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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” October 12, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST:  All right.  Acceptable to “Hannity” on this active account Friday.

In 25 abbreviate days, you will adjudge the fate of this country.  Aggregate is at stake.  Will the amazing advance of the aftermost two years abide or will it arise to a acid halt?

Well, the new aitionist Democratic Party, they are allegation their incivility, alike violence.  The media is now normalizing these advancing comments and behavior.  Now, what we’re activity to do tonight, we will breach bottomward the best important contest accompaniment by state, commune by district.  We accept cast new anathema advice about some Democrats active for the U.S. Senate in red states.

But, first, the larboard sinks to a new low with latest comments about Kanye West affair with Admiral Trump.  What is actuality said is bottomward adapted abject and disgusting.

So, catch up, it’s time for the Friday archetype of our breaking account aperture monologue.


HANNITY:  All right.  The media, they’re ramping up their sick, their vile, their ugly, their abandoned attacks on rapper Kanye West.  Why?  For affair with Admiral Trump.  That’s why.

Let’s see.  Kanye is talking about added jobs, added companies, added things actuality congenital in America, bastille reform, safer neighborhoods.  And the media, Hollywood elites, they are in a complete meltdown, biconcave to new lows if that’s alike possible.  But it’s all allotment of what is now their circadian abhorrence campaign.

I didn’t absolutely anticipate it could get this bad or alike worse.  But it has. Booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Not alone was this a crazy chat for this White House, this is the affectionate of chat that would about be captivated amid bodies acid hospital bracelets.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I apperceive they are declared to altercate bent adequate reform, et cetera, et cetera.  But it was like watching a alternation bones because it was.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  There were a agglomeration of aides who flocked to the West Addition with their cameras, I heard from added West Addition aides who were badly abashed that that had happened, acceptance that was not a adequate look.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  This is white supremacy by ventriloquism.  A atramentous aperture affective but white racist ethics are abounding from Kanye West’s mouth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Wow.  OK, I’m accomplishing this for anybody who affronted their aggregate down.  You can put it aback up again.  That was bonkers.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  If you anticipate you are activity to get a anxious t comedy by comedy and political analysis, you are not, because that was an advance on our White House.


HANNITY:  How is it accessible that that address is acceptable?

And over at affected account CNN, it’s adamantine to brainstorm that their comments accept been anniversary worse.  Don Lemon arch the charge.  He’s been out of ascendancy all anniversary long.  He bogus a ailing acknowledgment about Kanye’s backward mother.  That’s how this has gotten.  Booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Kanye West is what happens aback Negroes don’t read.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  And atramentous association are about to barter Kanye West in the ancestral draft.  Now, all of a sudden, Kanye because he has put on MAGA hat and he’s an absorption whore like the president, he’s all of a abrupt now the archetypal spokesperson, he’s badge Negro of the Trump administration?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I anticipate you had there a man acutely not accept and a admiral who is accommodating to accomplishment that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  It seemed to be the allotment of Kanye’s brainy affliction that is acutely on affectation and that of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue converged in such a able fashion.  What Kanye west is accomplishing is adverse and ambiguous and we allegation to alarm it out for what it is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  What we saw was addition who is not in a advantageous abode from a brainy point of view, from an affecting point of view.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  What I saw was a accompanist appearance today.  Him in advanced of all of these white people, mostly white people, awkward himself. Kanye’s mother is rolling over in her grave.


HANNITY:  Now, Don Lemon, the blow of these bodies alive at affected account CNN, you should all absolutely be actual ashamed.  It’s unbelievable.

Where’s Jeff Zucker’s agent by the way, humpty dumpty Stelter?  The self-appointed moral adjudicator of all things media.  Is this acceptable? Does he disregard what was said on his own network?  The blackout couldn’t be added deafening.

Now, none of us should be afraid by any of this.  You accept the abort Trump media, they will stop now at nothing.  Vilify Kanye, anyone who dares to try to assignment with the president.  Let’s see, to actualize solutions to absolute problems of the abandoned men and women, the bodies that suffered beneath Obama’s bad policies, accept safer cities, added jobs in America, bastille reform.  You allocution about — this is how you are treated?  It is indefensible.

Now, afterwards Don Lemon’s abandoned remarks, some are absolutely ambitious CNN booty action.  Football fable Herschel Walker is calling for Don Lemon to be fired.

To be actual bright on this program, I do not abutment boycotts and firings.  I’m a accepter that we, you, the American bodies get to adjudge what you appetite to watch or not watch.  I accept said it abounding times, I do not abutment that.

But, I do anticipate it would be adapted that Don Lemon owes Kanye at atomic an apology.  And maybe Don Lemon and his accompany in the media, maybe they could absorb some time accoutrement the important capacity that were discussed in the White House with Kanye and the admiral bygone — how to advice aing cities, how to lift bodies out of poverty.

Look at this banderole from “NewsBusters”.  The arrangement spent six account gawking at Kanye with Trump, 27 abnormal on why.

Now, we’re activity to accept added on the media’s acknowledgment to Kanye’s White House appointment in a few minutes.

But, first, this week, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, they accept accurate already afresh that the larboard will abide to go low in an accomplishment to try and win elections.  Now, a new RNC ad is out, and it’s calling out this new liberal– well, absolutely the latest trend of advanced incivility.  Booty a look.


ERIC HOLDER, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL:  Aback they go low, we bang them.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIFORNIA:  And if you see anybody in a restaurant, in a administering store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you actualize a crowd, and you advance aback on them, and you acquaint them they’re not welcome.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIFORNIA:  I aloof don’t alike apperceive why there aren’t uprisings all over the country.  Maybe there will be.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE:  You cannot be civilian with g a political affair that wants to abort what you angle for, what you affliction about.

SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-NEW JERSEY:  Get up and amuse — get up in the face of some Congress people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Is this the, quote/unquote, mob?


HANNITY:  Get up in their face, chase them into gas stations, grocery stores, administering stores.  I accept been cogent you for months, this new aitionist Democratic Affair is in a actual alarming place, bald of any moderates, bald of any account that are activity to advice appearance the country for our approaching with actual few exceptions.  They are ginning up abhorrence and abhorrence all above the country.

Members of the media, they aren’t accomplishing abundant to air-conditioned things bottomward either. Attending at Nicolle Wallace over at cabal TV MSNBC acceptance on air she was auspicious concrete abandon adjoin afresh applicant Donald Trump during the primary.  Booty a look.

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NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC:  I told Jeb Bush afterwards that agitation that I anticipation he should accept punched him in the face.  Alike if you lost, he angered your wife, aback he came bottomward the escalators and alleged Mexicans rapists and murderers, he said, what do you anticipate I should accept done?  I said, I anticipate you should bite him in the face and gotten out of the race.  You would accept been a hero.


HANNITY:  Yes, aloof him in the face.

Is it any absolute abruptness that Republicans are actuality harassed, targeted all above the country, actuality run out of restaurants, stalked in airports?

The media additionally fueling this larboard addition mob mentality.  They accept been aggravating to allegation Republicans.  NBC’s Chuck Todd absolutely adage Donald Trump and the GOP — they’re responsible.  Booty a look.


CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS HOST:  What apple are we active in?  Area the admiral and Republican leaders are affronted at the “ugly, nasty, bald knuckles” political ambiance they abundantly created and they are affronted aback a Democrat uses the affectionate of address and damaging that the admiral has been application for years.


HANNITY:  In 25 abbreviate days, you, we, the American people, you accept a absolute choice.  Will you accolade the approach of the larboard or will you in 25 canicule cull off addition political upset?  You accept the ability to shock the world.

Now, yesterday, we showed you new clandestine video taken by Project Veritas, in this advancing video, you see a staffer for Tennessee Senate applicant Phil Bredesen calling voters in Tennessee apprenticed and adage that Bredesen was lying aback he said he would accept voted to affirm Brett Kavanaugh.

Now, if you booty a attending at this clandestine video, we will let you adjudge what you anticipate of what are lies to win power.  Booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  He wasn’t really, right?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Vote for Kavanaugh?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  I don’t anticipate so.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I was so confused, because I aloof can’t accept that he would absolutely vote yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  He wouldn’t, but he said he would.  I don’t apperceive if that makes it worse or better.  No, it makes it better, but still —

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  But what’s — like I don’t accept what’s the d by adage yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Moderate Republicans.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Is it because it’s like the voters?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Yes.  That’s it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  So, he’ll lose voters if —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Yes, beeline up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Are the bodies of Tennessee ignorant?



HANNITY:  All right.  Caught red handed, Tennessee Victory 2018, they arise a account bygone claiming the recording was bogus by a affected advance who, quote, acclimated abstruse video recording accessories to abduction apprenticed and abstract comments bogus aftermost weekend by academy acceptance and adolescence organizers.  That’s not absolutely true.

Now, backfire supporters and volunteers over Bredesen’s account acknowledging Kavanaugh, well, the Tennessee Democrat spokesman, well, assumption what, he is dispatch up as well.  Now, he’s beating gun owners.  And according to reports, he said, white macho gun owners are, quote, bigger alarm alignment on the planet.

And in Arizona, we accept added of the aforementioned — abominable comments from Democratic hopeful Kyrsten Sinema, they abide to be unearthed.  Now, aback in 2010, she absolutely alleged Arizona the, quote, meth lab of democracy.  That’s what she wants to represent.  In 2011, she alleged Arizonans “crazy”.

Now, a agent for Sinema said the video, quote, she was balked no one in the accompaniment administrator was continuing up to out-of-state appropriate interests, alive to booty abroad healthcare from children, authoritative allegation added big-ticket and booty job aegis abroad from alive families.  By the way, that’s not all.  She acknowledgment contest at Arizona Accompaniment University featuring a advocate that represented the Blind Sheikh Andy McCarthy formed on that case, he was bedevilled in 1995 of actuality the administrator of agitator plots adjoin this country?

And tonight, CNN advertisement aback in 2003, Sinema was affiliated to abounding far larboard groups.

This is the new Democratic Affair I accept been cogent you about.  Now, is this who the bodies of Arizona, Tennessee appetite apery them?

Look, here’s what it comes bottomward to, it’s not complicated.  If you vote in a red accompaniment for a Senate Democrat in 25 days, you’re voting for Chuck Schumer because that’s who leads the Democratic sheep off the larboard addition cliff.  If you vote for Democrats in these House races, you are basically voting for Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

One affair is certain.  The alone way Democrats acutely can win is to lie and deceive you, we the people, and additionally demonize opponents like they do every two years and every four years, they appetite to allege the president, amaranthine investigation, they appetite their crumbs back.  They appetite to accession taxes, annihilate ICE, accessible borders and they appetite to accumulate their signature — well, plan for healthcare, Obamacare.  And vote aggregate that Chuck and Nancy appetite in and that’s how they will vote.

Now, as we’ve done all week, actuality are 10 added contest that we’re befitting our eye on that will absolutely be the angled point in this election, a antithesis of ability in Washington.

We alpha in Minnesota.  This is a actual important accompaniment in these midterms. They’re aboriginal districts, accessible race, pits Republican Jim Hagedorn — area the aboriginal district’s accessible chase pits Republican Jim Hagedorn adjoin Democrat Dan Feehan.  It is a commune that Donald Trump won by 15 points, but as of now, it’s a aing fight.

In Minnesota’s additional district, Republican bounden Jason Lewis is adverse off adjoin Democrat Angie Craig.

On the third commune of Minnesota, Eric Paulsen is affronted off Democrat Dean Phillips.

In the aforementioned state, we got our eye tonight on the eighth commune area Republican Pete Stauber, he squares off adjoin Joe Radinovich.

In Montana, at large, House Commune Republican Greg Gianforte.  He has a bashful advance at this moment adjoin Democrat Kathleen Williams.

And in Nebraska’s additional district, GOP bounden Don Bacon is actuality challenged by Democrat Kara Eastman.  It’s a commune Trump alone won narrowly.

In Ohio, aboriginal district, bourgeois Republican Steve Chabot, he’s adhering to a slight lead, this now is a toss-up, a actual important race.

Also, blockage in Ohio, area the admiral was tonight, 12th district, that appearance Troy Balderson demography on Danny O’Connor.

In Ohio, in their 14th district, Republican bounden David Joyce demography on Democrat Betsy Rader.

And afterwards in South Carolina, their aboriginal district, Republican Kate Arrington is up adjoin Democrat Joe Cunningham.  This is an accessible bench larboard by Mark Sanford.

So, the basal band is, in 25 days, the fate, the approaching of the country is activity to be decided.  Are we activity to abide to advance at almanac acceleration or will advance be adjourned by amaranthine investigation?  Accessible impeachment?  Higher taxes, accessible borders, Obamacare?

Now, Admiral Trump, he continues to accumulate his promises.  Aloof today, we got amazing news.  Bethink the American pastor captivated in a Turkish bastille for two years?  He was arise due to Admiral Trump’s intervention. Also, a tip of the hat to Jay Sekulow and American Center for Law and Justice.

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Here is what the admiral said about this beforehand today.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  But we’re actual accustomed to accept him aback with us.  He suffered greatly, but we’re actual beholden to a lot of people.  Lot of people.

We batten to Turkey.  And he went through a system.  And we got him out.  We’ve been aggravating to get them out for a continued time.

Well, this has annihilation to do with anything.  There was no accord bogus at all.  There was no deal.  But we’re actual blessed to accept him and accept him in adequate shape.  I apprehend he is in actual adequate shape.


HANNITY:  So, political prisoners actuality alternate to the U.S., renewed account in the world, bread-and-er abundance adapted actuality at home, this is what is at pale 25 days.  And alone you can shock the apple already again.

Joining us now with reaction, above governor of the abundant accompaniment of New Hampshire, John Sununu, and America Affronted Aback chairman, Herman Cain.

Welcome both of you.

Governor, let’s alpha with you.  Is there annihilation I’m adage that’s amiss here?  We accept amazing advance and success both on the bread-and-er front, accepting rid of crushing regulation, the admiral befitting his promises. And afresh you see a lot of abandoned affronted Democrats that assume to not accept any calendar that I see.

JOHN SUNUNU, FORMER GOVERNOR OF NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Sean, the mob aphorism that you are seeing on the Democratic ancillary is absolutely aloof the tip of the iceberg. It’s apocalyptic of a Democratic Affair that’s been bought and paid for by the George Soros’ of the apple who absolutely don’t affliction about the American system.  Who don’t like the way we live, and our ethics and our principles.

Those riots or mob accomplishments are accommodating by groups that Soros has funded.  They accept abounding paid agents authoritative abiding these things happen.  They pay for bodies to go there.  They administer the scripts.  They book the signs. They administer the shirts.

And it goes above that, Soros has got advantage now in the Democratic primaries and that’s why you are accepting candidates like the Sinema in Arizona that has a abhorrent history that cipher noticed before.  They are now seeing it.  Soros handpicks those, supports them and puts them out there.  This Democratic Affair is acceptable a disgrace.

And our Republican voters, our bourgeois voters accept to accept not alone do they accept to go out and vote as you accept been allurement them, they accept got to booty a brace of accompany and ancestors associates that may not accept voted and booty them to vote to accomplish abiding that this is an elections that goes the adapted way.

HANNITY:  You know, Herman Cain, one affair the Kavanaugh hearings has accomplished, alike bodies — maybe they don’t like Donald Trump’s style. Maybe they were Never Trumpers.  Maybe they capital or adopted one of the 16 added bodies that were active for the nomination.

But it seems amid the success, acid taxes, originals on the court, anchored borders, accord through strength, it seems like a lot of bodies are alpha now to arise about and they assume — Democrats are accomplishing the impossible.  They are chain Republicans for one.

HERMAN CAIN, AMERICA FIGHTING BACK CHAIRMAN:  I anticipate you are absolutely right.  I aloof alternate from Memphis, Tennessee allowance Charlotte Bergmann who is active for the United States Congress.  And I got to acquaint you, talking to bodies at the hotel, at the airports, a lot of bodies are, in fact, aperture their eyes.

Look, all over those clips that you showed, how the advanced mob media is melting bottomward and they should be ashamed, let me acquaint you who is ashamed. The bodies who accept watched those networks and watched those bodies and the ones who accept accurate Democratic candidates, they are the ones that are ashamed.

And I apprehend added people, one that are bourgeois and Republicans who are activity to accomplish abiding they vote to, I apprehend from a lot of independents who are activity to vote Republican.  And alike I apprehend bodies who voted Democrat say abundant is enough, they are voting a beeline Republican admission in November. I’m optimistic.

HANNITY:  Am I wrong, Governor, aback I characterize if you are voting for a Democrat for the House or the Senate, you are voting for Pelosi and Maxine Waters in the House and you’re voting for Chuck Schumer in the Senate? They will vote about 98 percent of the time with the leadership.

SUNUNU:  And you’re voting — and you’re voting for accepted healthcare that they accurately acclimated to alarm Medicare for all.  Now, they are alienated that language.

But it is a healthcare affairs that will attenuate the Medicare affairs that’s out there.  It will aching the Medicare that seniors accept paid for and becoming over the years.  And they appetite to accord the aforementioned affectionate of a program, genitalia of the Medicare affairs to bodies for free.  They are aggravating to advance a left-wing agenda.

So, bodies vote for a Democrat.  They’re voting for Schumer.  They’re voting for Pelosi aback in their administering positions and they’re voting for legislation that will attenuate healthcare programs, the tax cuts and all the advance that Donald Trump has achieved.

HANNITY:  Yes.  Herman, you know, I don’t accept the aplomb yet.  I anticipate in the Senate I anticipate Heidi Heitkamp was acceptable to lose.  Jon Tester is in trouble.  Joe Donnelly is in trouble.  Claire McCaskill is in trouble.

We got now Sinema in trouble.  Martha McSally is a abundant hero.  Dean Heller hopefully, he’s advancing back.  Rick Scott is addition abundant applicant in Florida.

It’s the House that I anguish best about.

HERMAN:  The atrocious Democrats accept bogus abiding that there is no average arena amid what Republicans will do and what Democrats will do.  You are absolutely right, either in the House or the Senate.

There is no average ground.  Their atrocious approach accept bogus abiding that there is no average ground, which is why I apprehend a lot of bodies adage they are voting a beeline Republican admission to save this country.

HANNITY:  If alone they had 999, it would be perfect.  It would be a absolute year.

CAIN:  Well, two out of three is not bad, Sean, OK?

HANNITY:  All right.  Herman Cain, Governor Sununu, acknowledge you both for actuality with us.

When we arise back, added acknowledgment to the afflictive comments bogus by the media about Kanye West.  We’ve got Joe Concha, Lawrence Jones and Jay Sekulow reacts afterwards two years in bastille in Turkey, through the assignment of the admiral and Jay, Pastor Brunson arise from a Turkey prison.



TRUMP:  We batten to Turkey.  And he went through a arrangement and we got him out.  They accept been aggravating to get him out for a continued time.


TRUMP:  Well, this has annihilation to abettor with anything.  There was no accord bogus at all.  There was no deal.  But, we’re actual blessed to accept him and accept him in adequate shape.  I apprehend he is in actual adequate shape.


HANNITY:  All right.  That was Admiral Trump beforehand tonight talking about the absolution of American pastor Andrew Brunson.

Joining us now on the buzz from the American Center for Law and Justice, additionally the president’s advocate and additionally at times he’s been mine, Jay Sekulow.

You accept formed on this case, Jay, from the actual beginning.  I apperceive how adamantine you work.  I apperceive how adamantine the admiral has formed on this.  This is abundant account tonight.

JAY SEKULOW, AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE (via telephone):  No, this is a big win.  Aback you did the addition I feel like I’m apery everybody tonight.  But what a abundant day it is for the Brunson ancestors and for Pastor Brunson himself, and the admiral and administering did aloof a astounding job affective this case forward.

You know, Sean, I accept handled a lot of these.  And the actuality is they are difficult.  There are times aback there’s advance and there are times aback they are not.  This was alike added complicated because it was a NATO ally.

But the end aftereffect of it, the absolute aspect of this, is that the pastor has been arise absolutely and is en avenue may accept already landed in Germany and will be advancing aback to the United States as aboriginal as tomorrow.

So, this is a abundant win and again, a huge acknowledge you to the administration, for the administration, and to associates of Congress.

HANNITY:  Aftermost point, though, Jay.

SEKULOW:  But the admiral absolutely led the allegation actuality to get this done and I absolutely acknowledge it, so his family.

HANNITY:  And there was no deal.  And the allegation for Pastor Brunson was he was admonition the gospel, right?

SEKULOW:  Yes.  I mean, actually, the allegation itself has the chat in Turkish, of course, it’s alleged “Christianization.”  And that is they appearance that act of active a baby church, administration the actuality as an act that was an act of terrorism.  That’s how they ascertain it.

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HANNITY:  Unbelievable.

SEKULOW:  This was a agitation case, accept it or not.  But, again, the abundant account is he has been released.  He has been returned.  I acknowledge you accoutrement it and, again, acknowledge all the assignment that the admiral did in accepting this able for the family.

HANNITY:  All right.  Jay Sekulow, I apperceive you accept been alive on this aback the beginning.  Congratulations.  The admiral also, a abundant job.

Joining us now, we accept added on top adventure from beforehand tonight, the media’s animadversion arise Kanye West, all of the things that accept been said, why he met with the admiral and he was talking about solutions.  You don’t accept to booty my chat for it, booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I acquainted like I was sitting in on a psychiatric visit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  A burlesque central of a adulterated central of a mockery.

Why fan the bonfire of the foolish?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  It was absolutely actually an embarrassment.  I mean, what a ancillary show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  This was a giant, agleam article in the Oval Appointment acid a red hat.


HANNITY:  Appealing unbelievable.  Joining us now with reaction, media anchorman for “The Hill”, Joe Concha, and editor of arch of Campus Reform, Lawrence Jones, is with us.

Joe, let’s alpha with you.  You know, aloof aback you anticipate it can’t get any lower.  I mean, actuality we go.  I accept carefully to what Kanye was saying, maybe could accept done afterwards the cursing in the Oval Office.  Fair animadversion and fair criticism.

But he was talking about bastille ameliorate and I think, you know, in the case of Alice Marie Johnson who I had on this program, what a abundant case for bastille reform.  Doesn’t beggarly that you let bodies out afterwards advantageous a price.  And he is talking about jobs and he’s talking investment, and he’s talking about accomplishment and factories in America, and safer cities.

So, acquaint me why that’s a botheration for some people.

JOE CONCHA, MEDIA REPORTER, THE HILL:  Those are bodies important to bodies alfresco the media bubble, right, Sean?  And remember, Kanye was advised agitating and adventurous truth-teller in 2005 aback he said George W. Bush doesn’t affliction about atramentous people.  So, it’s funny how that’s turned.

And, look, I don’t apperceive how we got to a abode now area we accept address on a civic account — nationally televised account alignment area you could say the words “token negro” about an African-American amateur and ballast of that affairs action along.

And, look, above CNN bodies are now speaking out about segments like that. Steve Krakauer was a chief calendar ambassador at CNN.  Here’s what he said and I’m quoting: This is absolutely abject articulation on Don Lemon’s appearance aftermost night about Kanye West.

And if a agnate articulation occurred on Fox Account about a advanced atramentous actuality CNN would be accoutrement it as above account and appropriately so. That’s absolutely right. The angle angle stork would run out of angle forks. The flat — you would be amidst with media whore and protesters adage how could you anytime say that about an African-American.

I’ll accord you one added adduce and will get to Lawrence. Glenn Greenwald and he’s actual honest in his aesthetics he’s from The Intercept. Here’s what he had to say. Quoting, “I can’t bethink an adventure that has produced added crude, contemptuous, adventuresome stigmatizing and adverse address about brainy bloom issues than the accessory acrimony primarily appearing from cable account and amusing media over the aftermost 48 hours due to Kanye West’s White House visit. I accept annihilation to add.” that is said perfectly.

HANNITY:  Lawrence Jones, if somebody is African-American and they are conservative. Deneen Borelli, Niger Innis, Larry Elder. I can run through so abounding claimed accompany of mine. They are excoriated. They are dismissed, they are alleged every name in the book. It’s horrible. Candace Owens added recently.

LAWRENCE JONES, EDITOR IN CHIEF, CAMPUS REFORM:  Let me acquaint you this, Sean. What happened in the White House bygone was needed. Bodies accept been calling for civic chat about issues adverse our community. Was is it in the way I would accept did it? Absolutely not.

But Kanye allege for a lot of bodies in the accent that a lot of bodies in my association accept some of their adventures that they accept accomplished lately.

And so what we’ve apparent is a lot of bodies in the boilerplate media that sit on their aerial pedestals, and advance him as actuality mentally unfit. They advance him as actuality a advertise out to the association aback Kanye absolutely frankly, has been talking about this for years.

If you anytime accept to his hip hop he’s been talking about these issues. But he’s not aloof accepting this from the media though, Sean. He’s accepting this from bourgeois intellectuals who say he’s not bourgeois enough. He is not adage things the adapted way.

I’m sorry, Kanye never said he was a conservative. He is a free-thinker. He is speaking of issues adverse our community.


HANNITY:  Hey, Lawrence–

JONES:  He doesn’t accept to analysis every distinct analysis box of the bourgeois belvedere to allege for our community, Sean. And if–


HANNITY:  His wife–

JONES:  Yes?

HANNITY:  You know, in the case of Ms. Johnson that was released. If, you know, they are allowance to accomplish the country better.

JONES:  that’s right.

HANNITY:  He is talking about assurance and aegis in our cities. He is talking about bringing jobs and accomplishment aback to America. He’s talking about bastille reform. I’m like those are all abundant ideas. This is adequate for everybody.

JONES:  Yes. But, Sean. This is not about Kanye. This is — this goes aback to Donald Trump. Because he is affiliated to the admiral of the United States, they appetite to back-bite him. We are seeing the mob happening. And I will say this.

HANNITY:  The admiral can get it done, can’t he?

JONES:  He can get it — he can get it done but there is a mob that’s afterwards him. And we’ve been advertisement it at the administering convention Campus Ameliorate for while. It started on the academy campuses. They approved to booty out Kavanaugh. Now they’re activity to try to booty out Kanye. I don’t anticipate they are activity to be successful. Kanye has been accomplishing this for a continued time.

HANNITY:  Aftermost word, Joe.

CONCHA:  Look, it’s aloof addition atramentous eye for our media and abominably it’s alone activity to get worse aback the 2020 acclamation starts in a brace of months, Sean.

HANNITY:  Sad. All right. Acknowledge you both. Aback we arise aback the ladies of The Appearance they atrociously again, they’ve done it afore advancing the aboriginal adult Melania Trump 25 canicule out from an election. You won’t accept what they said today. That’s next.


HANNITY:  Aboriginal adult Melania Trump has continued been the ambition of adamant attacks from the left. And there are no signs of them slowing down. Now the women on The Appearance well, they didn’t authority aback this week. Booty a look.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, ABC:  Can we allocution about this gigantic white pit helmet–


GOLDBERG:  — sitting in the attack and it’s really–


GOLDBERG:  — not a adequate affair to see. Because it represent as lot of actuality for folks.

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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  This is additionally the aforementioned woman that in the bosom of what happens in Puerto Rico wore a anorak that said I absolutely don’t care, do you? So aback she threw bottomward that gauntlet, I accept absitively not to affliction about annihilation she says from now on. What she wears, what she does. What she says.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Is it — is it accessible that she is not anxious with his mistresses because she was one of them? Is that possible?


HANNITY:  I appetite to bet they would never amusement Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama that way. It’s appealing despicable.

Now the columnist secretary for the aboriginal adult responded to those attacks today in this cheep saying, quote, “Day two of attacks from The Appearance Yvette Nicole Brown, analysis your facts afore you allege addition of actuality a mistress. She is the aboriginal adult of the Unite States, she deserves your account and absolutely not your lies. Disgusting, assortment tag disrespectful, assortment tag, accusation, assortment tag, advanced media.”

Here with acknowledgment American Bourgeois Union chairman, Matt Schlapp,RNC spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany. You know, if you about-face things, though, Kayleigh, it’s actual accessible the bifold standard.

Because what you’d accept is if this is was about Michelle Obama, if this was about Hillary Clinton, you know, not alone is it’s the aboriginal lady. It’s Ivanka Trump. It’s Ted Cruz’s wife. It’s Sarah Sanders, it’s Pam Bondi. It’s Secretary Nielsen, about-face any of these instances and what would the advanced acknowledgment be?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, SPOKESPERSON, RNC:  It would be out of this world, Sean. There are two standards here. One for bourgeois women. Addition for advanced women. These women on The View, these advanced leftists, they affectation as feminists, Sean but they are not feminists. They are faux feminists. They are affected feminist.

They accept put on a platform, Hillary Clinton who has a history, a accurate history of blowing the accusers of Bill Clinton. They put her on a basement while claiming the alarm of feminism. It is wrong, it is abhorrent and those are abject comments that you aloof made.

HANNITY:  Let’s talk, Matt, about that bifold standard. And I apperceive your wife Mercedes has arise beneath blaze a cardinal of times unfairly allegedly one of the nicest bodies like Melania you’d anytime accommodated in your life.

MATT SCHLAPP, CHAIRMAN, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION:  Yes. This is true. You aloof accord bodies a little appearance of Melania. She doesn’t get out there and do a ton of accessible things because she is adopting her son. She is a admirable mother, she is a admirable life. And she–


HANNITY:  They’ve attacked him too.

SCHLAPP:  Of course.

HANNITY:  They’ve attacked a 190-year-old.

SCHLAPP:  Of course.

HANNITY:  Now a 12.

SCHLAPP:  They’ll advance anybody but let’s absolutely attending at this trip. Aboriginal of all, she goes across and, you know, it’s inappropriate allegedly to animadversion on someone’s looks. But let’s face it, she is a stunner. She looks great. She a appearance figure overseas.

Here they won’t put her on the covers of any of magazines. Across they all apperceive that she is epic. Aback she went over there she additionally was asked about the Kavanaugh controversy. And I accept a theory. They didn’t like her acknowledgment because her acknowledgment was you are innocent until you are accurate accusable and there are care to be a bigger added fairer system.

And they are abiding demography it out on her. Do you apperceive what it is? It’s like a acquisition of the beggarly girls and I anticipate best women see this for what it is.

HANNITY:  What is the acknowledgment because that the media would absolutely be apoplectic if it was conservatives or bourgeois activists accomplishing what they do to Melania to any added woman. But, again, advancing the adjoin in restaurants, et cetera, Kayleigh?

MCENANY:  Yes. That’s right. You know, there are two standards as I said. I was over at CNN and had to allocution about Hillary Clinton. I was told by several of my co-panelists bethink to amusement her with respect. Let her booty her applicable abode in history as the first, you know, anon to be aboriginal changeable president.

Well, that’s the accepted Hillary Clinton gets. Melania Trump, on the added hand, the columnist makes up cabal theories about her aback she is ability a bloom procedure. They accomplish up her–


HANNITY:  that was horrible.

SCHLAPP:  that was horrible.

MCENANY:  Horrible. Accomplish up things about her son, accomplish up all sorts of things about her clearing status, her marriage. They advance her atrociously but she rises every time they attack.

HANNITY:  Everything. Like with the Kavanaugh case I see an ambidexterity on their part, acceptation the left’s part, Matt Schlapp, and 25 canicule out of an election, I anticipate this ability be, it could be what makes the big difference.

SCHLAPP:  I don’t anticipate — I don’t anticipate the Democrats accept article about the American people. They are decent. They accept bodies should be advised with address and fairness. Aback you footfall over the line, yes, of advance they are activity to booty it out on you.

But Melania Trump she represents us oversees. She is our aboriginal lady, you know. I would say easily off her son. I’d say be appropriate to her. And I do anticipate the Democrats are over reaching.

Let me acquaint you something. The House is activity to arise bottomward to about 25 seats absitively by two credibility or less. It’s all in the razor’s edge. And the mob mentality and this abasement I anticipate it does annihilation but advice the Republican cause.

HANNITY:  Yes. All right. Well, acknowledge you both. Having met Melania on a cardinal of occasions.


HANNITY:  Wonderful, loving, amazing person. English her fifth language. An amazing mom. One of the nicest bodies you’ll meet. All right. Acknowledge you both.

When we arise aback now Fusion GPS co-founder afterward Rod Rosenstein’s lead, well, he is now allegedly abnegation to arise afore the House attorneys board aing week. He wants to adjure the fifth. We’ll analysis in with Catherine Herridge with the abounding report.

Congressman Jim Jordan, Sara Carter, and Gregg Jarrett as we abide this active Friday account night beeline ahead.


HANNITY:  Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson is defying Congress reportedly abnegation to arise afore assembly aing week.

Joining us now with all the capacity in Washington, our own Catherine Herridge. Catherine, aboriginal Rod Rosenstein and now we got Glenn Simpson.

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT:  that’s right, Sean. Glenn Simpson will appeal the fifth aing anniversary rather than affirm to Congress. His close Fusion GPS was paid by the DNC and Clinton advance for its assignment on the alleged Trump dossier.

In this letter of Simpson advocate questioned the House attorneys committee’s motives saying, “The ambition of this board is to discredit and contrarily accident witnesses.”

Last year Simpson told addition House console that he aboriginal met with Justice Administering official Bruce Ohr afterwards the 2016 election. That contradicts Ohr’s own e-mails that appearance contacts months earlier. Ohr as you apperceive became a aback approach to the FBI for the abstracts afterwards British soy Christopher Steele was fired.

A analysis by Fox Account of aldermanic affidavit cloister annal and added accompanying abstracts indicates at atomic bristles sources brought the abstracts to the FBI’s absorption afore and afterwards Acclamation Day. Beforehand this year, above FBI administrator James Comey seemed ambiguous about the abstracts and what he knew about its political origins.


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS CHIEF ANCHOR:  The Steele abstracts comes out ancient aboriginal July. Aback did you alone apprentice about the memos and the dossier?

JAMES COMEY, FORMER UNITED STATES FBI DIRECTOR:  Ancient in the fall. I don’t bethink absolutely when.

BAIER:  You are talking abatement of.

COMEY:  I’m demography abatement ’16.

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BAIER:  Right.

COMEY:  I bethink actuality accustomed a archetype of it. I don’t apperceive whether it was September, October, ancient in that aeon of time.


HERRIDGE:  The Washington Times is advertisement that Glenn Simpson will baffle Congress and not appearance up aing anniversary on Capitol Hill to booty the fifth. Sean, we’re alive to apart affirm that reporting.

HANNITY:  All adapted Catherine Herridge in Washington, acknowledge you. Actuality with reaction, columnist of the cardinal one New York Times album “The Russia Hoax:  The Illicit Scheme to Bright Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump,” Fox Account acknowledged analyst, Gregg Jarrett, additionally Fox Account contributor, Sara Carter, and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan. Acknowledge you all.

Congressman, let’s alpha with you. Because we now accept a bearings area Glenn Simpson won’t testify. Rod Rosenstein won’t testify.


HANNITY:  Congress accomplishing their job of blank has been blocked the absolute way. And you delay years and you still don’t get abstracts and they never told the cloister and FISA about the political origins, acceptation Clinton bought and paid for all of this.

JORDAN:  Yes, you are absolutely adapted there. There is a arrangement here. We should bulldoze Glenn Simpson. We should accomplish him arise out and arise to Congress and advance his privilege. He shouldn’t aloof to be able to buzz it in. He should accept to arise there.

But accept what they’re aggravating to do there. They’re aloof aggravating to run out the clock. They absolutely appetite the Democrats to win. And if the Democrats win, they are never activity to be alleged in advanced of Congress and we’ll never get the answers for the American people. That’s their goal.

And Simpson is aloof allotment of the bigger pattern. Louis Lerner at the IRS targets conservatives, she takes the fifth. Brian Pagliano sets up Clinton’s e-mail arrangement and e-mail server, he takes the fifth in advanced of Congress, and now Glenn Simpson, the guy assassin by the Clinton advance who went out and assassin Christopher Steele to put calm the affected account dossier, he has taken the fifth. And frankly, I’m annoyed of it and I apperceive the American bodies are.

HANNITY:  Sara, you got now the political origins that was absolutely never told to the FISA court. Four warrants. The aggregate of advice is the affected dossier. He, again, helped put this affair calm with Christopher Steele. And above the fraud, now you accept this institutionalized obstruction and the bodies complex they won’t alike allocution about it.



HANNITY:  And they won’t alike go to Congress, they won’t duke them abstracts on it.

CARTER:  Well, which is the acumen why Congress should amendment Rod Rosenstein. That should be on their agenda. And this is the acumen why Glenn Simpson should be begin in contempt. If he doesn’t arise and altercate this afore Congress.

We apperceive a brace of things, Sean, based on the advertisement today abject on sources that I’ve announced to. It appears that Glenn Simpson lied. And if he did, he needs to explain himself. And this is article Congress should authority him answerable for.

Glenn Simpson, remember, he was the one that was allegedly overextension all of the belief about the alpha server. The Russian coffer that was communicating with Trump tower. And afresh we eventually ample out based on affirmation that that was not not true. The FBI threw that out the minute they started attractive at it.

But it didn’t stop Glenn Simpson from overextension awful lies through the media. Which he was accomplishing alike with the dossier. I mean, over and over afresh we’ve said this, Sean. It looks like the Hillary Clinton advance and the DNC were the alone ones colluding. Colluding with Fusion GPS, colluding with British adopted ambition asset. A above Christopher Steele who was afresh colluding with the Russians.

There is no affirmation that Admiral Trump had any affectionate of bunco or advice with the Russians during the election. So, the absolute appropriate admonition was absolutely based on apocryphal premises.

HANNITY:  It was based on it. But now it all begins to fits together, Gregg Jarrett. And that is that now we apperceive the aperture action was about because Lisa Page had said there is no affirmation of Trump-Russia collusion.


HANNITY:  Peter Strzok alike said there’s no there-there. So nine months in they had absolutely nothing.

JARRETT:  Right.

HANNITY:  So afresh the aperture of the abstracts begins to actualize the consequence that article had happened. But that’s Hillary bought and paid for Russian lies.


HANNITY:  You now, irony of all ironies afresh we got guys allegedly talking about acid a wire adjoin the admiral of the United States.


HANNITY:  And maybe aggravating to adjure the 25th Amendment.

JARRETT:  You know, admiral Trump said afresh I don’t accept an advocate accepted and he is adapted about that. On the actual aboriginal day in office, Jeff Sessions began his recusal from the case.

If the admiral had a absolute and assured advocate general, he would accept alleged Comey into his appointment and said appearance me your evidence. And that advocate accepted would ascertain there was no evidence. He would accept said appearance me the affirmation in the FISA accreditation applications to spy on the Trump advance and would accept apparent that it was all conjured by Hillary Clinton based on bogus evidence.

And that adequate and competent advocate accepted would accept marched over to the White House and told the admiral you charge blaze James Comey for actionable a countless of regulations and barrage a austere analysis in advanced of the admirable board into the Russia hoax.

HANNITY:  Well, it sounds like we are accepting there, though. Because now you very, you know, with James Baker is testifying and Lisa Page allegedly cogent some accuracy and Andrew McCabe in trouble, they all assume to be axis on anniversary other.

Here is the question. Will we anytime get the declassified unredacted 302 assemblage of eight information, the FISA warrants, and do you all accept that this is now advancing to a arch and backfiring and bodies will pay the price? Jim Jordan?

JORDAN:  Yes. I anticipate we should get all of that information. We accept asked for it assorted times. If you bethink a few weeks ago the admiral initially said he was activity to it, now he is active it through the ambassador general. So hopefully anon we get it.


CARTER:  Absolutely. I anticipate the 302s will arise afore annihilation else. But I absolutely accept that the assemblage of eight abstracts and FISA will additionally arise maybe alike afterwards the acclamation that ability be a little bit of a weight.

HANNITY:  Gregg?

JARRETT:  Well, the rats are trapped in a cage and they are gnawing at anniversary added and they are activity to about-face anniversary added in and sing like canaries.

HANNITY:  OK. Abundant — actual anecdotic chat smith. Actual adequate job. All right. Acknowledge you all. And aback we arise back, Blitz is allurement why are Democrats so affronted if they anticipate they are activity to win in 25 days. That’s absolutely a absolutely adequate question. That’s beeline ahead.


HANNITY:  All right. So bygone Blitz Limbaugh had a abundant catechism for Democrats. This is brilliant. Booty a look.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, TALK SHOW HOST:  Why are they so mad, folks? Why all the desperation? They are activity to win the House. They are activity to win the Senate. Mueller is activity to prove that Trump colluded with Russia.

Between annoying abandon and ablution racist attacks, we are witnessing an attack to annoyer the American citizenry into surrender. That is what’s accident here. Democrats are abnormally affronted at a time aback they anticipate aggregate is activity their way.


HANNITY:  What a abundant point. They anticipate they are activity to win. Why are they so angry? Why the mobs?

All right. Unfortunately, that’s all the time we accept larboard this evening. As always, acknowledge you for actuality with us. Let not your affection be troubled. Laura Ingraham takes it over from here. We are consistently fair and balanced. We achievement you accept a abundant weekend. END

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