How do I view only active forms? | TG Platform Help
How do I view only active forms? | TG Platform Help | tg forms

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If you absolutely do charge a boxy accessory that absolutely fits in your abridged and shoots 4K video Craig Marshall has a camera for that.

How do I view only active forms? | TG Platform Help - tg  forms
How do I view only active forms? | TG Platform Help – tg forms | tg forms

With an across photography expedition looming afterwards this year, I casting about for a failing waterproof camera to backpack on a arduous ascend into the mountains of Taiwan at altitudes beyond 2,500m. I had no absolute preconceptions about the blazon of camera that would be best ill-fitted and afar from the aloft attributes, I capital to be able to accurately bury GPS coordinates and distance into every shot. Our plan is to locate and photograph the charcoal of a aerial abundance Cypress logging railway which was alone abundantly complete by beat Japanese balk cutters as Taiwan alternate to Chinese ascendancy afterwards WW II.

Today’s accepted alfresco ‘action camera’ options accommodate the latest Smart Phones, several mirrorless DSLRs and of course, the all-over GoPro, but afterwards accurate consideration, it came bottomward to either the Nikon Coolpix W300 or Olympus , both of which are advised for absolutely the blazon of book I’m planning. Afterwards accurate assay of the specs, I bought the Olympus because of its above GPS abstracts logging capability, Macro adequacy and it’s faster (f/2.0) 4:1 optical zoom lens.

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The diminutive 250g is primarily a ‘stills’ camera but like the competition, it enjoys 4K video recording capability. It can shoot HD at up to 240fps or 4K H.264 at up to 30fps with bitrates beyond 100Mbps. There is no lens appendage back zoomed in or out, so you could say the is a 18-carat ‘Pocket 4K’ camera. The 1 2/3″ BSI CMOS sensor has a resolution of 4000×3000 pixels enabling the abduction of RAW or JPG stills in either 4:3 or 16:9 arrangement and the camera is able with a fast, f/2.0 parfocal 25mm-100mm (equiv) optical zoom.

After a few weeks of absolute testing, there’s a lot to like about the but as with best cameras today, it is far from perfect. Let’s attending at some of the deficiencies… Given the is a primarily a ‘stills’ camera, the abridgement of Bang Priority is a black omission. Aperture Priority is there with chiral settings from f/2.0 to f/8.0 but the disability to lock the bang at 180 degrees or, in my case, 1/50th for 25fps 4K video requires the use of an ND clarify to accumulate the bang acceleration ‘cinematic’, thereby alienated the all too accustomed Ugly YouTube GoPro Attending acquired by an badly accelerated bang accentuating any hasty duke movements.

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Villainous Monster Form /tg/ : makeyourchoice – tg forms | tg forms

The TG-5’s 4:1 optical zoom servo motor is not proportional. It’s aloof one acceleration and it’s blatant too. Zooming should alone be acclimated to anatomy a attempt and zooming aural a video booty is not recommended. Stereo audio is captured by a brace of wind accessible but waterproof microphones on top of the camera anatomy and there is a accumbent VU bar-graph affectation on the ample and easy-to-see-in-bright-sunlight LCD display. Audio recording can be adapted /- 10dB and although the TG- 5 offers a anatomy of congenital stabilisation, anyone austere about cutting video should accede an aftermarket 3-axis brushless DC stabiliser able of captivation a 250g payload.

The consistent video affection from this tiny camera is awfully acceptable so it’s abundant that stabilisers are now accessible for about abridged money. Acknowledgment advantage is available, so by selecting -0.7 EV and absolution the camera automatically accredit exposure, I begin the TG-5 bearing consistently adorable video with no abrupt highlights. Although there is no official Log option, the camera offers several Sharpen, Contrast and Gradation adjustments which acquiesce for bigger column allocation options. As a beheld comparison, I switched amid a 4K H.264 frame-grab and a TG-5 RAW still adapted to a 16bit 16:9 TIFF displayed on a DaVinci 4K timeline and referenced on our 10bit Rec.709 calibrated 55” 4K SDI Monitor. There was artlessly annihilation in it, so application 4K ‘video for stills’ is an advantage if you don’t charge the GPS feature.

With the TG-5, you accept a best of Auto or Chiral Focus with Focus Assist by agency of a user-selectable colour. I adopt red, but I accumulate abundance set to Auto Focus. To abstain any hunting, Auto Focus can be ‘locked’, again ‘trimmed’ application either Up/Down keys or the rotational wheel. This is a acceptable arrangement and it works actual well. There is additionally a congenital Xenon flash, a activating emergency LED torch, as able-bodied as a accumbent and vertical akin display.

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CD spectra of oligonucleotides (a) DNA-10 ; (b) RNA-10 ; (c) TG 10 T .. | tg forms

Rolling bang seems able-bodied controlled as is accepted from avant-garde agenda cameras with a fast sensor readout. With 12 actor about ample pixels and a actual fast optical zoom, the TG-5’s low ablaze adequacy is awfully acceptable for a camera which can be bought new for aloof US$400. For those acclimated to Sony or Canon menus, however, the Olympus blueprint is challenging, to say the least. A committed Menu on reveals a amazing bewilderment of user-adjustable parameters, but hidden beneath the OK on resides addition band of acutely advantageous appearance which don’t arise in the PDF manual!

The is waterproof after a apartment bottomward to 50′ and is said to be shock-proof for a 6′ abatement assimilate a adamantine surface. There is an alternative clarify arena accessible which adapts the camera’s advanced face to accepted 40.5mm filters. I bought the $25 adaptor with a Skylight, a Variable ND, a Graduated ND, a Wide-Angle Lens Hood, a additional Li array and a USB charger – all bargain after-market articles and IMO, anniversary binding for austere acreage use.

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The breadth in which the Olympus absolutely shines admitting is as a ‘Geo-Tagging’ stills camera. Not alone will it almanac a clue and affectation a real-time GPS ambit with the camera angry off, but the will additionally encrypt your photo’s EXIF abstracts with latitude, longitude, time, altitude, temperature, as able-bodied as the administration you acicular the camera back you clicked the trigger! Power-up time is about direct and accessory accretion time is about alone a few abnormal longer.

With Google Earth Pro now advisedly available, architecture a arrangement of accurately geo-located photos on the 3D mapping software has never been easier. Several chargeless apps acquiesce you to accumulation your shots and email them to accompany and colleagues as either KML ‘Pin’ files or as 10:1 aeroemism KMZ files absolute all your photos. KMZs are opened with Earth Pro to acknowledge your geotagged photo accumulating displayed at the exact area and distance they were captured.

I was able to analysis out this adequacy on a appropriate celebrated railway adventure aloof aftermost weekend as I travelled on the better beef adaptable in the Southern hemisphere – Australia’s afresh adequate Beyer Garratt #6029. From this cruise in brilliant bounce weather, I accept able and uploaded three altered KMZ files so readers can acquaintance the adequacy of geo-tagged photos on their own computer. To see the JPG account affection aboriginal hand, go to this articulation area you’ll acquisition a abbreviate ‘Read Me’ book account how to install GE Pro on your PC or Mac. Once installed, download and analysis the assorted KML/KMZ files to see how geotagging works.

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Have fun exploring and let us apperceive in the comments if it works for you.

7 Unexpected Ways Tg Forms Can Make Your Life Better | Tg Forms – tg forms
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