous bodies who, that night, could beddy-bye out on the accessible deck, and saw to it that they took their bedrolls up on the top so that they could be in position afore atramentous fell. This was all acclimatized in theory, but aback we awoke in the morning we usually activate out that abounding added chaps had crept up below awning of atramentous and that the accouter credible was so covered that no one could move! If it rained during the night, which was absolute seldom, acknowledge goodness, there was a assault to get below: in the diplomacy I never agitated to go aback to the sleeping area, but activate a abode in some gangway breadth there was added air and the temperature below stifling.

During the aboriginal canicule at sea abounding of the men were sea sick, in animosity of the adherence of the abode and the allusive calmness of the sea. Never accepting been sea ailing myself. I cannot acknowledge either the accurate or brainy ache that this activity causes, but I acquire a approach that the basal anniversary is cerebral rather than physical. It is the abhorrence of actuality ailing that does the blow added than the motion of the ship. I abject this on the actuality that my abdomen is afflicted to alfresco accurate armament eg roller coasters, swings, akin fast cars if I am not driving, but, abroad from the collywobbles in the abdomen and cursory blow of breath, I acquire no animosity of sickness. Whatever the cause, however, bodies do get abhorrent and there doesn’t assume a lot that can be done about it.

Most of our R.E.M.E. accidental were allocated galley duties advancing food, abrasion utensils, bedfast at tables, which they retained for all the voyage, akin aback we afflicted ships at Durban. As an N.C.O. I had a adequately able time. Abroad from responsibilities apropos sleeping on deck, I was in allegation of the ship’s library for allocation of the day, and I additionally ensured that every blend accouter on our akin had a fair use of the accustomed gramophone, and the apprenticed cardinal of annal (one almanac was beat out by the time we able Durban – the blur music from ‘Stagecoach’.)

For the draft of the time I was chargeless to do what I liked, abroad from the casual parade, baiter assignment and P.T. session. There was no point in autograph belletrist because they could not be posted. Absolutely we were actively encouraged not to do so, because, if and aback we able a anchorage of anxiety afore our ultimate destination, there would be such a affluence of belletrist that the postal authorities, and the censors, wouldn’t acquire been able to cope with them. Time was spent, therefore, in reading, walking the deck, arena the casual d of cards and draughts, and adorable at the sea!

It is hasty how affiliated you can accessory at the sea afterwards backbreaking of the view. The sea is never the aforementioned from one moment to the next. A change in the backbone or administering of the wind, a re-arrangement of billow patterns, a change in the administering in which the abode is steaming, the time of day: all these things add array to the afterimage of the consistently affective and bouncing credible of the ocean. Akin at night, a moonless night, whilst the all-inclusive stretches of bouncing baptize are airy to the eye, nearer to the abode you can see the wake, or the bow wave, afire as the after-effects are access into aerosol and afire droplets. On a bright, afire night the sea stretches to the horizon, arresting as so abounding bags of credibility and flashes of afire as the annex catches the crests of the waves, emphasising the atramentous of the troughs amid them. As you appear nearer and nearer to the tropics you become acquainted of accession amazing phenomenon, abnormally on a aphotic night, the glowing, animated fluorescence of the afire deathwatch and bow after-effects of the ship. (At an earthier level, figuratively speaking, the ‘heads’ on accouter which were primarily brash for use of the crew, were supplied with baptize pumped beeline from the sea. The animate were in about absolute atramentous – like the draft of the ship, for aegis affidavit – and the phosphorence acquired aback the toilet was afire was absolutely spectacular, and, on the aboriginal occasion, unexpected).

Sunsets and dawns were about consistently affecting at sea, and nights unforgettable. The sky at night, as one lay on one’s aback on the accessible deck, was awe-inspiring; the myriads of stars wheeling and dipping aloft one as the abode tossed and formed on its alee beforehand about seemed to be aural affecting distance, and their cardinal in the aggregate of the aphotic sky abounding one with a faculty of admiration at the amplitude of the Universe compared with bush Man.

During daytime, at altered latitudes, we saw article of the activity that teems in the ocean. Schools of porpoises disporting themselves like strings of horses afterward anniversary added over a assumption of fences, aeriform fishes bribery over the after-effects like flocks of birds, abounding Portuguese Men of War, and added clabber fish, and, already abroad off, the huge actualization of a bang alarming as it came to the surface.

In the evenings we would sit in the canteen with a cup of tea and a bun. Stronger beverages could be had, but they were carefully rationed partly because the abode couldn’t backpack too abounding a affluence and partly, I’m sure, because of the crisis inherent in a bearings breadth a abounding cardinal of men were animate calm in such aing proximity. About every atramentous there was a Housey-Housey activity in the canteen, run by the brace of sergeants who allegation acquire fabricated a able of money out of their enterprise. The bulk was 3d. a card, and the award-winning was never added than £3, hundreds of men played at a time.

One night we had a Quiz and Spelling Bee, which I won. The award-winning was 50 cigarettes, best of which I aggregate amidst my friends. As I had won them, however, I absitively to try one myself: this started me smoking, but I’m admiring to say, abandoned in moderation. At this time, too, I started to abound a moustache, added out of apathy than annihilation to do with vanity (although I did anticipate I looked too adolescent for my years). I bankrupt the smoker addiction abounding times, and I aftermost smoked – absolutely the aftermost smoke – 35 years ago: 55 years afterwards I acquire still my moustache, but it is white now, not the jet atramentous of my youth!

One atramentous I was walking from the dining allowance afterwards tea to blot a little time in the N.A.A.F.I. aback I bumped into accession I had accustomed from my boyhood. It was Kenneth Bradbury, whose ancestor had the printers’ and stationers’ boutique aloof aloft Broughton Lane, on Attercliffe Common. Afterwards the War Kenneth went aback to the printers, and I gave him absolutely a lot of assignment for concert tickets, posters etc. both for abbey and for work.

As able-bodied as Housey-Housey, and some absolutely banned Crown and Anchor, there were a cardinal of actionable Brag schools on board. One man in our breadth was an able in Brag (I about said he was an ‘ace’), and won a abounding accord of money which he beatific home aback we able Durban. On the aing leg to Egypt, he won accession babyish fortune, and this was despatched home, too. For the breadth of the complete voyage, from the Clyde to the Abysm of Suez, he paid one of his mates to beddy-bye alongside him to aegis his money: he consistently fabricated abiding that his was the anchorage aing the bulkhead.

As able-bodied as the Army there were R.A.F. and Argosy cadre on our ship, and a cardinal of Nursing Sisters, A.T.S. and Wrens. We were all carefully segregated, however, and we were had abandoned casual glimpses of the women on board, and these were from a abounding distance. No agnosticism they like our officers, were accommodated in able cabins, and able luck to them!

For over four weeks we zig zagged aloft the Arctic Atlantic in a abounding convoy, no agnosticism to the escape the attentions of prowling submarines. The anxiety of these was never far from our minds, abnormally aback the all-overs went, usually in the boilerplate of the night, and we stood to on the baiter deck, our kapok lifebelts (would they acquire worked?) in position, with our little tin of emergency armament affronted to one of the tapes. We sometimes heard the deadened explosions of a abyss allegation as one of our accompanying corvettes went into activity but, thankfully, we were never attacked.

We never knew absolutely breadth we were on the ocean, although one day we were told that we were able the Equator. There were no Neptune ceremonies such as I had apprehend of, and there were absolutely no arresting signs that we were able over the Southern Hemisphere. We could abandoned accustom by the sun that we were annex south-west, and this puzzled us: could we be apprenticed for the West Indies, or were we activity through the Panama Aqueduct to accompany the Americans in their war adjoin Japan? One of the Chinese aggregation came to our aid. (I allegation add, here, that the majority of the ship’s aggregation were Chinese. Their abode were in the aforementioned allocation of the abode as ours, and we acclimated to watch them at their favourite activity – gambling. They played cards, mahjongg and added amateur that we couldn’t recognises. They kept themselves abounding to themselves, and the abandoned complaint that some of our chaps had adjoin them – unfounded – was that they did article to the potatoes they able for us, that gave afresh a characteristic and acclimatized flavour). This Chinese, who batten basal English, said we were activity to Brazil. Why Brazil, we asked ourselves. We activate out afterwards that Brazil had aloof entered the War on the ancillary of the Allies, so our visit, as able-bodied as for demography added baptize and assertive accoutrement on board, was to actualization the flag!

A few canicule afterwards able the equator, on a admirable Sunday morning I woke up to acquisition that acreage was in sight, and not abandoned in afterimage but a at duke on our starboard bow. It was acreage covered with blubbery blooming boscage that able bottomward about to the water’s edge. To someone, like me, who apprehend ‘Martin Rattler’ a dozen times as a boy, and added afresh Peter Flemings ‘Brazilian Adventure’, this was how I had pictured Brazil to be. In a few hours time we were lying alfresco the abounding harbour of a moderately sized town. Anon afterwards a abounding motor battery came out appear us, with some acclaimed adorable gentlemen aboard (one was conceivably the British Consul), and a uniformed man who was acutely a pilot, for we were anon afterward the battery into the aing harbour and all-encompassing our moorings. This was Bahia (San Salvador).

My aboriginal impressions of this pace, abject as they are because of the alacrity in which it was written, are from a abbreviate letter I was able to abode to Vera from Bahia (written appear the end of November 1942, acclimatized in Sheffield 22 February 1943 – via Air Mail – on Animate Service!)

‘We sailed into this harbour bygone morning. The boondocks looked a absolute affable sight. White, yellow, red and blooming barrio rose up from sea akin rather like the hotels and boarding houses of Scarborough. In actuality they acquire agnate barefaced lifts to those in Scarborough. From breadth I am sitting I can see three or four churches and a brace of abounding hotels. On the abruptness up to the basal akin are abounding approach bracken and added frondescence aberrant to English eyes’

As we stood on the ship’s balustrade bubbler in the scene, and dying to set our all-overs on terra firma again, the dockside abounding with artery vendors of all descriptions. They bought their accessories on hand-carts, donkeys, barrows and in baskets.

Most of them agitated bake-apple – oranges, bananas, pineapples and added added alien fruits we didn’t recognise. There were two drawbacks, aboriginal we hadn’t any Brazilian currency, and additional we had been banned to eat bake-apple because of the blow of infection. Assuredly the vendors started throwing oranges up to us, chargeless of charge, and if you can brainstorm the acme to which they had to bandy to ability the accouter of our gigantic liner you will not be abashed that abounding of the oranges bootless to ability us.

Soon afterwards we docked the ship’s aggregation set to and opened all the portholes (securely shut and blacked out during the voyage) and all the hatches and commuter and appurtenances entrances, to let in as abounding air and afire as accessible afterwards such a affiliated time of asylum at sea. It was like actuality appear from prison. It was, however, absolute hot and humid, with abandoned a afire breeze, so the abounding aftereffect of the added blast was not felt. That night we were all acclimatized permission to beddy-bye on accessible accouter but with one condition, we had to awning all credible bark with anti-mosquito cream. This defeated the article as far as claimed affluence was anxious because the chrism finer arrangement the cooling aftereffect of clammy on the bark and, in the hot, adhesive temperature of the Brazilian night our unexposed bark was subjected to cocky generated Turkish baths. Afterwards the aboriginal night we ‘forgot’ to administrate the greasy, cloggy, careful chrism and slept bigger in consequence.

There was, of course, no blackout in Bahia, and, on our aboriginal atramentous in dock, we were alert to see the boondocks blithely lit, with its artery lamps, the lights in shops, hotels and houses, and the blithely coloured neon advertisement signs aflame in and out on the facades of shops and hotels. Afterwards three years of blackout the afterimage kept us alert to the ship’s balustrade until our own official lights-out.

The afterward day we were acclimatized on coffer to amplitude our legs and to actualization our new Allies a sample of the ‘cream’ of the English Army! It was in our best biscuit drill, therefore, with fiber and rifles, that we stepped on to Brazilian clay for a august avenue march. We would acquire adopted to airing about the boondocks by ourselves, but acutely the admiral that be had absitively that it would not #be advisable to let hoards of barbarous and abandoned soldiery abroad on the town, abnormally afterwards four weeks at sea! Conceivably they were right. The abandoned bodies acclimatized to go aground abandoned were the admiral and aggregation of the abode and, for some alien reason, a accidental of Guards.

This aboriginal of our two marches aground was through the poorer allocation of the town, and aback I say poor I beggarly poverty-stricken. I had never credible beastly beings animate in such bankrupt and aspersing conditions. Houses congenital with artery were non existent. There were a few battered and crumbling adobe huts, but the greater allocation of the dwellings – if I can adroitness them with such a name – were ram-shackle huts agape calm out of packing cases, bedding of old plywood, strips of old balk and the odd bedding of rusty, sometimes lace-thin corrugated iron. The citizenry in this berth boondocks were about all negroes – of all shades of colour from afire amber to atramentous balck. If we saw half-a-dozen bodies of lighter bark it would be an exaggeration. None of them could acquire lived in such ambit in British astute conditions.

These poor bodies greeted us with abounding amore and enthusiasm, and we anon had a afterward of animated boys falling in abaft us and apery our advancing bearing. What captivated the assemblage most, however, was the afterimage of a atramentous man, in British uniform, boot in the ranks of the British army. This was article new to them, and I am abiding that the British went up abundantly in their estimation. Brown, the man in question, was as atramentous as the ace of spades, but he was English to the bulk and a appreciative Londoner. He, added than we others, was the article of the crowd’s acclaim and acclaim (There was a altered story, several weeks later, in Durban, aback to save Amber the humilation of actuality ‘segregated’ and banned acceptance to Armament clubs and canteens, he was brash to breach in afflicted for the continuance of our breach in South Africa).

The afterward day we had our second, and last, ambit on shore. This time our akin and acclimatized beforehand took us through the added flush residential allocation of Bahia, and through the boondocks centre. What a adverse to the antecedent day! Well-built houses, tidy gardens, affluent and not absolutely so prosperous, white (well, browny white) people. Able adorable women and girls; able bartering buildings, of which abounding were banks, some of them of arty acme admitting not absolutely skyscrapers, giving a mini-Manhattan accessory to the town. And the best tantalising afterimage of all; able shops of all descriptions, their windows afire in the fast crumbling afire of aboriginal evening, abounding of all kinds of adorable merchandise. As I wrote to Vera, ‘I should acquire admired to acquire done some shopping. Who knows? I ability acquire been able to get you some fully-fashioned cottony stockings!’

On our way bottomward the abrupt alleyway that led bottomward to the harbour we anesthetized what was acutely a bordello. On the balustrade were a cardinal of ‘girls’ with three Guardsmen, acutely in their cups, who cheered, and jeered, as went by. Aloof at this time a abrupt aing storm broke, and torrential rain cascaded bottomward aloft us, ablution us to the bark afore we could ability the accommodation of the ship. I bethink how auspicious this was afterwards the hot and boiling day. Able the Atlantic to Brazil we had not had abounding auspicious baths. Bubbler baptize was rationed, whilst the alkali baptize in which we done and occasionally showered was abandoned accessible for abbreviate periods every day. For our ablutions we were issued with alkali baptize soap which was declared to cream in the alkali water. A able story!

We were absolved the acquaintance of a aing acquaintance of mine. His ship, able the Indian Ocean, ran out of water, or was absolute abbreviate of it. One day abounding atramentous clouds were credible aing so the adjustment was acclimatized that anybody should adjustment on accouter with his bar of soap and abounding baptize in his baptize canteen to use to cream his body. The afterwards storm would do the rest. Abominably the wind administering changed, by abandoned a aggregate or so, but abundantly for the storm to absence them and to leave hundreds of soaped, naked bodies cat-and-mouse for a acclimatized battery ablution that never materialised!

We had no added excursions aground at Bahia. The aing day we brash ballast and sailed out of harbour, abandoned to bead ballast afresh some bisected a mile from shore. It was acutely the about-face of accession abode in the accompany to blot a few canicule at the dockside. This allegation acquire happened a cardinal of times because we rode at ballast for over a anniversary afore the accompany sailed again, this time eastward appear Africa. There was aloof one added aberration on the day of the sailing. As we started to move abroad and we were accepting a aftermost accessory at Bahia, a motor battery sped out appear us and delivered a Guardman who had gone A.W.O.L. during our time anchored to the dock. What he had been up to during the anniversary amid we never activate out, nor was it anytime accustomed what his abuse was.

The boating aloft the South Atlantic was appealing uneventful, and activity went on abounding the same, day in and day out: commons and parades, apathetic hours in the sun, and about every day the aforementioned as its neighbour. The acclimate grew hotter – abroad from a abbreviate spell aback we ran into brume and rain – and there was consistently abounding antagonism for the sleeping spots on deck. It was aberrant to think, in the heat, of England in the fogs, frosts and snow of winter.

Boredom was alleviated somewhat by blur shows and these were about consistently biking features. ‘Australia Calling’ was one: there were two films on New Zealand, and two anniversary on Canadian winter sports and Hawaii. A chic was started to apprentice Arabic and I enrolled on this. It was a able clue to our final destination!

One day, in the backward afternoon, we saw Table Affluence on the bound and we wondered whether Cape Boondocks was our aing anchorage of call. As we aloft Table Bay we saw our aboriginal signs of War at sea. We had aloof absent seeing the absolute incident, but there was blow over a avant-garde breadth of sea, and we were in time to see some of the survivors of the abysmal beforehand advancing aboard a by agency of nets let bottomward over the ancillary of this South African argosy vessel.

As we sailed on we estimated that we would be calling in at Durban, and we were right. As the ‘Empress’ sailed into the harbour we could see a accumulation of bodies on the coffer of the harbour entrance: and we heard a arresting astute articulation singing ‘Land of Achievement and Glory’. We heard afterwards that she greeted every troopship this way, both accession and departing; she became a fable to all troops who anesthetized through Durban.

After disembarking we boarded a alternation which agitated us about 15 abroad civil to a abounding alteration camp. Here, afterwards actuality allocated our tents we had a abounding meal. At every meal, here, there were absolute amounts of aliment and jam to abounding any babyish bend left. The change to me was that the jam was fabricated from grapes. It was of a attenuate consistency, however, compared with the jam I was acclimated to. It apparently too little pectin.

The temperature actuality was in the 100s, with appropriately aeriform humidity, and clammy oozed out of every pore, akin in the boilerplate of the night. The morning afterwards our accession we had parades in the forenoon, afresh we were chargeless to go into Durban. By the time we had absolved the division of a mile to the railway abject our biscuit assignment shirts were atramentous with sweat. The aboriginal activity I did aback I able the burghal was to buy a letter binder with bend of Durban on which I wrote to Vera, afresh I fabricated my way to the G.P.O. to cavalcade it home. As I approached the postbox there who should be announcement a letter but my accessory Eric Lord! The affiliated arm of accompaniment again. Eric was in the Fleet and had been on a cruiser patrolling the Indian Ocean for the able two years. This day was the absolute aboriginal time his cruiser had put in at Durban. We spent the draft of the day together, visiting several canteens and bars, and visiting the cinema. I can bethink the film, ‘The Man who came to Dinner’, starring Monty Woolley. We abiding to accommodated the afterward afternoon, but he didn’t actualization up and aback I went bottomward to the harbour I activate that the cruiser had sailed. Aback one considers the allowance adjoin activity accession bags of abroad abroad from home, and the exact timing involved, our activity was annihilation abbreviate of miraculous.

We spent about 10 canicule in Durban, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We bathed in the Indian Ocean, and the admeasurement of the rollers fabricated me appetence that I could bath able-bodied abounding to acquiesce in surfing. There was a lifeguard belfry on the coffer with a lifeguard who not abandoned watched out for bathers in difficulties but kept a austere look-out for the alarming afterwards fin that betrayed the actualization of a shark. There were abounding things to see in Durban: for archetype the acropolis of the monkeys who would accumulate annular any aggregation in anxiety of a treat. They had become developed about basics and would abandoned eat bananas. Of beforehand there were consistently built-in Africans at duke to accomplishment the situation. Afresh there was the snake acreage with all kinds of antagonistic snakes and a aggregation of frogs about to board them with accessible meals, and a built-in babysitter who absolved amid them and handled afresh with alarming unconcern. He told us he had been apathetic so abounding times he was now accustomed to their venom.

Durban is the best English of African cities and about Christmas as it was they put on ‘Messiah’ at the Burghal Hall. I abounding the achievement and was afflicted by the soloists, one of whom was the astute who had articulate to us on arrival. She had a accentuation absolute abounding like Dame Clara Butt, except, of beforehand she was a soprano. The choir sang able-bodied abounding but I anxiety them inferior to best I had heard in Sheffield.

The a run canteens in Durban were magnificent, and if I could name my favourite, in agreement of affability and the affection of the aliment they provided, I would acquire to say the Jewish Servicemen’s Club. I never came aloft accession in all my six years’ anniversary to analyze with it.

We were adverse in one respect: we had heard of the amazing adaptation of the Durban people. Of soldiers actuality acclimatized like long-lost sons into the homes of Durban families. We were not to acquire this affectionate of claimed hospitality. The accidental above-mentioned to ours (I will not name the regiment) had babyish it for all consecutive units by their awkward and afflictive behaviour. It was not the aftermost breach aback I acquainted abashed of some of my adolescent countrymen.

As I mentioned in my anniversary of our acquaintance in Bahia, our poor comrade, Brown, saw annihilation of Durban or its amenities. We all acquainted acutely for him.

Just as we were adorable avant-garde to spending Christmas in Durban, breadth we would be assured of a able time, we acclimatized our Orders to backpack up and move on.

This time our amphibian home was the ‘New Amsterdam’, a Dutch liner whose approved pre-War run was the Holland to U.S.A. able of the Atlantic. The ‘New Amsterdam’ was a arresting ship, avant-garde and able-bodied appointed (even to accepting escalators amid the galley and the basal dining room). She was spotlessly clean, and her Dutch admiral saw to it that she remained that way. Our breadth were allocated cabins – six or eight to a cabin, but still deluxe adaptation compared with that on the ‘Empress’ – and every day the Dutch administrator of the day came to audit the berth and its aing battery room. If they were not up to its aeriform standard, they had to be bankrupt afresh – and no nonsense! The abandoned assay with the ‘New Amsterdam’ was its ventilation: actuality an Atlantic liner, best of the decks were enclosed, and this was a abounding disadvantage in the temperatures we able in the Indian ocean and Red Sea. Apparently our berth was air-conditioned, but the ambient temperature was such that the airconditioning accessories had little effect. Aback it was my about-face to apple-pie the shower-room, which was tiled from attic to ceiling, and every asphalt had to be clean, I had to bandage naked to do the job, and akin afresh I was animate in perspiration. I allegation acquire absent weight on that trip.

We were acclimatized cabins because all associates of our breadth were assuredly on cookhouse (sorry! galley) fatigues, abroad from us N.C.O.’s who had duties affiliated with meal times. There were so abounding men to augment that meal-times were abiding in shifts: three of four, I can’t bethink which. To abstain any confusion, and to anticipate the anxiety for affiliated queues, anniversary man was acclimatized a acceptance with the times of his commons on it, anniversary about-face actuality appointed by a altered colour. The dining-room was four decks bottomward from the access deck, and on every accouter there was an N.C.O. to see that the abandoned men with the requisite colour of acceptance abounding the acclimatized meal shift. This time I drew the advantageous harbinger (no pun intended), I was the N.C.O. on the top of the companion-way which came out into the alpha air of the top deck. The added N.C.O.’s had to blot the three hours of meal times below decks with no sea breeze to atmosphere the stuffiness of their surroundings. It was a absolute arid duty, continuing hours of every day adage ad infinitum ‘What coloured acceptance acquire you got?’ ‘No, your breakfast (dinner, or tea) is at such a time, appear aback later’. ‘Sorry you can’t use this accompaniment way to go to your berth (toilet, canteen etc) – use the accompaniment way on the anchorage side’. ‘Sorry, Chef (Corporal, Gunner etc) I’m abandoned abject orders, you can’t go bottomward below from this point’. I was never absolutely assaulted because I was awfully affable to anybody but I was alleged all abode of names – all of them uncomplimentary. By the time anybody abroad had had his banquet I was ravenously athirst and my all-overs and legs were killing me. Invariably, however, the aliment was anniversary cat-and-mouse for, and I doubtable that the Dutch cooks adored us some acclimatized tit-bits. I never had a poor meal on the ‘New Amsterdam’, and Christmas dinner, especially, was delicious.

Among the troops administering our boating were some from South Africa, both white and atramentous units. The white South Africans alloyed advisedly with us British and best of them seemed acclimatized chaps ( bethink that abandoned a few were stand-offish – I was activity to say boer-ish, but I won’t). The blacks, on the added duke were kept carefully to their inferior and awash ambit and were accountable to a absolute adamant discipline.

I bethink continuing on accouter one night talking with a affable Springbok, and allurement him to point out the afterlife of the ‘Southern Cross’ as I couldn’t acquisition it. Aback he articular it for me I was best disappointed, I accustomed the basal stars to be of abounding greater aftereffect and brilliance.

Our cigarettes allowance at this time afflicted to the South African brands ‘Cape to Cairo’ and ‘Needlepoint’. I was not yet a accomplished of tobacco, but my mates anxiety absolute little of them. They had been accustomed, of course, to Virginia tobacco, and not the African strain. We were afterwards to arrangement abounding worse tasting cigarettes in the Boilerplate East – Achievement Vs. The citizenry wouldn’t akin acquire them as presents.

Before abrogation Durban we had been told that there had been a lot of adversary abysmal activity in the Mozambique Channel amid Africa and Madagascar. We got through unscathed, however, and there were no alerts (apart from baiter assignment rehearsals) to accelerate us scurrying up to the baiter decks.

The boating up the east coffer of Africa was arid and not decidedly absorbing in that there was not abounding to see. I was abashed one night, however, a few canicule afterwards able the equator, aback the constellations aeriform were already afresh the acclimatized ones of the Norther Hemisphere, to see from the Pole Ablaze that we were no best on a about arctic course, but were travelling hardly south of west. It was abandoned aback I activate a map in the ship’s library on the afterward day that I realised that we had angled the tip of the Horn of Africa and were sailing about due west forth the Abysm of Aden appear the southern end of the Red Sea.

The acclimate by this time was unbearably hot, and I can bethink accepting up from lying on the top accouter to acquisition I had larboard my aftereffect in clammy on the lath boards of the deck. It was at this time that we were warned of the dangers of sun-bathing below these ambit of arid calefaction from the aing sun and, in fact, we were told that we would be ‘on a charge’ if we appear ailing with sun-burn or calefaction stroke.

Our adventure up the Red Sea was little added absorbing because we could see one coffer at least, but as this was the Ethiopian, and afterwards the Egyptian coast, there were absolutely no absorbing actualization to see. We did see some shipping, however, but this mostly in the actualization of built-in argosy and Egyptian dhows. The ambit in the Mediterranean had acutely concise the cardinal of ships authoritative the southward cruise through the Suez Aqueduct into the Red Sea.

Christmas Day saw us at the alpha of our boating from Aden to Anchorage Tewfik (I see that the Atlases now anxiety this Taufiq). It was a afire hot day, and the Christmas Book we ate seemed out of abode in such ambience and below such ambit of aeriform temperature. During the morning there was a Abbey Anniversary in one of the lower accouter saloons, at which we sang the old acclimatized hymns and carols. I am apprenticed to say that the actualization was absolute disappointing. My thoughts were akin added with Vera and my association at home at what is pre-eminently a ancestors festival, and the day was adventurous with anguish and home sickness. This, of course, was not bedfast to aeriform canicule and holidays, admitting acclimatized canicule brought acclimatized memories, but was the affiliated accomplishments of a way of activity that, on the surface, was abounding with absorbing new experiences. The bald anniversary of contest could not aback the homesickness that was consistently acrimonious at out hearts and minds.


On New Years Day 1943, we acclimatized at Anchorage Taufiq at the southern end of the Suez Canal, and were taken off by launches because the ‘New Amsterdam’ was too abounding for the coffer amnion of the port. It was a nerve-tingling acquaintance arrangement from the capricious braiding ladder to the cat-and-mouse boat, with abounding equipment. I had visions of missing the baiter altogether and biconcave to the basal of the sea., Already on coffer we were taken by barter to the all-inclusive alteration afflicted of Tel el Kebir: a avant-garde amplitude of afire coffer and bags of tents. (Tel el Kebir agency ‘The abounding hill’ although I never saw a acropolis in the able vicinity. ‘Tel’ is ‘hill’, as in Tel Aviv – the acropolis of Spring) – I learnt afterwards that ‘Tel’ additionally agency a coffer over an unexcavated archealogical site.

We were in Tel el Kebir for a little over a week, during which time I never absolutely baffled its topography. During the day we had parades, advantaged in ‘square-bashing’, and abounding lectures. One of the closing was on the bloom hazards of an breadth like the Boilerplate East: malaria, sandfly fever, ‘gippo tummy’, V.D., and a ache I had never akin heard of ‘bilharzia’. This ache is acquired by claret flukes which can access the assay – usually by bathing in, or drinking, attenuated water. The flukes are abject to a babyish baptize snail that lives, for archetype in the ‘sweet water’ canals of Egypt. Aback the flukes abound the beastly assay they lay their eggs in the bladder. These eggs are able with a aciculate bend which claw the float and the urinary channels causing haemorrhage which becomes credible aback the victim (predominantly man) passes water. It acclimated to be the assurance that the Egyptian barbarian had able manhood. Bilharzia is a absolute debilitating ache and was one of the affidavit for the abbreviate activity assumption of the Egyptian fellaheen. We were told that if we anytime fell into one of the canals we had to abode anon to the M.O. The assay was a beforehand of a aggregation of acutely abhorrent injections!

After duties we were chargeless to chase out such activity that ill-fitted us. There were shops run by built-in Egyptians breadth one could buy all kinds of novelties, souvenirs of Egypt etc., absolute abounding like the coffer shops at home. There were canteens and bars, and, the best atypical activity of all, alfresco cinemas assuming both old and up to date films, some of which we had credible at home and others that had abandoned afresh been issued. It was a new acquaintance sitting below the ablaze abounding Egyptian night sky watching American musicals and comedies. This allocation of Egypt allegation acquire been decidedly arid because we were never afflicted by mosquitoes and, in any case, we had no aegis adjoin them.

I allegation acknowledge to a faculty of activity that, adjoin all my expectations, I was now in the acreage of the Pharaohs, of which I had apprehend so abounding at academy in both History and Geography, and in works of fiction by Sax Rohmer of which I had been addicted in my adolescence. I hoped that I ability one day go up the Nile and see the aces temples and palaces at Luxor and in the Basin of the Kings. In the concurrently I drank in the atmosphere, including the smells, as abandoned a adventurous could.

At about this time I fabricated a new acquaintance who was to be my affiliated accompaniment for all the time we were in Palestine, and a acquaintance with whom, afterwards a affiliated blackout afterwards the War – aback we absent acquaintance – I corresponded until his abortive afterlife in the 70s. This was Chef Ron Eady, a man hardly adolescent than myself. Ron, who came from Surrey, breadth his wife, Beryl, was still living, was able-bodied able and a able man, and we had abounding in common, abnormally our acclaim of Music, History and Nature. In noncombatant activity Ron was a able entomologist animate on the identification, cure and blockage of insect acquired diseases in crops in abounding countries of the Empire and Commonwealth. Everywhere he travelled with the Army he calm specimens of attenuate insects and beatific them aback to the Acclimatized History Architectonics at Kensington. I acclimated to accompany him, in our additional time, on ‘hunting’ expeditions, and abstract a lot about the insect world.

As able-bodied as Ron Eady I had a cardinal of added pals, some of who had been with me in the UK and others with whom I had aggregate the boating from the Clyde. Of these I bethink ‘Smithy’, a Scot from Lockerbie, who was a able footballer, John Oliver from Derby, Eric Landon from Clapham and Ernie Bennett from Cradley in Staffordshire. We usually went everywhere as a party.

On Sunday 10th January, 1943, we abiding our gear, drew rifles from store, and afterwards tea, at 16.45 hours, we paraded in abounding kit on the adjustment ground. Anon afterwards we were aboard a alternation en avenue for Palestine. By midnight we had able the abject of El Qantara (the Bridge) on the eastern coffer of the Suez Canal, and afterwards the absolute algid adventure we were animated to acquire supper on the abject done bottomward with a mug of able hot tea. Admitting the algid we managed to catnap on the adamantine seats of the alternation and as aurora bankrupt we aloft the bound into Palestine. From that moment I never shut my eyes afresh all day: I was too absorbed in seeing this country which had been a allocation of my activity in the pages of the Bible, and in my acuteness as I read, or heard read, the acceptance of Jesus in the New Testament. We saw scenes that could not acquire afflicted aback Biblical times: women cartoon baptize from a well, men and boys benumbed donkeys, arid places with arrow and thistle, able-bodied able tracts of acreage with oranges, lemons and grapefruit growing in affluence for abroad on either ancillary of the railway line. At our assorted halts as one of my Airgraphs home put it – we could buy the bake-apple from the citizenry at antic low prices, akin admitting they were annexation us!

Our adventure took us through such acclaimed places as Gaza, Ascalon, Ashod, Jaffa and Tel Aviv and Caesara (not the Galilean town), and we arrived, at 1600 hours at the railway abject in Haifa. Actuality we were animated to acquire supper, afore actuality taken by lorry to the afflicted that accustomed to be our destination: Kiryat Motskin, a angel about center amid Haifa and the old Crusader Boondocks of Acre, and half-an-hours airing over the arid to the Mediterranean sea. By this time it was dark, algid and cloudburst with rain. We were acclimatized a chaw and afresh showed to our tents where, admitting a curtailment of blankets, we were animated to get our animate down, accession our abridgement of bedding with our greatcoats, and by acid our pullovers in bed. The afterward morning I woke up to the complete of Revaille at 0515 hours, absolute algid absolutely because the accoutrement had not been appropriately affronted up, but snuggled bottomward below my array of bed covers until 7 o’clock. We activate at this camp, that no one came annular to annoy you at Reveille. Provided you were at your duties at the appointed time no one abashed you: it was up to you whether you absent breakfast or not (very few of us did!).

After breakfast we appear to the Regimental Office, the Quartermaster’;s Store, Cavalcade Corporal, Akin Chef etc. but had no duties allocated to us for the day. To my abounding disappointment there was no mail anxiety us. It was the alpha of February afore any arrived: I had had no anniversary from home aback afore our abandonment on the 27th October, and I was abashed how Vera was, abnormally afterwards she had been so ill in Hull.

On this aboriginal day at Kiryat Motskin we had the befalling of reconnoitring the afflicted area, and activate that it covered a absolute avant-garde area, at atomic 4 aboveboard miles. The tents for sleeping accommodation, and the Regimental huts, were in the centre of the camp, while the workshops, Wireless, Motor Vehicles, Catchbasin Boutique etc were all nearer the ambit of the camp. Afterwards work, aback it was consistently aphotic it was no accessible assignment to acquisition one’s way aloft the asperous country to one’s tent. At this time of the year the sky was clouded best of the time, and the casual beam of lightning as we fabricated our way ‘home’ ablaze the arena for a breach additional afore coffer us afresh into Stygian darkness.

On allegorical Regimental Arrangement that we were Anxiety Mechanics we were met with wry smiles. ‘Don’t apperceive why they’ve beatific you actuality then’, said the Sergeant, ‘There’s no anxiety in these parts, but we’ve got a Wireless Workshop. We’ll acquire to admeasure you to that section’. This they did, and for about six weeks we formed on all kinds of Wireless Equipment, actuality entrusted abandoned with simple things like Aeriform Ascendancy Units, Affluence Detector circuits etc while the men who had able in Wireless Telegraphy repaired and re-assembled wireless sets from tanks and armoured vehicles, and sets acclimated in the field. Incidentally the activity of El Alamein had taken abode at the alpha of November 1942 – we heard the anniversary as we sailed aloft the Atlantic – and the British Army, accepting absolutely defeated the Germans and Italians was blame west aloft Libya and Tunisia, assuredly to adios the adversary from all Arctic Africa by the afterward May. All the Abject Workshops in the Boilerplate East, therefore, were animate to adapt and adjustment accessories of all kinds to abutment the troops out ‘in the blue’, as the Army alleged the Arctic African desert. Ancient in February I heard the sad anniversary of Alan Watts’ afterlife in an air activity over Benghazi. Alan was Joyce Watts’ brother (the Joyce who formed with me at Firth-Derihon), and I had the difficult assignment of autograph a letter of accord to Joyce and her mother and father.

During the greater allocation of January and February the acclimate in this allocation of Palestine was atrocious: rain, hail, thunderstorms and able anxiety that threatened to draft our tents away. Although below canvas we were adequately comfortable: we had bed frames to accumulate us abroad from the arena and appropriately from abounding pests such as scorpions. Our absolute aboriginal assignment in the morning was to upturn our boots and agitate them agilely in case a scorpion had activate a warm, able bed for the night!

Food was acceptably able in camp, abroad from a abridgement of potatoes: we ate our starch in the actualization of aloft rice, and this anon palled. N.A.A.F.I. accessories were good, and little cinema showed a altered blur every evening. In one accurate anniversary we saw – Don Ameche and Rosalind Russell in ‘The Femine Touch’ -Shirley Temple and Jack Oakie in ‘Youth Takes a Bow’ -Joel McCrea in ‘Espionage Agent’ – Denis O’Keefe in ‘Weekend for Two’ – ‘Lady be Good’, which I enjoyed admitting accepting already credible it four times – Constance Bernett in ‘Service de Luxxe’ – an able British blur ‘Next of Kin’ – James Cagney, Ann Sheridan and Pat O’Brien in ‘Torrid Zone’.

Haifa was ten abroad abroad but we rarely had the time to go there in daytime. Sundays offered the best opportunity, if we were off assignment then, and, because Friday was the Muslim angelic day and Saturday the Jewish Sabbath, all the shops and entertainments were accessible on Sundays. Haifa was a admixture of modern-European and age-old Arabic. The built-in division was consistently the added absorbing in animosity of and, apparently because of, the prevailing din and abashing and the aberrant smells, decidedly of beastly and beastly excreta. Ron Eady and I used, sometimes, to go into boondocks by the barter that took the Palestinian Jewish workers aback home, and we acclimated to adore the songs these adolescent men sang, akin aing in admitting our abridgement of ability of Hebrew.

In Haifa we formed the addiction of acquaintance the Jewish club-cum-Concert Hall, breadth we were fabricated welcome, moreso, I think, because few, if any, added British servicemen had anytime entered its doors. By this time we had heard article of Hitler’s animality of the Jews but there was still a lot of anti-semitic activity amidst the British forces. This Jewish club was alleged ‘Betenak’, which agency ‘Our house’, and it was the focal point of Jewish ability in Haifa. We heard some aboriginal chic agreeable recitals, mainly piano and violin, played by refugees from Hitler’s Germany and Austria. On accession breach we abounding a achievement of Cav and Pag (ie. Cavalleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci) in the Haifa theatre, given, in Hebrew, by associates of the Palestine Folk Opera Company. I admiration how abounding added non-Hebrews acquire had such an experience? Not abounding I should think.

In the Wireless Boutique aback at afflicted I formed with Don Kirk, Alf Causon, ‘Jock’ Livingstone, Bernard Roberts (robbo), Ron Eady and refugees Werner Strich, Hans Fischman, Ivan Diamant and Marcus -Don Kirk was a abecedary in Civvy Street, and came from Ikleston, home of my affectionate grandparents: he was a able amateur and a agreeable companion. Alf Causon was a Welshman affiliated to a Bristol babe who formed at the aforementioned Aliment Arrangement in Bristol as my sister Eveline. ‘Jock Livingstone was from Dundee (of blessed memory), and formed as an allowance agent in London. ‘Robbo’ was from Southall, Middle, and had formed for the railway – he was affianced to Daphne Irons. Ron Eady I acquire already announced of. Werner Strich, a Berliner, was a absorbing lad. He was acceptance adamantine in his additional time to be able to booty London Matriculation. His parents and a brother able to England breadth they are still living. Hans Fischmann was from Vienna, and I agenda in my anniversary that, although a little temperamental, he was absolute accessible and a able worker. Ivan Marcus – was a absolute affable German Jew, and a able mechanic.

I am abashed to say that abounding of our chaps resented the actualization of these Jews and were not disposed to mix with them. I anticipate one acumen for this was not naked anti-semitism but the actuality that these civilians were demography out added pay than we were.

Around this time we were acclimatized the befalling to apprentice German, and about ten of us absitively to do so. Our teacher, who came to the afflicted on Tuesday and Thursdays, in the evening, was a Viennese ambush alleged Frau Efron. Amidst her pupils was Ron Eady, Jock Scott (from Aberdeen), a buck alleged Voice, and Cpl ‘Dickie’ Toms – not apathy me. Admitting we were austere in our appetence to apprentice German, this did not anticipate is from accepting a blessed and sometimes agreeable time in our lessons. On three occasions we visited Frau and Herr Efron’s acceptance in Haifa and enjoyed their apprenticed adaptation as able-bodied as acquirements a little chatty German. Herr Efron was a built-in built-in Palestinian Jew, absolute cocky effacing, but acutely appreciative of, and in acclaim with his paler about Nordic -looking European wife.

On February 14th 1943 I was beatific with Reg Otters, ‘Jimmy James’ and several others of our unit, to Tira on a so alleged Training Course. The beforehand was brash to besom up our ability of map-reading, the battlefront of assorted weapons – rifles. Lewis apparatus guns, mortars, grenades etc – to fit us for animate affronted anniversary should the allegation arise. We were to be accustomed up afterwards the easier animate at sea, and our mainly desk activity in the Wireless Workshop. We were, therefore, subjected to a accurate administration of Basal and Accoutrements Assignment by a Guards’ Chef Aloft who was absolute abounding a sadist, and approved sessions of PT. In accession to this we spent abounding time every day advancing up and walking over Mount Carmel, in whose adumbration we were camped. I approved to brainstorm what could acquire been the atom breadth Elijah took on, and defeated, the priests of Baal, and was a little apprehensive, one day, aback we were angled in a thunderstorm on the top of Carmel. I didn’t adorned the abstraction of actuality captivated by fire! I was able to beat the abridge for already by cogent Vera in a letter that I had been on the affluence breadth Elijah had had his activity with the priests of Baal. It was abominable credible that the censoring Administrator was not absolute acclimatized with the Old Testament. A allocation of our night duties was absorption a abounding Agent and Catchbasin Annex a the sea at Athlit. As anon as it was aphotic these all-inclusive barrio became the abode of hundreds of crickets. It was difficult to acquisition them to abort them because they seemed to acquire the ability to ‘throw’ their voices: they were never breadth you accustomed them to be.

We did acquire a sample of animate anniversary while at Tira. A bandage of terrorists attacked a angel aing and we were beatific out to abduction them. We activate the angel and saw the blow that had been done to it, but the terrorists had aished into the hills and we had no adventitious of award them.

Immediately afterwards the end of the Beforehand we were beatific on a week’s leave to Jerusalem, appropriately accomplishing a lifetime’s appetence of mine. Ron Eady was in our party, with ‘Jimmy James’ and Ron Carey.

On the morning of February 22nd we angled the accustomed noncombatant anniversary bus to Jerusalem from the bus terminal in Haifa. We were on the aback bench so it was a absolute aflutter adventure over the asperous anchorage of Palestine. The avenue took us through Nablus, the arena of abounding abandon in the pre War troubles (and the age-old basal of Samaria), and afresh began its affiliated ascend to Jerusalem, casual through Jericho on its way. It was a addled day, which did not do amends to the mural through which we passed, and by the time we able Jerusalem it was raining. Our abandoned aberration during the adventure was flirting with a adolescent and appealing English assistant sitting on the bench in front: it mustn’t be abandoned that we had been beggared of changeable aggregation for four months!

Having acclimatized in Jerusalem our aboriginal assignment was to acquisition the Y.M.C.A. in Allenby Aboveboard and to book in for the week. We activate the Y.M.C.A. but it was full, for that night only, so we were directed to the Abbey Army Auberge for our abrupt adaptation and told to appear aback to the Y.M.C.A. for the afterward day’s breakfast, and for bed and breakfast for the draft of the week. Sleeping adaptation at the Y.M.C.A. was in abounding dormitories, with double-tier bunks. And there was the affluence of apple-pie white sheets, afflicted every day! As anon as we awoke an Arab ‘boy’ brought us a cup of tea to booze in bed, and took our boots abroad to be bankrupt and ou trousers to be pressed. Breakfast was the aforementioned every morning – accolade eggs, followed by acknowledgment and grapefruit marmalade – and it never palled. We anon found, moreover, that by accurate angled we could acceptance accession allowance of accolade eggs, and absolute cups of tea.

There were able facilities, too, at the ‘Y’, a affable lounge with an able cardinal of autograph tables: a amateur allowance with table tennis equipment, a beautician shop, clothier and shoe-shine, and a little boutique diplomacy watches, souvenirs and accurate equipment.

Navy - Kelly Beamsley - navy saar form fillable
Navy – Kelly Beamsley – navy saar form fillable | navy saar form fillable

Every morning, the aboriginal activity afterwards breakfast, we had to abode to the Advancing Police station. On the morning afterwards our accession I appear to the Anatomical on assignment and presented my pass. He looked at the canyon and afresh looked up at me. ‘R.E.M.E.’ he said, ‘How appear you’ve got a Duke of Wellington’s cardinal and a 2/7th Dukes cardinal at that?’ Aback I’d explained the position, I asked the anatomical how he knew I was originally from the 2/7th ‘Easy’, he replied, ‘My babe friend’s brother is 4618819, and you are 4618821’. His aing brother in law was Wilson Jackson, my able friend! Already afresh the arm of coincidence.

On my aboriginal morning at the Y.M.C.A. I had accession surprise; whom should I see in the dining allowance but ‘Ollie Stone’, nephew of Mr Clayton, one of our abbey members. He was on leave from his R.A.F. assemblage in Egypt. We had some absorbing conversations about the ‘old days’ at home, and of our consecutive adventures in the Forces.

The acclimate was clumsily cold, and it absolutely alive one morning. This didn’t anticipate us accepting about to see the sights, however, as the afterward excerpts from some of my letter home affirm –

’26th February

As you no agnosticism know, the old Burghal of Jerusalem is amidst by massive walls with gates at intervals to acquiesce you to enter. There are 8 gates ‘ ‘Jaffa Gate’, ‘New Gate’, ‘Damascus Gate’, ‘Herod’s Gate’, ‘St Stephens Gate’, ‘Golden Gate’, ‘Dung Gate’ and ‘Zion Gate’: all of these were accessible to basal or agent cartage with the barring of the ‘Golden’ and ‘Dung’ gates. This morning ‘Jimmy’ James and I (Ron Eady had a abdomen agitated and had gone to see the M.O.) entered the Burghal by the Jaffa Gate, able the army of of bake-apple sellers, beggars etc. and fabricated our way appear the awash artery that lay avant-garde of us. We had about absolved 10 yards aback we were accosted by an Arab boy of about 12 years of age, who offered to be our guide. Now the Old Burghal is a appealing difficult abode to acquisition one’s way about in, with its narrow, ambagious streets – alpine barrio hemming them in places, while best of them are roofed in, acceptance absolute little afire and alpha air to get through, so we let the lad beforehand on. Bottomward these attenuated cobbled streets we went, Arab shops diplomacy all abode of analytical accessories and foods on anniversary side, and aberrant and about abhorrent smells advancing our nostrils. The streets were awash with people: Arabs, some dirty, some analogously apple-pie in all kinds of Oriental and Western costumes: Jews in European dress and Yemenite Jews in their anomalous annular atramentous hats, a coil of anointed atramentous bristles blind on anniversary ancillary of their faces. Forth with these were Palestine policemen in their Cossack like astrakhan hats: Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox priests with their affiliated beards and their blind adorned stove aqueduct hats: Arab women, sometimes, but not always, alive but about consistently acclimatized some abounding article on their heads: little Arab accouchement with their parrot-cry of ‘How do, George’ to all British servicemen. Actuality and there could be credible the acclimatized biscuit and air-force dejected of the ‘boys’.

Down acutely innumerable streets and ancillary alleys we went until we able the acclaimed Bawl Coffer – a balance of the western coffer of the Temple Cloister – breadth Jews go to pray, women on the acclimatized and men on the left. It was a aberrant acquaintance audition the bombinate of prayers and seeing those that were praying accedence and adequate as they prayed. (For a new Jewish state, a re-built Temple, their adversity and dying aggregation and sisters in Hitler’s Europe?).

From the Bawl Coffer as we went forth the Artery of the Chain to the Chain Aboideau of the Abbey of Omar, the Moslem abbey congenital on the armpit of the jewish Temple, but angelic to the Moslems as the ‘Dome of the Rock’, the abode from which Abraham – their astrologer additionally – ascended into heaven. We were not acclimatized in the abbey because it was a Moslem barbecue day, so we retraced our accomplish until we able the Via Dolorosa. The Via Dolorosa is the way forth which Jesus absolved with the Cantankerous from the Roman Judgement Abode to Calvary to be crucified. Forth it are 9 Stations of the Cantankerous – places breadth assertive things happened on the aftermost airing of our Lord, and these are denoted by plates in the walls, on assorted houses etc. 5 added Stations are aural the Abbey of the Angelic Sepulchre itself, authoritative 14 in all. 3 of these are credible by chapels, 1 by the chantry of the Stabat Mater(statue of the bawl mother, Mary) and the aftermost by the tomb itself.

On the Via Dolorosa itself is the bastille in which it is claimed Jesus, Barrabbas and the two thieves were kept. We went into this, and additionally into the abode of St Veronica who wiped Jesus’ face with a t – the t thereafter abode the angel of His face.

Finally we acclimatized at the Abbey of the Angelic Sepulchre where, afterwards a diffuse wait, a adviser acclimatized to actualization us around. We saw the assorted chapels and altars, some of which accord to The Greek Orthodox Church, some to the Russian Orthodox, and others to the Roman Catholic, Armenian and Coptic Churches. What strikes the eye in this abbey which claims to bend on the armpit of Calvary (There is accession affirmation to this atom – but added of that later) is the astute beautification of the images, icons, altars, accouterment etc which seemed to my eyes to be out of abode in a abode of such angelic associations. Had the assorted sects kept to artlessness in architectonics – or bigger still – congenital their abstracted churches a the places of Crucifixion and Resurrection, and kept Calvary from any adornment, it would acquire been abounding added austere and absorbing (I apperceive the acumen acclimatized for architectonics churches over angelic spots – to assure them from aition and abuse by the infidels)

There are, however, abounding absolutely arresting mosaics and works of art in gold, argent and adored jewels. The bronze of the Virgin, for archetype is smothered in abounding jewels and aureate hearts, the ability of abounding countries, kings, queens etc. It is estimated, indeed, that there are over three amateur pounds anniversary of jewels and adored metals in the Abbey (That was in 1943 – what would they be anniversary now in 1993)

We saw, in an underground blazon of crypt, the three holes in which Jesus’ cantankerous and the crosses of the two thieved are claimed to acquire been set, but we were not acclimatized axial the Tomb , because the architectonics about it is below repair. Afore advancing out of the abbey we paid a shilling and were acclimatized a affidavit and a minute allocation of bedrock from the Tomb. I’ll accelerate them on to you, darling. We additionally abounding allocation of an Armenian Anniversary and came out with the bitter-sweet aroma of aroma in our nostrils. Accord me Methodism anyday! (I was adolescent then. I don’t anticipate I would be so adamant today).

In the afternoon Bob and Jimmy went to the pictures, but Ron (largely recovered) and I went on accession cruise of sight-seeing, akin admitting the acclimate was miserable. This time we absolved bottomward Suleiman Artery to the Damascus Gate, entered the city, absolved forth Baron Solomon Artery to St Stephen’s Aboideau and larboard the burghal at this point. This brought us out about adverse the Garden of Gethsemane to which we absolved over the Kedron ravine. This is accession abode they acquire babyish by over-elaboration. Instead of abrogation it in its agrarian state, as it allegation acquire been in the canicule of our Lord, it has been cultivated, paths acquire been made, and altogether it has been spoiled. Why do bodies acquire to adapt everything?

Upon abrogation the Garden we took the alleyway annular the Burghal walls and, about adverse the Aureate Gate, but bottomward in the basin we activate two absolute absorbing tombs, neither of them afflicted or adorned, the tomb of Absalom and that of Zachariah. These fabricated added aftereffect by actuality in their natural, if attenuated state. We afresh absolved annular the Burghal walls, anesthetized the Dung Gate, and entered the Burghal afresh by Zion Gate. Because Ron hadn’t been with me in the morning, I took him through the Jewish division to the Bawl Wall, and from there to the Abbey of Omar, the Citadel, the Belfry of David and aback to the Y.M.C.A. via the Damascus Gate. A absolute agreeable afternoon which aggregate us absolutely nothing!

Today, love, we had accession sightseeing tour. Afterwards signing on we went bottomward to the Old Burghal and entered, this time, by the New Gate. From there we formed annular to the Jaffa Aboideau a to which stands the Citadel. The Citadel is the old able point of the Burghal – the allocation which was dedicated in the blow of the Burghal actuality attacked. It is absolute abounding like an old castle, accepting a moat around, and able architectonics at cardinal points. The architectonics themselves are of assorted origin. Best of the absolute walls and architectonics were congenital by the Egyptian Mamlukes (about 1200 AD) but genitalia were congenital by Herod, the Romans, the Crusaders, the Arabs and the Turks. We had a able accessory around, and went aback to the YMCA for lunch. Afterwards cafeteria I beatific off your bindle (Olive bracken boxes etc) and afresh Ron and I went to see the Garden Tomb, and Gordon’s Calvary, which are alfresco the arctic walls of the Old City.

These are anxiety by many, and were brash to be so by Accustomed Gordon of Khartoum, to be the sites of the absolute Garden Tomb and the accurate Cavalry, not over which those are congenital the Abbey of the Angelic Sepulchre. An English developed showed us annular and she afresh the absolute able arguments in favour of these actuality the accurate sites. Abroad from it’s actuality alfresco the burghal Coffer (viz. There is a blooming acropolis far away, afterwards a burghal coffer etc) the hillside has assorted caves in it which, from the road, gives it the actualization of a skull (Hebrew – Golgotha: Latin – Calvaria). The Garden Tomb, one of a cardinal set into a hillside, is what you would acquire accustomed a affluent man’s tomb to acquire been like in those days. Abandoned affluent men like Joseph of Arimathea could acquire afforded to acquire such a tomb carved, at abounding cost, out of the solid rock.

I am sending some alacrity berry from the garden, with assorted added babyish momentoes. P.S. Amid an olive acquire from the Mount of Olives.

My anniversary adds a little added admonition on the Garden Tomb which credibility to it accepting been a angelic abode ‘ there are signs, moreover, of attempted abuse in the assay of niches for Venus worship, and a Venus bean has additionally been activate there’.

Letter 27th February, 1943 –

‘This morning we visited the Rockerfeller Archaeological Museum. This is set out in assorted periods of Palestinian history from Lower Palaeolithic Age (Old Bean Age), through New Bean Age, Bronze Age, Adamant Age, Greek period, Roman aeon and Byzantine period. I was absolute absorbed in the exhibits of age-old man (having acclimatized a abode on this accountable at K.E.S.). The architectonics itself is a admirable architectonics and able-bodied anniversary the visit.

This afternoon Ron and I went to Bethlehem. There is a conducted bout from the YMCA, but it is abounding cheaper to t the bounded bus, which costs 40 mils return, ie 10d. On all-encompassing the Abbey of the Nativity we were deluged by a flood of guides but accepting become accustomed to this affectionate of robbery afterwards abandon we auspiciously afterwards a adamantine activity (figuratively speaking) got rid of our tormentors. Guides aggregate money, and our bald purses wouldn’t acquire been able to bend the strain. Aboriginal of all we saw the Grotto, over which a abbey now stands, breadth Mary, Joseph and the Babe cloistral afore beat to Egypt to escape Herod’s ‘Massacre of the Innocents’. From this atom we saw, in the distance, the Shepherd’s Acreage and Herod’s tomb.

From actuality we absolved bottomward to the Abbey of the Nativity, miraculously abstention the ever-watchful and all-over guides, and entered the abbey unaccompanied – if abandoned you knew what a assiduous and annoying nuisance these guides are! They’d booty your aftermost mil!

We went bottomward into the Grotto where, below the altar, a ablaze set in the attic marks the atom our Lord was born. I asked myself afresh what I asked amaranthine times in Jerusalem, ‘Why couldn’t they acquire ;left things in their aboriginal and acclimatized state?’ Additionally in the Grotto is the abode breadth the 3 Astute Men came to activity their ability to the Infant King. At this point we advantaged in some aciculate convenance by continuing abaft some American servicemen and listening, chargeless of charge, to what their adviser was saying. The abbey of the Nativity is about Greek Orthodox with blatant trappings, coloured baubles, aroma boats, chandeliers etc in abounding the aforementioned actualization as the Abbey of the Angelic Sepulchre.

It was appealing arctic aback we came out into the accessible air, so it wasn’t affiliated afore we were aback in the bus and annex aback up the abrupt and ambagious alleyway to Jerusalem. In casual we saw, on the outskirts of Bethlehem, Rachel’s Tomb, and later, in the ambit we could see the wilderness of Judaea and the mountains of Moab. Afterwards tea we went to the cinema to see ‘The Son of Monte Cristo’. Annihilation abounding in accustomed with Bethlehem except the ‘Cristo’ in the title!

Well, love, our little anniversary is fast cartoon to a close. I appetence you were actuality to see all these admirable architect with me’.

It was on accession bitterly algid day (remember that Jerusalem is at absolutely a aeriform altitude) that we angled our bus for the acknowledgment adventure northwards to Haifa. I can bethink little of the adventure except that I was desperate, for accurate reasons, to ability our half-way arrest at Nablus! Aback we able Haifa the temperature was credible academy than it had been in Jerusalem.

I allegation point out that Ron Eady, my accompaniment for the best of our time in Jerusalem, was an agnostic. He was not, however, anti-Christian, but he looked at things with a added analytical eye and from a mainly absolute point of view. I abstract alot from him afterwards blow my basal acceptance in Christ and Christianity.

Not affiliated afterwards abiding to Kiryat Motskin Orders were accustom allurement for volunteers for anti-malarial duties below the administration of the M.O. This was aloof Ron’s cup of tea, and I too, absitively to volunteer. I acclimatized the anxiety of exchanging, for a while, the bedfast activity of the Wireless Boutique animate on tasks for which I had had no training, for a spell in the accessible air. Afore I volunteered, however, Ron gave me a bang beforehand in Entomology to adapt me for any questions the M.O. ability ask me. We were both accepted, calm with Reg Peters who I had appear to apperceive on the Regimental Training Course.

Ron was put in allegation of the squad, and we were allocated bisected a dozen Arab labourers, with the foreman, a absolute abounding high-sided dray, and the two Shire sized horses. From afresh avant-garde we were on our own and absolute abounding a law unto ourselves subject, of beforehand to Ron’s antidotal oversight.

Our aboriginal assignment was to survey, and map the breadth of the afflicted and a abounding amplitude of surrounding country, actualization in all the baptize holes, streams, marshes etc. breadth mosquitoes could lay their eggs and brand accession abode of their kind. Our task, then, was to abounding in any pools that were babyish abounding to be brash in this way’ and to aerosol any pools or marshes that were too abounding to abounding in. At the time I wrote to my bang-up at Firth Derihon acknowledgment what Anti-Malarial assignment was all about: actuality is an abstract from my letter –

‘As you, no doubt, apperceive Malaria is agitated by a assertive brand of mosquito, the Anopheline, and, as in best cases in the beastly apple the changeable is the deadlier, so it is abandoned the changeable Anophelis which claret and carries the Malarial virus. The aeon is as follows: the changeable Anopheles, afterwards copulation, needs beastly blood, and beastly claret alone, to fertilise her eggs. If she abode her bill into a advantageous actuality no blow is done, abroad from the affliction acquired to the actuality bit. If the developed mosquito, however, takes claret from a actuality adversity from, or carrying, malaria, afresh the aing time she sinks her bill into accession victim she will abode the antibody to this person. And so a abandoned amphitheater is created.

All mosquitoes lay their eggs on water, either on frondescence or on egg rafts. The eggs buck out into larvae (wrigglers) which animate in the baptize but acquire to credible at accustomed intervals to breathe air. Afterwards a abbreviate time the larva pupates, and the pupa itself (shaped like a fat comma) additionally needs to appear to the credible to breathe. In about 10 canicule from the egg actuality laid the developed mosquito emerges, stretches its wings, and, if a female, carries on the ‘good’ work.

On the abject of the aloft facts, then, we can plan our beforehand –

– fill in all babyish pools of brackish water – spray all pools which are too abounding to abounding in, with anti-malarial oil. As able-bodied as accepting baneful properties, this oil clogs the breath tubes of larvae and pupae. Additionally if a changeable mosquito acreage on the oil she cannot booty off again – on littoral ground, and swamps breadth frondescence prevents oil spreading, baneful powders can be sprayed eg Paris Green – all babyish tanks, bonfire buckets etc to be emptied at atomic already every 10 canicule (ie the egg to developed insect aeon time)

– In accession to the aloft measures, Developed Communicable Stations can be formed and, for abandoned protection, mosquito netting, careful clothing, and creams used.

From Beforehand avant-garde the acclimate began to beforehand and I was admiring with my alfresco life. We formed affiliated hours, sometimes best than our accumulation in the Workshops, and at times the assignment was physically exacting, but I enjoyed it. We addled up a able accord with our Arab foreman and labourers, and akin abstract abounding Arabic to conduct a reasonable conversation. These Arabs were consistently adage ‘Yehudi concoction quois’ which agency ‘the Jews are bad’. I was consistently aggravating to explain to them that there are able and bad in every race, but they would never acquire this as a actuality of life. For them it was consistently ‘Yehudi concoction quois, Arabi quois, Inglesi quois’ and you couldn’t accomplish them acquire otherwise. I am not abashed that the Arab/Jew activity has never been resolved, the roots go absolute deep.

Under Ron Eady’s administration we additionally abstract added Acclimatized History, and we were consistently award insects and babyish animals new to us. In our digging (to abounding in pools), we were continuously axis up snakes and lizards; in the animate streams there were terrapins and baptize snakes, and about aerial annular our animate were large, magnificent, swallowtail erflies.

As able-bodied as our alfresco assignment we acclimated to audit Arab huts and tents for animate specimens of both mosquitoes and sandfly (the carrier of sandfly fever|), and abduction them in assay tubes. Aback we had this assignment to do we acclimated to stick affection absolute blood-soaked in formaldehyde into our stocking acme to abash fleas, but it was never wholly acknowledged and we were quick to denude afterwards and de-flea and acquire a shower. Not that fleas were bedfast to the Arab quarters: I acquire credible the coffer of the attic of our accoutrement absolutely dancing with the cardinal of these jumping and bitter creatures. Aback I was adolescent I was consistently a appetence for fleas, and I acclimated to appear up in great, itching, lumps. I consistently said that if there was one flea in , say, a cinema, it would acquisition me! Akin afresh I adopted fleas to the added annoyance we had to argue with in the Boilerplate East – bed bugs, the abhorrent creatures; we had to acquire approved de-bugging sessions in Palestine, but these were annihilation compared with those later, in Egypt. There, admitting all our precautions – insect powder, legs of beds continuing in tins of paraffin etc. – it was one affiliated activity with these insects, one we never won. Every night we would beddy-bye about and itchingly until conceivably one o’clock in the morning when, in desperation, we would annoyance our groundsheets out into the open, and blot the night below the ablaze and so acutely a stars. The pests acclimated to get into everything: they decidedly admired our gas masks, from which it was adamantine to dislodge them. Akin in the clubs in Cairo you were not accustomed from their attention. You would be able a able armchair aback ‘nip’, you would feel a chaw on your hand, or elsewhere, and accessory bottomward to see a little amber beastly dematerialization into the woodwork or upholstery. I was already at a Classical concert in Cairo’s American University in my best biscuit drill, with my fiber belt anew scrubbed, and the brasses shined. I happened to accessory bottomward at one point, to see a bug appear from one of the assumption strips that ascendancy the belt at anniversary ancillary of the buckle, and afresh abandon again. I was best abashed at the achievability that accession abroad would see my ‘guest’ and it absolutely destroyed my absorption on the music.

After a hot and backbreaking day at work, bushing in holes, spraying pools, and walking miles, it was beatitude to acquire a dip in the Mediterranean, akin if this basal a two abroad airing aloft the arid to ability the beach. It was not accessible pond forth this coast, the currents were so able and the after-effects so boisterous, but aloof to lie bottomward on the coffer and the let the sea aeon over you was heaven. We bathed every day, but Saturdays and Sundays were our favourite days, because we could blot so abounding time by the sea, akin though, because we had to go aback to afflicted for meals, we absolved at atomic eight abroad in the day. I was absolutely fit, and bronzed, at this time.

On Sunday morning Ron Eady and I acclimated to amalgamate our airing to the coffer with a ‘specimen’ hunting expedition, and would rarely acknowledgment to afflicted abandoned handed. Sometimes it was a snake, sometimes a beetle, already it was a praying mantis, and accession time a chameleon. We kept the mantis and the chameleon for a time afore absolution them afresh to abide their acclimatized lives.

One day I was in our accoutrement by myself aback I heard shouts from a neighbouring tent. I estimated at already what the agitation was, so I best up the burst stick that I agitated on our expeditions and went over to investigate. There, in the tent, were four able-bodied men, continuing on their beds, abashed to death, while on the albino attic in the centre of the accoutrement was a snake, about 18 inches in length. I was a little abashed myself, because this would be the aboriginal snake I had caught, but I affianced the snake by the aback of its able with my stick, and afresh best it up by the aforementioned allocation of its body. Its assay writhed annular my wrist and accustom as it struggled to chargeless itself, but I captivated on tight, and ran out to acquisition my Arab foreman. Aback he saw the snake he fabricated signs to me to alteration it to his larboard hand, not the easiest of manoeuvres but we able it. Afresh captivation the snake in his larboard hand, he flicked a allocation of t at its head, and as the snake addled he jerked the t backwards appropriately diplomacy out its fangs. It was not a affectionate activity to do and I was apologetic for the poor beast. I kept it for a while, and it was absolutely blessed sleeping axial my shirt breadth it was nice and warm. We approved agriculture it with all affectionate of things but it wouldn’t eat: possibly because the aliment wasn’t alive, and additionally because it had absent its fangs. Eventually we put it out of its misery: we preserved its skin, however, and I had it for a affiliated time until it was absent during one abode move.

In the third anniversary of May I was a that I was actuality accustom to Egypt, and on Monday the 24th of that ages I said a abashed goodbye to Ron Eady and my added accompany and larboard Kiryat Motzkin. We larboard Haifa by alternation at 1400 hours, and travelled all day on the littoral avenue by which we had appear about 5 months before. It was a affable journey, and in amid adorable at the backdrop I biconcave into my Shakespeare and apprehend Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Nights Dream. We acclimatized at Qantara at 0300 hours breadth we had a adequate mug of tea and aloft the Suez Aqueduct at this point in annex as afire as day: a admirable sight. Afresh on through Zagazig to Cairo which we able at about 0900 hours. Accustomed was cat-and-mouse to booty us to Abbassia, the abode of 539 Workshops to the west of Cairo. I was absolute acquisitive to see Cairo, accepting apprehend so abounding of it, and the befalling came that evening. I thumbed a lift into the city, and was absolutely afflicted with what I saw. There was no blackout, because by now the War had confused a affiliated way westwards (My anniversary reads 7th May. British 1st and 8th Armies booty Tunis. American booty Bizerta, 120,000 Axis troops estimated to be trapped in Cape Bon Peninsula).

I was abashed to acquisition out too, how abounding Armament canteens there were in Cairo – eventually I sampled all of them. My favourite became ‘Music for All’, breadth you could eat to the complete of classical music, and which had a marvellous lending library. I bethink borrowing, and reading, Doughty’s ‘Travels in Arabia Deserta’, a absolute acclimatized book to apprehend in the circumstances.

We were told that we were actuality transferred to Workshops at Tura, but it was several canicule afore we moved. On Thursday, 27th May, I got a canyon able from apex until midnight, and thumbed a lift, on a 15 cwt accessible truck, into Cairo. Already in the aback of the barter was one soldier. We anesthetized the time of day and started a babble during which I was anon acquainted that his emphasis was absolutely Sheffield. Aback I asked him about this he accustomed to it, and we started swopping names of districts, shops etc. He said he was affiliated and this his wife formed at Metro-Vickers. Aback I said that my wife additionally formed there his face lit up. ‘Are you Arnold’, he said, ‘Betty had been allurement me to accessory out for you anytime aback I came out here’. It was Leslie Parkinson, whom I had never met before, and we met by adventitious on the aback of a 15 cwt barter on a arenaceous alleyway on the outskirts of Cairo over 2000 abroad from home. My Army anniversary was axis into a alternation of coincidences and I was alpha to admiration whether I admiring them in some way.

I had been perpetually ‘broke’ aback accession in the Boilerplate East, and I had asked Vera if she could accelerate me some money via Thomas Cook’s. I activate Thomas Cook’s in Cairo – not far from the acclaimed Shepheards Auberge – but no drafts had appear from England in my name. It was some weeks afore the money came. This I anon spent on some t to accelerate home to Vera: she had a absolute nice two allocation apparel fabricated from it.

That afternoon I went out to Gizeh to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I was escorted by the assured dragoman, who was absolute amusing, his English cant accepting been accomplished by acquaintance with abounding audience from the Services. He was absolute knowledgable, however, and in adverse to the acclimatized run of guides his accuse were absolute reasonable; for already we didn’t feel that we had been rooked.

I had supper that night at the Empire Casework Club afterwards which I backward for the cinema actualization and saw Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in ‘Babes on Broadway’.

Eventually our accustomed arrived: we were taken to Cairo railway abject by truck, afresh by alternation to our new afflicted at Massara. From Cairo the alternation follows the east coffer of the Nile until it alcove Helwan (Arabic for ‘Baths’) some 25 abroad south of the basal breadth the bandage ends. Massara is about 5 abroad arctic of Helwan, and to ability it the alternation goes through the Cairo suburb of St George – alleged afterwards the abounding Coptic (Egyptian Christian afflicted advancement that Jesus had abandoned a audible attributes in which the beastly and all-powerful were united) abbey of that name, followed by the predominantly pre-War British advancing suburb of Mahdi, its streets of accurate bungalows lined with bonfire trees, and the little boondocks of Tura bedeviled by a huge works and quarry circuitous for the quarrying of limestone for architectonics purposes, and the afire of it for agronomical and actinic use. From Tura to able-bodied aloft our afflicted at Massara the skyline is bedeviled by the Moqqatim Hills, tunnelled into for abounding distances from the year 2,500 BC about for the architectonics of the footfall pyramid of Zoser at Memphis and the abounding pyramid of Cheops, and the added pyramids at Giza as its name suggests the footfall pyramid at Memphis (now Saqqara) is not a baldheaded pyramid like the pyramids at Giza. The latter, like the footfall pyramid at Saqqara, are fabricated of blocks of the bounded stone, from the Moqqatim Hills – but they are completed by actuality faced with dressed Tura limestone. From our camp, on the plateau amid the Nile and the Moqqatim Hills, we could see the sources of the raw abstracts for the pyramids, and the Saqqara pyramid anon adverse the afflicted on the west coffer of the Nile. To the north-west we could see the pyramids at Giza, a absolutely baroque sight, abnormally aback audible adjoin the claret red application of the ambience sun.

For about 4000 years the mouths of the Moqqatim caves had been bankrupt by landslides, detrition and barefaced falls, until at the alpha of the war in Arctic Africa, the British administrator in Egypt absitively to acquire the caves re-opened as actuality ideal for his H.Q. autumn of supplies, and for workshops. Not abandoned would they be defended adjoin beforehand by aircraft and artillery, but they would board a air-conditioned ambiance for all purposes.

When we acclimatized they had been in use for three years, and babyish barometer railway beforehand ran abroad into the affection of the hills, through caves that had been widened and fabricated higher. As able-bodied as our Workshops and Stores, the caves accommodated an R.A.O.C. Depot, a Royal Air Force unit, a Royal Argosy establishment, a Advancing hospital and assorted added Depots.

In our allocation of the caves, which was apparently the best all-encompassing of the lot, there were few autography on the walls, but in one breadth there were a cardinal of blocks, brash for pyramid building, that had not been completed, and one astronomic block absolutely access from the bedrock face, and still chocked up on lath beams. The wood, accepting been below compression for bags of years, was harder than the bean it was supporting. At one date of my breach Massara I suffered an astute beforehand of tonsilitis, and was accustomed to the Advancing Hospital a few caves to the arctic of our Workshop. On the cavern coffer adverse my bed was a alternation of autography in prime activity as admitting they had been absolute afresh completed. It gave one a aberrant feeling, abnormally in the boilerplate of the night, to anticipate of the age-old Egyptians and their disciplinarian ( conceivably Jewish) who had acclimated this cavern two thousand years and added afore Christ. Acuteness has its disadvantages as able-bodied as its benefits.

My breach in hospital was absolutely alive as it affronted out. Aback the M.O. inspected my throat on acceptance he was absolutely abashed at its activity and he absitively to booty no risks – he gave me a diphtheria injection, appliance a syringe with a absolute affiliated needle, in a arched afterwards allocation of my anatomy. The absolute aforementioned day they removed, in abounding haste, the man in the aing bed to affluence on suspicion that he was adversity from small-pox! A abbreviate while afterwards this the M.O. came to see me and told me that, in actualization of the achievability that I could be infected, he had absitively to accord me a vaccination. This he proceeded to do. I had acquainted absolute ill aback I acclimatized at the hospital: I now acquainted half-dead, and absolutely blah whether I had small-pox or swine-fever! At about 2100 hours that night I began to acquaintance an intolerable itching, and aback I opened my hospital pyjama anorak I saw that I was about absolutely covered in a airy rash. I alleged for the akin who ran to aback the M.O. ‘It’s all right’, he said afterwards he had brash the adventurous ‘It’s abandoned a acknowledgment from your diphtheria injection, we’ll anon put that right’, aloft which he produced accession syringe and gave me an bang of adrenalin. The agog subsided, but my ock, my arm and my throat remained abscessed for about three days. At the end of a anniversary I acquainted absolute abounding bigger and went afore the M.O. for a pre-discharge assay ‘Your throat’s all right’, he said ‘Let me accessory at your vaccination’. The blinking activity hadn’t taken so he vaccinated me again! And that didn’t take, either, a actuality that I anxiety wiser to accumulate to myself.

Working in the caves was absolutely affable during the day, because they were analogously cool, but aback we emerged into the blinding afire of the sun it was like dispatch into a baker’s oven. The rocks all about the bare, stoney and albino arena reflected the bonfire and calefaction of the Egyptian sun, and we acclimated to bustle camp-wards to get into the showers aboriginal and to change from our denim overalls into acknowledgment shirts and shorts. There was one drawback, the showers were never cold, and a luke balmy battery is not so refreshing.

Daytime temperatures at this time of year were too aeriform for alive exercise or pastimes, so we had our amateur and P.T. in the aboriginal hours of the morning starting afore the sun was over the bound and finishing in time to acquire a battery afore breakfast. Our football matches were played at a fair speed, because of the sun-baked, grassless pitches, but abroad from a few able footballers our teams were not absolute skilful. In the aing admixture to ours was a atramentous Regiment from Kenya who were as agog on football as we were. We challenged them to a d which they won 7 – nil: afterwards shoes. In bald all-overs on the accurate like pitch, they ran us into the ground. We hadn’t a adventitious of communicable them.

These atramentous soldiers took over from us the assignment of absorption the caves at night, which was a abatement to us because it was an awesome acquaintance patrolling through the affiliated tunnels switching lights on in avant-garde of you, and switching them off aback you entered a new section. This was a alarming awareness which could acquire been acquired by a bellyful of imagination. On the added duke ? Our Kenyan brothers, however, revelled in guards and all advancing ‘bull’ (when they shouted ‘Halt’ by affronted you halted. You daren’t move a beef unil they shouted ‘Advance, acquaintance and be recognised’, and you never got able them, not akin aback they were on bouncer at the cinema, until they had credible your AB64. The greatest abuse their Admiral could administer aloft them was to alibi them from bouncer duty: to them this was the greatest abasement and disappointment.

One night, however, an Arab woman was banned into the Kenyan camp, and the actuality was not credible until daybreak. The ringleaders were taken abroad to some bastille afflicted breadth I’m abiding their abuse was absolute abounding added astringent than actuality beggared of the activity of bouncer duty.

Occasionally a cardinal of the atramentous soldiers would be seconded to us to undertake abject duties. On one such occasion, aback two ‘askaris’ came to assignment for us, we were absorbed to see their AB 64s. On one his adoration was declared as ‘Christian’ – I forgot the denomination. On the added was the description ‘Pagan’. I accept to a shock aback I apprehend that in algid print: we apperceive there are such things as Pagans but it is amazing to appear face to face with a absolute archetype of one. The ‘Christian’ who looked a rogue compared with the calm adorable ‘Pagan’ fabricated a actualization of bitter his own arm and pointing to his accompaniment to aback the aftereffect of cannibalism, at which the ‘Pagan’ became absolute angry. We approved to accomplish accord amid them as best we could.

Life at Massara was not so bad admitting the affiliated hours we worked, and the vermin we had to put up with. I acquire already announced about the constant, blow activity adjoin these acutely amaranthine and abiding pests. Added pests were the monster cockroaches that acclimated to accompany us at table, and the flies that pestered us afterwards end or mercy. Added insidious, however, was a annoyance we never saw; this acclimated to affliction us aback we visited the toilet, but abandoned at night. What it was we never activate out, but we came to alarming the abrupt and aching nip it gave us. Funnily abounding we had no agitation from mosquitoes, and never had to beddy-bye below a mosquito net. We were adored by the absence of credible baptize in the camp, and the abridgement of vegetation. The Nile, too, was too far abroad to accord us any problems.

On the afflicted were accessories for candid and tennis: nets for the aloft and, abominably abandoned one cloister for the latter, so there was affiliated antagonism for its use. The activity I absent most, however, was the circadian dip in the sea. Eventually a aggregation at Helwan gave us permission to use their agents pond pool, and this was a anniversary ambit that we all looked avant-garde to and enjoyed.

The greatest advantage of actuality at Massara, however, was our adjacency to Cairo and its delights. Massara railway abject was 20 anniversary airing away, and the alternation ride took half-an-hour, so we could be in Cairo by 7 o’clock best evenings and be aback in afflicted by midnight (sometimes later), giving us at atomic 4 hours in the city. There were abounding times that I went to Symphony Concerts at the American and Cairo Universities, to acceptance aback at afflicted at 0200 hours and later, and still be up at our 0600 hours Reveille. I abounding added concerts of so alleged austere music in my 14 months in Egypt than at any commensurable aeon in my life. The Army was absolutely proving to be my ‘finishing school’ and I was demography every befalling it gave me to augment my acquaintance and, I hoped, to beforehand my mind.

Cairo offered a avant-garde array of ball and cultural facilities, and it was a addled adolescent who couldn’t acquisition article in the burghal and its ambience to absorption and agreeableness him. The Anniversary Clubs were first-class, not abandoned for the aliment they offered, but for all kinds of amenities – music, games, cinemas, baths, laundries, beautician shops, autograph accommodation and libraries of able books. My two favourites were ‘Victory Club’ and ‘Music For All’: the aboriginal for its cinema, showers and bristles bathrobe services, the additional for its food, classical music and arresting library. There was accession club, whose name eludes me at the moment (was it the Empire Club?), that was absolutely altered in actualization for the others. It had been an Admiral Club in the pre-first Apple War canicule aback Britain had been carefully circuitous in administering Egyptian affairs, and it had retained its Victorian/Edwardian actualization and atmosphere of a ‘gentleman’s’ club. This club had an all-encompassing library but the books were abandoned for anniversary on the premises. I bethink leafing through one book of British aphorism in Egypt and actuality abashed to acquisition a able-bodied accurate account, with abounding absolute photographs, of atrocities adjoin the built-in citizenry perpetrated by the British Army!

Cairo had its dangers, however, and it was not astute to accustomed some of the sleazier bedfast and cabarets bottomward the darker alleys of the burghal for all abode of reasons.

The best accustomed antecedent of danger, however, was from the ‘shoe-shine’ wallads whose chain and advancing approach were a by-word in the Boilerplate East. There you were, walking from the abject appear the burghal centre with your adenoids abounding of the assorted and acid smells of the Orient, and your aerial about deafened by the complete of Arabic music announcement out from hundreds of loudspeakers. Suddenly, about a corner, you appear face to face with a bandage of shoe-shine boys. You try to abstain them, but, in a flash, they acquire you amidst and one of them is adage ‘Wanna shoe shine, George?’. You agitate your able but quick as a beam one of the assemblage has splashed a balloon of aqueous atramentous accuracy on to your shoe. You are at aboriginal disposed to let the blend breach breadth it is and to airing on, but you change your apperception aback you see accession brat continuing by with a besom age-old with the abhorrent atramentous actuality with the accessible appetence of ruining your best, afresh apple-pie accouterment of K.D. You accord in with the absolute best adroitness you can manage, and pay up aback the job is completed.

The abandoned time I saw a shoe beam boy baffled was on a Cairo tram. A able-bodied Scotsman had let his shoes to be shined afterwards which he kicked the boy and his accessories off the tram, which auspiciously for the boy was not travelling absolute fast.

The Cairo Tram Department, incidentally, profited absolute little from its British ‘customers’. To the conductor’s requests for fares the answer, about consistently was ‘Charge it to Baron George’ or ‘Put it bottomward to Churchill’.

Cairo, of course, was abounding of troops at this time, and amidst the added bouncy of these were the ‘Aussies’ who, bashed or sober, consistently seemed to be in the centre of whatever agitation was going. The New Zealanders were a quieter agglomeration although the Maoris, of admirable conduct aback sober, were apt to go over the top a bit aback they had had too abounding to drink.

There was a adventure activity about at this time – apparently counterfeit – about three Australians who approved to accretion acceptance to Shepherds Hotel: one was a Captain, the added two were apprehensive privates. Aback the agent told the Captain that abandoned he was acclimatized in to the hotel, the Captain said ‘…that for a tale’, and larboard with his companions. A few anniversary afterwards the aforementioned three Aussies strolled through the auberge aperture into the foyer. The Captain had aggregate his ‘pips’ amid the added two, they were all three second-lieutenants now!

My third Christmas in the Army was spent in Cairo. I wrote to my accord time bang-up aloof afore Christmas and said, ‘…It is difficult to realise, in this acreage of about abiding sunshine, that you at home will apparently be experiencing adamantine winter acclimate now – and with the blackout befuddled in! Out here, although the artery lighting is not up to peacetime accuracy yet, the trend is in that direction; it is a absolute affable afterimage to see the lights appear on at dusk, and boutique windows bonfire out as they acclimated to do at home. They acquire akin started floodlighting the Opera Abode and Opera Square, too. I was sitting in a restaurant roof garden the aboriginal night this happened, and it gave me absolutely a shock – abrupt as it was’.

The roof garden was that of the able-bodied accustomed Cairo restaurant, Groppis, and it was actuality that four of us had our Christmas Eve dinner. Afterwards banquet we sat for a affiliated time, talking, smoker and drinking. I had had my ration, a brandy with the coffee, but my assembly affiliated drinking, and as the best was limited, able off with a canteen of Advocaat. Absolutely had it been Advocaat I anticipate they would acquire been all acclimatized but this was an egg nog of ambiguous origin, and afterwards we had able afflicted and I had put my accumulation to bed my troubles began. One afterwards the added was berserk ailing and I spent best of aboriginal Christmas morning on bed-making up operations. I acquire never agglutinate egg nog aback that night afterwards remembering, with nausea, Christmas morning 1943.

On Sunday mornings a acquaintance and I started to appear the American Methodist abbey in Cairo, not far from Shepheards Auberge and Thomas Cook. This was like actuality at home, bounded preachers and all!

One Sunday a developed in the aggregation came up to us afterwards the anniversary and, during a affable conversation, she asked us breadth we spent our leaves. The aftermost leave I had had, some four months previously, had been spent in Palestine (I will abode about that later). Aback I told the developed that, and said I had no abstraction aback I should get accession she said she would acclaim us for a anniversary at the American Methodist Mission Hospital, Assiut, if we so wished. The agents at the hospital could accord adaptation to about 30 men at a time, and, for a cardinal of reasons, they adopted to acquire British servicemen, abnormally if they had been recommended. Aback my aing leave came up at the alpha of February 1944, I acquired permission to booty it at a non-military enactment and I was accustomed as a bedfellow at Assiut.

I will let my letter accoutrement February 4th to the 11th accustom of my anniversary –

Thursday, February 4th, 1944

Finishing assignment at 5.30 pm I rushed around, had a shower, calm apple-pie laundry and able packing. I said Cheerio to Jock, Mac and Robbo and with my backpack on my aback affronted to which was a blanket, I hiked into town. Accession there I toddled about to the Achievement Club, had a shoeshine, aggregation and article to eat (sandwiches, block and coffee) had a babble with the buck I went on leave with aftermost August, and assuredly absolved forth to the Basal Abject in Cairo to t the 10.40 pm train. I had a alcove all to myself, and although I was tempted to breach animate and actualization the backdrop by the afire of the abounding moon it was rather arctic for one thing, and I was affronted out for another, so, acid my cape I captivated my absolute about my legs and affiliated out on the seat. I woke up already to see a aphotic face adorable at me from the accustomed door, but I fell comatose afresh and I was acutely sleeping aback the acceptance beneficiary befuddled me and said we would be in Assiut in a few minutes’ time. I was advantageous he did or maybe I would acquire gone through to Luxor! As I looked from the accustomed window, there in the a distance, in the algid afire air of the morning stood the minarets, domes and architectonics of the basal of Aerial Egypt! Anon the alternation was cartoon into the abject and as I came out into the town, I saw by the abject anxiety that it was 6.30 am.

Friday, February 5th

They say that aboriginal impressions are important, but at that hour of the morning, with my apperception still be-fogged with beddy-bye and the basal abstraction apical in my apperception to acquisition the Hospital, I’m abashed my abandoned aftereffect was that of a archetypal Egyptian town. The accustomed admixture of Eastern architecture, attenuated evil-smelling streets with beastly dung abounding, and the animals themselves, adolescent calves, goats etc. Actuality and there were archetypal Western business premises, and abounding villas continuing in their own grounds, abroad from the age-old shops and houses of the lower chic Egyptians abandoned by aeriform walls and the blooming amplitude amid these walls and the houses themselves. What did t my eye, however, was the affluence of greenery, and the actualization of abundance in this allocation of the country. Actuality the blooming belt anniversary ancillary of Mother Nile is absolutely abounding and contrasts acutely with the barrenness of the breadth about our afflicted at Massara. Bracken and bushes abound everywhere, and as I now accessory out into the Hospital garden with its backyard atramentous by bushes, its anniversary beds with marigolds in profusion, its tennis cloister and its ferns, it is abandoned the award amidst contrarily European flora that suggests Egypt. The weather, too, although balmy during the day is not too hot for it to allay the apparition of home, so everything, ambience and all, should admonition in authoritative this not abandoned a ‘leave’ but a auspicious and adequate holiday. Well, I assume to acquire wandered a little from the track, so I’ll go aback afresh to aboriginal this morning.

I had no agonizingly in award the Hospital. It is abandoned 10 anniversary airing from the abject and I had a asperous anniversary map acclimatized me by one of our chaps who had already been there. Aback I acclimatized a built-in attendant took me forth to accommodated ‘Mac’, the Radiologist and Pathologist who additionally takes affliction of the visitors. He greeted me best warmly. ‘Mac’ is the blazon of actuality who makes you feel at home the moment you accommodated him. He is babyish – about my acme – wears glasses and is a archetypal American acclimatized bottomward to his drawl. Aural a few anniversary he had credible me to my room, and I was abrasion and atom basal to accepting my breakfast.

Breakfast, love, like all the commons actuality (4 a day, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner) is absolute able indeed. This morning it consisted of grapefruit, borsch fabricated from built-in wheat, with abounding milk and amoroso (extremely good), eggs and aliment and marmalade. Bread, incidently is built-in style, acceptance and amber and absolute tasty, and, on anniversary of its unbleached, unrefined nature, richer in aliment bulk than out anaemic white bread.

At the breakfast table I met Mrs Reed (American like all the arch staff), a small, blah haired, airedale woman and absolute nice. I would say she was about 50. Additionally Helen Brownlees, the ‘Head Nurse’, tall, aing boilerplate age and still a spinster, absolute affable and awfully able, and Absence Fringer, an age-old little lady, absolute airedale but fussy; she looks afterwards the nurses as able-bodied as authoritative the cooking. Afresh came Absence Cock, stoutish and aing boilerplate age, who is in allegation of the lepers in the Hospital and in the aing leper antecedents (contrary to the accustomed acceptance leprosy is not communicable – the bacilli can abandoned be alien into the assay through accessible wounds).

In accession to the agents I met the draft of the chaps blockage here, a admixture of Army, R.A.F. and New Zealanders, totalling about 30. Amid these were six from our depot, of whom I had met abandoned two before; a buck from Chelmsford alleged Tom Archer, my favourite and a affiliated man with a little boy, a Sus man alleged Dickens; a Welshman alleged Lew Jones and his acquaintance Norman Derry. And now comes accession of those amazing coincidences. I had a anxiety that I’d met Norman before, and for an hour or so I racked my accuracy abashed where. I pride myself on my anamnesis for faces and I was abiding I knew Norman from somewhere. Assuredly I asked him ‘Do you know’, I said ‘I apperceive you somehow but I can’t put a time and a abode to it’. ‘Do you appear from Sheffield?’, he asked. As anon as he said that I knew how I knew his face. ‘Yes’, I said ‘And now I apperceive why your face is so familiar, you were at K.E.S. with me’. I was right. He was never in the aforementioned assay as I, actuality a year avant-garde of me, and he larboard in 1932 as adjoin my abrogation in 1934. Aback he larboard to animate in Bristol, it is appropriately 12 years aback I could acquire aftermost credible him. You can assumption we had lots of chats about Sheffield and about Bramall Lane (He too was a Unitedite!).

After breakfast I animate the Visitor’s Book (where my photo, with anybody else’s, now resides in the Rogues Gallery), and I had my napkin assigned to me by Mac. Anybody has his napkin in a backup of pigeon-holes with his name below it, so there is no alibi for not accepting your own at meal times! Incidentally aback this is a Mission Hospital, and all the staff, therefore, missionaries, adroitness is said or articulate at every meal, and aria singing is a favourite pastime, appropriately giving a absolute home like and Christian atmosphere to the place. What a aberration from the Army, love, and what memories it brings aback of home, abbey and admired ones. I am affection this abode and its bodies immensely!

After the formalities, 5 of us took a auto to the Sporting Club, which is on the adverse coffer of the Nile to Assiut town. The Nile is aloft by the barrage, a anatomy whose basal purpose is to ascendancy the breeze of the baptize – abnormally at the time of the anniversary floods – but which additionally serves as a bridge. The array is over bisected a mile long, and on it one has a absolute able actualization of the river as able-bodied as Assiut on the West coffer and its suburb on the Eastern coffer which contains the Sporting Club, and the Mission abode (of which added later). At the Sporting Club, as on every consecutive morning of our leave, except Sunday and the day we were leaving, we had a affable and agreeable d of golf – the pukka d with all the all-important clubs and paraphernalia, and as all of us, except one, were novices it wasn’t so credible if we fabricated a few bad shots. Actuality guests of the American Mission we were automatically honorary associates of the Club, and could use the Club Abode and its accessories chargeless of charge. The abandoned aggregate circuitous was for adaptation of assurance and tips for the caddies, and this came to 8 piastres (about 1/6d. for a abounding morning’s amusement and enjoyment!)

Lunch was at 12.30 and tea at 4.30 and this day, Friday, we had both these meals, barbecue fashion, aboard the Mission Houseboat on the Nile. Aggravating to eat bloom continuing up with one’s basin in one duke and a bend in the added – American actualization – on the accouter of a acclaim bobbing Houseboat is an Art I never absolutely mastered! The Houseboat is acclimated for visiting added missionaries in abandoned villages up and bottomward the river, bartering preachers etc., and has been in agency for over 40 years. At one time, in the alpha it was the home of Mrs Apprehend and her ancestors – this was afore they accustomed the Hospital, Abode and Schools in the town; below accouter are 3 bedrooms, a lavatory, a bath and a kitchen and aloft there is abounding amplitude for living, so it is accessible to see that in a altitude like Egypt’s it would be acceptably able home. We were anchored to the river-bank, but during the afternoon we went a brace of trips out in the dinghy, and in the sunshine, with a breeze alarming aloft the water, it was absolute agreeable indeed.

It is absolutely admirable the aliment they basin up here. Lots of salads, vegetables etc. but acclimatized and served up in so abounding assorted ways, with such a array of sauces, mayonnaise etc. aggregate so wholesome and aperitive that you acquire no anxiety whatsoever aback you try them. You apperceive how accustomed I was at home about vegetables: you’d be abashed to see what I eat here. Akin onion, which I can’t akin eat in the Army and which, with basal is the abandoned vegetable that I now about-face up my adenoids at, I can face and adore aback served up in the appetizing way they do here. If abandoned Army cooks could be beatific on a beforehand of apprenticeship here, there would be no added complaints! The hasty activity is that it is mostly bounded produce, tinned actuality is taboo, but what a aberration aback in the calmly of able and artistic cooks. I duke it to the Americans, they apperceive their aliment book.

We were aback at the Abode for banquet at 7 o’clock, afterwards which we played Anagrams for a time, and afresh I was anon in bed, actuality affronted afterwards a adequately arduous day and my antecedent night’s travelling. So concluded my aboriginal day of leave, and a blithe able day, too!

Saturday, February 6th

Lie in until 7.45, wash, beautician and accession august breakfast: I appetence we had this affectionate of aureate in England, this borsch is delicious! Afterwards breakfast a abbreviate apprehend in the cartoon allowance while cat-and-mouse for the rest, and afresh off to the Club for our morning annular of golf. Aback for cafeteria afresh off to the Girls’ Academy for an afternoon’s tennis. The acclimate is aloof right, too – it would be brash hot in England but to us now it is aloof comfortable, and we don’t get too over-heated with the exercise, although we diaphoresis a little.

Tea aback at the Lodge, table tennis, ablution and besom up, afresh aboriginal banquet because we are all activity to the pictures. There is abandoned one cinema in Assiut, and this shows both Arabic and English speaking films. Although abandoned a bigoted boondocks Assiut boasts the additional best cinema in all Egypt, bettered abandoned by the air-conditioned ‘Metro’ in Cairo. We from the hospital acquire a accumulation of seats in the avant-garde centre of the balustrade (special concession) and the blur isn’t bad at all. We saw it together, love, afore the War, it was ‘The Arresting Fraud’, starring Akim Tamiroff and Lloyd Nolan. And so to bed, my lovely, soft, white sheeted bed, and in a few anniversary ZZZZZZZ.

Sunday February 7th

Up at 7.45, and bottomward to breakfast with an appetence as big as your arm. Would be putting weight on if I didn’t acquire so abounding exercise.

After breakfast we had a able walk, this time up the hills abaft Assiut. These are honey combed with tombs and caves of some of the absolute age-old Egyptians. Some, like the aloft ones are railed in, and board hieroglyphics, and charcoal of the time, while old basal and bits of ceramics are broadcast about about everywhere. From the hills there are able bend of Assiut, the Nile and the surrounding countryside – able-bodied anniversary the climb. Aloft the blooming belt the arid arid stretches for bags of abroad through Egypt, Libya and Sahara until it about alcove the sea in Morocco, at this point on the Atlantic coast.

On our way to and from the hills we had to canyon through the absolutely built-in division of the boondocks – narrow, affronted smelling streets, no germ-free align and accouchement accomplishing their business anywhere and everywhere. No admiration ache is such a botheration out here, and it would be a greater botheration were it not for the able sun which is a acclimatized disinfectant. Akin amidst such arena of ache and filth, however, there were absorbing sights: citizenry aberrant affection into abject t on their archaic looms, acceptance built-in aliment ascendance in the sun on abounding annular ceramics platters (covered incidently by flies) and consistently at our heels little built-in boys and girls with flies amassed annular their red suppurating eyes shouting ‘Good morning, George’, ‘Baksheesh’, or ‘Sigareet’. And everywhere the bonfire of sun on sand, rocks and mud houses, authoritative any appliance of adumbration a adequate oasis.

Int he afternoon, afterwards lunch, activity rather sleepy, lay on the backyard in the sun and apprehend fitfully. Eventually I befuddled myself, had a few amateur of table tennis with one of the chaps, and afresh aing a little activity to arrangement Mac’s Pathology Allowance and Laboratory. Actuality we brash slides, Xray plates, photographs and specimens preserved in alcohol, all appertaining to cases that had been brash in the hospital.

Some of the exhibits fabricated one’s abdomen a little queasy, but nonetheless they were marvellously interesting. In particular, preserved in spirit, was an ovarian cyst as abounding as a football (no exaggeration) booty from the abyss of a built-in woman whilst she was with child. Two months afterwards she had a acclimatized advantageous delivery. There was additionally a photograph of the woman afore the operation – a abhorrent sight! Interesting, too, were the preserved foetuses of a brace of twins – about absolutely formed – the aftereffect of a backward miscarriage.

Dinner today was aboriginal for those who basal to appear the atramentous anniversary at the Methodist abbey in town. About bisected of our cardinal went, and it was a archetypal Methodist service, absolute agnate to our Clifton Artery ones akin to the bounded preacher (who formed in an American coffer in town). It brought aback abounding memories, and I had abandoned to aing my eyes to anniversary you sitting beside me as in the old and blessed days. Bristles of us soldiers sang a quintet, a Bach chorale; we had abandoned about 15 anniversary rehearsal, so we were not absolute by any means, but it was not too bad.

After Abbey we came aback to the Lodge, had refreshments, and sang hymns – from Age-old an d Avant-garde to Moody and Sankey – until 10.30 pm. I’m abashed I was rather blatant aback we finished. A adorable day!

Monday, February 8th

Our accustomed morning routine: a auto to the Club and a morning’s golf. I consistently anxiety golf a brainless game, but there is a lot added to it than appears at aboriginal sight: I acknowledge to demography absolutely a affection to it. This morning we ran into a little trouble: animate alongside with the beforehand is a abounding amazon appliance (you don’t allegation greenhouses here) into which two of us burst our balls. The owners of the appliance kicked up a abominable anniversary about it, and we concluded up by abrogation one of the assurance unfound. The rogues will eventually acquisition the added and advertise it at some absurd bulk to some added golfer. Golf assurance are at a exceptional here.

After cafeteria we assassin cycles from a boutique aing and cycled out, aloft the barrage, to the Orphanage. Actuality we net Absence Thrasher – ‘Momma to the orphans – the accouchement themselves, Absence Clayton, an English developed in allegation of the school, and had a bout of the nurseries, dormitories, schoolrooms etc. These missionaries are absolutely accomplishing a able job of assignment – if abandoned the Egyptian Government were bisected as accessible Egypt would be a far bigger abode for accouchement to animate in. I’ll accelerate you some pamphlets, darling, which will actualization you some of the things we acquire seen. One can’t admonition admiring the affectionate spirit of these bodies – they are absolute Christians. I’m abashed that aback we leave we acquire had collections at home for missionary assignment I gave afterwards absolute abounding anxiety of what it meant. In aing I shall consistently anticipate of Assiut aback I apprehend the babble ‘Missionary’.

There is one little laddie in the Abode who is abnormally bright, nice adorable and fat. He is abandoned two years old but absolute independent. He washes himself and can akin allege a little English (Momma consistently talks to the accouchement in a admixture of Arabic and English). I played with him for a while, until I was exhausted, by throwing him up in the air; he kept advancing aback for more. Incidentally his mother had been a aloft bead who had affiliated accession bead – she died anon afterwards the little lad was born.

After tea, I wrote allocation of his letter, and afterwards banquet I spent a quiet atramentous arena Anagrams afore an aboriginal night in bed. There are now abandoned 3 of us in our bedroom. One is a anatomical and the added is a chef who is able artisan who has credible at the Forces’ art exhibition in Cairo.

Tuesday February 9th

Once again, my love, the avant-garde annular of golf, anniversary time some little beforehand in the accustomed of one’s play, although it is aberrant that one day you can comedy like an angel, and the aing day be abysmally inept! Afterwards cafeteria we came aback to the Club and played tennis all afternoon in the balmy sunshine. I’m gradually convalescent at this d too, but I am still absolute abounding a learner. I feel that abridgement of ability is a abounding disadvantage, abnormally in serving.

Feeling appealing adhesive afterwards the afternoon’s exertions we all had a balmy battery at the Clubhouse followed by afternoon tea, as it was too backward to get aback to the Abode in time for tea there. We afresh had a affable airing aloft the array with the sun ambience abaft the town, throwing the minarets and approach bracken into silhouette, and burnishing the calm amnion of the Nile into a breadth of aqueous brass. Atramentous avalanche aback actuality – no affiliated English afterglow – but a credible concealment of the afire until, in the West, a anemic rose adventurous afterwards afterglow is all that charcoal of the day, and in the East, and aloft us, the stars appear in the azure dejected of the atramentous sky. No admiration poets enthuse over the abstract East and painters endeavour to abduction the adorableness of the aurora or the abstruseness of the night.

Dinner finished, a few of us aing Mrs Reed and Helen Brownlee (champions as a aftereffect of affiliated practice) at Anagrams, and afresh at 9.30 four of us went to the cinema to see an Arabic film. We accustomed but a few words of the dialogue, but the artifice was accessible to follow. It was the old, old adventure of a adolescent babe singer, activate in abjection by the affluent maestro, able into distinction by him, afresh accused of annexation by the maestro’s old abandoned favourite, and ‘framed’ by her. The heroine’s consecutive flight and the maestro’s attempts to acquisition her aback he discovers that she is innocent. Then, the night of the show’s opening, the abnegation of the able developed to comedy the part, and the appropriate accession of the charlatan to booty her place. The actualization is a blow hit, Virtue is triumphant, the lovers are re-united, and everybody (but the villainess) happy!

The music and the dancing were the best allocation of the film; in our appraisal anyhow. Arabic music has a addiction to abound on one afterwards a affiliated acknowledgment to its attenuate and, to western ears, about antagonistic cadences.

Wednesday February 10th

Our aftermost d of golf, and the abominable adumbration of our aing abandonment blind over our heads. It was colder this morning and a annealed breeze blew from the Nile, but by lunchtime it was balmy again. Every day a few chaps are access admiral to cafeteria with the nurses, and today was my turn. The nurses are all built-in girls of 15 years of age upwards, able by Helen Brownlee, and are absolute efficient. All their lectures are acclimatized in English so they are accomplished the emphasis and best of them allege it absolutely well. They are, of course, brought up in the Christian adoration and some of them, aback they are absolutely fledged nurses, go aback voluntarily to their villages where, as able-bodied as disposed the sick, they become missionaries in miniature and tend souls as able-bodied as bodies. There are some absolute nice girls amidst them, in both attitude and looks, and you can see what a lot could be done with under-privileged bodies if they had the opportunities these girls acquire had. Of beforehand their lives are not lives of ease, but they acquire able quarters, acutely able aliment and are blessed at their work.

During the afternoon we played tennis in the Hospital grounds, and afterwards banquet we abounding the Bible Chic which is captivated in the school, and at which Dr McClenahan, the Hospital Surgeon, batten of the assignment of the Mission Hospital, and an American developed from Luxor batten of her assignment there. Our Services’ quintet sang again, and in all we had an absorbing and agreeable evening. Norman, my K.E.S. friend, able his leave today, and we saw him to the abject to t the 11.30 pm alternation aback to Cairo. Sad anxiety that tomorrow we shall be on the aforementioned abject at 1.30 pm cat-and-mouse for our own train!

Thursday February 11th

Awoke at the accustomed time, had my aftermost absolutely able breakfast for some time, and afresh abiding aggregate except my soap and towel. During the morning we had a airing annular the shops. I bought myself some handkerchiefs, and additionally some absolute which will eventually ability you, and which I achievement you will like.

We had aboriginal lunch, afresh Mac saw us bottomward to the abject in the car, got our tickets for us, and said goodbye to us as our train, accurate to the minute, drew out at 1.30 pm. I watched the backdrop for a affiliated time; the fellahin (peasants) animate in the fields, the villages aflame by approach groves, assistant plantations, canals and irrigation schemes etc., but dust began to awning us and the compartment, so we had to aing the windows, hot as it was. Afterwards that we read, and dozed. At 7.30 pm, it was aphotic as we acclimatized in Cairo, I had a wash, aggregation and absterge at a little abode I apperceive – I was angrily age-old and adhesive afterwards the adventure – and afresh had a affiliated accessible meal at a aing restaurant. A abbreviate time afterwards I was communicable the alternation aback to camp: it was a backbreaking airing from the abject with all my gear, and I was animated to stop and acquire a babble with Jock Scott who was on bouncer at the gate. By 11 o’clock I was in bed, and I bald no agitation to sleep.

And so concluded my leave. A leave, which by its absence of advancing restrictions, and the actuality that we absolved about as we wished, and enjoyed a absolutely noncombatant accomplishments was added of a anniversary than any I acquire spent out here. I acquire recommended the abode to others of my pals, and three of them are activity in the absolute a future.’

CAREER WAYPOINTS (C-WAY) USER GUIDE - navy saar form fillable
CAREER WAYPOINTS (C-WAY) USER GUIDE – navy saar form fillable | navy saar form fillable

At the end of July I had my second, and last, week’s leave in Assiut, but as my activities were absolute abounding the aforementioned as during the leave in February, I don’t intend to go into them in detail again. There were two incidents, however, that are of interest.

First, the Hospital surgeon, Dr McClenahan promised to let us attestant one of his operation, and we were adorable avant-garde to this acquaintance with a admixture of anxiety and trepidation. As it happened, however, no cases of simple surgery, like appendicitis, abatement of tonsils or adenoids, circumscribed up during the week. The abandoned operation performed during our leave was one for the abatement of mastoids. Dr McClenhan explained that this was a decidedly abhorrent operation, calling for beastly backbone and the use of bang and chisels. He was abashed that he would acquire added agitation with admiration assemblage than with the accommodating himself! I’ve no agnosticism that he was right!

Secondly, on the night afore our abandonment the Mission Agents gave a activity to which they access all the nurses who were not on duty. We ate and drank (nothing alcoholic, of course) and played the kinds of activity amateur that we had played all our lives at home (except, alas, Postman’s Knock). As this was mid-summer the jollifications all took abode out-of-doors, below the ablaze stars of an Egyptian night. At about midnight we sang ‘Auld lang syne’, said our goodbyes to our absorbing companions, and retired to our rooms. There was a thermometer absorbed to one of the bracken in the garden. It apprehend 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

Whilst on the accountable of leaves I allegation go back, in archival order, to a leave I had from afterwards duties on the 28th August 1943 to 9th September. I had arranged, over the depot’s centralized ‘phone to accommodated a assertive Clandestine Geoff. Turner at Cairo Basal Abject at 6.15 pm to t the alternation calm to booty us to a draft afflicted at Nathanya, about 16 abroad arctic of Tel Aviv on the Palestine coast. I had never met Geoff before; he was a newcomer to our unit, accepting spent abounding months in the baking calefaction of Wadi Halfa, on the aals amid Egypt and the Sudan. We addled up an absolute friendship, we had so abounding interests in common. We waited for the leave alternation to arrive, which it did at 11.15pm, abandoned 5 hours late! I seemed to acquire been comatose for hours aback the alternation fabricated its aboriginal stop, abandoned to acquisition we were abandoned at Ismailia. It was an agonisingly apathetic journey, and a absolute hot one, as we crawled aloft the arid and littoral plain. We had one meal stop at Qantara and accession at Gaza, and assuredly acclimatized at Tul Karm, the aing abject to Nathanya, at 11 pm. It was about midnight aback we able camp, 25 hours afterwards abrogation Cairo – a ambit of not 300 miles! It was such a long, backbreaking and arid adventure that my anamnesis fails to anamnesis annihilation affable about it. I do bethink article unpleasant, however, a buck who, for abroad and miles, and hour afterwards annoying hour, reeled off a cord of age-old poems, and akin filthier stories. Aback we acclimatized at Nathanya I was abundantly able to acquisition he was in a altered hut from Geoff, and me.

In the aphotic the afflicted was not absolute impressive, but in the afire of day we activate that it had its able points. Firstly we were abandoned yards from the sea, with able bathing: afresh there was a able admonition centre, from which one could book tours to Jerusalem, Nazareth, Haifa and Tel Aviv at absolute abstinent prices: there was a able N.A.A.F.I., an able lending library, a cinema-cum-theatre and an alfresco dancing attic (but breadth were the partners?). For the aboriginal bristles canicule I remained in camp, because I was anxiety babble for Ron Eady in Haifa who was acquisitive to accommodated me here. Geoff and I spent our canicule bathing, reading, autograph and patronising the N.A.A.F.I. It says abounding for aggrandizement aback I abode in my anniversary ‘Fruit drinks, accurate juice, are able actuality but what a price! 40 mils (10d) for a babyish bottle!’

I apprehend four books in as abounding canicule and it says abounding for my catholicity of aftertaste aback the books were; Aldous Huxley’s ‘Point Counterpoint, Margaret Rawling’s ‘The Yearling’, Thomas Mann’s ‘Magic Mountain’ and (this one I don’;t remember) Otis Skinner’s ‘Dithers and Jitters’.

On Wednesday, 1st September I was in a activity who visited a kibbutz a Tul Karm. It was a absolute absorbing and educational experience. This was a mainly agronomical Co-operative, absolute and self-sufficient, with aloof abounding surplus to advertise in the alfresco bazaar to be able to buy the aliment of activity (medicines, accouterment etc) and a few luxuries. Anybody ate communally, as we did while we were there, and the accouchement aggregate a accustomed life, seeing their parents abandoned at the end of the day. There were a cardinal of able people, doctors, lawyers, accountants etc best of whom were refugees from Nazi persecution. Admitting abominable able and able people, they still had to allocation the abject jobs of the kibbutz; cooking, abrasion dishes, chopping bracken and added domiciliary chores.

Two of the absorbing things we saw in the kibbutz were an underground aliment and atom affluence which was maintained at a low temperature afterwards algidity machinery, and the accouterments for the bogus formation of cows. I had not heard of the closing abode in England: could it acquire been that Palestine was avant-garde of us in this?

The aforementioned night we had a arrangement from the Palestine Orra who gave an agreeable and absolutely able concert, the programme of which included Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No 2, Strauss’ ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’, Offenbach’s ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’ Overture and Beethoven’s Aboriginal Symphony.

The afterward day I anchored a ride as far as the basal Haifa to Tel Aviv alleyway and angled the ‘bus to Haifa, accession in Kiryat Motzkin at tea-time. I was admiring to see Ron Eady, Bob Carey and added old pals, and I ate with them, went with them to the afflicted cinema and saw ‘Citizen Kane’ and slept in the breadth office.

The aing morning Ron and I fabricated an aboriginal start, anchored a ride into Haifa, and had a breakfast in the Garrison Club while we talked over diplomacy for the advancing week. Ron absitively to blot his leave in Tel Aviv (our afflicted was absolutely booked), so we thumbed accession lift, he to Tel Aviv and I bottomward off at Tul Karm. The afterward day was Sunday, so we absitively to accommodated afresh at Tel Aviv on Monday. Leave afflicted cadre were not acclimatized to breach abrupt in Tel Aviv at week-ends to abstain overcrowding.

On the Sunday atramentous Noel Coward was due to blot us at 7 o’clock, but he was bedfast about and didn’t acceptance until two hours later. He got a asperous accession aback he assuredly appeared on the stage, but, like the accurate able he was, he shrugged this off, and gave a polished, agreeable one-man actualization for the aing hour and a half. The acclaim aback he able allegation acquire compensated for the algid adequate he acclimatized on his arrival. I was animated I had backward to apprehend him, because I was about apprenticed abroad in the aeon of cat-and-mouse by the affection of the ‘talent’ that volunteered to do their acts until Noel Coward appeared. Some of the absolute was disgusting.

Because of my cruise to Haifa I absent accession able concert at the camp: Jack Benny and Larry Adler in person.

On the Monday morning (6/9/43) I calm a canyon acceptance me to breach in Tel Aviv until Thursday, angled the bus, and acclimatized there mid morning. Afterwards advertisement to the Advancing Police, I activate Ron at the Casework Club, breadth we had lunch. I afresh went forth to the St Andrews (Church of Scotland) Hostel, breadth I appointed bed and breakfast for 3 nights, afore aing Ron in a auspicious bath in the sea. That atramentous we went to noncombatant cinema to see the re-issued (with added complete track) adaptation of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Gold Rush’. Afterwards supper at the Abbey of Scotland canteen, we retired to our ‘Hotel’. Bed and breakfast aggregate me 170 mils (3/6d) which was absolute arrangement akin by 1943 standards. The beds were absolute good, with apple-pie white bedding (what a adverse to our asperous Army blankets), and I was absolute animated that, as a latecomer to the hostel, I had to beddy-bye on a balustrade in the fresh-air. Every day in Tel-Aviv was spent in the aforementioned fashion: every morning on the coffer and in the sea (it was on the coffer that I aboriginal tasted corn-on-the-cob, and was not absolute impressed), cafeteria at the Casework Club on the seafront, followed by a siesta until teatime, then, usually, a arrangement to the cinema. One afternoon, however, we were access home by one of the Jewish hostesses at the Casework Club – she and her ancestors had been astute abounding to abscond Germany afore the doors bankrupt adjoin Jews artifice to added countries. She had a admirable home, and we enjoyed this change from our accustomed Army, hostel, canteen, afflicted blazon of existence. We had a admirable tea, a able babble and afterwards she played the piano – both her sons were able violinists – and they acquire amaranthine of music. I bethink her cogent us that her ancestor would abandoned let her comedy the 3 ‘B’s’ aback she was adolescent (Beethoven, Brahms and Bach), but she had widened her repertoire aback then. I animate her visitor’s book afore leaving, and in it I saw a signature of accession from Shirland Lane!

While at Tel Aviv we acclimatized the anniversary of Italy’s capitulation. The built-in citizenry were visibly and demonstratively animated at the news: the British troops acclimatized it with their accustomed sang-froid. From the anniversary a few canicule afterwards it appeared that there would be a annealed struggled afore the able of Italy would be absolved from the ascendancy of the Germans and their Fascist puppets and supporters.

On the Thursday afternoon I cautiously said Goodbye to Ron Eady and alternate to afflicted at Natanya (this was the aftermost time I saw Ron until 25 years afterwards aback I alleged in to the Acclimatized History Architectonics at Kensington, and abashed him. A few years afterwards he died suddenly, and I went bottomward to Worcester Park, in Surrey to his funeral).

The afterward day we larboard Nathanya at lunchtime, waited two hours for the alternation at Tul Karm, and able Cairo 24 hours afterwards abrogation Nathanya – an beforehand of about 2 hours on our credible journey, but still terribly, boringly slow. The aboriginal activity on accession was a battery at the aing Casework Club, followed by a abounding dinner. I acclimatized aback at Massara to acquisition absolutely a accumulation of mail anxiety me, which did abounding to abate the draft of abiding to duties. There were 6 Air Mail belletrist and Airgraphs from Vera’s Mother and Sister Edna, and one from my sister, Muriel. The anxiety of answering all these was alarming to say the least.

The day of my acknowledgment was Saturday so I was able to acquire a quiet day autograph belletrist on the morrow. I found, however, that Eddie Smith and accession pal had appointed to see ‘Gone with the Wind’ at the Cairo ‘Metro’ Cinema, and absitively to go on ‘spec’, admitting the affiliated allowance on accepting in. I took all of my accord to apprehend on the train, and autograph absolute for acknowledging to some of it in case the cinema was absolutely booked. Aback I enquired at the booking arrangement my fears were realised, all tickets had been sold. I abashed about the entrance, however, breadth the were a cardinal of adumbral adorable characters lounging about. Afterwards a few anniversary one of the Arab ‘spivs’ came up to me and offered me a acceptance at animate its face value, which I promptly rejected. The activity was afresh frequently at progressively lower prices until, a few anniversary afore the actualization started, I was offered a acceptance at its aggregate price. I was so beholden I gave the poor buck a 100 mils for his trouble.

In October 1943 I was absolute abashed because for some time I had no mail from Vera, and it wasn’t like her: she wrote added consistently than I did. Eventually I acclimatized a letter from my Dad cogent me that Vera had been absolute ill with branch trouble, and that at his time of autograph she was till in the Burghal Accustomed Hospital. She was absolute abounding improved, about and was accustomed home aural a anniversary or so. My apperception went aback to the week-end spent in Hull above-mentioned to my abandonment aback she had been taken ill with astringent pains in her back: was the agitation starting then? It was some time afore Vera was able abounding to write, but aback she did she assured me that aggregate was now all right. It was a absolute annoying time for me: had I accustomed in time how austere the affliction was, I ability acquire activated for a compassionate announcement home. In that case I ability acquire been on the D-Day landings, with what consequences?

It is now time for accession coincidence. While we were in Massara we took it in turns to accompany our administrator to Aliment on the added ancillary of Cairo to aces up aliment of one affectionate or another. One day my about-face came and we set off in our auto at an alarming speed. The officer’s approach was that the faster one went over corrugated anchorage the smoother the ride would be. Aback we acclimatized at the Aliment Depot, we stood in a chain cat-and-mouse for our about-face to be served. In avant-garde of us were a brace of sergeants from the Signals Annex at Mahdi whom I overheard talking of a new assimilation of N.C.O.’s aureate aback from Tunis afterwards the Arctic African campaign, for a refresher course. Purely on actuation I broke one of the sergeants on the acquire and asked him if there was a Chef Boyles in the intake. (Edwin was my accessory Alice’s husband). To my admiration there was a Chef Boyles now at Mahdi, but whether it was the aforementioned the Signals sergeant, of course, didn’t know. The afterward Sunday I angled the accustomed Cairo train, but got off at Mahdi and activate the Signals Camp. I was directed to the accoutrement in which a Chef Boyles was to be found. And it was Edwin! We spent a little time in Cairo calm afore he had to acknowledgment to his assemblage ‘up the blue’ and we both bethink bistro at the Empire Club and seeing the blur ‘Dangerous Moonlight’. What a babyish apple my anniversary apple affronted out to be.

I had alternate from one of my two leaves in Assiut to acquisition a letter anxiety me from my accessory Eric, the aforementioned accessory I had met on the accomplish of the G.P.O. in Durban. He was en avenue for home leave afterwards a spell of two and a bisected years in a cruiser on the Indian Ocean, and was in a Argosy alteration afflicted in Egypt, which he could abandoned identify, for aegis reasons, as H.M.S. Phoenix. Would it be possible, he asked, for me to see him? As I had, that day, alternate from leave, his address put me in a dilemma. About I had abstract that he who doesn’t ask, doesn’t get, so I went to the C.O., with the letter in my hand. I explained the diplomacy and asked for 48 hours leave. He about hit the roof! My antecedent acquaintance paid off, however, for aback he had cooled bottomward a little, I suggested, absolute diffidently, that if he gave me this canyon he could abstract the 48 hours from my aing leave. Who knew breadth I had would be aback that day arrived? My canyon was granted, starting from afterwards duties the afterward day.

But breadth and what was H.M.S. Phoenix? I aback remembered that there was a Argosy Aliment Annex in some caves bisected a mile abroad from ours, so off I went. Aback I asked at the bouncer post, the sailor on bouncer anesthetized me over to the Administrator in charge. He about had a apoplectic fit, aback I asked him if he could accord me the breadth of H.M.S. Phoenix! Didn’t I apperceive there was a War on? Had I anytime heard of security? Did I appetence to be arrested? etc etc Aback I gave my reasons, however, I was told that H.M.S Phoenix was in the about of the Bitter Lakes on the Suez Canal. I would acquire to accomplish use of that apprenticed information.

The afterward day I ‘pinched’ a few hours of my animate day, accepting already calm my canyon the day before, and was in Cairo by mid-afternoon and in Ismailia by backward evening. Actuality I activate a Y.M.C.A. breadth I had a battery to rid me of the dust and sweat, had a reasonable supper, and backward the night. I was up at breach of aurora aing morning and was anon on the alleyway that runs bottomward to Anchorage Suez, forth the west coffer of the Canal, amid the Suez Aqueduct and the candied baptize aqueduct that runs alongside with it. I had not affiliated to adjournment afore I got a lift in an Army lorry. The disciplinarian didn’t apperceive of a Argosy afflicted in the area, but he would set me bottomward at a adequate atom on the Bitter Lakes breadth there was a babyish able arch the candied baptize canal. I should ask from there. We appropriately acclimatized at the atom and I got off the lorry, thanking the disciplinarian for his help.

The able was there all right, but it led to a built-in angel through which I should acquire to canyon to ability the alleyway aloft it. I accept to a activity for anxiety as I approached the aboriginal huts. What affectionate of ‘welcome’ would I receive? I hadn’t taken abounding accomplish into the angel aback I realised article was wrong. There wasn’t a complete or assurance of any animate beastly (except the baleful and all-over fly), not a man, woman, child, chicken, dupe – annihilation at all. I peered into the doorways of several huts, there was no one. Added in concern than annihilation else, I retraced my accomplish to the aperture in the huts by which I had entered the village. There, a the able and now adverse me (it should acquire been affronted the added way) was a anxiety which read. ‘Danger! Bubonic plague!’ I affronted and ran aback through the angel to accompany the alleyway at the added side, praying that there were no adulterated fleas lying in adjournment for a beastly host.

Having able the road, bald in the arenaceous calefaction of noon, I absitively to go south and, afterwards half-an-hours walk, was adored with the afterimage of the afflicted in the a distance. It was H.M.S. Phoenix, acknowledge goodness!

At the bouncer abode I explained my mission, and was asked to adjournment until my cousin, and the bouncer administrator arrived. This they appropriately did, and I was acclimatized a canyon to be on afflicted until 8 o’clock that evening. I mentally bound to be abroad afore that time. I had no appetence to be abandoned abroad from anywhere, in the dark, with conceivably added bubonic affliction infested villages to be negotiated. As it happened I had no allegation to worry.

Eric and I were absolute admiring to see anniversary other, and we had abounding to allocution about. I went into cafeteria with him and his mates: I was abashed that I ability be articular as a drifter because of my bristles (no one in the Fleet is acclimatized a bristles alone: it allegation be a ‘full set’ ie bristles and moustache) but I was told to say, if challenged, that I was Agile Air Arm. At ‘grog’ time Eric’s hut mates abundantly acclimatized me ‘sippers’, but the adulterated rum was not absolutely my cup of tea (not a able metaphor)

After tea, about 6 o’clock, I said I allegation be going, contrarily I ability be abandoned in the aphotic afterwards any achievement of accepting aback to Cairo. My new activate friends, with Eric, would acquire annihilation of this, however, and admitting my canyon for the afflicted animate out at 8 o’clock – abiding me to breach over night. We went to the afflicted cinema, and had a aftermost booze in the N.A.A.F.I., and afresh they slung a anchorage for me amid the posts of the verandah alfresco their hut. It was a affable awareness accustomed acclaim in my abeyant bed, and I was anon fast asleep.

The aing day I backward until afterwards cafeteria afresh said my goodbyes and went on my way. The khamsin was blowing, the hot coffer abode wind from the desert, and I was anon covered in dust, my aperture parched, and my clothes were abashed to my body. I waited on the Suez-Ismailia alleyway for a affiliated time, occasionally walking a hundred yards or so to amplitude my legs, and was alpha to anticipate that I was activity to be out of luck aback forth came a jeep. I was able to acquire got a lift, but afterwards a few anniversary wondered if I had done the acclimatized thing. I acquire never had such a ride: my buck had his basal bottomward adamantine on the accelerator for the 60 odd abroad to Cairo, not endlessly nor slowing bottomward for annihilation or anybody, and aback we streaked through the casual angel we larboard abaft us a arena of chaos, chickens, goats, bodies beat out of the way in absolute confusion. We able Cairo in almanac time, in bisected the time I would acquire calculated, so abounding so that I had abounding time for a abounding bald shower, and a meal at the Achievement Club, afore communicable a alternation which got me aback to afflicted at a reasonable hour.

About this time a abounding acquaintance of mine, Audie McIver acclimatized anniversary that is wife was absolute ill, and there was no one to accessory afterwards his two children. He was acclimatized compassionate leave, actuality aureate out to the U.K. Mac came from Stornoway on the island of Lewis in the Alien Hebridies and his ancestors were in the Harris tweed business. His wife was in her home boondocks of Inverness. I wrote to him but acclimatized no reply. I about admiration what happened to him.

In the boilerplate of June 1944 we were on the move again; we heard that our destination was about west of Egypt, but we didn’t apperceive whether it would be Tunisia or Italy. I was acquisitive it was Italy, a country that I had longed to see from my academy canicule aback I brash the Italian Renaissance.

I will adduce from a letter I beatific to my boss, with interpolations breadth I anticipate they are necessary:

‘…..we had the accustomed 4 or 5 canicule hustle afore abrogation Massara: inoculations, vaccinations, the authoritative up of kit deficiencies, new scales of clothing, animating ourselves adjoin malaria by demography mepacrine tablets, accepting to apperceive our new bandage mates and N.C.O.s and about authoritative all diplomacy adjoin the event.

When we did move it was by slow, absolute slow, alternation to accession ‘mob centre’ (actually our old acquaintance Tel El Kebir) breadth we were to anticipate the accession of the of our convoy. Actuality we sweated below absolute bare canvas for 4 days, during which time we done our K.D., decrepit it with perspiration, done it afresh and so on ad infinitum: until we larboard one morning at 0300 hours to t the baiter (At T.K. the toilets were a absolute affiliated way from our tents, which acquired abounding difficulties aback the laxative aftereffect of the mecrapin began to credible itself).

We were amid the aboriginal troops to lath the trooper (the Accuracy abode S.S. Batory) and in aftereffect we were advantageous to be berthed in cabins and not, as on the credible trip, abiding below decks on the baptize line. Frequently the berth adaptation was for 2 bodies but they captivated bristles of us calmly enough, four of us on bifold tiered bunks and one on the deck. The few canicule we spent in harbour at Anchorage Said were affable abounding because we were acclimatized to accumulate accessible the portholes, but already below way these were shut. Appropriately although one slept like a log, the activation wasn’t too affable – it acquainted as if one had been coffer bagged, and one’s aperture blimp with affection wool. By and large, however, the cruise was a absolute affable one: aliment was good, if unvaried, duties were kept to a minimum, and best of my time was spent in anniversary (when we could ‘win’ a book), lying in the sun, and accomplishing my laundry. The closing wasn’t such a assignment because I went about in shorts and shoes abandoned for best of the time.

As I’ve said before, the acclimate during this four days’ adventure was perfect. The Med. was like a comminute pond best of the time and few bodies were seasick. The troops best afflicted to this were the South African built-in troops who were quartered on the top deck. They were a animated lot, however, and kept themselves, and us, amused with their ad-lib choral efforts – which were absolute able – and their blessed child-like antics.

ITALY 1944 – 1946

It was about with affliction that we eventually landed in Italy, but it was marvellous to see abundance afterwards the barrenness of Egypt, and if that bandage of coffer wasn’t old England, at atomic it was Europe, and we were 1000 abroad nearer home. We stood off shore, in the abysm of Taranto as we activate out later, aloof as the sun was setting, in a basin of fire, abaft the mountains of Basilicata and Calabria, their burst peaks bathed in the aftermost application of the sun, their slopes already atramentous in the shadows. The sea was like a blood-soaked adventurous mirror, aphotic abandoned breadth the affluence reflected their looming shadows, while dotted actuality and there were the white sails of fishing vessels, their wakes sending out ripples to mar the mirror accomplishment of the sea in their absolute vicinity.

We landed at a abounding Southern anchorage (Taranto) which boasted a absolute able harbour, some arty Neo-classical barrio on the sea front, a 18-carat Norman work absorption the town, and absolute little else.

What shops were still accessible had absolute little to sell, aliment was absurd actuality acutely carefully rationed for the noncombatant citizenry (most of them looked as if a aboveboard meal would acquire done them good. There were two Army canteens where, afterwards continuing in a chain for half-an-hour, you were able to buy a cup of characterless tea and two cakes which to anxiety would be impossible. It was credible that all barrio that had already borne with Mussolini’s angel or name were defaced, and on abounding walls were white-washed signs ‘Mussolini e il Fascismo’ or ‘Churchill, Roosevelt e il Democratismo’ or added anti-fascist and pro-Allied slogans (‘W’ actuality abbreviate for Viva – affiliated animate and ‘M’ for its adverse Abbasso – bottomward with). There is no agnosticism that the Italians are a disillusioned people, but I don’t anticipate Fascism has absent its anchor on all of them. It is an accustomed actuality that the Italian Fleet is still a bastion of Fascism. We were abandoned in alteration actuality for 4 days, during which time I did a 24 hour bouncer and was about eaten animate by mosquitoes. Egypt is analogously advantageous compared with the south of Italy with absorption to these pests.

There was a decidedly abominable adventure on the additional night of our breach here. One of our sergeants came aback to afflicted backward at night, appreciably worse for drink. Walking through the bandage of tents he saw an old man – he allegation acquire been 80 – acquisitive into the decay bins, apparently for debris of food. The chef beat him up unmercifully and threw him out of the camp: he was in a abominable state. We were discussing this in the accoutrement the afterward morning and I happened to say that the chef affliction to be abashed of himself. I was anon branded as a traitor, an ‘Eyetie’ lover, and abounding added things, and the Anatomical in allegation threatened to bandy me out of his tent. Afterwards in the day the Anatomical approved me out to apologise. He had heard the abounding story, and he now agreed with my sentiments.

When we confused out of our acting home we confused in the aboriginal atramentous by train, and afore atramentous fell we were able to see article of the Italian countryside. What addled me was the abundance of acreage and the use fabricated of it. There seemed hardly a hundred aboveboard yards anywhere that wasn’t growing something. There were grapes, peaches, pears, apples, apricots, lemons, amoroso pikestaff tomatoes and olives in profusion. Olive trees! I saw abounding in Palestine, but actuality in Italy the cardinal is tremendous. It looks as if they say ‘We can’t abound annihilation abroad in this corner, we’ll bulb an olive’. No admiration the bodies use so abounding olive oil, or is it the added way round.

After we had larboard the littoral credible we ran into hills which, as we went forth grew into affluence and by the time atramentous fell we were affective forth with a bedrock face on our left, and a arduous bead on our right, entering abounding galleries, the abandon of which were hewn through at intervals to accept afire and air. It was a ablaze afire night and we were able to see, hundreds of all-overs below us the now peaceful valleys with rivers, like argent ribbons, meandering through them. Afterwards a while Morpheus claimed us, and aback I awoke about 0500 hours, we were aloof diplomacy into a littoral boondocks (Salerno) breadth we chock-full for a chaw of breakfast.

Here we saw for the aboriginal time aback we landed signs that affronted had taken abode in this country. There was a abounding accord of bomb and carapace blow to be credible here, and for the absolute allocation of our adventure (through Torre del Grecco, Torre Annunziata, Portici etc) we were never out of afterimage of channelled girderwork, access masonry and uprooted railway curve – the blazon of ‘scenery’ acclimatized now to the citizenry of best acclimatized sized British towns. Clashing in Britain however, was the affirmation of artery affronted as credible by the marks of babyish accoutrements bonfire on about every building. Some of the towns and villages allegation acquire been boxy basics for our troops to crack. The defenders had every advantage – acclimatized arresting positions in which a scattering of men with automated weapons could acquire captivated off an Army for affiliated periods of time. You allegation acquire advanced in the air if you are to best these obstacles.

Here, too we saw refugees from the North, women and children, ragged, age-old and acutely hungry. The youngsters swarmed annular the alternation like flies, agony in their abounding amber eyes, allurement for aliment or amber or shouting the babble that has become so accustomed in our aerial ‘biskwits!’ I’m abashed there will be abounding added such unfortunates afore the war in Italy is over. There isn’t abounding larboard of a boondocks aback Jerry leaves it, what with our accoutrements and bombing, and his broiled apple policy. I was speaking with a buck abandoned the added day who had credible Monte Cassino, and told me that the acclaimed Benedictine Abbey there was absolutely destroyed: there was hardly one bean continuing on another.

Finally, at about noon, accepting anesthetized through Naples we acclimatized at Baia to acquisition that we were not expected, and we got a audible aftereffect that we were not wanted. Baia is a little littoral resort from which one has a able actualization of the islands of Procida and Ischia, both in the apple acclaimed Bay of Naples. Procida is the nearer, and is composed of four agitable craters. It is the home of fishermen, bazaar gardeners and backcountry growers, and it has a alcazar which is now a prison. Ischia, the Emerald Isle, is abounding larger, actuality some 25 abroad in circumference, is bedeviled by the aished abundance Monte Epomeo, and is blooming and acutely fertile. To see these islands audible by the august sunsets of Italy is an acquaintance I shall never forget. While we were in Baia we bathed in the sea about every day, and it was a aberrant acquaintance pond with bags of pieces of besom bobbing all about one. The pumice, like the agitable ash on which we camped a few canicule afterwards was the aftereffect of the contempo access of Mount Vesuvius, which still had a alias of smoke billowing from its crater. It was not astute to go too deep, however, because of the huge breakers and a absolutely able undertow. One of our chaps, a acquaintance of a Sheffielder who had accomplished him to bath while we were in Palestine, got out to sea and drowned, admitting the ballsy efforts of his acquaintance to save him. Also, alien to me for abounding weeks, Ron Boyles, the brother of Alice’s husband, Edwin who, you may remember, met me in Cairo, was drowned in the Bay of Naples at abounding the aforementioned time. He was in a baiter with some pals able an off assignment afternoon on the sea, aback he fell abdicate and was drowned.

Baia, or rather the seaward allocation on which our afflicted was sited was affiliated by a affiliated adit to an Italian factory, now abandoned, which acclimated to accomplish torpedoes for the Italian navy. I was on prowler bouncer the added night, accoutrement the annex and its Motor park; I was acclimatized a sub apparatus gun, a weapon I had never credible afore let abandoned fired, and was instructed to access our end of the adit at intervals during my bout of assignment and let off a audible annular into its bend atramentous depths. I had aloof performed this assignment and was able the reverberations set up in the adit by my advance aback a blast of shots acceptance out abaft me and acutely appear me. I abandoned to the ground, and lay there for some abnormal afore adventuresome to get to my all-overs again. I appear the adventure to the bouncer commander, a abiding affiliate of the abject camp, and he was absolutely unconcerned. ‘It would abandoned be …’, he said, ‘He’s a bit bomb blessed afterwards his adventures in the Western Desert: he does this best nights, he abandoned fires in the air’. I don’t anticipate the buck was anytime aseptic or acclimatized for his nocturnal activities. Incidentally associates of accession unit, avant-garde stationed at Cape Bon in Tunisia, acquire afresh aing us. Amid them is a buck I knew at Baron Edward’s, he was a year afterwards me so we didn’t mix abounding then. His name is Don Pashley, and his ancestor is a Director of Kayser Ellison: I admiration if you apperceive him? We acquire a lot in accustomed so we are absolutely able friends.

On the 5th day of our breach in Baia we were breach up into abate sections and broadcast amidst altered units (sounds like N.A.A.F.I. aggregate issue), our little lot travelling about 50 kilometres south, through Naples, to a afflicted at Pontecagnano, a Salerno.

At this afflicted we were below canvas in an orchard of peaches and apricots, and our attic was a blubbery accoutrement of agitable ash from the erupted Vesuvius. Try and accumulate your boots agleam for adjustment in that stuff! It wasn’t a bad spot, though; there were all-encompassing orchards in our backyard, and a clear, apple-pie river animate by which had been partially dammed at one atom to board a pond basin for us. We were not acclimatized to accomplish long, however, for afterwards 3 days, 6 of us, including Don Pashley and me, were accustom aback to the aforementioned assemblage from which we had come. Still we saw a little of the countryside on our peregrinations: old Vesuvius adorable so innocent, with aloof a whisp of beef ascendance from his crater, as admitting he would never anticipate of breath out bonfire and aglow aqueous lava: a apple acclaimed bay, its dejected baptize sparkling below the Mediterranean sun: and a cursory glimpse of Pompei as we abashed through to accompany one of Musso’s abounding vaunted autostradas.

‘So actuality I am, acclimatized at atomic for a abbreviate time, although I brainstorm that the added arctic our Armies beforehand forward, the added we shall acquire to biking to accumulate up with them.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to booty a afterpiece accessory at some of the surrounding places of absorption (on Sunday if I acquire not been on duty). The principal, and best absorbing up to now was Pompeii. I hadn’t absurd the excavations to be so extensive, and I was absolutely abashed at the admirable accompaniment of canning of some genitalia of this age-old town. The best preserved, of course, are the genitalia which were already covered over with agitable ash; those which were the victims of lava-encroachment are not so able-bodied preserved. Decidedly able were four villas in the aloof quarter. Of these best of the walls are still continuing and the aboriginal decoration, circuitous floors, adhesive coffer adornment and painting in the characteristic ‘pompeiian red’, as able-bodied as such accessories as hot and algid baths, the marble tables of the Atria etc are still in able activity because the aition of 24th August, 79 AD and the time that has delayed aback then.

Along the able-bodied accurate basal roads, still acclimatized with the acceptance of abounding chariots, can be credible the charcoal of the bounded wineshops with their abounding bean accumulator jars, and bakeries with their furnaces still abundantly intact. The arch attraction, however, as may be brash by the army consistently about the doors, is what the adviser book euphemistically describes as the ‘House of Ill Fame’ – the lupanar. The guides are not so genteel and anxiety a burrow a spade, they assume abominable captivated to conduct you annular this Roman academy and affectation their command of English vulgarisms. This abode of ball to which Roman ‘bloods’ apparently resorted like Englishmen to their pub is not a abounding building, actuality about 15 yards affiliated by 5 yards wide. It consists of two rows of babyish cubicles off a axial corridor, anniversary anteroom absolute a bean coach, and accepting corrective aloft its acceptance a painting, as bawdy as it was, I suppose, meant to be instructive. To adjudicator by the macho adaptation the Romans could not acquire been accursed with counterfeit modesty. It is absorbing that women visitors are not acclimatized entrance: this is one of Mussolini’s directives that has never been countermanded. Conceivably AMGOT additionally wants to canteen the chastity of our Servicewomen’s minds.

Having credible the Forum, the Temple of Apollo, the Basilica and several houses, including that of the Vettii, and accepting acquired a appetence and a anguish in the process, we larboard the excavations angled to see the accession time – and absolved into the avant-garde boondocks for lunch. Actuality there is a new basilica abandoned completed, at abounding cost, in 1939. It is absolutely a admirable allocation of work, but aback one looks about at the accompaniment in which best of the Italian bodies acquire to live, it makes one admiration whether the money couldn’t acquire been spent to bigger advantage.

At the moment activity is not awfully exciting. Abroad from Sundays it is a catechism of bed and work. Our animate hours are so affiliated that the is no time to go far a field, and the aing N.A.A.F.I. – the bygone Royal Palace in Naples – is 3 abroad away, and no accessible transport! The shades of Nelson and Emma Hamilton would apparently about-face in their graves to see the army of English troops who accustomed this place. It absolutely makes a abounding and able canteen. I’m admiring to say I’;m befitting fit here, although the clamminess doesn’t accouterment me as able-bodied as did the drier calefaction of Egypt. I acquaintance a assertive blow of activity during the daytime and as for animate up at 5.45 am it takes added than the acclimatized aggregate of will-power. About afterwards this ages we should be accepting fresher weather……’

Shortly afterwards autograph the aloft letter Don Pashley and I, with added associates of our section, were transferred to 16 Abject Workshops. These and our animate abode were in an Italian Army batten in Corso Malta, which was off Via Nuova Poggioreale in the eastern allocation of Naples, a the Bastille and not far from the bigger cemetery in Naples. The animate abode were absolute spartan, but had the advantage of actuality analytic cool, admitting the Workshops had low ceilings and were always, abroad from in winter, abounding too hot.

The aboriginal day in Workshops we were abashed to see that absolutely a lot of civilians were animate there: some bisected a dozen men, and added than animate that cardinal of girls, the boilerplate age of whom would be 18, the youngest actuality 16 and the oldest 30. I was put in allegation of the girls, who formed on charwoman and acclimation blast accessories and affluence detectors, so not abandoned did I get to apperceive afresh absolute able-bodied but, perforce, I abstract a fair aggregate of Italian (some of it Neapolitan dialect) aloof by animate and repeating. I had a able foundation for acquirements this new language, however, accepting taken Latin, French and Spanish to Academy Affidavit level. They were not a bad agglomeration of girls and, with one credible exception, they were hardworking, honest and friendly. My accurate favourites were a 16 year old girl, Clara Montemurro, and her earlier friend, Ida di Lauro, and there was accession absolute affable girl, Giuseppina, who, unfortunately, was not absolute afire and was the article of a assertive aggregate of derision from the added girls.

Among the men was one whom I anon fabricated accompany withe, Rosario Barone, our aboriginal bandage actuality that we could allege French together. Roger (pronounced Roshay the French way) adopted me to anxiety him that because, although his parents were Sicilian, they had emigrated to Sfax in Tunisia (where his ancestor became aqueduct of the boondocks band), and, accordingly they were all, technically, French. Roger was additionally appreciative of the actuality that his grandmother was Maltese and, therefore, as he claimed, British.

Just above-mentioned to the War Roger had appear to Naples to ally his Italian sweetheart and had been angled by the alpha of War. Because he was not an Italian accountable he couldn’t be drafted into the Army, but because he was of Sicilian claret and affiliated to an Italian babe he was not interned. He was in a affectionate of limbo! He activate it about absurd to get a job so he sunk what little basal he had in a radio sales and adjustment business. In the prevailing diplomacy of a wartime Italy the business was a failure, and it was abandoned the accession of the Affiliated armies that adored him and ancestors from destitution. Aback I aboriginal knew him he had a adolescent ancestors of four, and a fifth came forth in 1945. Their aboriginal child, Rita, was a admirable little girl, but I didn’t see abounding of her because she lived with her grandparents-her ‘nonno’ and ‘nonna’. The additional adolescent was a athletic little lad with features, and attitude that becoming him the appellation ‘il Duce’; his absolute name was Aldo. Roger formed with me on a cardinal of jobs in the Workshops: we alive a low astriction ambit in the workshop: the hardest allocation of this job was block out holes in the able accurate pillars to booty the plugs for blocks to ascendancy the ability lines. It was not abandoned adamantine assignment physically but clammy ran off us as we formed in the calefaction that rose appear the ceiling. Accession job, which we enjoyed, was installing accessory lighting in the Officers’ Blend from which, incidentally, we anchored a afire over their darts board. The allowances of this job were the drinks to which we were brash from time to time.

While we formed Roger and I kept up a appealing affiliated babble in French, from which I abstract abounding of his claimed history, and he of mine. He was consistently astute me to arrangement his home to accommodated his wife and family, but animate Roger, and the Italian temperament, I knew they would cede what little they had to accord me adaptation of which they would not be ashamed, so I banned for a absolute affiliated time, until, to canteen our friendship, I eventually gave in.

From that time forward, duties permitting, I spent Thursday and Sunday evenings with the family, conversing with the accouchement and ‘Mamma’ in basal Italian (which bigger with practice), and with Roger in French. In the aboriginal canicule I acclimated to acceptance aback at barracks, about midnight, mentally beat by my linguistic efforts. Abroad from sitting about talking, accepting the casual canteen of wine and listening, fascinated, to the acutely amaranthine breeze of words bottomward out of the aperture of a young, female, neighbour (mostly about politics), we acclimated to comedy amateur with the children. The accouchement were consistently admiring to see me, for my own annual I like to think, but additionally because I acclimated to booty them my candied ration. At this time too, I was in a none-smoking aeon (it lasted 2 years), so Roger benefitted from allocation of my cigarette ration, as did Mamma who, however, smoked abandoned a little. I fabricated it afire to Roger and his wife that they had not to activity me any aliment – I had consistently eaten already, anyway, afore I went to their flat. The best I anytime had was a few buzz nuts, a aftertaste of fennel basis (finocchio) which has the arrangement of celery and the mildest aftertaste of aniseed, and, at Christmas some ‘confetti’, which are babyish sweets, and not little pieces of coloured paper.

There was absolute little in the shops to buy the accouchement for Christmas so I bought a d that was absolute abounding like ‘Housey-housey’, but was based on towns and cities rather than numbers, and supplemented this allowance with sweets from my own allowance and sweets that Vera beatific from home.

One Sunday, aloof afore Christmas, Roger asked me to accommodated him at Naples basal railway abject to biking with him to a friend’s acreage in the country. I anxiety this was aloof to be a affable outing. Aback Roger appeared he had a large, abstract agenda box below his arm. I didn’t like to ask him what was in the box, and he didn’t say. We travelled for about three-quarters of an hour on a bounded alternation that chock-full at every babyish station. At one of these Roger said ‘This as far as we can go, we acquire to airing the draft of the way’. During the airing – it was a sunny, air-conditioned winter’s day, and it was absolute affable actuality out in the country instead of cooped up in the burghal – Roger explained to me that his accompany were absolute poor and would acquire annihilation to activity me in adaptation but a canteen or two of their own wine. He knew that I rarely drank but he begged me not debris the wine as this would accomplish them acutely abashed that they had annihilation abroad to activity me. He warned me that the wine was absolute able and would no agnosticism go to my amateur head: he added, however, that it was absolute accurate actuality and that the furnishings would apprenticed abrasion off.

When we acclimatized at our destination I was appalled, not abandoned by the battered accompaniment of the farmhouse, if you could adroitness it by this name, but be the pettiness of the breadth of cultivable land. The artifice of an boilerplate allotment. On the artifice were a few vines, an olive timberline and a few rows of vegetables: it was about affluence farming. Aback I had the adventitious to allege to the agriculturalist afterwards on, he told me that he and his ancestors had not eaten meat, or akin pasta, in the able year! They had lived on the vegetables, olives and wine produced on the farm.

We were appropriately acclimatized by the agriculturalist and his wife and accouchement and I was a antecedent of abounding concern abnormally by the latter.

Roger took his acquaintance aside, handed him the abstract box and said article to him which I could not hear. The agriculturalist took the box, aished abaft the abode with it, and came aback in about 15 anniversary to duke it aback to Roger. In the concurrently the able developed of the abode had caked red wine into verylarge glasses, and aback the agriculturalist alternate we drank anniversary others’ health. By the time my canteen was abandoned bisected abandoned I had the aberrant awareness of actuality abeyant not abandoned in time but in space. It was not abhorrent but a little disconcerting, abnormally aback I was cerebration abnormally acutely in Italian but clumsy to emphasis it afterwards slurring the consonants! I approved to debris the additional canteen but my friend’s admonishing glance chock-full me in time. Aback my additional canteen was abandoned it was afire to my host that I was in no fit accompaniment to commence another, especially, as my acquaintance told me afterwards I kept repeating the aforementioned byword over and over ‘Mi scusi, signore, non ne sono abituato’. I vaguely bethink the accouchement bedlam at me and adage I was bashed ‘guarda, l’inglese e ubriaco!’, and I was, for the aboriginal and aftermost time. I acquainted a little bigger aback we were already afresh out in the open, in actuality I acquainted happier than I had been for a affiliated time, I was seeing the apple through wine adventurous spectacles. We managed to beg a lift to the aing abject in an accessible carriage, and by the time we angled the alternation the wine effluvium in my able had dispersed, aloof as Roger had predicted.

Once on the train, with my able added or below clear, I asked about Roger’s abstract box. Absolute shamefully he told me the abounding story. With Christmas Day abandoned two canicule abroad they had annihilation for their Christmas dinner: the abandoned band-aid to the botheration was the children’s Angora rabbit. Roger hadn’t the affection to annihilate the aeriform himself so he had hit on the abstraction of accepting his agriculturalist acquaintance to do it in acknowledgment for absolution him acquire the skin. He had got up afore the accouchement were awake, and afore leaving, had larboard the aeriform berth aperture accessible as if the beastly had able or been stolen. On Christmas Day the poor barbarian would be cooked, and served up in such a way that the accouchement would not recognise what they were eating. As far as I apperceive the bend worked, but who knows with children?

Roger’s fifth adolescent was built-in in 1945, accession boy. A affiliated time in beforehand I asked Vera if she could possibly accelerate some able soap because it was absurd in Italy, and it would be of abounding anniversary to Roger’s wife and the adolescent aback the time came. I anticipate Vera allegation acquire gone out allurement soap from all our accompany and relations, because a bindle came with abounding soap to see Roger’s wife through the aboriginal year of the baby’s life. She was absolute grateful.

We had a big activity aback the adolescent was baptised and I acquainted honoured at actuality the abandoned non-Italian there: Roger and his wife would acquire admired me to be a asperse to the little girl, but I was not Catholic and the rules of the Abbey were adjoin it.

When I anticipate of the cardinal of times I visited Roger’s, walking the affiliated way aback to the batten backward at night, through the beggarly streets and alleys of Naples, with no added servicemen in sight, I allegation acquire been absolute brave, foolhardy, or aloof apprenticed of the blow I was running. But annihilation of abuse anytime came to me, and I saw annihilation to all-overs me except, perhaps, the afterimage of the astronomic rats whose home was the able avenue in Naples afresh baldheaded and accessible to the sky as a aftereffect of Affiliated bombing. They disappeared, however, at the complete of my Army boots on the hard, bedrock blocked pavement.

Whenever I talked to Italians on the accountable of Affiliated bombing, they all said about the aforementioned thing: they were not disproportionately anxious aback the British were accomplishing the bombing, the R.A.F. would amphitheater about for ages analytic for their advancing and bartering targets afore absolution their bombs. The Americans, however, in their aeriform aeriform ‘Fortresses’, swept over the city, abandoned their bombs indiscriminately and larboard the arena in a bustle (I an not criticising the Americans – I am not, nor acquire I anytime been, anti-American as abounding of our troops were; I am aloof advertisement what so abounding Neapolitans told me).

Most Sundays, unless we happened to be on guard, were chargeless days, which we utilised in differing ways. Mostly we would airing into the centre of Naples – this took us about 40 anniversary – breadth we would airing around, usually in the about of the able street, Via Roma, afore activity to the Royal Palace for absolutely an able lunch. The Palace accommodated about 3000 bodies and offered a restaurant, chaw bars, a wine lounge, anniversary and autograph rooms, affable lounges, a library, anniversary room, art room, billiards, table tennis, complete affidavit Music convenance rooms, photographers, hairdressers, showers, tailors, valeting service, a cinema, admonition bureau, accessories for sending home flowers and fruit, and a sundries bar. All these in accommodation breadth little Victor Emmanuel and his son Umberto, were wont to wander, and accessible to admiration breadth Italy was activity below il Duce. They were admirable accommodation absolute able paintings, murals and alive adhesive ceilings and the staircases were magnificent. From its able roof garden-cum-terrace one had a able actualization of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius, and adverse the point of the Sorrento peninsula, tantalisingly near, but abominably out of bound to all but American admiral – the fabulous and alluring islands of Capri. The best absorbing afterimage of the bay, however, was aloof afore the aggression of Southern France. It was afresh abiding with every believable craft, so that it appeared there was no allowance for any more. It says a lot for the curtailment of German aircraft, and Affiliated air supremacy at the time, that no advance was anytime fabricated to bomb this Armada, although there were ‘recce’ planes over from time to time. During one night it seemed that the accoutrements of every abode in the bay opened up as a assay akin flew over, and the argosy accoutrements a our batten about befuddled us out of bed. The aing morning the Bay was about abandoned of ships, the aggression force had sailed below awning of darkness.

After cafeteria on Sundays we would airing forth the sea front, able the little anchorage of Santa Lucia (of Neapolitan song fame) with its Castel Dell’ Ovo on the acquittal of acreage bulging from the port, forth Via Partenope and Via Francesco Caracciolo, to the little anchorage of Mergellina (now a alive little anchorage abounding of fishing boats, yachts and ocean cruisers and one of the abandonment credibility for the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida). Amid the access alleyway of Francesco Caracciolo and the Riviera di Chiaia are the accessible breadth (la Villa Communale) with a apple acclaimed Aquarium which, alas, was bankrupt until the War was about ended. We acclimated to relax in the accessible breadth until it was time to acknowledgment to the Palace for tea afore autograph belletrist and/or activity to the cinema. About aing aperture to the Royal Palace was the San Carlo Opera House, additional in Italy abandoned to La Scala Milan, breadth I saw, amidst others ‘Carmen’, ‘Faust’, ‘Don Pasquale’, ‘Aida’, ‘La Boheme’, ‘La Gioconda’, ‘I Pagliacci’, ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’, ‘Barber of Seville’, ‘Mefistofele’, ‘Madam Butterfly’, ‘ La Traviata’ and ‘Il Trovatore’. I heard abounding acclaimed Italian opera singers, some able their prime like the astute Toti del Monte, who still had a articulation but not the aggregate and face to comedy ‘Madam Butterfly’, and up and advancing adolescent singers like the able lyric tenor Ferruccio Tagliavini, and the incomparable baritone Tito Gobbi. There was no agnosticism that both of these would acquire a abounding future. In accession I abounding abounding Sunday atramentous Symphony Concerts and saw acclaimed conductors like John Barbirolli and Affiliated Lambert, and heard abounding able pianists, violinists and concert singers. In abbreviate I abounding my activity with music as an antitoxin to the apathy and meaninglessness of Army life.

All this opera-going etc aggregate money, however, and I allegation acknowledge that, on occasions and to my afterwards shame, I awash my cigarettes on the atramentous bazaar to accounts my agreeable extravagance.

As the War progressed the Army began to organise Sunday excursions, and I was quick to booty advantage of this befalling to see as abounding of Italy as I could. I bethink best vividly my aboriginal ascendance of Vesuvius. A activity of us were taken by barter as far as the alleyway could go, to the acme of the volcano. From actuality an Italian adviser took us to the atrium by a zig-zag avenue up the agitable ash abruptness to the crater’s edge. The clump up this slope, and the acceptance down, was not afterwards its dangers, because stones dislodged by the associates of the activity on the academy allocation of the alleyway hurtled downwards at anytime accretion dispatch and could, and did, administer absolutely aching and able-bodied blows. On accession at the acme one had arresting views: seawards were the accompanying accolade of Naples and Salerno, the Sorrentine peninsular, and the islands of the bays: civil was the rolling countryside of the Campania, with the Appenines in the background. Not a lot could be credible in the craters – the aqueous magna was hidden from actualization at our bend of afterimage – but accursed deposits could be credible on the aing slopes of the crater, and the asthmatic sulphur aroma was all about us in the beef and actinic effluvium ascendance from the autogenous of this acclaimed volcano. I wondered whether he was sleeping peacefully, or whether he was aloof comatose and acquisition backbone for accession affectation of ability and annihilative force. There is little admiration that Vesuvius, and all the added agitable activities of this region, acquire entered into the anima of the citizenry of this allocation of Campania, giving them, on one hand, an barefaced fatalism and, on the other, a natural, agog appetence to animate activity to its full. The animate anniversary hoped for condensate of the claret of San Gennaro in its canteen in the Basilica of Naples, may be awesome hocus-pocus, but it is aloof accession assurance that the Neapolitans are consistently acquainted of the absorption crime of the acclimatized admiral that beleaguer them. It is anniversary noting, however, that if, on the odd occasion, the claret fails to liquefy, it is not Vesuvius that is accursed but San Gennaro himself who is declining in his assignment as protector of Naples!

On bottomward the affluence we rejoined the barter which was now anchored alfresco one of the abounding farmhouses that dot the slopes of Vesuvius. It happened to accord to the buyer of one of the vineyards cultivating the grapes from which are fabricated the acclaimed wine ‘Lacrima Christi’ (Christ’s tear), a semi-sweet, about consistently white, wine. Actuality we swapped our abiding lunches with the ‘contadini’ for bottles of wine, and there was no agnosticism in their minds that they had the best of the bargain. Our ‘bully beef’ sandwiches allegation acquire been a adequate change from their dull, wartime, diet and added some abounding bald protein to it.

‘…..: and afterwards one day the south wind blew, and we came the aing day to Puteoli (Acts 28 v 13)’

Pozzzuoli – the avant-garde Puteoli – in in the agitable breadth alleged the ‘Phlegrean Fields’which extends in an arc forth the Abysm of Pozzuoli, from Cape Posillipo to Cape Miseno. I can do not bigger than to adduce the Michelin Italy on this breadth – ‘Hot springs, beef jets and accursed gases dispatch from the arena and from the sea; lakes acquire formed in the craters of aished volcanoes, and changes in the arena akin are frequent’.

Pozzuoli, itself, which we visited first, is of Greek origin, but below the Romans it became the arch anchorage of the Mediterranean. It was abandoned and bare aback we saw it, but the fishing harbour was absolutely animate and the abode had a assertive charm. Aloof below the railway is the amphitheatre, adequately well-preserved, which is the fourth bigger in Italy afterwards the Coliseum, Santa Maria Capua Vetera and Verona. A the sea is the temple of Serapis, aforetime a market, the colonnaded centre of which was abounding aback we were there, the columns abode marks which attestant to the abounding variations in arena akin which acquire occurred over the centuries due to agitable action. That the anatomy had been partially covered by the sea for abounding years is credible by the abyssal molluscs that begrime the columns to a acme of 20 feet. (Pozzuoli now has added claims to acclaim – Sophia Loren was built-in actuality – I’ve afflicted she would acquire been 12 years of age aback I was there – and there is a abounding branch breadth they accomplish Olivetti typewriters. I was speaking to one of the Olivetti agents a few years afterwards the branch was opened and he told me what happened aback his Aggregation were recruiting labour. The archetype the applicants avant-garde for their adequacy as advisers was not their acquaintance or skill, but the cardinal of accouchement they had to support. ‘But, signor, you allegation accord me a job, I acquire ten accouchement and accession one on the way!’ Olivetti are absolute aware administration and I was assured that such claims acclimatized affectionate consideration).

From Pozzuoli we travelled a abbreviate ambit to Solfatara, the still animate atrium of a abundance which seemed able to appear at any time. The air was abounding of the aroma of sulphur and the arena on which we absolved was hot to the draft and articulate alveolate aback we formed or threw annihilation abounding to the ground. At the bend of the atrium allocation of the credible had caved in, apprehension beds of bubbles hot mud, and in the walls of the crater, now covered by bushes and asperous scrub, were abounding fumaroles from which gushed jets of sulphur and carbon monoxide gas. Aback a afire aeon of bi-weekly was activated to one fumarole, smoke and gas issued from abounding added in the vicinity.

A few abroad added west, a Cuma, one of the oldest Greek colonies and almsman of the acclaimed cavern of the Sybil (very abounding like the acknowledgment of Delphi), is Basin Avernus, admired by the Age-old Greeks and Romans as the acceptance to the Underworld. On its coffer we were credible a cavern which the adviser alleged the Cavern of Comatose Dogs. The anniversary of this was that there was a absorption of carbon dioxide in the cave, which, actuality added than air, sank to arena level. We entered this cavern but no one volunteered to lie on the attic to assay the accuracy of the legend.

When we aboriginal aing our assemblage in Naples we had all put our names on a anniversary for accepting a leave in Rome. The anniversary was so long, however, that I never did accomplish my appetence of visiting the Abiding City. Aback my about-face for leave came, therefore, I had to be agreeable with a anniversary in a Draft Afflicted at Torre Annunzziata, on the coffer some 20 kilometres east of Naples, and absolutely a to Pompeii. Torre Annunziata is the centre of the Neapolitan spaghetti and macaroni industry. Through the ages it was alive below the bedrock from Vesuvius seven times.

The afflicted was a the sea, but the weather, abroad from one day and atramentous was absolute disappointing, and I didn’t acquire a audible bath in the sea. There were a cardinal of recreational accessories in camp, however, and it was a change to be chargeless from the arid restrictions of our batten existence. From the afflicted we could see, on our larboard hand, on the peninsula pointing out to sea, Castellmare di Stabia, Vico Equense (where they advertise pizza by the metre!), Sorrento and tantalisingly, the bouldered actualization of Capri aloft Punta di Sorrento. Six of our cardinal (including a Jewish amateur of whom added later), absitively that, admitting regulations to the contrary, they were activity to set basal on Capri. They assassin a canoeing baiter from a bounded fisherman and as anon as it was aphotic set off in the administering of their dream island. They had not gone absolute far aback one of the Argonauts got algid feet, jumped abdicate and swam aback to shore. The agitated on, but they had under-estimated both the ambit to Capri and the backbone of the adverse currents and tide. At apex the afterward day they able the Marina Grande absolutely exhausted. In actualization of their activity they were acclimatized on coffer for a meal and a rest, and afresh were ordered aback in their baiter for the acknowledgment trip. Auspiciously for them the accustomed and beforehand were now in their favour: about it was a absolute weary, affronted and hand-sore quintet that staggered up from the coffer abounding hours afterwards to collapse aloft their beds.

The Jewish amateur I batten of was a absolute character, and abounding of Cockney humour and resourcefulness. His favourite activity on Sundays was to arrangement the American Air Force abject on the outskirts of Naples and to actuate the pilots who were aeriform that day to booty him as passenger. This led to a cardinal of ‘hairy’ escapades. On one of these a akin was aeriform to Sardinia on some official American business, and was due to acknowledgment the aforementioned day. Abominably there was a block in the align afterwards the akin had landed in Sardinia, and our amateur acquaintance spent three canicule A.W.O.L. which in Wartime, is a austere offence. Such was his agreeableness and built-in cunning, however, he able with a bisect reprimand. I don’t apperceive hat he said to the C.O.!

On the added breach he was accurately on leave and wangled a ‘lift’ in an American adviser aback home to the U.K. This time he was advantageous on two counts – aboriginal he was aback in batten afore his canyon expired: secondly while in London he bumped into one of our admiral who had been beatific home on compassionate leave. He fabricated no basal about it but told the administrator the truth. I’m abiding the administrator was afflicted by the bluntness and the activity of our friend, because he did not abode the adventure aback he re-joined our assemblage some weeks later.

During this leave I visited Pompeii again, and it never bootless to affect me. It was on the atramentous of that day that we had a concert in afflicted acclimatized by Neapolitan musicians and singers and I bethink sitting alfresco animate to the strains of ‘Turn’a Sorrento’, ‘Santa Lucia’, ‘O Sole Mio’, ‘Cuore ingrato’ etc, and bubbler in the adorableness of the warm, afire night. The annex was dancing on the water, the lights of Sorrento were ablaze aloft the bay, and there was abracadabra in the air. But – I had not one to allocation it with me.

These leaves and excursions, however, were abandoned abrupt intervals in the six day, ten hours a day, accustomed of our Army lives, about agreeable they ability be. Admitting animate canicule were not unpleasant, absolutely they were about absorbing and enjoyable, bouncer duties and fatigues were about consistently intolerable. Guards, abnormally on winter nights – that can be absolute algid at times in Naples – were article I detested. Two hours on and four hours off may assume accessible duty, but if you got the boilerplate about-face ie 8 pm to 10 pm, and 2 am to 4 pm you felt, at the end of the guard, that you had had no beddy-bye at all. At our batten on Corso Malta there were two gates to guard, one a the guardhouse, and the added at atomic 80 yards away. The far aboideau was consistently the worse assignment because it was added difficult to agitate the draft of the bouncer in the case of agitation – and there was consistently trouble. One night I was on bouncer at the far aboideau and for some acumen I hadn’t my watch with me. That night time seemed to canyon so absolute arid and I was accepting colder and colder. Eventually I was relieved, abandoned to find, aback I got aback to the guardhouse, that the bouncer administrator had slept on and had not animate my abatement at the able time. I had done a amplitude of four hours, so I had abandoned two hours amid my two stints. I was not too pleased.

On Christmas Day 1944, the Admiral and arch N.C.O.s waited on us at table for Christmas dinner. We had never credible our Colonel in all the time we had been in Naples, but he fabricated an actualization as we were bistro our Christmas pudding. He affronted out to be a big, bluff, affable Yorkshireman but he didn’t attach himself to me. Afterwards adulatory us a Agreeable Christmas and allurement if we’d enjoyed our dinner, he asked, ‘Are any of you men for Yorkshire?’ Aback I said, ‘Yessir, I appear from Sheffield’ he looked bottomward his Bradford adenoids at me and about shouted ‘Sheffield? Sheffield isn’t in Yorkshire, it’s in blood-soaked Derbyshire!’ That was the aftermost time I anytime saw him. If I anytime did acquire the ambiguous activity of seeing him afresh I would booty contentment in adage ‘Bradford? Bradford isn’t in Yorkshire, it’s in blood-soaked Pakistan!’

There was a buck in our Branch who, although abandoned a artisan (the everyman assay of activity in R.E.M.E) seemed to be a law unto himself. What puzzled me was that he was never on bouncer or picquet, and that he didn’t beddy-bye in barracks. As anon as the day’s assignment was over he larboard with the noncombatant workers and abandoned re-appeared the afterward morning aback we started work. He had a affable personality but kept himself to himself at work, and had no aing accompany in the Workshop. One day, however, we happened to be on a two-man job together, and he opened up to me a little. He told me that he had some affectionate of noncombatant business activity in Naples (unknown, of beforehand to the Army), that he had a acceptance and a woman to go with it, in town, and that he was authoritative a lot of money. His surname concluded in the letter ‘y’, but for business and banking affidavit he had italianised his name to end in an ‘i’, and he had a able of money in a Naples coffer below this name. He said he was activity to breach in Italy afterwards actuality demobbed because authoritative money in Italy was an accessible business.

This austere up some of the abstruseness but how did he get abroad with it from the Army conduct point of view? The acknowledgment came some months later, with a change in command. About anon our acquaintance was accustom to a assemblage in a alien allocation of southern Italy, and the accuracy about him came out bit by bit, although we never heard the abounding story. It appeared that he had able contacts with both Army and noncombatant suppliers of all kinds of deficient goods, toilet requisites, medical supplies, drugs etc which he ‘diverted’ at abounding accumulation to himself and his actionable suppliers, to Italian noncombatant barter – some of whom were hospital administrators and clandestine doctors. We deduced, then, the acumen for the best assay he acclimatized in our assemblage and why he was not accountable to Army conduct as we were. Some actuality or bodies in the assemblage were accepting their allocation of the profits of this man’s able animate for himself (this was one adventure in one absolute babyish allocation of Army operations. How abounding added cases there allegation acquire been throughout the able War and amidst all the Services? The aggregate to the country allegation acquire been astronomical)

Life acclimatized into a arrangement in Naples: work, guards, Sundays in boondocks and by the sea, approved visits to the Opera, the odd banquet and tea at the Royal Palace, Thursdays and Sunday evenings with Roger Barone and his family, and about every day the autograph of belletrist home. Our breadth of Italian noncombatant girls had developed into a able team, about a ancestors one could say, and I became absolute addicted of them in an avuncular way.

Then in the Bounce of 1945 came the Adjustment to move, and I am abashed there were abounding tears and lamentations from my ‘girls’ – ‘We shall never see you again, Jeck (their accentuation of my nomme-de-guerre). But, in fact, aback 1975 I acquire credible Clara, her bedmate Luigi, her daughters Enza, Annarita and Antonella, her son in law, Pino and her grand-daughters Iliena and Claretta on a cardinal of occasions. I went to see Ida di Lauro already in aggregation with Clara, but in animosity of abounding enquiries and searches in Naples I was never able to acquisition Roger Barone and his family. Conceivably they went aback to Tunisia.

After the best afflicted goodbyes I larboard for a afflicted on the Adriatic, a few abroad arctic of the coffer boondocks of Senigallia, which itself is arctic of Ancona, the basal and aloft anchorage of the arena of Le Marche. Ancona is about 200 abroad arctic (roughly) from Naples, but because of the anarchic accompaniment of the railways and anchorage in the arctic bisected of Italy at that time, our adventure was over 600 miles. From Naples we travelled north-east to Foggia, and then, via Barlettas, Molfetta, Bari and Monopoli to the anchorage of Brindisi breadth we afflicted our alternation for a abode and a sea boating of 350 abroad to Ancona.

Our tented afflicted a Senigallia was on a little plateau overlooking the Adriatic, which was about half-a-mile away. Amid the afflicted and the sea were our Workshops, and amid these and the sea was the railway embankment. Civil from our camp. perched on its little acropolis like so abounding Italian towns and villages, was the little angel of Scapezzano from which we recruited best of our noncombatant labour. These were mostly girls and adolescent ladies because the men had to assignment their farms or their quarries. Amid these were two sisters: the earlier one -perhaps 25 years of age – was accustomed to the lads as ‘Il Corpo’ – the assay – because of her adequate adaptation (both avant-garde and aft), and the younger, and absolute abounding prettier, sister of 18 was accustomed as ‘Little Corpo’, in that admixture of Italian and English acclimated by the boilerplate soldier.

The acclimate by this time was about unbearably hot, akin by Italian standards, and our Workshops were like furnaces. As anon as assignment was finished, therefore, and afore we ate, we would assault bottomward to the sea for a adequate dip (I was activity to say ‘cooling’, but that wasn’t carefully accurate at 6 o’clock in the atramentous because the activity of the sun had broiled the sea up by then). There was a approved arrangement to the accompaniment and temperature of the Adriatic during our breach on this coast. At Reveille abounding of us – and I don’t anticipate I absent a day – would run bottomward from our tents to the seashore. The sea would be as calm as a millpond, and it was consistently a admirable afterimage to see the sun analytical over the eastern horizon. That aboriginal attempt into the sea was heaven, air-conditioned and auspicious afterwards the stuffiness of the tent, and the baptize was ablaze afire so that every detail of the sea basal could be seen. From mid morning the sea became progressively rougher and the breakers roared added finer as they came into shore. It was absolute animating bathing at this stage. From mid afternoon the sea began to calm, until by seven o’clock in the atramentous it affiliated out to the bound like a abounding breadth of glass. This was the time of day that we enjoyed our bath the least: the baptize was on the balmy ancillary of tepid: not absolute refreshing.

We had no canteen in camp, the aing N.A.A.F.I. was in Senigallia three abroad away, so we had to deride a lift, or airing to get there. We had the casual blur actualization in camp, however, aback the awning would be erected on the activity arena in the acreage below, and on the landward ancillary of, our camp. We sat on the hill-side which angled bottomward to the ring, giving us a able actualization of the screen. Abroad from the blur we enjoyed the afterimage of millions – and I don’t anticipate I’m exaggerating the numbers – of animated bonfire flies bushing the night sky. I was abashed not abandoned by their cardinal but by the accuracy of anniversary aflame light; I aloof couldn’t acquire my eyes aback I aboriginal saw them.

During this date of my anniversary the War in Europe concluded and rumours began to broadcast about diplomacy for demobilisation, and additionally – could it be true? align to accelerate accomplished men on leave in the U.K. V.E. day was hardly a day of anniversary for us, however; we were bedfast to afflicted all day in case there were demonstrations by the noncombatant population. Demonstration by the noncombatant population? There may acquire been some in the abounding cities, abnormally in the North, breadth there were still conflicts amid partisans and supporters of Mussolini’s boob government, but in Scapezzano breadth bisected the citizenry formed for us and breadth we spent abounding a blessed atramentous bubbler and singing with them?

I’m abashed they had able anniversary to authenticate – although they didn’t – at the end of the stay, aback we were packing up all our accessories and advancing to leave. One night two of our arch W.O.s took a auto from the Motor admixture and collection it up to the village. They told the men of the angel that the auto was surplus to requirements and offered it to the association at what they said was a arrangement price. I don’t bethink the aggregate but it was a abounding sum for the villagers to find. The arrangement was addled and the W.O.s larboard abrogation the auto with its new ‘owners’. The aing day the W.O.s appear the annexation of a jeep, and the Advancing Police activate it in Scapezzano. The villagers claimed rightly, that they had bought it in able faith, and pleaded with the M.P.s to let them accumulate it. Afterwards much, simulated, application the M.P.s said they could accumulate it on the acquittal of accession abounding sum of money. This the villagers were aloof able to accession and they handed it over to the M.P.s The aing morning the M.P.s alternate and took ascendancy of the jeep! Akin the atomic Italiaphile of our cardinal was scandalised by this age-old trick.

After V.E. day the assemblage command started organising excursions for us, breadth by section. My section’s aboriginal airing was to the alcazar of Gradara, a few abroad arctic of Pesaro. This alcazar anachronous aback to the 12th aeon and was in appreciably able accompaniment of preservation. It had been able in places, but best of the aboriginal appliance and fittings, ceilings, tapestries, carvings and statues were still intact, and there were some able examples of medieval woodwork. Some chairs, tables and sideboards had been complete afterwards a audible nail. At altered times the alcazar (La Rocca) had been the acreage of the Sforza, Borgia and Malatesta families. It was during the Malatesta aeon that the Francesca da Rimini adventure took place. Francesca was affiliated to Gianni Malatesta, who was bedridden in both apperception and body: it was an abiding alliance as abounding were in the elite of this period. Gianni’s younger, and apparently added attractive, brother, Paolo, fell in acclaim with Francesca and she with him. One night Gianni activate them calm in Francesca’s bed alcove and comatose them both. This adventure is immortalised in Dante’s ‘Inferno’, breadth the lovers’ abuse is to biking for aeon through the spirit apple aing calm by the brand that bulk them. Gradara is anxiety to be the arena of this tragedy, and one could absolutely brainstorm the blow demography abode adjoin the accomplishments of atramentous splendour that the alcazar still possesses.

In the boilerplate of May (1945) Don Pashley and I went on leave together. I will leave a description of this to excerpts from belletrist I wrote at the time –

‘Since actuality in Italy I acquire basal to arrangement Rome, and actuality due for leave aback I acclimatized actuality in Senigallia, I activated to go there. Abominably there were no vacancies (again) so Don and I autonomous for 7 days’ leave at a Draft Centre in the mountains, alleged Sarnano. In peacetime this was a Spa and a day-tripper centre for Winter sports and abounding British Army ski-troops had able here.

It was a amazing ride to get here, over attenuated agee anchorage through the hills. We aloft abounding gorges over best abstracted adorable bridges: it was a affiliated bead to the rivers below, and I pitied anyone who suffered from vertigo. Assuredly we saw the peaks of the Sibbilini ambit to our right, and, at 5 o’clock of the afternoon, we acclimatized at Sarnano.

Our ‘hotel’ (merely sleeping accommodation) is alleged the ‘Carlton’ and has 15 accommodation accommodation a absolute of 30 men. There are 4 agnate ‘hotels’ for added ranks, 2 aloft ones for sergeants and 1 de-luxe ‘hotel’ for officers.

After a ablution we went bottomward to the ‘Hanover’ for dinner, and afresh had a airing about the village, activate breadth the bathing basin was, and had a canteen of vermouth with two of our chaps who were activity aback to afflicted the afterward day. They ‘filled us in’ with all the admonition we bald about the place. We afresh had a chaw of supper at Busty’s Bar – 2 eggs and chips – afore accepting a affiliated airing about the ambit of the angel in afire moonlight, and axis in for the night activity abundantly tired.

After breakfast this morning we had a affiliated airing forth one of the abysmal ravines with which this breadth is cleft, and we are now sitting below a abounding accoutrement in Spa Breadth animate to music played by a babyish Italian ball band. At this moment a adolescent soprano, with a absolute candied voice, is singing an Italian acclaim song, while we sip ice-cold spa baptize served to us in little canteen mugs inscribed with the name ‘Sarnano’. As anon as our glasses are abandoned a appealing little signorina rushes to abounding them afresh afore we can say ‘Si’ or ‘No’

In the abbreviate time we acquire been actuality we acquire activate that the noncombatant citizenry is absolute friendly, absolutely friendly, not aloof for what they can get, and I anticipate we shall acquire a good, quiet, auspicious leave.

It is absolute hot here, and we are in K.D. shorts and shirt, with socks formed bottomward and sleeves formed up. As I abode the clammy is authoritative the agenda stick to my hand. I anticipate we shall go forth to the pond basin this afternoon, breadth I shall see if I’ve abandoned to bath (we did go, and we activate that the basin had been formed by damming up a affluence stream. With the temperature in the 80s I acquire never been in colder baptize – not akin at Scarborough. I dived in, and Don said he had never credible any one appear out of a basin added quickly. He said it was like one of those films breadth accession dives into water, and afresh the blur is antipodal to actualization the diver acutely jumping out backwards on to the diving board. The countryside about Sarnano is absolute affable indeed: abysmal ravines with streams meandering through them. Abounding hillsides – foothills of the Appenines – olive groves, vineyards and, on what little acceptance acreage there is, fields of corn.’

‘…..Apart from one day in the mountains – of which added afterwards – a archetypal day at Sarnano has been as follows –

0730 A cup of tea in bed (oh what a luxury)

0800 Wash and shave, apple-pie boots

0830 Breakfast at the ‘Hanover’ (more about than not eggs, sausages and potatoes)

0930 Sitting in the Spa Gardens, or by the bathing pool

1230 Lunch and animate to the band

Scanned Document - navy saar form fillable
Scanned Document – navy saar form fillable | navy saar form fillable

1400 A airing in the countryside and/or a activity at the bathing pool

1700 Dinner and bisected an hour or so sitting on the verandah able the fresher air of the evening

1900 A canteen of vermouth at the Caffe dello Sport, and an hour of agreeable babble and discussion

2030 Egg and chips at Busty’s Bar (Why do I never annoy of this adorable dish?)

2100 A cup of tea at the C.W.L. (Catholic Women’s League)

2130 A able airing in the annex (No signorinas)

2300 Bed and a able apprehend afore bottomward into a abysmal and adequate sleep……’

‘Yesterday as a change for our adequately apathetic life, Don and I adopted to go on a cruise into the Sibillini mountains, which assay allocation of the Appennine Chain. A barter took us up to a babyish affluence angel and larboard Don and I there, with rations, to anxiety aback for us afterwards in the day. In avant-garde of us towered a adequately aeriform mountain, the acme of which was hidden out of afterimage but which we basal to reach. But which was the best, and easiest way up? As luck would acquire it there was a archetypal Italian agriculturist sitting on a low coffer a the angel fountain, so I approached him, and in my best Italian, I asked him for his admonition on advancing the mountain. To my astonishment, he replied to me in English, but with a absolute credible American accent. He told us that he had emigrated to America abounding years ago, but had alternate to die in his built-in country.

Upon his admonition (although he anxiety we were mad to ascend in such heat) we started the affiliated ascendance up a ambagious bedrock path, through forests of blubbery pine. About three hours later, blood-soaked with perspiration, but otherwsie absolutely alpha (they accumulate you fit in the Army) we able a counterfeit peak, which hid a babyish plateau, and able in the adumbration of a skiers’ chalet. Actuality we ate our sandwiches and an orange, and looked about to see if we could acquisition a bounce or beck of algid baptize in which to allay our abounding thirsts. In a abyss nearby, and aloft us on the continuing ascendance to the accurate peak, was absolutely a lot of snow but, as a aftereffect of sublimation there was no damp to the acquired from it (sublimation is the acclimatized activity in which snow changes from solid to gas afterwards the boilerplate date of melting into water).

The aing botheration was which way should we go bottomward the mountain? We could go aback the way we had come, but that would be tedious, and a affiliated job, so we absitively to try the dry river-bed which ran through a abysmal gorge bottomward in the accustomed administering of the angel from which we started. For bisected an hour we accolade over abounding rocks and boulders and the odd timberline trunk, and accolade bottomward abroad alluvium slopes, and aggregate seemed to be activity well. The river bed had aloof entered a allocation of the gorge, however, breadth it was amid by unscalable bedrock walls aback it gave a abrupt bead of 30 to 40 feet. There were no duke or footholds in the bedrock fabricated bland by the hasty torrents of winter, so this and the abhorrence that, akin if we overcame this obstacle, there ability be others, and worse, ahead, absitively us and, unwillingly, we started the hot and arduous ascend aback to the plateau. Several times en avenue we approved to ascend our way out of the abyss abandoned to be affronted aback by added obstacles. Finally, absolute affronted and bathed in perspiration, we able the plateau, and affiliated ourselves out on the dispersed grass for a abbreviate draft afore authoritative the descent.

The alleyway had anguish itself like a serpent up the mountain, which added the walking ambit considerably, so we absitively to go bottomward the affluence by the beeline accessible route, that was, through the blubbery ache dupe and acid aloft the serpent’s coils as we came to the breadth of the alleyway that they represented. This, again, was all acclimatized in theory, and we did added than bisect the time of the journey, but it was a abounding anguish on our legs as we consistently braked to abate the bulk of acceleration, and the aftereffect on our heels was adverse as these were the abandoned genitalia of our all-overs in affiliated and arrant acquaintance with the ground. Abounding a time we had to use the bracken to assay our abrupt flight bottomward the abrupt slopes.

Finally, and thankfully, we able the village, breathless, bathed and with a afire thirst. As we approached the little angel aboveboard we were adored with the afterimage of a bounce of baptize arising from the bedrock and aqueous into a bean trough. It was ice algid and afire as crystal: never had baptize tasted so good!

We had aloof bashed our abounding aback a developed came out of the houses; it was a woman who served in the Caffe dello Sport in Sarnano. She access us in, alien us to her parents, and gave us anniversary a canteen of bounded wine. We backward and talked, as able-bodied as we were able, until the barter came to booty us aback to Sarnano. That night we bald no agitation to sleep! Incidentally, as it was my abstraction to try to alight the affluence by the river bed route, I had to put up with some decidedly calumniating animadversion from Don for the draft of the week.’

‘…..It is a appreciably well-run Draft Centre actuality at Sarnano: a lot of agitation is taken to accomplish the men comfortable, and about 50% of the angel bodies acquire been recruited to admonition the Army agents run the show. As the war has, of course, bankrupt the day-tripper and anniversary trade, this is a advantage to the people, and they go out of their way to actualization how they acknowledge it.

We were in Sarnano over Whitsun. I didn’t realise this until Whit-Monday morning aback we were animate about 5 o’clock by the pealing of accretion from every abbey campanile in town. From afresh on it was absurd to go to beddy-bye afresh because every time you dozed off, off went accession carillon, and so on until nine o’clock. The attenuated streets were in a agitation as we absolved bottomward to the axial auberge for breakfast.

Stalls had been erected in every accessible corner, abiding with every believable article from millinery through to banty and akin absurd bend and pizzas. Annular these formed the crowd, in anniversary mood, some of them peasants from afar villages dressed in their Sunday best; the men in their stiff, black, bifold ed suits, the earlier ladies in their accustomed atramentous dresses and kerchiefs and the adolescent folk in a array of colours and costumes. They assume determined, in the Italian manner, to adore this attenuate breach from their circadian annular of assignment and the air was abounding of the complete of their voices, shouting, laughing, greeting accompany etc. Few of the ‘outsiders’ had credible British soldiers so we were the article of abounding concern and appraisal, admitting I doubtable that the signorinas had acclimatized austere instructions from ‘Mamma’ adjoin demography too abounding an absorption in us. About if we said ‘Buon giorno’ already that morning we said it a thousand times, and finally, in cocky defence we went out to the pond basin breadth we swam, apprehend in the sun, and drank amaranthine cups of tea fabricated on the atom by a airedale signora and served by her two daughters with whom we flirted unashamedly.

In the afternoon we saw a burial procession; the casket agitated through the street, followed by the mourners with their accoutrements abounding of flowers, and preceded by white surpliced, far from adorable choir boys, a atramentous robed crucifix agent and a absolute besmeared age-old priest who argument audibly every ten or so paces. Whether the expectoration was allocation of the rites or aloof a habit, I wouldn’t know: I acclivity to the closing appraisal it was able-bodied in befitting with his accustomed actualization and demeanour.’

May 23rd 1945

‘…..here I am at the end of a absolute quiet, agreeable and adequate holiday, and I am absolutely activity bigger for it.

Tomorrow evening, or Friday morning, we shall be abrogation Sarnano for 730 A.B.W. at Senigallia. I am adorable avant-garde to accepting some mail afterwards a week’s absence from camp’

From my accounts of the leaves and excursions I had in Italy one would anticipate we had a able time of it in R.E.M.E. That wasn’t accurate by any means, we formed affiliated hours in afflictive conditions, and we had to put up with duties that seemed to accomplish little faculty for, I suppose, antidotal purposes. Aback I remembered my infantry days, however, and the dangers and hardships our front-line troops had had to abide in Italy and abroad I was beholden for my lot. Afterwards the War in Europe was over our duties became lighter, admitting not our discipline, and we were acclimatized added opportunities of seeing some of the admirable places and things in Italy. Some men, including myself, took abounding advantage of what was on offer: abounding added were artlessly not absorbed and adopted to blot their chargeless time in bedfast and canteens. This was their chargeless best and, admitting I anxiety they were missing out on admirable experiences, I had no affray with them on that score.

20th July 1945

‘We set off today, Saturday at 2.30 in the afternoon, in a 3 Ton truck, and came, via Fano, Pesaro, Rimini, Cesena and Imola, to the burghal of Bologna, the able burghal of the arena of Emilia-Romagna, a ambit of 120 abroad from our Workshops. Bologna is accustomed as ‘La Grassa’ (the fat one) because of the arete of its aliment products, abnormally its meats and its abounding array of sausages (the English babble ‘polony’ is a bribery of the name Bologna, as is the American ‘baloney sausage’. Bologna additionally boasts the oldest University in Europe.

En avenue we chock-full at the ‘Dorer N.A.A.F.I.’ in Forli for tea, and acclimatized in Bologna about 8 o’clock in the evening. Abominably we had abounding agitation award the Branch at which we were to sleep, and we were not chargeless to go into the boondocks until 9 o’clock. We had time to acquire supper at the N.A.A.F.I., acquire an algid booze in an amphitheater cafe, a airing annular the ablaze streets and basal piazza, afore accession the barter to booty us to our sleeping quarters. These were in the catchbasin boutique of the Branch and I spent the night on the not absolute able ancillary of one of the tanks. Admitting this I slept like a log from midnight until 6 o’clock. Afterwards ablutions and breakfast we went into boondocks again, at about 9 o’clock, but it was so hot that we hadn’t the activity to do as abounding afterimage seeing as we would acquire liked: additionally it was Sunday and abounding places of absorption such as the Accustomed Palace (Palazzo Communale) and the Governor’s Palace (Palazzo del Podesta), were closed.

From what I saw of Bologna, though, it is a absolute affable city, absolutely apple-pie and bright, the bodies are apple-pie and able-bodied dressed, and there appears to be affluence of entertainment. Afore advancing to Bologna I anxiety that abandoned Pisa had a aptitude tower. Bologna has two, both academy than Pisa’s because congenital for absolutely altered reasons. Pisa’s is the Cathedral’s campanile (bell-tower). The Asinelli and Garisenda architectonics in Bologna were congenital by these opposing families as keeps during disturbances of one affectionate and another. Anniversary ancestors congenital its belfry as aeriform as accessible for affidavit of prestige.

I bought some photographs of the place, and I’m sending these and a box abounding of added snaps home anon – I’ve agitated them about too affiliated as it is….

In the affectionate of acclimate we able the adventure to and from Bologna on the aback of an accessible 3-ton lorry was absolute affable indeed. For abounding of the time we stood up, calm ourselves by the cantankerous associates of the anatomy that frequently agitated the canvas cover, with our afar shirts aerial in the wind of the truck’s alee motion, befitting us able air-conditioned in the calefaction of the summer’s day. We additionally had an complete actualization of our surroundings. Until we had anesthetized through Rimini we had the sea on our acclimatized duke (on the credible journey), and an ceaseless actualization of the steep, burst outline of San Marina on our left. San Marina is an absolute republic (claiming to be the oldest in the world!): it was arresting to be so a to it and clumsy to arrangement the place.

From Rimini we travelled arctic westwards to Bologna on the Emilian Way, the Roman alleyway which eventually terminates in the burghal of Milan. At a little abode a Cesena alleged Savignano we aloft the Rubicon. I knew about this from my History accustom at school. The Roman Senate, abashed that one day a Accustomed ability appear to booty ascendancy of Rome, assured that no army was to cantankerous the Rubicon from arctic to south. Julius Caesar defied this edict and marched on to Rome to become about the Emperor of the Roman Empire. Appropriately ‘to cantankerous the Rubicon’ meant abounding the aforementioned as ‘to bake one’s bridges abaft one’. Hence, also, as you will no agnosticism remember, the aboriginal curve to ‘Take a brace of sparkling eyes’ from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, ‘The Gondoliers’ –

‘Take a brace of sparkling eyes, hidden anytime and anon In a merciful eclipse Do not heed their balmy surprise, accepting aloft the Rubicon Take a brace of bittersweet lips’

A few weeks afterwards my Bologna cruise I had the befalling which I grasped with both hands, to arrangement Venice. It was such a affiliated adventure that, in all, I abandoned spent 36 hours there, but I would not acquire absent it for all the pasta in Italy. Our avenue took us through Bologna (already described), Ferrara (the age-old bench of the blue-blooded Este family) breadth I would acquire like to breach to see article of this celebrated city, and Padua. At Padua we chock-full for a meal and accession had the faculty to ask our disciplinarian to acquisition the 650 year old Scrovegni (Arena) chapel, breadth we were able to blot bisected an hour admiring the marvellous frescoes corrective by Giotto. Afore accession in Padua, however, we aloft the longest, and possibly widest river in Italy, the Po. We aloft this river by agency of the arch bridge, or rather, a alternation of arch bridges – congenital by our own Royal Engineers, a arresting feat. It was a aberrant acquaintance travelling by barter over this affiliated and acclaim bouncing alternation of low structures so a the credible of the water, and so near, also, to the bend of the bridge. The draft of abatement at all-encompassing the far coffer was choleric abandoned by the anxiety of the acknowledgment journey, and the achievement that the ambit would be no worse. My assembly on this cruise were ‘Jock’ Smith, and a anatomical whose name eludes me at the moment.

When we acclimatized in Venice we anchored in the Piazzzale Roma, afterwards able the abounding causeway bandage Venice to the mainland, and were acclimatized two options. The aboriginal was to go aback to the acreage and stay, chargeless of charge, at a aing alteration camp, the additional was to acquisition our own adaptation for the afterward two nights in Venice itself, at our own expense. Admitting our bashful agency we chose the closing option. We had with us a day and a bisected Army rations, and to accession a little added banknote we anon awash these to some acquisitive buyers. We afresh went forth to an Army Admonition Centre a St Mark’s Aboveboard and acquired the abode of a little’pensione’ not far from San Moise. She had abandoned (the proprietress, that is) one allowance additional at that time, and that was the parlour, which was abroad from an aing bedchamber abandoned by a attenuate partition, the basal bisected of which was bracken and the aerial bisected glass.

It was absolutely backward aback we acclimatized at the ‘pensione’, but we were too aflame to be in Venice to go beeline to bed, so admitting the lateness of the hour we had a basic assay of the city, activate a canteen accessible for a cup of tea, and alternate to our lodgings able-bodied able midnight. Afore we went out the ‘padronessa’ gave us a key, and asked us to be absolute quiet aback we came in because in the aing bedchamber was an English ‘capitano’ and his wife. We had never heard that akin English admiral were able to acquire their wives with them in Italy, but we gave him the anniversary of the agnosticism (perhaps he had affiliated an Italian ‘signorina’?). Our doubts alternate the afterward morning, however, aback we rose at a absolute aboriginal hour (we were not activity to decay our time in Venice in sleep) to acquisition that the administrator and his ‘wife’ had left.

This aboriginal day in Venice was, for me, a memorable one: coloured, conceivably by all I had apprehend of ‘La Serenissima’ and by my own adventurous attributes and faculty of history. There was little to be credible of any accurate confusion of War – Venice had exerted its agreeableness and acceptation on both abandon in the abounding attempt – but the furnishings of War were axiomatic in added agency – hotels closed, or acclimatized into Army canteens: restaurants defective re-decoration; shops with little in them but the best big-ticket affluence goods, best of which had been in banal for abounding years. about the altered atmosphere of this Queen of the Adriatic shone through the banality and greyness of wartime conditions, and there was that unparalleled afire aloft everything, that beaming admixture of baptize and sky that defies description and analysis, but is anon recognisable. I fell below Venices’ spell and the absolute aboriginal time I saw her, and it is still aloft me afterwards the expire of fifty years and bristles amid visits.

Our bout of Venice was conceivably anticipated it was our aboriginal arrangement and we abandoned had a apprenticed time at our disposal. Anon afterwards our breakfast we headed east to Balustrade San Marco, and stood in the centre of the Aboveboard for some anniversary to savour the atmosphere, the admirable adaptation of the square, the absurd barefaced of St Mark’s Basilica, the aerial campanile, and the Gothic splendour of the Doges’ Palace. As we stood there the Moor on the Anxiety Belfry over the acceptance to the Merceria aloft his abounding bang and addled the hour. We absolved through the balustrade to the Piazzetta with its two columns which assay a aperture to the landing date on the Admirable Canal. Afore us, aloft the water, stood the abbey of San Giorgio, on its island retreat, its arch and campanile categorical adjoin the sun, and added abroad to our right, the imposing, majestic abbey of Santa Maria della Salute. From actuality we absolved down, and over the coffer stepped bridges of The Riva Degli Schiavoni assay the Able of Sighs on our left, and added on the abbey and academy breadth Antonio Vivaldi, il prete rosso ‘the red haired priest’ accomplished the girls music, conducted their achievement of his works and composed abounding of his pieces.

We afresh headed aback to the aboveboard where, afterwards a quick drink, we aing a activity on a conducted bout of St Marks and the Doges Palace. So abounding has been accounting on these marvels of architectonics and the works of art they board that I don’t intend to add annihilation abroad except to say that I can go aback to them time afterwards time afterwards backbreaking of them.

After a afire cafeteria and a abbreviate acquittal from anguish the adamantine floors and pavements we aing accession party, this time to arrangement the islands of Murano and Burano. On the way to Murano we sailed able Venice’s cemetery island of San Michele and absolutely saw a burial gondola aing the island’s landing stage. A little afterwards we went aground on the island of Murano whose sole industry is canteen making. Actuality we entered a canteen branch and saw accomplished craftsmen alarming canteen for vases, wine glasses and added argosy and others moulding canteen into all kinds of shapes; animals; birds etc. Our next, and aftermost stop, was at Burano, a babyish fishing island that has been the centre of the Venetian applique industry for centuries. Actuality we saw the ladies of Burano, adolescent and old, authoritative applique at their accessible doors and in the street.

Returning to Venice able we bankrupt up afore adequate afterwards a affiliated and arduous day over a adequate meal while actuality entertained by a aggregation of Italian musicians and singers. As we absolved aback to our ‘pensione’ all we could apprehend was the complete of our footsteps on the adamantine pavements of the ‘calles’. Aggregate was quiet afterwards nine o’clock, in aciculate adverse to the Venice of today, abnormally in the anniversary season.

We were due to activity with our barter afterwards cafeteria on the afterward day, so we had abounding to fit in our aftermost morning: for archetype we had still to acquire the binding ride in a gondola!

After negotiating a bulk with the gondolier which, at the time and with our attenuate banking resources, we anxiety rather high( an infinitesimally babyish atom of today’s tariff) we acclimatized bottomward to adore a adequate cruise forth the 2 abroad affiliated Admirable Canal. Starting out from Balustrade San Marco we anesthetized the Customs Abode and Santa Maria allowance Salute on our left, the Ca’ Grande (subject of so abounding painting and photographs) on our right, anesthetized below the lath Accademia bridge, anesthetized all the wonderful, but crumbling Venetian palaces and able the acclaimed bridge, the Rialto, accustomed to so abounding bodies from Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’. From the Rialto, instead of afterward the aqueduct to the railway station, the gondolier navigated his ability through attenuated canals until we saw the Able of Sighs avant-garde of us, anesthetized below it and able the basin of San Marco again. All the time the gondolier kept a animate annotation of facts and figures, some accurate and some absolute approximate. He told us of the adamantine time he had had during the War because of the blow of the day-tripper trade, and was acutely absolute admiring aback the cardinal of visitors began to increase, akin admitting the majority of these were servicemen, like us, with not a lot of banknote to spend. The adolescent abode of gondoliers, in contrast, acquire never had it so good.

On all-encompassing the Balustrade San Marco we had aloof abounding time to arrangement a canteen branch and exhibit aloof abaft St Marks itself. I saw actuality a set of wine glasses of simple but afflicted design, and of egg-shell thickness: clashing best of the wine glasses on auction these were of plain, uncoloured canteen and the simple architectonics with which they were alive were hand-cut into the glass. Aback I asked the bulk of the complete set it amounted to about my anniversary Army pay! The salesman could see I was abundantly taken by the glasses and acclimatized me to buy a audible canteen for, as he said, my clandestine use aback I went home. I lined a tobacco tin with cream elastic and the wine canteen remained in it, complete and safe from breakage, for the absolute year of my aloft service.

After a quick meal at an Army canteen we alternate to the ‘pensione’ to aggregate our few backing and said goodbye to the ‘signora’. She told us that we had been admirable ‘house-guests’, and hoped to see us afresh sometime. It was about 30 years to the day that I alternate to Venice: I couldn’t akin acquisition the abode breadth we had stayed.

It was with affliction that we larboard Venice abaft us: there was so abounding added of it that we would acquire like to see, but we were beholden for what we had seen. It was absolutely one of the highlights of my anniversary in Italy. If abandoned I could now see Rome! For this I had to adjournment 30 years!

But there was article absolute agitative cat-and-mouse annular the bend for me anon afterwards abiding to camp, all men who had served a affiliated time aloft were to acquire a month’s home leave! Don Pashley was on the aboriginal activity to go, and I gave him Vera’s home abode so that he could arrangement her and accustom her how I was from aboriginal duke experience.

Then came my turn, and I hardly slept the night afore we larboard on the long, overland adventure home! We angled the alternation in Ancona and acclimatized bottomward as best we could in the awkward ambit of a alcove that had to lath eight men and their equipment. I was aflame on two counts – first, naturally, because I was activity home and would be there on my birthday, 25th August: secondly, because I would see article of arctic Italy, Switzerland and France on my way. Our aboriginal stop was in the railway balustrade aloof alfresco Bologna. Actuality we backward so affiliated that we were abashed that article had gone amiss with the align and that our leave was annulled or postponed. Eventually on administrator came bottomward the alternation and allayed our fears: anniversary had aloof been acclimatized that the War in Japan was over (we heard of the Atom Bomb abounding later); why this afflicted our adventure I acquire no idea, but I had affiliated aback able to admiration at the apparatus of the advancing mind. Eventually we acclimatized at Milan Axial Station, a massive cairn to Fascist, neo-Classical design. From actuality we were ‘bussed’ to a barrack-like alteration centre breadth we backward for the night. We had aloof time afore lights-out to acquire a airing annular the centre of the burghal and to see the exoteric of the aeriform Gothic basilica and the aing Galleria with its shops and restaurants.

Next morning we resumed our adventure through the admirable pre-Alpine countryside, casual the admirable Basin Maggiore on our right, in the centre of which we could see Isola Bella and the added Borromean islands, while afore us, anytime cartoon closer, were the majestic peaks of the Alps. The backdrop grew added asperous as we climbed appear the Italian/Swiss border, and afterwards a abbreviate arrest at Domodossola we were anon aing the Simplon tunnel. Afterwards what seemed an aeon in the cavern atramentous we emerged, blinking, into the sunshine of the Bernese Oberland and fabricated a abbreviate arrest in the abject at Brig (when I was about 12 years of age I found, in a drawer at home, an old, dog eared, copy of a Baedeker adviser to Switzerland which I apprehend and re-read, absorbed by the descriptions of august and affecting scenery. There was one byword that had addled in my anamnesis all bottomward the years, one that evoked for me the absolute aspect of this country I was now seeing, and which I never anxiety I would see, ‘The abiding snows of the Bernese Overland’)

From Brig the railway runs by the ancillary of the apace animate Rhone as far as Matigny breadth the two allocation company, the river axis south to Lyons and so on to Marseilles and the Mediterranean. The railway, on the added duke turns arctic to Sion and Montreux breadth we had our aboriginal actualization of Basin Geneva (Lake Leman to the Swiss), and the asperous peaks of Les Dents du Midi aerial over the French ancillary of the lake. We chock-full at Lausanne for a abbreviate time and were afflicted by the neatness and cleanliness of Swiss towns. Able Lausanne, on the lake-side, we saw the alcazar of Chillon immortalised by Lord Byron in him composition ‘The Captive of Chillon’ and anon afterwards wards the clue affronted north-west to cantankerous the French borderland a Pontarlier in the Jura mountains, accordingly avant-garde to Dole, Dijon, Troyes, Reims, Amiens, Abbeville (memories of 1940!), Boulogne and Calais. We backward abrupt in Calais, and aloft to Folkestone the afterward morning. As anon as we acclimatized in London I arrested the times of the trains to Sheffield and activate I had time to acquire a meal afore communicable the alternation that would ability Sheffield by 2200 hours. It was arduous accompaniment that the aboriginal restaurant we came to was an Italian one: the waiters were absolute absorbed to apperceive how things were in their home country, and we were able to actualization off our command of their language. Afore bistro I beatific a buzzer to Vera to say I would be home amid bisected able ten and eleven, and to accommodated me at home rather than adjournment about at the station. The adventure from London was one of longest I can remember, and abnormally in the aftermost amplitude from Chesterfield to Sheffield. Vera had been at a ancestors activity at my Aunty Harriet’s to bless the end of the War but was home aback I arrived. I accept to activity abashed as I agape at the door, but this anon affronted to beatitude as the aperture opened and there was my wife to accost me!

The aing four weeks were like a additional honeymoon, but a bigger amusement because the fears and uncertainties of the was were now abaft us and we could accessory avant-garde to the aing with achievement and confidence. We spent abounding hours talking of and authoritative acting diplomacy for aback I came home for good. We would allegation a home, finer our own, and, abroad from accretion presents and the accommodation of Vera’s ‘bottom drawer’, there were so abounding things we should allegation – furniture, carpets and accommodation and calm items of all kinds. We estimated that we should get by with my Army gratuity, the part-salary that Firth Derihon had been putting a for me every month, and what Vera had been able to put by out of her accomplishment and the alliance allowance she had acclimatized from the Government. Vera’s sister, Edna, said we could acquire two accommodation in her abode in Bawtry Alleyway until we activate a abode of our own. Edna was assured Roger at this time; he was built-in on the 8th October, three weeks afterwards I alternate to Italy.

I awash alot into my leave. Aboriginal of all we had a ancestors activity to bless Edwin’s, Eric’s and my home-coming, and afresh a altogether activity for me on August 25th (my 28th). At the closing we all congregated at my mother’s at 224, Afire Street, and, at one date the men played a football bout in the yard, which auspiciously was rather a abounding one. Wilson Jackson, Bessie and David (aged 10 months) came over from Brighouse: I had aftermost credible Wilson in Alcazar Douglas on Christmas Day 1940, afterwards which he alternate to the ‘Dukes’ annex in Halifax and was accustom to accession Battalion. During his anniversary in Europe afterwards ‘D’-Day he abiding a astringent abrasion to his leg in a motorcycle blow and has been bruised anytime aback (this, however, does not anticipate him cycling and demography allocation in alleyway races. He still has abounding adversity in walking, but he is still a bigger than boilerplate antagonism cyclist!) In our blemish football bout Wilson had to be appetence keeper.

It was admirable to see all the associates of my family, and Vera’s afresh afterwards three years of absence: abounding of them had age-old somewhat in the interim, and my father, in particular, had gone absolute grey, although he was still abandoned 50. What addled me most, however, afterwards added than bristles years of animate amidst men from all genitalia of the British Isles, was the beyond of Sheffield vowels, and bounded expressions that I had about forgotten.

Because of the War I had absent four ancestors weddings, – my sister Eveline, animate with Aunty and Uncle in Bristol, had affiliated John Hale: my added sister Muriel had affiliated Roy Fittzen, Vera’s cousin, Vera’s sister Edna, had affiliated Ernest Johnson, and my accessory Cyril had affiliated Nora Swallow.

Eveline, who was assured her aboriginal adolescent (Yvonne was built-in in November, anon afterwards I alternate to Italy: thereafter she had Kathryn in 1946, Elizabeth in 1949 and Simon abounding afterwards in 1960) wrote agreeable us to breach with Aunty, Uncle and herself for a few days. We had about a anniversary of seeing the afterimage of Bristol and the surrounding countryside in absolute weather, visiting, amidst added places, Cheddar Gorge, Clevedon, Weston-super-Mare, Bath, Wells and Gloucester. Aunty Lily was a able singer, Eveline was a competent pianist as able-bodied as accepting a able contralto voice, Vera (although too bashful to affirmation it) had a candied astute voice, Uncle William could sing a able tenor line, and I anxiety myself as a afire baritone with a tenor accentuation to my voice. It seemed the best acclimatized activity to do, therefore, to blot our atramentous about the piano singing all kinds of things, from Opera, through Oratorio,ballads and hymns, bottomward to the accustomed songs. We fabricated a adequate quintet and the after-effects were acceptable: at atomic we anxiety they were.

Vera and I thoroughly enjoyed our breach in Bristol, the highlight of which we both agreed was the august day – in all respects that she and I spent abandoned calm at Clevedon. The anamnesis of that day is still alpha and blooming to me, and I shall consistently admire it.

But blessed canicule canyon apprenticed and all too soon, it was time to put abroad my ‘civvies; – those that still acclimatized me – and activate the affiliated overland journey, through France and Switzerland, aback to Italy. In hindsight it seems extraordinary that the Army should acquire expended so abounding money and accomplishment in abiding us to Italy aback best of us were in Absolution Groups what would see us repatriated – for able – in the aboriginal few months of 1946. No agnosticism there were affidavit but they absolutely weren’t credible to us apprehensive rankers.

The actuality that the War was over and that I would absolutely be demobbed aboriginal in the advancing New Year did a little to abate the affliction of parting, but it was absolute adamantine to say Goodbye afterwards such a acquiescently blessed four weeks together. The abandoned slight consolations for me – not aggregate of beforehand by Vera – were the affairs of seeing afresh the admirable backdrop of France and Switzerland, and of aing my accumulation again. I would acquire affably sacrificed these pleasures to acquire backward at home with my wife!

The acknowledgment adventure to Ancona was as uncomfortable, physically, as the credible adventure but was an acquaintance I enjoyed afresh because of my absorption in, and acknowledgment of, the adorableness of the backdrop forth the way. And I was seeing it from a new angle. It was able to acceptance aback at my unit, see my accompany afresh and allocution about my leave, and to balloon my home affection in the circadian annular of Army life. Afresh came accession change of arena and a four anniversary escape from accustomed into a aftertaste of noncombatant abstraction and occupation!

Some time afore my home leave I had activated for a month’s Beforehand at the Accumulation Academy in Perugia to besom up some of my Bartering accommodation above-mentioned to acceptance in earnest, aback I got home, for the assay of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries. My aing instructions acclimatized absolute anon afterwards re-joining my Unit: I was to abode to the Academy on November 13th.

Immediately afterwards my leave, however, I was put in allegation of authoritative an annual of all the operating aliment of the Abject Branch and alignment for, and demography allocation in, the packing of these aliment for despatch to Axial Ordnance Depot. This basal wading through abundance of Army ‘bumph’ to acquisition absolute advancing descriptions and allocation numbers, and there were abounding time aback I became balked and affronted at the about abstract and acutely casuistic way the Army classified its items of stores. The job, however, appropriate my absolute absorption and absorption and, in consequence, the time flew. Aloof bottomward the alleyway a Affiliated States Army assemblage were advancing to move out. I don’t anticipate they were as accurate as we were in ambidextrous with their stores. Abounding of their accessories was austere on the spot, including armament and explosives which lit up the night sky and brash us to a firework affectation of unrivalled accuracy and atomic ferocity.

Before my activity of abstraction in Perugia I acclimatized a cardinal of belletrist from Vera adage how ill she had been aback I alternate from leave. Eventually the anniversary was revealed, she was pregnant. I acclimatized this anniversary with alloyed feelings: joy that we were to acquire a adolescent – my angel appetence – and abhorrence in case Vera’s doubtable accompaniment of bloom would not bend up to the anguish of pregnancy. My belletrist of this aeon were abounding of anxiety and concern: I would acquire acquiescently taken Vera’s abode had it been biologically possible.

Happily Vera’s accustomed bloom abominably bigger appear the boilerplate of the additional month, and aback I acclimatized home at the end of February 1946 on my demob leave she was appreciably able-bodied and beaming in the signs of her advancing motherhood.

On November 13th 1945 we larboard Senigallia for Perugia in one of assemblage trucks. There were three of us, all from the Radio Workshops: Anatomical Furneaux, who was activity on to Florence to booty a beforehand in the Able Arts; Anatomical Pollin who was to booty an Engineering Beforehand in Perugia and Artisan Harbinger who was to abstraction Commerce.

The Accumulation Academy based at the University for Foreigners (University per gli Stranieri) – had 3 Faculties: Mathematics and Engineering, Commerce, and an album one that catered for accustomed accommodation such as Drama, French, German, Economics, Geography etc The Art Faculty in Florence was abandoned for acceptance of Painting, Music and Architecture. For my Commerce Beforehand I took, as my specialist accountable ‘Company and Bartering Law’ and a s accessory accommodation ‘Accounting’ and ‘Secretarial Practice’.

The Law Beforehand consisted of (a) A Accustomed Introduction (b) The Law of Contract (most thoroughly) (c) Law of Agency (d) Contracts of Accustomed – Accustomed Carriers etc (e) Negotiable Instruments ie Cheques, Bills of Barter etc (f) Bankruptcy and (g) Arbitration. A appalling programme for a four weeks’ course.

Secretarial Convenance accepted Aggregation Law, Accumulation of Companies, Activity of Shares, Dividends, Anniversary of Meetings, Liquidations etc. I had done best of this at pre-War atramentous classes, but the Beforehand was able revision.

Accountancy I had brash above-mentioned to the War and there was bereft time on the Beforehand to go any added into the accountable than I had done in atramentous classes, but it was a admired refresher.

I will adduce from a letter I wrote at the time:

‘I had a marvellous time on this Course: the advisers were best and amazingly accessible and friendly: the apprenticeship was a and adequate precis addendum were supplied to accomplish all but the aboriginal agenda demography unnecessary, so enabling one to apply on the lessons, and the atmosphere was absolute and a complete change from the accustomed Army methods of instruction. Already afresh we were somebodies, and were not talked bottomward to as admitting one’s brainy age was 10, with an Intelligence Quotient of bare quantity., I abstract absolutely a lot as able-bodied as re-learning some things which had become bleared with the acceptance of time. We had mid-term and end of appellation examinations, and I was affronted that my after-effects showed that I had not been crumbling my time. As a aggregate of actuality I did a fair aggregate of clandestine abstraction because I would like to be able to booty at atomic allocation of the Boilerplate assay of the C.I.S. in June and, if possible, the able of it. I acquire already tentatively anchored a accord beforehand with the Metropolitan Academy to that end’.

I enjoyed the adventure to Perugia in animosity of the algid activity in the aback of the truck, abnormally aback we were in the affection of the mountains, abounding times aloft billow level. Our avenue took us by way of Ancona, through Iesi (a medieval boondocks amidst by a battlemented wall, and now acclaimed for its hardly blooming adventurous white wine, Verdicchio, which comes in its artlessly amphora-shaped bottle. To aberrate from this anniversary of Perugia, I had already had a abbreviate spell in the Advancing Hospital at Iesi with an astute beforehand of tonsillitis. In acknowledgment to an address for claret I had acclimatized the accepted pint abandoned to deathwatch up the afterward morning with a affronted abscessed throat and activity as admitting I was dying. I abject myself forth to the M.O. who anon ordered me into hospital. Aback I told him that I had acclimatized claret on the antecedent day he appear this to the Claret Assemblage in case my sample of claret was infected. It was in the hospital at Iesi that I met my aboriginal German prisoners of war: these were all pitifully adolescent and vehemently, now, anti-Hitler).

From Iesi we started our ascend into the mountains and through the Fabriano Canyon to Fabriano itself breadth we chock-full off at the N.A.A.F.I. for tea and sandwiches. We had been travelling through absolute aerial country and for the best allocation aloft billow level. The backdrop was magnificent, mountains on every side, abounding of them with snow accoutrement their peaks, some bisected hidden in the mists and clouds. At times we were travelling on attenuated road, about aflutter and uneven, animate forth barefaced faces or winding, serpent like, up and bottomward the affluence sides. At others we were able abysmal gorges over aerial bridges or forth added avant-garde viaducts. It was not difficult to acquire why it had been so difficult to drive the Germans out of their arresting positions in these mountains: the defenders had all the advantages. From Fabriano it was a bit-by-bit coffer into the boondocks of Foligno with Mount Subasio assertive the backdrop on our acclimatized hand, and from actuality a adequately akin adventure forth the credible until we started the affiliated and abrupt ascend to Perugia on its hilltop.

To the east, which was on our acclimatized we could see the acclaimed boondocks of Assisi adolescent into the lower slopes of Monte Subasio, and I was angled to arrangement Saint Francis’ birthplace and the scenes of abounding of his assignment and admiral as anon as I possibly could. In actuality I had to adjournment until 1975 to do this when, afterwards Vera’s afterlife on Activity Day, 1974, I took my babe Alison on a 14 days’ bout of Italy. I was abundantly afflicted with Assisi and the marvellous atmosphere of accord and adherence with which it was permeated. It seemed as if the spirit of Il Poverello was all about one and in the absolute air one breathed, and a ballad of a favourite aria kept repeating itself in my mind:

‘Drop thy stil dews of calmness till all our strivings cease Take from our souls the anguish and stress, and let our ordered lives confess The adorableness of thy peace’

But I digress: We assuredly acclimatized at the academy in Perugia about four o’clock in the afternoon, and afterwards registering we were credible to our corresponding billets. Afterwards charwoman up we went forth to the Dining Allowance for tea and actuality to our abounding surprise, we sat at a table and were served by waiters! What a change from our acclimatized practice: no queueing up with apply mugs and blend tins for four able weeks and, akin better, no abrasion of bistro accoutrement in luke-warm baptize with abounding blobs of grease amphibian on the surface! Afterwards tea that aboriginal atramentous I met Anatomical Pollin, who was in a altered Mess, and, afore supper in the Y.M.C.A., we did an basic bout of the town. Our aboriginal impressions were good. Perugia had retained its medieval actualization (latterly, I am told, it was abundantly besmirched by the avant-garde barrio that burrow the old walls and abounding of the Etruscan and medieval remains). On our basic airing we activate that the boondocks was a admiration of winding, arresting streets and abounding abrupt flights of steps. Houses were tall, and arches and bridgeways affiliated abode to abode and alleyway to alley. It was like actuality transported aback in time and I would not acquire been abashed to acquire credible duels in the streets or some Perugian Romeo serenading below his Juliet’s balcony. The basal square, too, the Balustrade 4 November, added to the accurate activity of a medieval Italian boondocks with its Abounding Bubbler (Fontana Maggiore), its battlemented Priors’ Palace and its Gothic Cathedral. In adverse to all this there were, in other, added modern, streets able-bodied lit and able-bodied furnished shops with a abounding array of affluence appurtenances on affectation – at acutely aeriform prices! I could not brainstorm the accustomed Perugian aborigine actuality able to acquiesce to patronise these establishment: abandoned acknowledged atramentous marketeers would acquire the all-important aggregate of Lire to acquire done so. Aback my home leave, however, I had been absolute aseptic in my spending and |I was able to but Vera a ridiculously big-ticket cottony night dress and some babyish clothes for our accustomed child.

Finally, on Perugia, an abstract from a letter I wrote afterwards I had rejoined my unit:

‘Perugia is beautifully anchored on the top of its hill, as best towns are in this allocation of the world, and it commands an arty actualization of that allocation of the Umbrian credible through which flows the river Tiber. The credible actuality is abandoned about 40 abroad avant-garde and aloft it can be credible the peaks of the Apennines, now wholly covered with snow. The aing affluence has, on its lower slopes, Assisi, the bearing abode of St Francis, and so afire is the atmosphere best of the time that you would never anticipate it was about 40 abroad away. The best amazing afterimage is aback brume covers the amid credible and what appears to be a gigantic basin is access abandoned by, actuality and there, a acme or arch acute it surface.

It is acutely algid here, the coldest acclimate I’ve able in Italy, and we acquire had some snow although it didn’t breach for absolute long. As our batten and academy acquire absolute bare heating we acquire been acquired some discomfort: demography a battery has been the affliction thing; it has taken a abounding accomplishment of will to denude in the algid and draughty shower-room and towelling afterwards and bathrobe has been completed in almanac time.

It was, of course, ideal acclimate for walking and Cpl. Pullin and I took abounding advantage of every Saturday afternoon and every Sunday to accustom ourselves with Perugia and its surrounding countryside. Abominably accessible accustomed was about non exact contrarily we would absolutely acquire fabricated the adventure to Assisi, tantalisingly able-bodied aural our actualization but physically out of reach.’

I was apologetic aback the Beforehand came to an end, and to say goodbye to our advisers and the accompany I had fabricated during the four weeks of concentrated but agreeable study. The end of appellation activity – a adequately chastened activity for an Army anniversary – was abounding of affiance to accumulate in draft and to accommodated up afresh in Civvy Artery (Alas, all unfulfilled).

During my breach in Perugia my Assemblage had bankrupt down, and I was instructed to abode to my Old Branch (16 Base) in Naples. Appropriately I had a absolute asperous and acutely algid adventure aback to Naples via two abhorrent and black alteration camps. It allegation acquire been absolute arid because all I can bethink of the adventure was casual through Rome (but still never absolutely ambience basal in it!), and seeing the charcoal of Monte Cassino, a abhorrent afterimage in the crumbling afire of a winter afternoon.

It was archetypal of the Army that the additional of the two alteration camps was abandoned three abroad from 16 Abject Workshops. I could acquire thumbed a lift to get there, but No, I was in alteration and I had to acquire official approval to acknowledge my Unit. Every morning I looked for my name on the anniversary affianced up alfresco the afflicted office, and every morning for a week, it wasn’t there. By this time I had become accomplished in abstention useless, but onerous, Fatigues and duties and I would ‘escape’ into Naples appliance any affectionate of accustomed that happened along. In Naples I met up with my accompany who were already acclimatized in at 16 Base, and heard of the bearings there. 16 B.W. had able operating as a Branch and all my old accumulation were actuality animate on accounting and authoritative duties, principally those affiliated with demobilisation documentation.

When I was assuredly ‘released’ from my ‘in transit’ activity and returned, with all my accessories and impedimenta, to my old batten in Corso Malta, I activate that all the advantageous jobs had been abounding and it appeared that I was accursed to a book of never catastrophe fatigues, picquets and guards. Not a absolute affable prospect. The sergeant-in-charge was a small, round, pompous, blowing N.C.O. whom we christened ‘Little Sir Echo’ from his addiction of repeating, verbatim, aggregate that his aloft administrator said to us. He was abounding of ‘bull’ and, as we acclimated to say, as ‘regimental as a on-stick’. He was responsible, about – accidentally – for authoritative my aftermost three months in the Army the cushiest aeon of my advancing anniversary by allocating to me for abject duties in the Quartermaster’s Stores.

When I appear to the Quartermaster Chef I was able to acquisition that charwoman duties were in the affliction of two noncombatant Italian ladies. The adolescent of these performed added duties for the Q.M.S. that were in no Army chiral but which could be acutely absurd by those of us whose abode of assignment was the office-cum-stores aing to the Q.M.S.’s quarters. The Chef in catechism was due for Absolution in the aing ‘demob’ Accumulation and had about autonomous out of all duties and responsibilities by delegating these to the inferior associates of his staff. My accession had appear at a best appropriate time for him because the man to whom he had delegated ‘Entertainment’ duties had aloof larboard the Assemblage for demobilisation. Aback he knew that I had had Arrangement experience, could absolutely type, and was absorbed in Music and Opera, he was overjoyed. I was anon adopted to be in allegation of Entertainment, amenable to the Q.M.S. alone, and it was abiding with ‘Little Sir Echo’ that I was to be absolved all added duties, fatigues, guards etc. I could hardly acquire my able fortune!

The job itself was a sinecure. Every morning at seven o’clock a 15Cwt barter came to aces me up, and the disciplinarian and I went our annular of Naples, acrimonious up the morning affidavit and visiting the assorted cinemas and clubs to accumulate up to date admonition on the entertainments accessible that day. We alternate to the Workshops breadth I broadcast the affidavit to the Officers’ Mess, Sergeants’ Blend and the added ranks’ dining accommodation afore accession my breakfast (without queueing). Breakfast was followed by a spell in the Arrangement breadth I typed lists of the day’s, or week’s, entertainments for announcement on all anxiety boards. I was afresh accessible to all ranks, and Officers’ serv ants, who basal to book seats for concerts or operas at the San Carlo Opera House, or at any cinemas breadth seats were reservable. Sometimes I would adjournment to acquire banquet in Workshops but added about than not I would go into Naples aback I had completed my arrangement duties and breach there all day, bistro at the Royal Palace N.A.A.F.I., autograph letters, exploring Naples and about able my abandon until atramentous aback I would accommodated my accompany and blot some time with them until the affiliated airing aback to Corso Malta and my so-welcome bed. Naturally, as I appointed tickets for the Opera, I consistently appointed for myself on a change of programme and I can candidly say that my appetence was never satiated: the abandoned anguish was on my meagre banking resources.

In spite, however, of my acutely arcadian actuality I was not decidedly happy. Canicule spent absolutely on my own eventually began to cloak and time was activity all too arid appear demobilisation. Christmas 1945 came and went and I said of this in a letter home –

‘I’m apologetic to say that this Christmas has been a addled affair, the affliction I acquire anytime experienced. I anticipate the business of Absolution is belief too heavily on everybody’s apperception to acquiesce abounding rejoicing. The best activity about it was the anxiety that it was the aftermost Christmas in the Army for best of us’.

I was additionally absent to get home to booty affliction of Vera who was still not as able-bodied as she ability acquire been. She had been brash by the Adolescent Welfare Clinic to acquire our babyish at the Burghal Accustomed Hospital and had already fabricated all the all-important align to do so.

New Year, 1946, was heralded, in Naples, by fireworks. Our pre-War Guy Fawkes’Day fireworks had annihilation on this New Year’s Eve affectation put on by the bodies of this abounding city. The abandoned ancestors displays akin the Neapolitan temperament: the explosions were added ear-shattering and numerous, and the lights were brighter and of best continuance than any I remembered at home. I doubtable that a abounding aggregate of armament and cordite had been ‘salvaged’ from Affiliated ammunition, and the aftereffect was that of the alpha of a new war rather than the alpha of what we hoped would be the aboriginal peaceful year aback 1939. The Army Bonfire Casework were ‘stood to’ all night but, to everyone’s surprise, they were not alleged aloft in their official capacity. It was not safe to airing the streets at midnight, however, attributable to the built-in custom of throwing old ceramics into the streets at the achievement of twelve.

1946 brought added troubles to Naples in the actualization of noncombatant disturbances. Afterwards years of a starvation, astute abjection and accumulation unemployment and afterwards actuality demoralised by defeat and occupation, it was assured that there would be acknowledgment aback Accord assuredly came. The animate class, especially, in the attitude of Italian affront and rebellion, had their political alertness alive and were adorable to the anti-Fascist groups – Socialists and Communists abnormally – for an advancement of their condition. I saw no acerbity adjoin the Allies or any abandon appear activity or acreage of the appliance Armament (although there may acquire been some examples of this). One afternoon, however, as I was walking aback to batten through a bald street, axis into the artery was a accompany of burdened trucks followed by a bandage of men animate abaft it belabouring the cases ample on the trucks with poles and adamant bars. I dodged into a adequate aperture until the affronted cavalcade had passed. Luckily for me they were absent to aggregate but the assignment in hand. I wondered afterwards what would acquire happened had I been noticed.

In January 1946 I acclimatized the admonition I had been cat-and-mouse for: my Absolution Group, 26, were to be demobilised amid the dates of February 5th and Beforehand 6th. I wrote home –

‘I can abandoned accomplish a assumption at my own accurate demob date; I agnosticism if the War Arrangement could do added because so abounding factors appear into it: my age in affiliation to the ages of the draft of my Group, the acclimate at the time of my abrogation the assemblage and entering the Alteration Camp, and the accustomed accessible at that time. Accompany of affluence acquire been captivated up for as affiliated as a fortnight or more, cat-and-mouse for favourable aeriform conditions’

As it happened I came home on about the aforementioned acreage avenue as the one I had travelled on aback I had appear on leave six months previously.

I larboard Naples at the alpha of Beforehand travelling, as before, by awash and afflictive (who cared?) train, via Rome, Florence, Bologna and Milan, to the Piemontese boondocks of Novara. Actuality we kicked our heels in agitation for two affiliated days. By this time my battledress was assuming marks of its asperous assay on the alternation – lived and slept in as it was – and I was pleased, therefore, to appear aloft an accommodation with a assurance alfresco ‘Sarta – si fanno alterazioni’ (dress maker – alterations done). Aback I agape the aperture was opened by a pleasant, affectionate looking, adolescent developed who was abashed to see an English soldier continuing on her doorstep. Aback I explained that I would like my compatible sponged and apprenticed she asked me into her parlour, let me change into my denim trousers in private, and saw to my compatible while we enjoyed a affable conversation. All the time we were chaperoned by her babyish of six months who gurgled abroad appropriately in her little cot. I concern now that the adolescent dress maker trusted me to access her apartment. Conceivably I was still adolescent and innocent looking!

That atramentous four of us went into the boondocks centre in chase of a restaurant. We activate one with a absolute delicious adorable collective of buzz beef displayed in the window and absitively that we should accessory no further. Disillusionment set in aback we sunk our teeth agilely into the dank beef: it was acid with garlic! Afterwards a few mouthfuls we could eat no added and larboard the restaurant to the abounding admiration of the freeholder who couldn’t acquire anyone abrogation aliment for which he had paid.

From Novara we affiliated our adventure northwards forth the western coffer of Basin Maggiore and through Domodossola to the Simplon Tunnel. On the Italian ancillary of the Alps bounce was able-bodied below way. What a adverse aback we emerged from the adit at Brig in Switzerland! The Rhone Basin was abounding with snow and the bend of the surrounding Bernese mountains were amazing in their still biting loveliness. Akin here, however, there was a assurance that bounce had arrived: the greeny-grey amnion of the Rhone were in access from the melting snow and ice.

I can’t pretend that we had a able adventure from Naples to Calais; there were too abounding of us to a compartment: the afflicted ones (which included me) had to beddy-bye on the attic fabricated abandoned hardly below afflictive by beefy kit-bags from which arched the adamantine and angular shapes of army boots and aluminium blend tins (one affiliate of our activity had bought a huge aeon of cottony in Italy and had abandoned abounding of his kit so that he could backpack the cottony in his kit bag. His kit bag was so analogously balanced – compared with the asperous and aberrant contours of those of the draft of us – that it affronted the suspicions of the Customs Admiral at Folkestone. As a aftereffect the cottony was credible and confiscated. There was no way that the poor buck could acquire paid the assignment on such a affluence of silk!)

If the nights were horrors of apathy and discomfort, with broken sleep, the days, on the contrary, were, to me at least, abounding with absorption and excitement. I couldn’t buck to absence any of the backdrop through which we were passing, and to comedy cards or apprehend seemed to me such a decay of befalling to see places and things that I had abandoned apprehend of or dreamed about afore the War.

After Switzerland, the Jura mountains and the Cote d’Or, there were some dull, arid stretches of bandage as we approached Calais, but akin actuality memories were evoked of my short, but eventful, spell of anniversary in France in 1946 afore our advantageous escape from Veules-les-Roses with the adversary absolutely breath bottomward our necks. As we aflame through Abbeville I remembered that this was the best arctic point able by my army of the ‘Dukes’ afore accepting to retreat south to Dieppe.

Any abhorrent memories, however, were anon dispelled by the afterimage of the English Channel and the abroad but, on this day, the afire actualization of the white cliffs of Kent and Sus.


Eventually we aloft the Channel to Folkestone, from breadth we were taken to Aldershot for our ‘demobilisation documentation’ (even such Army abracadabra as this was as music to our ears). We were allocated bed-spaces in a austere Victorian Barrack block breadth a Chef on the abiding agents ‘conned’ us into accidental to his clandestine retirement armamentarium by ‘inviting’ us to access a raffle for one of the best abominable ceramics ornaments I had anytime seen. He had an abettor on his agents who, absolutely casually, acclimatized that the Chef could adjournment any man’s demobilisation by blow abstracts or award affidavit for not arrangement them to his superiors. At this date we were not activity to blow any adjournment in accepting home for the annual of half-a-crown! The aboriginal day in Aldershot (we never ventured alfresco the batten all the time we were there) was spent in all kinds of affidavit – abounding War record, actualization appraisal etc – and a medical examination. Allocation of the closing consisted of a assay of our urine: accepting acclimatized a sample we had to sit in a affiliated alleyway which led to the chic to anticipate the after-effects of the test. Adjudicator my all-overs when, a few anniversary afterwards I had obliged, an akin shouted bottomward the alleyway –

‘Straw, 4618821, we appetence accession sample of your water!’

My aboriginal anxiety was –

‘Heavens! Is there article amiss with my kidneys’

I needn’t acquire worried: the akin had agape over the canteen absolute my sample! Giving a additional aggregate was no adversity for me.

On the additional day at Aldershot – in our agitation to get home 36 hours seemed an aeon – we were taken to Woking by truck, afterwards accepting a canyon and a railway warrant, to accord in our Army accessory and aggregate our demob suits, shirts, socks, trilby hat etc. My accouterment was blah with a book stripe: in my trilby I looked like a adolescent Al Capone! This noncombatant accouterments was abiding in a amber agenda box affronted with string. As we came out of the annex to airing to the railway abject we were accosted by a assorted aggregation of ‘spivs’ and ‘wide boys’ who offered us thirty shillings for our adored packages! There was acutely a bazaar for these goods, and I acquire little agnosticism that there were aimless souls who gave up their affirmation for the absolute achievement of cigarettes and beer. This would acquire been all acclimatized if they had clothes at home that still acclimatized them: I had absolutely outgrown my ‘civvies’ not by an credible access in ability (about three abode of an inch), but in ambit and measurement. I bald my chargeless issue!

And so, afterwards six and a division years I was home for good, but I was not clearly a noncombatant for accession three months, afterwards which I was placed on Z Reserve, to be recalled to the Army if allegation arose. Until June, accordingly I still drew my Army pay and had a certificate which acclimatized me arrangement fares on the railway. This was acclimated to go to Blackpool for a few days, and for a adventure to Maine Road, Maner to see Sheffield Affiliated comedy Maner City. At some point of time in this aeon I additionally acclimatized my War gratuity. This, with what Vera had adored from her accomplishment and alliance allowance, and what had accumulated in my part-salary anniversary at Firth-Derihon was sufficient, at a afterwards date, for the drop on the aboriginal abode of our own. In the meantime, because Vera was six month’s pregnant, it was absitively that we should animate with her ancestor and mother until the babyish was born. We would afresh move in with Edna and Ernest (Vera’s sister and her husband) at their abode in Bawtry Road, Tinsley, until we could acquisition a home of our own. Their ‘front’ allowance and aback bedchamber had already been austere to lath our appliance and fittings, some of which Vera had already bought or ordered. We acclimated our ‘coupons’ on a anniversary bedchamber suite; the dining apartment and accessible chairs etc we had to buy at prices we could afford. An added anniversary of appliance we bought was a additional duke R.C.A. buzzer – from John Kramer, John Bell’s brother in law, which was a able advance from the ball point of actualization because we had little opportunity, or the cash, to go to the cinema or theatre.

After a fortnight’s holiday, spent abundantly in arcade for the advancing babyish and for what we bald for our new ‘home’, I went aback to the arrangement at Firth-Derihon, breadth I was put in allegation of the Accounts of the branch at Darley Dale that had been opened in 1942 at the account of the Admiral of Supply. Admitting I was not yet clearly a noncombatant I had resumed my noncombatant activity and my ancestors responsibilities.

I was abashed at how apprenticed I acclimatized to noncombatant life: conceivably accepting a ancestors so apprenticed helped the process, but six and a bisected years awash with adventures could never be abandoned nor their access obliterated. I endured abounding abhorrent things in the Army, but there were abounding plusses and abounding pleasures that I would not acquire basal to miss. And I had survived: and so had my memories!

Anyone anniversary these memoirs of affluence could be forgiven for cerebration that, abroad from the alarming adventures of 1940 in the adverse beforehand in France, I had had a adequately ‘cushy’ six and a bisected years in the army.

Compared with the adventures of abounding servicemen this is true, admitting I apperceive some who never saw animate anniversary and were never accustom overseas, never abroad from their admired ones for two and three years at a spell: abroad in amplitude as able-bodied as time.

In accession anamnesis is careful and I acquire half-forgotten abounding accommodation of astute accurate and brainy ache able during these years, and times of abysmal abasement aback it seemed for archetype that the war would never end! The affliction and anguish of actuality bags of abroad from home aback a admired one was actively ill.

It should be apparent, too, that I fabricated the best of every bearings I activate myself in and took advantage of every befalling to see places and adore new experiences. I was angled to ‘milk’ the befalling for all it was worth.

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