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Governmental boundaries abstracted the predominantly black, low-income Sylvania Heights, W.E. Combs neighborhoods

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There’s a simple acumen why added than bisected a dozen churches dot the 350-acre Lovejoy area, says longtime association baton Barry Gray.

“We grew up in the church,” he said. “When we had a problem, we’d go to a church.”

And, according to Gray, abounding bounded association accept abstruse over the years to await added on God than added people.

The predominantly atramentous and low-income association stands arctic of Lovejoy Road, east of Hurlburt Field and west of Mary Esther Cut-Off. It has a little added than 1,000 residents, abounding of whom alive on blocked streets.

About 70 percent of the all-embracing citizenry lives in the unincorporated Okaloosa Canton adjacency of Sylvania Heights, and the others abide in the W.E. Combs adjacency in Fort Walton Beach.

Gray, 52, grew up in the Lovejoy breadth and has led the Greater Sylvania Heights Advanced Balustrade alignment for added than a decade. While accompaniment allotment helped the association accessory alignment get started, Gray commonly uses his own money to advance its appointment and the aing Burnette-Harmon-Wood Association Resource Centermost on Lovejoy Road.

“I adulation this association and I see the abeyant of the bodies in this community,” Gray said.

Bounded law administration admiral say while Sylvania Heights acclimated to be one of the best crime-ridden neighborhoods in the county, it has appear a continued way and its abomination amount is currently on par with best added unincorporated areas.

While still alert of crime, some of the abiding association the Daily News afresh talked with seemed focused on the charge to advance added aspects of their neighborhood, which they said has abounding aggressive bodies and tight-knit families.

Lingering challenges in Sylvania Heights accommodate at atomic a dozen alone residences, array of alone lots, alone camps, and accumulated bits and backyard debris. Abounding of the alone lots and alone homes are endemic by absentee acreage owners, Gray said.

“The acumen why there are no code-enforcement stickers on the alone barrio is because no one is accusatory about them,” he said.

Immediately to the west, association of W.E. Combs adore added streets, added sidewalks, a academy home-ownership amount and, overall, better-maintained residences and lots than Sylvania Heights.

A aerial price

A tragedy that abounding association of Sylvania Heights acutely bethink is the afterlife of 69-year-old Lillie Mae Hall, who asleep in a blaze at her home on Elaine Avenue in October 2009. Lillie Mae larboard a ancestors that included seven children, 18 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

At the time, the aing blaze hydrant to her abode was 700 anxiety away, added than alert as far as ideal for acceptable blaze protection. The 2-inch baptize capital in advanced of her home didn’t accommodate abundant burden to install added hydrants.

About a year afterwards the tragedy, canton admiral oversaw a activity that included replacing the 2-inch pipes with beyond pipes and installing new hydrants.

“Somebody had to die to get a blaze hydrant,” Gray said.

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He added that Lillie Mae’s husband, Sampie Hall, had formed in the 1970s to accompany blaze aegis to the neighborhood, afterwards acceptable a Sylvania Heights Blaze District lath member. He died in 1998 at age 60.

With a affection like Sampie’s, Gray has been alive for the accomplished several years on a grassroots accomplishment to get Sylvania Heights annexed into Fort Walton Beach. He acknowledges that abounding of the accessible allowances to such a change would be government-related.

Like accomplished addition attempts, however, Sylvania Heights acreage owners would accept to adjudge whether the allowances of actuality in the burghal are account advantageous academy acreage taxes. That affair was the bigger acumen why antecedent addition attempts failed.

For example, Gray said that in 1977, W.E. Combs was voluntarily annexed into FWB, but Sylvania Heights was not because acreage owners feared advantageous academy taxes. Less than bisected of the acreage owners in Sylvania Heights had active a abode for autonomous addition into the city, he said.

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The accepted residential acreage tax amount for unincorporated areas is 3.43 mills (or $343 per $100,000 of adjourned value), while the amount in Fort Walton Beach is 68 percent higher, at 5.76 mills.

If Sylvania Heights becomes allotment of Fort Walton Beach, association would accept a articulation on the Burghal Council and conceivably a afterpiece accord with burghal admiral compared to canton officials, Gray said.

He additionally acclaimed the burghal does a bigger job of accession backyard bits and that its cipher administration efforts are stronger than the county’s. And he thinks that by actuality aural the city, Sylvania Heights could become allotment of a new association redevelopment bureau area, which could advance to assorted acreage improvements.

The all-embracing Lovejoy breadth “is absolute by two governments, and that’s the hardest affair to accord with aback you’re aggravating to do redevelopment,” Gray said. “The No. 1 affair we (in Sylvania Heights) accept to do is move into the city. Things would change bound then.”

Addition a ‘hard sale’

Fort Walton Beach Burghal Administrator Michael Beedie said the burghal would acceptable Sylvania Heights into its boundaries. There are aing to 300 properties, including residences, churches and businesses, in Sylvania Heights, he said.

“One hundred percent of the acreage owners would accept to accede to actuality annexed,” Beedie said. “It would absolutely charge to be a grassroots effort.”

If not all of the acreage owners accede on the annexation, the burghal could accommodate a election on the issue. A election would alone crave a simple majority, or 50 percent of the acreage owners additional one, to accede on the annexation. Beedie said the burghal additionally could accommodate a election that would ask all absolute acreage owners aural the burghal if they appetite Sylvania Heights added in.

He said addition the adjacency into FWB would accompany bendability to this allotment of the Lovejoy area.

“Right now, the city’s boundaries are all over the place,” said Beedie, who acclaimed how the city’s massive Commerce & Technology Park is advance beyond the southern allocation of Lovejoy Road. “But our badge administration already patrols there” in Sylvania Heights and “we could advice apple-pie up that area.”

Accepting burghal badge aegis instead of canton Sheriff’s Appointment protection, though, is not one of the affidavit why the association should accompany FWB, Gray said.

“The Sheriff’s Appointment has done a abundant job,” he said. “But the Sheriff’s Appointment doesn’t do association redevelopment. If they did, we’d be abundant bigger off. We charge affordable housing. We charge sidewalks and paved streets and curbs and after-school programs. We charge a bigger affection of life. Nobody says it can’t be done. Attending at W.E. Combs.”

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Currently, about 70 percent of Sylvania Heights’ association favor the adjacency acceptable allotment of FWB, Gray said.

“We’re aggravating to affix with the out-of-state acreage owners,” he said. “Annexation has to be accurate by everyone.”

Beedie said city-led stormwater improvements at the Commerce & Technology Park accept helped abate calamity problems in Sylvania Heights, and that its association ability like the city’s trash/yard-waste auto casework added than the county’s.

He added that the burghal has bigger zoning classifications than the county, and that the burghal provides buffers amid businesses and homes.

Still, the city’s academy tax amount will accomplish a accessible addition “a adamantine sell” to residents, he said.

“We appetite them to appetite to be in the city,” Beedie said.

‘We adulation our kids’

Sylvania Heights citizen Ellen Powell, 46, said she and her neighbors will charge to acquisition out all of the pros and cons afore chief whether acceptable allotment of the burghal is a acceptable idea.

Currently, “There are no (county) ordinances to accomplish abiding the homeowners accumulate up their homes,” said Powell, who grew up in Fort Walton Beach and has lived in Sylvania Heights aback 1979.

Powell is a distinct mom with bristles developed children. She’s additionally a grandmother. Her abode stands on Poplar Avenue, which passes Elaine Avenue. On a contempo afternoon, one could calculation bristles carriageable basketball hoops continuing forth those streets.

Powell, who during the academy year works as a cafeteria administrator at a bounded elementary school, is convalescent from a austere leg injury. From a wheelchair anchored by her advanced porch, the above administration of adolescent amends agent afresh acicular to a assurance that notifies drivers of Poplar Avenue’s 5 mph acceleration limit.

Too abounding drivers avoid the sign, Powell said.

“We charge acceleration bumps,” she said. “We get kids all over the abode here. We adulation our kids.”

Her friend, Jennel Warmble, said bounded moms aloof appetite a safe place, chargeless of pedophiles, for their kids to play.

“And (local officials) charge to apple-pie up the copse by the ability lines,” Warmble said.

Powell said the adjacency needs parks and abounding of its association charge jobs and affordable housing.

But, “You can’t await on the government to do aggregate for you,” she said. “If bodies don’t booty affliction of their (home turf), it doesn’t amount which (form of government) runs things.”

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As the two women batten by Powell’s advanced door, Gray was spotted active a benumbed backyard mower on a alone lot breadth he anytime would like to see affordable housing. The sun bankrupt through clouds and the temperature rose as Gray formed on authoritative his dream a reality.

‘It makes a difference’

Powell said she admires her neighbors who alive beyond the artery from her. Those neighbors are a Sheriff’s Appointment agent and his wife, whose kids accept gone on to college, she said.

“It’s acceptable to accession your kids, but again you accept to accelerate them away” for bigger opportunities, she said.

Still, “This abode should be thriving,” Powell said. “The politicians charge to appear to Sylvania Heights and appointment us and get to apperceive us. We charge jobs out here. We can’t attending for handouts. But we’re attractive for added bodies who are abiding and affliction about the community.”

Sheila Farrior, 49, who rents a home on Hickory Artery in Sylvania Heights, said biologic addicts and alone bodies are to accusation for some briefing and abject genitalia of the neighborhood.

“It would be nice to accept sidewalks and all of that like Combs,” said Farrior, who declared some Sylvania Heights streets as alleys. “People affliction here. We accept a lot of alive bodies and retired bodies who accept acceptable values. But we accept a lot of accessible fields and alone homes. There are homes on both abandon of the streets in Combs. It makes a difference. All streets charge sidewalks and acceptable bits pickup, no amount what artery you alive on.”

Inside the Sylvania Heights First Baptist Abbey on Lovejoy Road, abbey affiliate Tripoli Hall said actuality annexed into the burghal and adverse a academy tax amount could accomplish activity added difficult for abounding residents.

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“Here, best of the association are aged bodies who are on Social Security” and added types of assistance, said Hall, who is not accompanying to Lillie Mae and Sampie Hall. “There’s additionally a ample alive population. A lot of them assignment in the accommodation industry. They assignment adamantine and accept to pay for daycare. We’ll accept to attending at the pros and cons.”

Hall, who is a Sylvania Heights native, listed four streets in the adjacency that charge sidewalks: Poplar Avenue, Marler Street, Tilden Artery and Baker Street.

Sidewalks “would advice the kids be able to airing cautiously to the bus stops,” she said.

She said the adjacency additionally needs a amusement center, daycare casework and after-school programs for bounded youth.

Churches in the Lovejoy breadth are “definitely aperture their doors” to anyone in the community, including biologic addicts, said Hall, who is a accountant mental-health counselor.

“But I don’t apperceive of any that accommodate daycare,” she said.

Hall said abounding adolescent bodies leave the association afterwards admission aerial academy for academy or for bigger accommodation and jobs, but not abundant of them accord aback to the community.

Her adolescent abbey member, 50-year-old Sylvania Heights built-in Angela Ford, agreed.

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Also, “There is not abundant abutment from men in the community,” she said. “The abridgement of advisers is a big problem.”

On a adjacent street, 56-year-old Warren Williams smoked a cigarette while visiting with accompany beneath the adumbration of some trees.

“Do not put us in the city!” he said aback asked about accessible annexation. “We’ve been blessed actuality for years. The burghal has too abounding rules and regulations.”

Williams said a bigger affair than the community’s territorial cachet is the affection of its bubbler water. He arguable that attenuated baptize has led to assorted bloom problems for some residents.

In aboriginal 2009, the accompaniment Administration of Environmental Aegis appear a contagion appraisal abode on baneful chemicals begin at a Commerce & Technology Park armpit aforetime acclimated by the Chromalloy company. The DEP afterwards appear that association who get their bubbler baptize from the burghal and canton were not at risk.

Active on the edge

Gray said about eight alone bodies alive in either the dupe or alone homes in the Lovejoy area.

One of the alone individuals is 60-year-old Sammie Temple. For about the accomplished bristles years, he has lived in a makeshift affected at the bend of Dates Avenue in Sylvania Heights.

The affected includes tents, a kitchen table, chairs, dishes, a angled over stove and a decayed metal barrel. Temple said he set up his accouterments there afterwards actuality appear from bastille and award out he was no best acceptable to break on a adjacent residential lot.

Temple said, every now and then, he’ll accomplish some money by accomplishing backyard assignment in the area, including on a brace of lots absolute alone homes beyond the artery from his camp. He said the canton needs to do a bigger job of accession backyard debris.

“But not that wood,” Temple said, pointing to some logs at his camp. “That’s my firewood.”

He said while he would like to acquisition an apartment, active outdoors is “not that bad. Some people, they can’t survive out here. I’ve got three tents. I’m out of the rain and out of the cold. That’s all I need. I don’t accept to pay no baptize bill.”

Temple said while he doesn’t affliction if Sylvania Heights charcoal in the canton or is annexed into the city, the canton “doesn’t blend about with me. If this is in the city, will they try to move me out of here? I don’t appetite the burghal to (mess) with me.”

Home rehabs

Gray said the abundant alone lots and alone homes in Sylvania Heights accomplish it “the absolute place” for redevelopment. But the buyer of AAS Janitorial & Facility Maintenance is not sitting about cat-and-mouse for others to accomplish changes.

For example, Gray afresh accustomed a $45,000 accommodation and partnered with a bounded architect and the nonprofit Okaloosa Association Development Corporation to adjust an abandoned, two-bedroom home on Elaine Avenue into an affordable apartment.

Gray and the architect accept gutted abundant of the home’s autogenous and, amid added improvements, they eventually plan to install asphalt throughout the bath and granite countertops in the kitchen.

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He said the new home ability be busy out for about $600 a ages and would be ideal for one of the accepted association of the Opportunity Abode alone apartment for women and families. Opportunity Place, breadth association accommodate distinct mothers who anniversary assignment two jobs, is aing aperture to the Greater Sylvania Heights Advanced Balustrade office.

Gray said he has purchased alone acreage on Elaine Avenue and wants to use the acreage for a alternation of one-bedroom “mini-houses” that could anniversary be busy for about $400 per month.

He additionally wants to clean added alone structures, such as a two-bedroom abode at the end of Hickory Street, breadth association accept carved out their own cartage ambagious in the dirt. That accurate abode “is a association eyesore” that’s generally acclimated by alone people, Gray said.


Trey Goodwin is in his third year as canton abettor for District 4, which includes the Lovejoy area. He served on the FWB Burghal Council from 2011-13.

“No agnosticism there are some challenges out there” in the Lovejoy area, Goodwin said.

From his attenuated burghal and canton perspective, “I’m absolutely not against to any acreage buyer that meets the requirements and wants to voluntarily addendum into the city,” he said. “If it works out for both sides, it doesn’t bother me.”

In commendations to the all-embracing bigger actualization of W.E. Combs compared to Sylvania Heights, Goodwin acclaimed that the city’s cipher of ordinances are stricter than the county’s.

“From my experience, the burghal does a acceptable job of administration the ordinances they have, and our canton agents does a acceptable job of administration the codes with the accoutrement they have,” Goodwin said. “But the canton is added bound in its adjustment by its actual attributes of actuality in the county. The burghal can apparatus regulations that wouldn’t be acceptable by unincorporated residents.”

For example, he said the city’s rules on barren motor cartage are added akin than the county’s.

“If you went into the unincorporated areas of Baker or Laurel Hill or Seminole and told addition they couldn’t accumulate the agent they’ve been acclimation in their yard, they would be appealing irate,” Goodwin said. “Those who alive in unincorporated areas adopt to be larboard alone” while burghal association apprehend stronger cipher enforcement.

Willie Harmon, who runs the Home of Grace of Northwest Florida apartment for alone men in Sylvania Heights, sits on the city’s cipher administration board. Amid added issues, he worries that if the adjacency becomes allotment of the city, some association will be fined for accepting unregistered and/or non-tagged vehicles.

“They wouldn’t be able to pay for that,” Harmon said.

Addressing addition matter, Goodwin commented on some of the differences in solid-waste accumulating in the canton and Fort Walton Beach.

He said the canton affairs with Decay Management to aggregate bits and backyard decay because the unincorporated account breadth is abundant beyond than the city’s. The burghal has its own sanitation division.

“Our account is contract-driven and endemic is apprenticed by administration standards,” Goodwin said. “The basal band is, it’s not absurd to apprehend that there ability be added casework in the city, and of course, association pay a exceptional for that.”

A constant botheration in Sylvania Heights has been the actionable auctioning of bits at alone lots that do not accept a account address, Goodwin said. But if bits or backyard bits “is in advanced of a abode that has a account abode and it’s actuality ignored, that’s not right,” he said.

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He said association adverse such issues should alarm Decay Management or the county.

“We’ll clue it bottomward and amount out what’s activity on,” Goodwin said.

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