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Overall, I’d say the 2016 NHL abstract chic is average. The actual top of the chic has three top-tier affairs — which is bigger than boilerplate — with the blow of the aboriginal annular actuality standard. The abyss in lower circuit is below-average. Longtime readers apperceive I can get a little aberrant with the lower allocation of my abstract boards, but this was the hardest appendage end for me to array out in a few years. There’s a bead off in aptitude afterwards affairs No. 2 and No. 3, afore the bit-by-bit abatement in adjoining apprehension aggregate throughout the blow of the class.

Oskar – The Humidifier by Stadler Form | Frivolous Girl - stadler form oskar little
Oskar – The Humidifier by Stadler Form | Frivolous Girl – stadler form oskar little | stadler form oskar little

The advice acclimated to advance these rankings and profiles are done through a array of methods. I’ve apparent a ample block of these players animate in the accomplished 12 months. I supplement that with discussions with scouts, admiral and added hockey bodies for appraisal and accomplishments information, and additionally accomplish statistical analysis and watch video of the players. While discussions with others booty place, the rankings are actually my own, and are done to reflect my assessment of who I accept the top affairs in the abstract chic are, and may alter from the industry.

Actuality are the top 100 skaters acceptable for this year’s draft, forth with broadcast rankings explanations for the top 10.

1. Patrik Laine, LW, Tampere (Liiga) DOB: 4/19/98 | Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 206 GP: 46 | G: 17 | A: 16

Laine is aggregate you appetite in a high-skill adeptness forward. First, he’s congenital like a barter at 6-foot-4, 206 pounds, with ample amateur and abundant aggregate strength. It’s a joy to watch blur of Laine shrugging off checks larboard and right, and calmly acceptable apart bogie battles. He’s appropriately accomplished at actuality a playmaker as he is actuality a ambition scorer. Laine’s abhorrent IQ is high-end, adjoining on elite. He’s a actual artistic bogie abettor who anticipates burden well, and knows how to actualize amplitude for himself. He moves the bogie bound with few errors.

Off the puck, he finds the accessible seams well, and can barrage a scoring adventitious from about anywhere on the ice, accepting apparently the best attempt in this class. Laine’s skating is his one notable flaw, although he’s gotten a little quicker from aftermost season. He’s boilerplate in that area, and I don’t advanced he’s activity to jet accomplished NHL defensemen. Overall, he’s a appropriate forward, accession who could be an aristocratic scoring adeptness accompaniment in the NHL for the aing decade.

Baronial explanation: We’re gonna charge added than a branch on this one. Click actuality to apprehend my case for Laine over Auston Matthews.

2. Auston Matthews, C, Zug (NLA) DOB: 9/17/97 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 210 GP: 36 | G: 24 | A: 22

Teams dream about accepting a accepted No. 1 centermost like Matthews aback acrimonious at the top of the draft. A 6-foot-2, 210-pound axis with a accomplishment akin that is off the charts, he’s additionally got able acquaintance to boot, and he’s been authoritative Swiss cheese out of his opponents in the NLA. Matthews is a archimage with the puck; not one of those pretend magicians you’ll acquisition in Las Vegas, but like the ones you apprehend about in fiction novels. He is so accommodating and artistic that it’s about absurd to band him of the puck. Combining that with an absurd blow that can accept him calmly saucer canyon beyond the amphitheatre assimilate the blade, or abode it on a attempt wherever he wants to, and he’s a daydream for teams to defend. He’s a actual acceptable skater, and while he’s not amid the actual top bank of the chic in acceding of speed, he can backfire bottomward the ice with anyone.

Matthews isn’t perfect. His absolute weakness is aback the breach isn’t abounding through him. He’s not a actually concrete amateur who will bullwork for pucks forth the wall, nor is he some array of arresting stalwart. Matthews still uses his big anatomy to win pucks and competes able-bodied on the ice in every zone, but the aggregation drafting him charge be astute about what he’s activity to be in acceding of the abrasive areas of the game.

Baronial explanation: Jesse Puljujarvi is a absurd prospect, one of the best under-18 players to anytime don the Finland jersey. His 16- and 17-year-old performances at the IIHF Apple Inferior Championship (WJC) are amid the best greats. He’s big, skilled, fast and avant-garde in his play. He’s aloof not at the aforementioned akin as Matthews and Laine. I can’t advanced of one aspect he’s essentially bigger at than Matthews, except for possibly his concrete play; he’s quicker than Laine and a little bigger defensively. They accept him exhausted in every added area, either hardly or notably.

3. Jesse Puljujarvi, RW, Karpat (Liiga) DOB: 5/7/98 | Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 203 GP: 50 | G: 13 | A: 15

Puljujarvi is one of the best agitative affairs Finland has produced. He’s a big, atomic winger, who was the second-highest scoring 17-year-old anytime at the WJC, angry with Eric Lindros and a point abaft Jaromir Jagr. He’s an astonishing skater for a 6-foot-4 player, accepting a abundant top accessory and a actually aqueous stride. He’s not that physically aggressive, but he closes on guys so able-bodied that he pressures and wins battles effectively. Puljujarvi shows a high-skill level, a additional attempt and high-end hockey IQ. He is consistently about the bogie and ambience up his teammates.

He’s not actually defensively complete yet, but he shows accomplishment in that area, and with able development, we could see that breadth of his d grow. To get an abstraction of what a adversary he is, a few hours afore the gold badge d at the IIHF under-18 apple championship, Puljujarvi was ailing in bed. He afresh went out and agitated his aggregation to a championship, scoring a hat trick. (thanks to Twitter user Tuomo Vartianen for pointing this out). At his ultimate upside, he could be one of the added activating scorers in the NHL.

Baronial explanation: This point has a bead off from Puljujarvi to the aing accumulation of assiduously in Clayton Keller, Alexander Nylander and Matthew Tkachuk. None of these alternatives has the accomplished resume or the activating all-around apparatus kit of Puljujarvi. Keller’s accomplishment is about the same, and he is a bigger playmaker, but Puljujarvi is a monster continuing aing to him, and is a bigger ambition scorer, too. Nylander can’t bout his concrete ascendancy or shot, and Tkachuk doesn’t skate as well. They all may be bigger at one or two things than Puljujarvi, but afresh it’s either a advance or a camber to Puljujarvi in every added attribute.

4. Clayton Keller, C, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 6/29/98 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 168 GP: 55 | G: 33 | A: 60

One of the best players anytime to participate at the USA Hockey National Aggregation Development Affairs (USNTDP), Keller put up aberrant numbers amid his USHL, bookish and all-embracing performances. He’s a complete abhorrent amateur who seems to accomplish affairs and affectation audible puck-moving abilities whenever he takes a shift. Keller has an atomic aboriginal footfall and an above-average top gear. He’s not an absurd skater for a abate guy, but he still skates actual well. Keller handles the bogie at a top level, too, but his ablaze best affection is his hockey sense. He aloof makes so abounding good, high-level decisions with and afterwards the bogie that acquiesce his aggregation to advance ascendancy and get cutting lanes. Keller never seems ashamed with the puck, and makes the appropriate plays assume easy.

While not a arresting stalwart, Keller has apparent appropriate arresting accomplishment this season. His admeasurement and concrete d limitations are accessible issues, but there is a lot to like in his d added than that.

Baronial explanation: One could altercate the stats favor Pierre-Luc Dubois over Keller, as the aloft has been a scoring and shots apparatus in the Quebec Aloft Inferior Hockey Alliance (QMJHL), alike admitting Keller was amid the best scorers in USNTDP history. However, Keller shows a altered akin of skill. His eyes is abundant better, he’s a bigger skater and bogie handler, and while Dubois is bigger and a bigger arresting player, Keller was no slouch defensively. He was generally the aboriginal amateur drillmaster Danton Cole beatific over the boards in a analytical arresting situation. Compared to Tkachuk, Keller is about a abounding year adolescent than him, so I about booty a glance at Tkachuk during his time in the NTDP aftermost division adjoin Keller now, and it’s a breeze in Keller’s favor. Obviously, one has to accede what Tkachuk has done aback then, but he didn’t accept an overwhelmingly abundant season, nor do his accoutrement brand at such a college akin than Keller’s, added than his concrete game. Nylander and Keller accept agnate accomplishment sets, but Keller is a competent centermost and bigger defensively.

5. Pierre-Luc Dubois, C, Cape Breton (QMJHL) DOB: 6/24/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 201 GP: 62 | G: 42 | A: 57

Dubois was one of the best players in the QMJHL this division and about fabricated Canada’s WJC team. I’ve never watched Dubois comedy and appear abroad cerebration he’s the best skater or the best bogie abettor in a accustomed match, but he consistently makes a absolute contribution. He’s abundantly well-rounded, though. Dubois can comedy both the accession and centermost effectively, but is added adequate on the wing. He’s a accomplished scorer with actual acceptable two-way hockey IQ who can beam high-end vision.

He’s a actual physically developed player, who is strong, advancing on the ice, drives to the bedraggled areas, and is committed to his fettle off the ice. Whenever Dubois gets into a 1-on-1 battle, he tends to appear out with the puck. He’s not the fastest skater but he doesn’t blast about the ice, either. He projects as an NHL avant-garde who can be slotted into a array of roles, and has a low-risk agency on his projection.

Baronial explanation: I had Tkachuk at the No. 5 atom for a appropriate block of the season, until Dubois switched to arena centermost abounding time for Cape Breton and accomplishing it well. A appropriate basal of this baronial is bulging that Dubois will end up an NHL center, which is article that not every NHL advance I’ve talked to believes in. Like in the Keller case, Tkachuk is conspicuously earlier than Dubois, and has added experience, but I don’t see as abundant of a accomplishment gap. In fact, one could altercate Tkachuk has a hardly college accomplishment akin and bigger vision. Skating is appealing abundant a advance as well. However, Dubois is a abundant added able arresting amateur and a little bigger in his concrete play. Nylander wasn’t as ascendant this division in the OHL as Dubois was in the QMJHL, about I see the altercation his authentic upside is higher. I don’t see the abhorrent beam amid the two actuality badly different, but Dubois has the abundant bigger two-way game.

6. Matthew Tkachuk, LW, London (OHL) DOB: 12/11/97 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 200 GP: 57 | G: 30 | A: 77

Keith Tkachuk’s son has been a standout for years at assorted levels. He was abundant aftermost division in the USHL and with the USNTDP, was a top amateur at the apple under-18 championship, and a top amateur this division in the OHL. He is a multi-dimensional scoring winger. You allocution to any advance about Tkachuk, they appear aback agitated about his hockey IQ. He has abundant eyes and abhorrent creativity, and makes quick, absolute decisions with the puck. He can brandish defensemen, and actualize breach out of nothing, but Tkachuk is additionally a adamant worker. He wins added than his fair allotment of battles, and is his father’s son on some days, actuality a affliction in the rear for abounding defenders and goalies.

His dispatch isn’t at the aforementioned akin as his calmly and vision. He’s not slow, but he’s actually not a top-end speedster, either. Tkachuk can additionally get bent cheating a little defensively, an breadth of his d that he’ll charge to bind up.

Baronial explanation: I flip-flopped on Tkachuk vs. Nylander apparently every anniversary in the advance up to this list, and it wasn’t until Tkachuk’s acutely able assuming in the OHL postseason agee the aggravate a bit. I’ve talked to scouts who acerb accept in one or the other, but for me this is a authentic aliment flip. They are both actual accomplished and able players who accept produced in the OHL and internationally. Nylander is a little bigger with the puck, is a bigger skater, and additionally has played one beneath division than Tkachuk. However, Tkachuk is a little smarter, abundant tougher in bogie battles and has been a added constant force in acceding of authoritative bogie ascendancy during the accomplished two years. His adeptness to consistently drag his d at any akin makes me angular to Tkachuk.

7. Alexander Nylander, RW, Mississauga (OHL) DOB: 3/2/98 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 180 GP: 57 | G: 28 | A: 47

Brother of Leafs apprehension William Nylander and son of aloft NHLer Michael Nylander, Alexander was one of the top scorers in the OHL this season, and was one of the top under-18 scorers anytime at the WJC. His accomplishment akin and his abhorrent hockey faculty are elite. Nylander is able to advanced the d so quickly, and boss ascendancy whenever he gets a the puck. He sees options developing alike afterwards anon attractive bottomward the lanes, and is able to actualize amplitude for himself. He’s got audacity with the puck, sometimes putting the bogie in chancy spots, but all-embracing he makes plays few added assiduously do.

Nylander’s dispatch is not elite, but it’s actually above-average and flashes a brand aloft on top of his actuality actual active on his edges. He additionally actualization a affection wrist attempt as well. Nylander’s aegis could still use work. He’s too decumbent to accident battles and can misplay his position, but he did actualization cogent progression in that breadth as the division went on, and steadily acceptable amends killing time in the additional half. He shows able assignment ethic, and you can advanced him charwoman up that breadth with able development.

Baronial explanation: The claim of Nylander or actually any of these top assiduously over a top defenseman like Olli Juolevi or Jakob Chychrun comes bottomward to two factors: The aggregate of aptitude and the aggregate of the position. Assiduously are appreciably added admired (http://es.pn/1DCnuRD) than defensemen in today’s NHL, so for a defenseman to exhausted a avant-garde on my board, he needs to be conspicuously bigger in acceding of authentic talent. Aback comparing the set of assiduously adjoin the set of defensemen in this year’s class, we accept several players who accept excelled in alliance comedy and internationally but haven’t dominated. We accept players with actual acceptable accomplishment sets, but either accept a acute blemish or are not aristocratic beyond the board. Accustomed these circumstances, consistently booty the forward.

8. Olli Juolevi, D, London (OHL) DOB: 5/5/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 182 GP: 57 | G: 9 | A: 33

One of the best defensemen in the OHL this season, Juolevi additionally recorded the accomplished point totals anytime by an under-18 defenseman at the WJC. Juolevi is a absurd skater. He exerts actual little accomplishment to get up to a alarming top accessory and moves able-bodied in all directions. His bogie movement is high-end, as he shows calmness, accomplishment and aristocratic hockey faculty aback he has the bogie on his stick. He’s able to QB a adeptness comedy with the best of them, on top of creating alarming affairs in transition. He’s additionally not abashed to booty risks, but he’s actual artful aback he does, and rarely does he aching his team.

Juolevi’s accuracy construe to defense. He is consistently accepting his stick on pucks and is an all-embracing reliable arresting amateur in his positional play. He could bend to aggregate up actually a bit, as he has a bit of a beanpole anatomy (6-foot-2, 182 pounds). However, Juolevi still works adamantine on the ice to win battles and get to pucks alike if his anatomy isn’t ideal for those situations yet.

Baronial explanation: This baronial account has two parts. First, the acumen for baronial him over Tyson Jost is because there is a notable aberration in aptitude akin amid the two. Juolevi is a top-of-the-line skater, with aristocratic hockey IQ, and while Jost does a lot of things actual able-bodied he doesn’t accept any authentic aristocratic attributes.

The additional is Juolevi adjoin the added defensemen available. There is no ablaze top defenseman in this year’s class, but actuality is why I bend adjoin Juolevi. Chychrun and Mikhail Sergachyov accept been added advantageous in the OHL this season, but Juolevi has a bigger toolkit. He’s as acceptable a skater and bogie abettor as both of them, but the differentiator is hockey sense. While Chychrun and Sergachyov are bigger, bigger physically and accept bigger shots, Juolevi is abundant smarter than both, and can ascendancy the breeze of a d at both ends. Dante Fabbro’s hockey IQ is at that level, maybe alike higher, but Juolevi is a abundant bigger skater. I could see reasonable quibbles over this placement, abnormally aback Juolevi did not boss the OHL, but he had one of the best WJCs I’ve anytime apparent by a 17-year-old defenseman. It’s a gut alarm on my part; your gut may differ.

9. Tyson Jost, C, Penticton (BCHL) DOB: 3/14/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 191 GP: 48 | G: 42 | A: 62

Jost was artlessly absurd this season, putting up huge numbers for a 17-year-old in the BCHL, alike aback you acclimatize for its basal alliance quality. He is a dynamic, able-bodied centermost with appropriate off-the-puck abilities as well. Jost is one of the bigger skaters in his abstract class, with an easy, atomic stride whose aboriginal few accomplish will be able to balk NHL checkers. He’s a highly-skilled bogie abettor who can assassinate high-difficulty plays in bound spaces, as able-bodied as accomplish above-average passes.

Jost’s arresting comedy has apparent cogent advance during this season. I didn’t adulation his arresting accession aftermost year, but by the apple under-18 championship in the spring, he was arguably Canada’s best arresting forward. Bigger players can beef him off pucks too calmly at times. However, Jost does assignment his appendage off, generally actuality one of the hardest animate players on the ice on top of actuality one of the best skilled. He has committed to the University of North Dakota for aing season.

10. Dante Fabbro, D, Penticton (BCHL) DOB: 6/20/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 189 GP: 45 | G: 14 | A: 53

An outstanding two-way defenseman who was the best defenseman in the BCHL this season, Fabbro additionally had able showings in all-embracing play. His hockey IQ is amid the best in this abstract class. The way Fabbro moves the bogie dictates the bounce of the shift. His passes are authentic but additionally actual crisp, as he puts his abounding weight into a lot of his blemish passes. He’s so calm and acquainted on his outlets, and is a appropriate skater, which lets him blitz the bogie up as well. Fabbro can QB a adeptness play, and has some adroitness in his game.

He’s got a appropriate frame, will appoint his checks physically and is a affection positional player. There’s an casual aberration on that end, but for the best allotment he’s a appealing complete player. He is committed to comedy aing division at Boston University.

Baronial explanation: I came into the division with Chychrun actuality rated a few spots college than Fabbro, and as we went from August to May, I was consistently afflicted by Fabbro while cat-and-mouse for Chychrun to accept those “wow” games. Apperception you, Chychrun was still abundant all season, and struggled through some injuries, but he never showed the abhorrent upside Fabbro did. For me, Fabbro projects to be a moderately bigger bogie mover in the NHL, while Chychrun projects to be hardly bigger defensively. That affairs — accustomed that they are defensemen — but still makes me bend adjoin Fabbro, accustomed the IQ/offense gap he’s shown. What’s more, they played calm for two weeks — generally on the aforementioned bond — in the final weeks of the season, with Fabbro adorning his comedy over Chychrun.

11. Jakob Chychrun, D, Sarnia (OHL) DOB: 3/31/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 205 GP: 62 | G: 11 | A: 38

Stadler Form Verdunster-Luftbefeuchter OSKAR Little Weiss - stadler form oskar little
Stadler Form Verdunster-Luftbefeuchter OSKAR Little Weiss – stadler form oskar little | stadler form oskar little

Son of aloft No. 47 all-embracing aces (1984) Jeff Chychrun, Jakob has been on the apprehension alarm for years, as one of the top players in the 1998 age accumulation for a while; that includes his actuality the top aces in his OHL abstract year. Chychrun was one of the bigger defenders in the OHL this season. He’s a high-end skater, with accomplished agility. Chychrun has above-average skill, and while he isn’t a dangler, he can balk burden able-bodied and move the bogie actual finer on the man advantage. Chychrun thinks the d appealing able-bodied defensively. He’s an avant-garde positional player, and accustomed his actual able anatomy and abundant assignment ethic, he is a actual reliable amends killer. Offensively, he shows the adeptness to move the bogie able-bodied and accomplish some accomplishment plays, but he can accomplish some bad decisions and doesn’t actualization high-end creativity.

12. Logan Brown, C, Windsor (OHL) DOB: 3/5/98 | Ht: 6-6 | Wt: 220 GP: 59 | G: 21 | A: 53

A built-in of Raleigh, North Carolina, Brown has been a much-discussed apprehension in the aloof ranks for years, and for a array of reasons. He is generally authentic as accepting “all the tools.” He’s a 6-foot-6 center, with high-end accomplishment who can boss a d whenever he gets a the puck. He’s a actual acute playmaker with abundant patience, eyes and instincts. Admitting not a blazer, he skates acutely able-bodied for a amateur his size. If there weren’t some constant negatives blind on him, he’d accept all the capabilities to be in the top bristles of this class. One of the negatives is that he can be a non-factor off the puck. Historically, he’s had a addiction to shy abroad from concrete play, and his arresting accomplishment isn’t good, although the closing breadth showed cogent advance in the additional bisected of this season. His assignment belief on and off the ice accept been criticized, but Brown seemed to booty those critiques to heart, and actually afflicted in the accomplished few months. If he maintains that trend, he could be a game-breaking center.

13. German Rubtsov, C, Russia U18 (MHL) DOB: 6/27/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 178 GP: 28 | G: 12 | A: 14

The ample Rubtsov was the top amateur on the countdown Russia under-18 aggregation this season, and showed able-bodied in all-embracing play. Offensively, he has the ancestry one would apprehend of a top Russian prospect. He’s an above-average skater, with a acceptable aboriginal footfall and an accessible stride. His abilities aren’t elite, but he shows acceptable calmly and is able to actualize amplitude for himself. His hockey IQ is actual impressive, as he displays abundant backbone with the puck, sees his options able-bodied and consistently finds himself complex with the play. Rubtsov is a angry adversary in bogie battles and, admitting accepting a angular frame, is able to win a fair aggregate of them. He’s additionally a affection arresting center, who has been leaned on all division in analytical arresting situations, and is generally a blackmail to account shorthanded. Admitting he and the blow of his teammates were erfingers from the under-18 apple championships, it’s adamantine to see his abstract banal bottomward too much.

14. Kieffer Bellows, LW, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 6/10/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 196 GP: 55 | G: 45 | A: 28

Bellows, son of aloft No. 2 all-embracing aces (1982) Brian Bellows, has been one of the top players in the USHL for the accomplished two seasons. He’s followed a different path. Afterwards skating for Sioux Falls of the USHL in 2014-15, he aing the USA Hockey National Aggregation Development Affairs (USNTDP) for his additional division of eligibility, and was the under-18 team’s second-best amateur this season; he currently ranks amid the best ambition scorers anytime in the program. Stylistically, Bellows is a scoring adeptness winger. He’s got a sturdy, developed frame, plays with an bend and brings a lot of abhorrent accoutrement to the table. He shows above-average bogie abilities and abhorrent hockey sense, and has a high-end shot. In fact, he was a shots apparatus this season, with one of the accomplished shots-per-game ante in the USHL. However, Bellows’ skating has been a constant affair in his game. He aloof doesn’t accept any array of explosiveness in his stride. His arresting comedy isn’t too abundant either, which may be a artefact of his skating as adjoin to any assignment belief issues. He has committed to Boston University for aing season.

15. Alex DeBrincat, RW, Erie (OHL) DOB: 12/18/97 | Ht: 5-7 | Wt: 163 GP: 60 | G: 51 | A: 50

The diminutive DeBrincat has been one of the top scorers in the CHL during the accomplished two seasons. Afterward 2014-15, there were abiding criticisms that summed up to “that’s all great, but he played on a band with Connor McDavid.” This accomplished season, DeBrincat put a lot of those apropos to blow with a ascendant campaign. He’s a highly-skilled accompaniment who shows above-average to high-end speed, bogie skills, eyes and finishing skill. DeBrincat is consistently active about the ice authoritative all sorts of abhorrent plays. His aristocratic hockey faculty allows him to be in the appropriate abode and ascendancy the bogie with confidence. He was one of the actual best assiduously in the CHL in acceding of breeding scoring chances. In acceding of the negatives, DeBrincat is actual small, advancing in at 5-foot-7, but has a absolute application to his game. He drives the net, battles for pucks and wins some scrums adjoin abundant bigger players. His aegis isn’t abundant and his admeasurement will acutely authority him aback there, but there is still a lot to like.

16. Luke Kunin, C, Wisconsin (Big 10) DOB: 12/4/97 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 193 GP: 34 | G: 19 | A: 13

Kunin was Wisconsin’s best amateur this division as a freshman, and generated batty attempt totals for a amateur in his aboriginal season, about hitting the 4.0 mark per game. He’s such an accessible amateur to admire, because he’s such a ample player. Kunin’s dispatch is above-average, and on break I’ve apparent him blow a absolute break accessory as well. He plays with accomplishment and intensity, assuming the adeptness to go about and through defenders. His hockey IQ is additionally a absolute attribute, although he can sometimes force some bad decisions. Kunin shows absorbing vision, on top of actuality acquainted defensively and a able amends killer. Finally, Kunin actualization a additional shot, actuality a feared ambition scorer at the NCAA, USHL and all-embracing levels. There actually isn’t a ton to bother in the Missouri native’s game, added than he apparently won’t be an NHL d breaker, but I actually can see him authoritative a continued career of some anatomy in the league.

17. Mikhail Sergachyov, D, Windsor (OHL) DOB: 6/25/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 208 GP: 67 | G: 17 | A: 40

Sergachyov had a actual able amateur division in the OHL, announcement two-way abilities and putting up big counting numbers from the dejected line. He was the youngest amateur anytime to win the OHL Defenseman of the Year award. Sergachyov is a absurd skater for a big man, assuming a technically complete stride and an above-average aboriginal step. He moves the bogie well, is a artistic power-play quarterback assuming acceptable backbone and vision, and has a rocket for a shot. Sergachyov wins battles, shuts bottomward lanes due to his speed, anatomy and toughness, and has an bend to his d as well. His arresting accession can use some tweaking, but he shows a appropriate aggregate of acquaintance in that area, alike if I wouldn’t authorize his hockey IQ as high-end. He’s a amateur with a lot of upside.

18. Tyler Benson, LW, Vancouver (WHL) DOB: 3/15/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 201 GP: 30 | G: 9 | A: 19

A aloft aristocratic apprehension for abounding years, Benson’s division was chaotic from several injuries to his lower anatomy and back. Alike aback he was playing, he was at 50 percent at the best of times. Benson has abundant instincts, consistently award seams to get the bogie to his teammates or on net. “He never wows you,” said one scout, “but he’s consistently about the puck, authoritative a acceptable play.” Benson is a affection arresting avant-garde with abundant assignment belief in battles and solid all-embracing positional play. He doesn’t shy abroad from throwing a hit, and is able on the puck. His skating isn’t superb, but I apprehension it was appropriate above-mentioned to this season, with the injuries possibly accentuating the issues. He has the accoutrement to be a top-six avant-garde in the NHL, but there are big accident factors absorbed to authoritative him a first-round aces as well. I’m cyberbanking on a accretion and a acknowledgment to top anatomy aing season, but he’s acutely one of this class’ bigger agrarian cards.

19. Jake Bean, D, Calgary (WHL) DOB: 6/9/98 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 173 GP: 68 | G: 24 | A: 40

Bean was one of the top defenders in the WHL this season, which is appealing absurd accustomed that he was never drafted into the WHL and has bigger by leaps and bounds. “NHL hockey sense, he’s got it,” one NHL GM said. Bean processes the d so well, and aback he gets the bogie he moves it bound and into the appropriate spots. He never gets pressured into bad calls by fore-checkers, artifice checks and advancement ascendancy actual well. He’s actually an offensively agee player, with above-average hands, and high-end eyes on top of accepting a affection shot. Bean has bigger his skating a lot from 12 months ago, but his aboriginal footfall or so is still a little slushy. Admitting boilerplate admeasurement and skating, he’s still a appropriate arresting amateur due to his hockey sense, and could potentially comedy on a additional PK assemblage at his aiguille in the NHL; however, he’s not a absolute concrete defender.

20. Michael McLeod, C, Mississauga (OHL) DOB: 2/3/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 188 GP: 57 | G: 21 | A: 40

The Mississauga built-in had a actual acceptable division for the Steelheads. He is a highly-skilled and advancing centermost who brings a lot of elements to the table. He’s an aristocratic skater, which is a arresting affection for a 6-foot-2 player. He plays with such a adamant activity to his game, and his aboriginal few accomplish are as acceptable as anyone in the draft. McLeod has above-average accomplishment possession, acceptable hand-eye coordination, a solid akin of adroitness and can move the bogie able-bodied to his teammates. He brings a concrete basal to his game, and while not a arresting stalwart, he is actually solid defensively for a amateur his age, bulging as a two-way centermost as a pro. The capital affair for McLeod is how aerial his abhorrent upside is, and if his instincts, eyes and all-embracing IQ are high-end abundant to actualize abundant breach afterwards his big dispatch advantage already he alcove the NHL.

21. Vitali Abramov, RW, Gatineau (QMJHL) DOB: 5/8/98 | Ht: 5-9 | Wt: 175 GP: 63 | G: 38 | A: 55

Abramov landed in North America with a bang, as one of the top-scoring 17-year-olds in the CHL and the accomplished scorer on the Olympiques by 20 points. He’s a ample abhorrent amateur with a lot of adeptness to his game. Abramov is a skilled, assured bogie abettor who can accomplish activating stick plays with consistency. He shows a lot of adroitness in how he creates amplitude and tries to accomplish scoring chances, and he displays above-average to high-end vision, as well. Abramov is a glace and quick skater who can be actual difficult to analysis in accessible ice, accustomed his dispatch and how able-bodied he spins off pressure. His admeasurement is a hindrance, as he comes in at about 5-foot-9, but he works adamantine to try to get pucks. He could advance his defense, as he can booty too abounding risks aggravating to actualize offense.

22. Kale Clague, D, Brandon (WHL) DOB: 6/5/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 177 GP: 71 | G: 6 | A: 37

Clague has been a big name in the apprehension apple for a cardinal of years. Although he didn’t accept as arch a division as expected, he was actually able as a two-way defenseman and showed able-bodied in his time arena for the Canadian under-17 team. He is one of the best authentic skaters in this abstract class. His adeptness to escape burden is elite, he’s got a abundant aboriginal step, and he can jump up into the advance as able-bodied as anybody. Although I don’t adulation his bogie skills, Clague shows high-end eyes with the bogie and projects as a advantageous power-play option. Defensively, he’s a angry amateur admitting actuality undersized. His arresting accession all-embracing is actually solid, as he uses his skating and stick to accomplish stops.

23. Samuel Girard, D, Shawinigan (QMJHL) DOB: 5/12/98 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 162 GP: 46 | G: 17 | A: 16

One of the best alarming draft-eligible abhorrent defensemen the QMJHL has apparent in decades, Girard was abundant the accomplished two seasons. He’s an aristocratic skater and one of the best ambiguous small-space skaters I’ve apparent in a few years. Although he isn’t activity to brandish on end-to-end rushes every game, he has the adeptness to accomplish high-level abhorrent plays. I don’t adulation his shot, but he’s actual acceptable at creating for his teammates and aperture up the ice. Girard’s capital assault is his size, as he comes in at a able-bodied 5-foot-9. He won’t win a ton of battles, but he’s competitive, doesn’t tend to cantankerous the band with penalties and can win a atomic a scattering of bogie battles.

24. Julien Gauthier, RW, Val-d’Or (QMJHL) DOB: 10/15/97 | Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 225 GP: 54 | G: 41 | A: 16

Gauthier was one of the top ambition scorers in the CHL this season, and he was the abandoned draft-eligible amateur to accomplish Aggregation Canada’s aggregation at the WJC. Gauthier is an agitative and activating scorer who brings a lot of additional concrete attributes to the table. He is a 6-foot-4 avant-garde who is a acceptable skater, and I’d allocate him as a high-end one for a big man. Gauthier is a awful accomplished bogie abettor who can brandish and actualize highlight-reel plays. Gauthier uses his size, competes for amplitude and pucks well, and gets to the bedraggled areas. His arresting d could use some work, though, as he can be a little apart on his positioning.

25. Rasmus Asplund, C, Farjestad (SHL) DOB: 12/3/97 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 176 GP: 46 | G: 4 | A: 8

Although Asplund didn’t construe his able all-embracing comedy to abundant success in the SHL this season, he’s still a appealing adorable prospect. There are breach opinions on him aural the industry, with some scouts seeing an NHL tweener and others seeing a amateur with a actual acceptable adventitious to become a top-six center. Asplund’s best affection is his hockey sense. He’s a creative, aware, two-way avant-garde who creates with his calmly and vision, on top of actuality positionally sound. Asplund is additionally an above-average skater with abundant activity on his edges and a acceptable aboriginal step. His 5-foot-11 anatomy works adjoin him, and his backbone needs to go a continued way afore he’s NHL-ready, but he shows the adequacy to be a solid arresting center, admitting his size.

26. Charlie McAvoy, D, Boston University (Hockey East) DOB: 12/21/97 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 208 GP: 37 | G: 3 | A: 22

McAvoy was one of the bigger freshmen in the country this season, as he served as a key puck-moving defenseman for his aggregation and played a basal role for the Americans at the WJC. He put up some huge point totals for a freshman, but a fair aggregate of that was buoyed by accessory assists. McAvoy is an abhorrent defenseman at heart, and he excels aback he has the bogie on his stick. He skates actual able-bodied and shows a lot of adeptness to balk burden and advance a rush. He’s a appealing able power-play quarterback, with above-average or bigger calmly and vision. Defensively, he’ll accept acceptable and bad days. He’s not amazing at blockage acceptable players or arena the anatomy with force, and he is decumbent to academician cramps in his accession and decision-making. He won’t be leaned on as the aboriginal guy over the boards to annihilate a penalty, but it’s actual accessible he could skate top-four account at his peak.

27. Dmitri Sokolov, LW, Sudbury (OHL) DOB: 3/14/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 220 GP: 68 | G: 30 | A: 22

Now we appear to one of the best abstract affairs of this abstract class. In the summer, he was a no-doubt first-rounder and maybe alike a top-10 pick, but he fell off that akin quickly. One big affair for scouts has been Sokolov’s skating and weight. His weight has been an affair all season, with him actuality abstinent over 220 pounds at times, but he managed to get it bottomward to 205 adjoin the end of the season. In acceding of positives, Sokolov is a awful accomplished avant-garde with an aristocratic attempt who can boss based on his bogie skills, hockey IQ and adeptness game. He’s a advancing amateur who conspicuously bigger his arresting comedy as the division went on. Admitting all the doom and gloom, he denticulate 30 goals on a actual bad Sudbury aggregation while arena with a abashed shoulder, and abounding hockey association from Russia still accept in his upside. However, it would be an adumbration to say there’s accident in acrimonious him. I apperceive some NHL scouts who would highly, awful disagree with my adjustment of him at No. 27, but I see a big, awful accomplished scorer who has formed to advance himself and has huge upside.

28. Carl Grundstrom, LW, Modo (SHL) DOB: 12/1/97 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 194 GP: 49 | G: 7 | A: 9

Grundstrom has been on the NHL alarm for a few years, decidedly afterwards several absorbing showings aftermost division created fizz about his name. Grudstrom’s accomplishment akin has stood out to me, and he showed the adeptness to accomplish high-end accomplishment plays, but he actually excels in arena a two-way forward-type of role. He has appropriate backbone for a amateur his age, kills penalties able-bodied and has a little bend to his game. Grundstrom additionally shows hardly above-average speed, on top of appealing acceptable bogie skills. He’ll occasionally accomplish a highlight-reel blazon of play, but his calmly and eyes added consistently actualization as abandoned above-average. Grundstrom has been solid as a approved in the top Sweden alliance the accomplished two years.

29. Sam Steel, C, Regina (WHL) DOB: 2/3/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 178 GP: 72 | G: 23 | A: 47

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Afterwards actuality a additional all-embracing aces in his diminutive class, Steel underwhelmed at times this division but was appealing absorbing overall. He’s got above-average to top-end skating, calmly and hockey IQ. He can comedy the d with a quick bounce and shows the adeptness to accomplish defenders absence with his anxiety and hands, while additionally assuming the eyes to actualize for others. Steel is not one-dimensional, and he has apparent appropriate arresting accomplishment by actuality an able amends analgesic for his inferior aggregation and for Aggregation Canada at the Ivan Hlinka tournament. One decline for Steel was a notable aberration in acceding of his abhorrent play.

30. Max Jones, LW, London (OHL) DOB: 2/17/98 | Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 203 GP: 63 | G: 28 | A: 24

This division with London, Jones put up counting stats that were aloof OK, but don’t be bamboozled by his abridgement of blatant point totals. He is a accepted top abhorrent talent. London was a loaded abhorrent aggregation this season, and Matthew Tkachuk captivated bottomward the top larboard accession spot, which relegated Jones to the additional even-strength and power-play units. Jones is an above-average skater with a technically complete stride and actual able aboriginal step. He is a accommodating bogie abettor with a fair aggregate of adroitness and the adeptness to accomplish defenders absence in accessible ice. Jones creates amplitude on the ice actual able-bodied with these attributes and is a adamant artisan with a able anatomy and big shot. Jones has formed on his arresting comedy this season. His bigger actual issues are conduct and decisions. He can ahem the bogie up at times, and he takes a lot of bad penalties, which shows that he can be pushed over the edge.

31. Adam Fox, D, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 2/17/98 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 185 GP: 57 | G: 8 | A: 41

The Harvard accomplish was a amateur who consistently afflicted me all season, and he was a top amateur for the USNTDP. He has big-time abhorrent upside and some of the best abhorrent accoutrement amid the draft-eligible defensemen. Fox can ascendancy the comedy actual able-bodied in all three zones, shows abundant patience, adroitness and vision, and creates amplitude able-bodied with his bogie skills. Although he isn’t an aristocratic skater, he has above-average dispatch and activity and is able to accomplish plays that crave evasion. Fox has apparent some advance defensively, but that charcoal a big affair in his game. A baby apostle is never activity to boss in that area, and he has been a little inconsistent in acceding of accession on that end. He is a high-risk amateur at times, aggravating to do too much, and he can canyon the bogie to the added aggregation added than you’d like.

32. Brett Howden, C, Moose Jaw (WHL) DOB: 3/29/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 193 GP: 68 | G: 24 | A: 40

A top name in apprehension circles for a cardinal of years, Brett is about a carbon archetype of his earlier brother, Quinton, a first-round aces of the Florida Panthers (2010) who played in 58 amateur for the club in 2015-16. Howden skates actual able-bodied and displays an accessible stride and abundant aboriginal step. He is a competitive, two-way avant-garde who hustles for pucks every shift. With his size, actualization and hockey IQ, Howden is a actual acceptable arresting avant-garde who has been leaned on by Moose Jaw to comedy analytical arresting minutes. He’s not a lights-out scorer, but he has some scoring tools. He’ll actualization solid eyes and cutting skills, admitting his calmly and adroitness aren’t the best. He acceptable won’t be a primary bogie carrier on the adeptness comedy as a pro, as he’ll get added of his breach from actuality the capital guy to accretion the breadth and win battles.

33. Joey Anderson, RW, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 6/19/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 192 GP: 57 | G: 20 | A: 29

Anderson was accepted at times this division for actuality the third caster on the USNTDP’s top band with Clayton Keller and Kieffer Bellows. However, he was solid in his own appropriate and provided versatility to that top band and aggregation as a whole. Anderson gets the anointed goals and shows a abundant assignment belief and alertness to advance the net. He isn’t all elbows, though, as he has above-average accomplishment and actual acceptable dispatch and can move the bogie about aloof fine. He was never agitated by the big duo he played with, as he generally fabricated affection plays to accumulate the bogie animate and occasionally fabricated a top-level accomplishment play. He was generally relied aloft as a amends killer, and he generally accepted to be a shorthanded scoring threat. He’s committed to Minnesota-Duluth for the 2016-17 season.

34. Will Bitten, RW, Flint (OHL) DOB: 7/10/98 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 167 GP: 67 | G: 30 | A: 35

In what was a adverse division for Flint, Bitten was a ablaze atom who stood out as one of the CHL’s top 17-year-old forwards. He’s an atomic skater who brings a lot of activity to every about-face due to his dispatch and competitiveness. He’s additionally a accomplished abhorrent amateur who can accomplish aerial adversity plays with the bogie and shows adroitness with his passes. He can force some plays and could smarten up on a few decisions, but overall, he is a big net absolute offensively. His arresting comedy ante as solid and bigger a fair aggregate as the division went on, to the point that he was a analytical arresting amateur for Canada at the under-18 apple championship. Bitten shows the dispatch and assignment belief to be a accomplished amends killer, and admitting he’ll occasionally bluff off his man on the point, all-embracing he plays with the acuteness you appetite in a checker.

35. Jordan Kyrou, RW, Sarnia (OHL) DOB: 5/5/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 175 GP: 65 | G: 17 | A: 34

Kyrou had an active season. In his best moments, he shows high-end pro potential; in his affliction stretches, he’s airy offensively and alike a liability. His skating and bogie administration are of the game-breaking variety, and he can actualize highlight-reel moments with the best of them. Kyrou generally beats defenders to the alfresco with his dispatch and shows abundant bend work. Now, on to the bad: Kyrou has a slight build, is actual shy in acceding of concrete comedy and generally loses his 1-on-1 battles. He cheats defensively and can be a accountability in his own end. There is a lot of accident and accolade in his projection.

36. Alexander Polunin, RW, Lokomotiv (KHL) DOB: 5/25/97 | Ht: 5-8 | Wt: 161 GP: 25 | G: 7 | A: 5

Polunin had a blemish division afterwards activity undrafted aftermost summer, skating a approved about-face for his KHL aggregation and arena in the top six for Russia at the WJC as an arrears player. There are affidavit to agnosticism him, however. He has never been a top amateur on a aggregation or in a tournament, he’s 5-foot-8, and he isn’tan All-World accomplishment player. But in every d this season, he looked absorbing for an 18-year-old. Polunin is a acceptable to actual acceptable skater with a quick access out of every stride and a alarming top gear. He’s abundant in accessible ice and able to brandish defenders with consistency. Polunin is actual acute in acceding of his adroitness with the bogie and actuality able to set his teammates up with boxy passes. He can additionally accomplishment affairs from a distance. On the downside, he is a apparent amateur in acceding of his comedy abroad from the puck, but he will adhere about the net breadth and get in bound aback he anticipates a chance.

37. Pascal Laberge, C, Victoriaville (QMJHL) DOB: 4/9/98 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 172 GP: 56 | G: 23 | A: 45

The aloft additional all-embracing QMJHL abstract aces is a awful accomplished and advancing forward. He brings a solid abject of affluence to the table, shows a acceptable assignment belief every about-face and doesn’t shy abroad aback the activity akin ratchets up a few notches. Laberge is an above-average skater with a actual acceptable top gear, which allows him to abstracted off the rush. He’s a artistic playmaker who can brandish and actualize the casual highlight-reel moment as able-bodied as consistently set his teammates up for scoring chances. He’s not the best defensively, which is apropos as a center, but I see him as a amateur trending upward.

38. Ryan Lindgren, D, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 2/11/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 198 GP: 54 | G: 4 | A: 16

Lindgren has been a accustomed name advancing up through the ranks for a few years. Although he wasn’t a ascendant force this season, he was a appealing solid two-way apostle for the USNTDP. He’s a acceptable skater who can accompany the blitz effectively, and he has the advancement to break with quick forwards. He handles the bogie able-bodied and shows the casual beam of top-level skill, but he mostly contains himself to good, abbreviate passes. Lindgren is a boxy adversary who battles for pucks as adamantine as anybody and will lay out some crushing hits on occasion. His authoritative isn’t perfect, but it’s not a huge aperture in his game. His attempt could be a little bigger too. Lindgren is committed to the University of Minnesota starting aing season.

39. Adam Mascherin, LW, Kitchener (OHL) DOB: 6/6/98 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 206 GP: 65 | G: 35 | A: 46

One of the top-scoring under-18 players in the CHL this season, the aloft No. 2 all-embracing aces in his OHL abstract was a ascendant amateur for continued stretches. I polled a lot of scouts about Mascherin, and the accepted capacity were “goal scorer” and “elite shot.” While Mascherin can abstract it from a distance, he has added able attributes to his game. He has above-average bogie abilities and shows abundant all-embracing abhorrent instincts. Mascherin is able to acquisition teammates, advanced breadth the comedy is activity and acquisition agency to put himself in the appropriate position. Overall, his aggregation dominates the bogie aback he’s on the ice. He’s small, but he’s a actual able and advancing avant-garde who wins added battles than he should for a abate guy. Mascherin’s bigger blemish is his skating. He is a almost boilerplate skater and conspicuously below-average for a abate player, in acceding of his dispatch and first-step agility. This hinders his arresting comedy and prevents him from actuality too alarming hasty through the aloof zone.

40. Riley Tufte, LW, Fargo (USHL) DOB: 4/10/98 | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 205 GP: 27 | G: 10 | A: 4

Tufte played abundant of the division in the aerial academy ranks for Blaine Aerial (Minnesota), breadth he was outstanding (scoring 78 credibility in 25 games), alike aback you acclimatize for the lower affection of competition, compared to Canadian inferior leagues or the USHL. Tufte measures in at about 6-foot-5, but he skates like a 5-foot-10 forward. He has an abundantly atomic stride and aboriginal step; accumulated with his frame, that makes him a cephalalgia for defensemen aback he’s advancing bottomward the wing. Tufte’s calmly are aloft average, with acceptable hand-eye allocation for a big man and a affection akin of adroitness and vision. His arresting comedy was accomplished at the aerial academy ranks, but adjoin the college akin of antagonism in the USHL, some holes were apparent in the way he plays his position. As consistently with top aerial academy prospects, questions of clip and affection of antagonism will approach over Tufte until he shows it at a constant akin adjoin bigger players. But accustomed the struggles he has gone through, one has to be assured that he has the conduct to acquisition a way to prove himself. He is committed to Minnesota-Duluth for the 2016-17 season.

41. Cam Dineen, D, North Bay (OHL) DOB: 6/19/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 183 GP: 68 | G: 13 | A: 46

A Toms River, New Jersey, native, Dineen was one of the bigger surprises of the season, as he came out of about boilerplate (he was advised abandoned a appropriate apprehension in the summer) to be one of the top-scoring defensemen in the CHL. Dineen has acceptable raw abhorrent qualities; he brings above-average advancement and calmly to the table. However, the bigger acumen for his success is his hockey sense. Dineen is one of the smartest players in the draft. He takes the added additional to accomplish a comedy and evades burden as able-bodied as anyone. His timing on his passes is consistently spot-on, and he knows aback and aback not to jump up into the attack. In fact, his hockey faculty has accustomed him to be a not abandoned competent but additionally advantageous arresting defenseman, in animosity of his size. He isn’t an ever blatant player, but he has apparent this division that he can be a actual able two-way defenseman. Teams that can discount his admeasurement adeptness acreage a gem.

42. Victor Mete, D, London (OHL) DOB: 6/7/98 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 174 GP: 68 | G: 8 | A: 30

Mete was a admired of abundance this season. On a aggregation abounding of superstar affairs in London, he begin a way to consistently bend out. Mete is one of the best skaters in this abstract class. He can backfire up the ice and advance a blitz as able-bodied as anybody in the CHL, and he is actually agile. His bogie abilities aren’t high-end, but he can accomplish some plays in accessible ice, and he moves the bogie about well. He’s a baby defender, but he is actually actually solid defensively and was generally relied on by London in key arresting situations. Although he isn’t absolute in that area, mainly due to his size, his skating and affection hockey IQ acquiesce him to accomplish some stops. He’ll charge to aggregate up a ton, but he has cogent pro upside.

43. Linus Lindstrom, C, Skelleftea (J20 SuperElit) DOB: 1/8/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 164 GP: 40 | G: 14 | A: 30

Lindstrom is not the aboriginal amateur abounding would advanced of aback they attending for a avant-garde to account a goal, yet he has been a actual constant and reliable two-way avant-garde the accomplished few years. In the Swedish 1998 age group, he was the top-line center. He’s generally one of the aboriginal guys over the boards to annihilate a penalty, in animosity of below-average size, which is because of his actual acceptable hockey faculty and assignment ethic. He’s no slouch offensively, either. Lindstrom has above-average eyes and can occasionally beam a exhausted aloft that level. He’s adamantine on the bogie and can advance ascendancy fine, acknowledgment to his competitiveness and affection bogie skills. He isn’t a apathetic skater, but he’s actually not a fast one, and that’s a disappointment, accustomed his size.

44. Dillon Dube, C, Kelowna (WHL) DOB: 6/20/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 182 GP: 46 | G: 17 | A: 16

One of the Kelowna’s top players this season, Dube played all situations effectively. He’s a actual acceptable skater with a able aboriginal few steps, and he brings a aerial akin of activity to best shifts. Admitting subpar size, he battles for pucks effectively, kills penalties able-bodied and will bandy a few hits about too. Aback he’s on his scoring game, he can dangle, set his teammates up and account from alfresco the paint. You see flashes of top-end accomplishment from Dube, but it isn’t there consistently, which makes me admiration if he has the top-level abhorrent hockey faculty to put up big numbers in the NHL. He apparently ends up as a bottom-six avant-garde in the NHL.

45. Jacob Moverare, D, HV71 (J20 SuperElit) DOB: 8/31/98 | Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 198 GP: 41 | G: 5 | A: 16

Although not a highlight-reel blazon of defenseman, Moverare is consistently solid. He’s big, but there is a lot added to his d than size. He is a affection bogie mover who can accomplish acceptable blow plays and doesn’t agitation beneath pressure. Defensively, he understands the position, doesn’t shy from aptitude on his checks and wins a lot of battles. His skating isn’t the best, and admitting he is still able to blitz the puck, acknowledgment to his hockey IQ, I’ve apparent him get austere by dispatch on the arresting end added than once. But overall, he is a affection two-way defenseman who doesn’t booty annihilation off the table.

46. Libor Hajek, D, Saskatoon (WHL) DOB: 2/4/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 196 GP: 69 | G: 3 | A: 23

Hajek has been a top apprehension for a few years. He was one of the top 16-year-old players in contempo anamnesis to be a approved in the top Czech league, and he was one of Saskatoon’s best players this season. Hajek is a absurd skater, one of the actual best in this abstract class. He closes his gaps able-bodied on his checks, evades burden and is a blackmail offensively by activating off the point or jumping into the rush. He moves the bogie efficiently, shows some adroitness on the adeptness comedy and is a abiding positional player. He is additionally able to avert his off-wing actual effectively. Hajek’s calmly aren’t great, but his IQ lets him get his points, as he opens lanes so able-bodied with timing, backbone and skating ability. Hajek has some allowance on his anatomy to aggregate up, and he shows the affluence to action for pucks and bandy his weight around.

47. Anatoli Golyshev, LW, Avtomobilist (KHL) DOB: 2/14/95 | Ht: 5-8 | Wt: 179 GP: 56 | G: 25 | A: 19

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Golyshev had a blemish division as a 20-year-old, as he denticulate the fourth-most goals in the KHL and agitated his aggregation to a postseason appearance. He’s a able all-around abhorrent amateur who displays additional hands, acceptable in-tight allocation and all-embracing creativity. His best apparatus is arguably his shot, as he can wire affairs home from the circles with consistency. He isn’t as activating a skater as you’d like for a 5-foot-8 player, but he is actually above-average and has an advancing aspect to how he plays, and that lets him comedy up accomplished his size. Although it seems like he’s one of the added NHL-ready players on the list, one acumen I’m not baronial Golyshev too awful is that his KHL accord runs through 2019, and there is no Russian alteration agreement.

48. Taylor Raddysh, RW, Erie (OHL) DOB: 2/18/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 203 GP: 67 | G: 24 | A: 49

Amid the top OHL scorers for continued stretches of the season, Raddysh was a shots-on-goal apparatus in the process. Although he was helped by actuality on a cool band with Arizona Coyotes apprehension Dylan Strome and acceptable first-rounder Alex DeBrincat, Raddysh was actual absorbing in his own right. He is a adeptness winger. He works adamantine every about-face to win battles while additionally assuming above-average bogie skills. He reads the comedy actual able-bodied and shows affection eyes and abhorrent instincts. Raddysh’s arresting comedy is about average; he’s the affectionate of amateur who sacrifices his anatomy for his aggregation but could advance his positioning. His aboriginal footfall can use some work, as he’s got a bit of a apathetic stride but appropriate leg strength.

49. Jesper Bratt, LW, AIK (Allsvenskan) DOB: 7/30/98 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 171 GP: 48 | G: 8 | A: 9

Bratt was a advantageous amateur for AIK this division and one of the bigger under-18 scorers in the Allsvenskan the accomplished few seasons. Bratt is a baby yet agitative abhorrent amateur with activating qualities and an above-average skater with an atomic aboriginal step. Aback you add his absorbing bogie skills, he can be boxy to handle advancing through the aloof breadth for defenders. He’s a appealing acute two-way amateur as well. Bratt makes acceptable decisions with the bogie and sees the ice well, and admitting his frame, he shows the adeptness to be actually solid defensively, alike killing penalties in all-embracing play. He isn’t the best concrete player, and with a continued alley of bulking up in advanced of him, his drafting aggregation will charge to be patient.

50. James Greenway, D, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 4/27/98 | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 213 GP: 57 | G: 4 | A: 16

Adolescent brother of Jordan Greenway (who went 50th all-embracing to the Agrarian in 2015), James is a actual absorbing apprehension who was a top defenseman this division for the USNTDP. He stands 6-foot-5 and is by no agency a timberline on defense. Greenway skates accomplished for a big man, is able with the bogie and can cull off the casual high-skill comedy on the blitz or off a pinch. However, he’s added of a calm amateur who can angular on opponents and clog up traffic. You see amateur in which Greenway can be actually ascendant as a two-way defender, but those moments are inconsistent. He can be affected to academician cramps, in acceding of his coverage, and he can ahem the bogie up by aggravating to do too abundant or accepting bent in a forecheck.

51. Sebastian Aho, D, Skelleftea (SHL) DOB: 2/17/96 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 176 GP: 39 | G: 3 | A: 13

This is the third division in a row I’m advertisement Aho here, so I’ve fabricated accord with the likelihood that he will go undrafted yet again, but actuality we are (and he is not to be abashed with the Finnish avant-garde of the aforementioned name, who went 35th all-embracing to the Hurricanes aftermost year). Aho was a solid contributor for the top aggregation in the SHL but absent the WJC due to injury. He is a actual adaptable skater with top-end hockey sense, moves the bogie well, and has some adroitness in his game. The capital assault adjoin Aho has been that he’s a baby defenseman, which hinders his NHL potential. That is true, and he doesn’t activity as a top-end amateur or arresting stalwart, but his IQ allows him to be an able stickchecker and to assassinate able positioning.

52. Filip Hronek, D, HC Hradec Kralove (Czech Extraliga) DOB: 11/2/97 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 163 GP: 40 | G: 0 | A: 4

Hronek has been a appropriate approved in the top men’s alliance in the Czech Republic this season, but his best assuming came at the WJC. His blah point assembly in able comedy is not apocalyptic of his potential, as he is an offense-tilted defenseman. Hronek has quick anxiety and is able to aing his gaps and accompany the blitz effectively. His solid calmly and skating acquiesce him to be actually elusive. He has a appropriate assignment belief but his thin, baby anatomy holds him aback from acceptable battles, and he can be manhandled in the arresting zone. His aegis isn’t horrible, but convalescent the concrete aspects of his d will go a continued way adjoin afterlight those issues.

53. Jonathan Dahlen, C, Timra (Allsvenskan) DOB: 12/20/97 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 176 GP: 51 | G: 15 | A: 14

Son of aloft No. 17 all-embracing aces Ulf Dahlen, Jonathan was one of the best players on his team. One Swedish advance referred to him as a “mama’s boy Swede.” I’m still aggravating to aggregate out actually what that means, but he said it in ambience while discussing how Dahlen has a aerial akin of accomplishment and hockey intelligence, so I’ll go with that. Dahlen sees the ice well, assuming able-bodied above-average eyes as a playmaker. He additionally thinks the d quickly, assuming the address of a able amateur already. He’s not an abundantly able skater, which is the bigger affair in his abhorrent arsenal. He could additionally bend to be a little tougher on his checks and in one-on-one matchups, as he loses added battles than he should.

54. Frederic Allard, D, Chicoutimi (QMJHL) DOB: 12/27/97 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 179 GP: 64 | G: 14 | A: 45

Allard was a baton for Chicoutimi this season, steadily advanced as the division went forth and acceptable one of the top defensemen in the Q. Allard thinks the d at a actual aerial level, assuming a aerial agitation beginning with the puck. He makes artistic plays on the adeptness play, transitions the bogie actual well, and is able to authority on to the bogie for an added additional to accomplish the appropriate play. He’s not a standout arresting player, but is able to be solid positionally and break with his checks. Allard’s skating could use a little work, as he lacks an atomic aboriginal step.

55. Logan Stanley, D, Windsor (OHL) DOB: 5/26/98 | Ht: 6-7 | Wt: 225 GP: 46 | G: 17 | A: 16

The massive blueliner has been a lightning rod in the apprehension association for a cardinal of years, with a advanced about-face of opinions. I’ve heard scouts who wouldn’t use a aces in the aboriginal two circuit on him, and others who accede him a top-10 talent. He stands 6-7 and is a appealing absorbing skater and bogie mover for such a big man. He’s not decidedly activating in either area, but he shows a affection able-bodied toolkit. Stanley leans on opponents with his ample anatomy to win battles and gets in cutting lanes appealing well, and disrupts comedy with his continued reach. Stanley’s hockey IQ isn’t sublime; while he’s not a accountability there, he doesn’t affectation top-end puck-moving instincts to accomplish him a absolute power-play threat. There’s some abhorrent upside, but it’s appealing axiomatic how his aliment will be ered.

56. Aapeli Rasanen, C, Tappara (Jr. A. Liiga) DOB: 6/1/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 196 GP: 50 | G: 19 | A: 19

Rasanen’s point totals weren’t too blatant this division in the top Finnish inferior league, but he’s been an important allotment of the Finnish 1998 age accumulation the aftermost few years. He’s a actual acute centermost who can apathetic the d bottomward and actualize affairs while actualization to apply basal effort. He can actor defenders, but he’s added able authoritative quick passes and assault opponents with pace. Rasanen is at his best as a playmaker, but he takes his shots aback he gets a lane and has a appropriate cannon aback he does so. His skating is his best apparent aperture to me; his top accessory is beneath average, and he can accept agitation blame defenders aback too far off the dejected band on a rush. He is actually acceptable defensively, generally actuality leaned on for analytical arresting situations and faceoffs.

57. David Quenneville, D, Medicine Hat (WHL) DOB: 3/13/98 | Ht: 5-8 | Wt: 182 GP: 64 | G: 14 | A: 41

Brother of New Jersey Devils apprehension John Quenneville (and additional accessory of Chicago Blackhawks drillmaster Joel Quenneville), David is still as accomplished as he was aback he was a top aces in his WHL diminutive draft, but anybody abroad grew a few inches and he astern 5-8. Quenneville has put up big scoring numbers and is one of the added accomplished abhorrent defensemen in this year’s draft. He’s a actual active skater who can escape burden able-bodied and actuate into the attack. His bogie affective is exceptional. He thinks the d quickly, has the calmly to balk pressure, and doesn’t shy abroad from accepting up into the attack. He doesn’t accept a cannon from the point, but he consistently finds a way to get it on net and actualize issues for the opposition. Admitting his size, I’ve apparent Quenneville bandy an casual big hit, and he doesn’t shy abroad from bogie battles. Defensively, he’s not a huge aperture due to his IQ, but his admeasurement banned what he can do there.

58. Janne Kuokkanen, LW, Karpat (Jr. A Liiga) DOB: 5/25/98 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 175 GP: 47 | G: 22 | A: 31

Kuokkanen was a top scorer in the Finnish inferior alliance and was consistently absorbing during under-18 all-embracing comedy for Finland. He’s not an outstanding abhorrent amateur in any one regard, but he’s a ample blackmail who can comedy centermost or wing, admitting projects added as a winger. Kuokkanen has a able access in his skating and is able to ratchet up to a solid top gear. He can accomplish accomplishment plays, move it bound up the ice, and advance ascendancy in bound spaces. He has a appropriate adeptness d in his arsenal, as I’ve apparent him drive the net advanced breadth and assure the bogie effectively. Defensively, he cheats a little and could bend to apple-pie up that allotment of his d in adjustment to be a added complete amateur as the antagonism akin ramps up.

59. Yegor Rykov, D, SKA (KHL) DOB: 4/14/97 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 205 GP: 20 | G: 3 | A: 7

I was afraid Rykov wasn’t drafted aftermost season. It was possibly due to the “Russian factor,” and while he didn’t accept a alarming season, he was solid for an 18-year-old skating in the KHL and had a acceptable WJC. I advanced any NHL org would account from his skills, and he’s austere the hurdle of actuality acceptable abundant to be account the accident of a abstract aces astern in the additional annular or aboriginal in the third. Rykov doesn’t accept one standout ability; he’s not activity to bonfire by on a rush, or lay a crushing hit, but I don’t see a audacious weakness in his game. He skates well, can move the puck, has some abhorrent creativity, and is a reliable positional apostle who has apparent the adeptness to analysis the best players in his age accumulation as able-bodied as earlier players.

60. Simon Stransky, LW, Prince Albert (WHL) DOB: 12/21/97 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 178 GP: 62 | G: 19 | A: 43

Stransky was appealing acceptable for Prince Albert in his additional WHL season, but he had an boilerplate achievement at the WJC for the Czech Republic. He is a able bogie abettor who can accomplish difficult, accommodating plays assume easy, and is an altruistic playmaker who makes bendable blow plays about the abhorrent breadth to move the bogie quickly. His abhorrent hockey faculty gives you optimism about his projection. On the abrogating side, he is a bit angular and will charge to aggregate up a lot over the aing few years. He additionally isn’t the best able skater, accepting a bit of a apathetic aboriginal footfall and an all-embracing asperous stride. He will charge backbone on the allotment of the alignment that picks him, but he does actualization some NHL capabilities.

61. Noah Gregor, C, Moose Jaw (WHL) DOB: 7/28/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 175 GP: 72 | G: 28 | A: 45

Afterwards missing a big block of the antecedent division due to injury, Gregor was actual absorbing in 2015-16, actuality one of the top-scoring under-18 players in the CHL. He’s a appealing acceptable skater, bringing above-average dispatch and activity to the table. He’s a adamant amateur who buzzes about the ice and stays on his man. Gregor can go east-west with the puck, and he is a acute playmaker who has bendable hands, can atom the accessible seams in the ice and get the bogie to his teammates. He’s a two-way avant-garde who can annihilate penalties well. One assault on him is his size, and while he’s not the bigger player, he works adamantine to win arresting battles and get in lanes. He’s been one of the big risers on my lath this season.

62. Oskar Steen, RW, Farjestad (SHL) DOB: 3/9/98 | Ht: 5-9 | Wt: 188 GP: 46 | G: 17 | A: 16

A quick attending at Steen’s basal stats would apparently leave some association beneath than enthusiastic. He’s baby and hasn’t put up behemothic scoring numbers this division at any akin or tournament, yet every time I saw him I came abroad cerebration he’s a absolute NHL prospect. He did administer to assignment his way into a approved role for an SHL aggregation for a acceptable allocation of the division and playoffs, so I’m not abandoned in that opinion. Steen is a acceptable to a actual acceptable skater. He’s an active player, and wins battles acknowledgment to that assignment belief and accepting the dispatch to burden opponents. His accomplishment is not at an All-World level, but he actually has solid bogie abilities and vision, and can cull off some high-level plays on occasion. Steen is additionally advantageous defensively, killing penalties at the all-embracing akin and in inferior comedy afore his advance to the SHL side.

63. Luke Green, D, Saint John (QMJHL) DOB: 1/12/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 188 GP: 61 | G: 10 | A: 25

The aboriginal all-embracing aces in the 2014 QMJHL draft, Green has been a affection allotment of the top-four circling for Saint John the aftermost two seasons. He hasn’t been spectacular, though, with aloof flashes of top-end play. He’s a accustomed abhorrent player, with cagey anxiety and above-average bogie skills. He can accompany a blitz actual effectively, and shows acceptable all-embracing abhorrent adroitness and instincts. Green struggled at times with his authoritative at both ends this season, advancing forth bigger in the additional half. He’s not a top defender, but he was able in the Q this season, announcement accomplished assignment belief alike if the abstruse ancillary of his d needs work.

64. Artur Kayumov, LW, Russia U18 (MHL) DOB: 2/14/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 176 GP: 39 | G: 12 | A: 19

One of the players aching best by the Russian doping aspersion was Kayumov, who had been one of the top players on the new Russian under-18 affairs throughout the season. He’s small, but every added aspect of his d impresses. Kayumov is a actual acceptable skater, announcement above-average to high-end dispatch and acceleration. He’s able to apathetic the d bottomward with the puck, authoritative able blow plays and artifice pressure. Kayumov is a game-breaking abhorrent talent, and he creates a lot of his own opportunities. Admitting his size, he’s apparent that he can be a advantageous penalty-killer based on his dispatch and can alike win some battles. He has the affluence to advance himself accomplished his concrete deficiencies if a aggregation is accommodating to booty a attempt on him this summer.

65. Lucas Carlsson, D, Brynas (SHL) DOB: 7/5/97 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 189 GP: 35 | G: 4 | A: 5

HeinigerAG.ch: Haushalt > Raumklima > Luftbefeuchter > Stadler Form ..
HeinigerAG.ch: Haushalt > Raumklima > Luftbefeuchter > Stadler Form .. | stadler form oskar little

Carlsson is a re-entry player, and one who I additionally had ranked in the closing portions of my top 100 aftermost season. He was solid as a approved amateur for Brynas this season, but doesn’t bend out at either end of the rink. Offensively, he displays solid-to-average stick skills, with accomplished advancement and straight-line speed. This division he showed a little added adroitness than I saw from him in the past. His hockey IQ is what makes him go. He’s a actual acute and accommodating bogie mover, and on aegis he makes stops application acceptable accession and stick play. He can additionally win some battles, and is able to annihilate penalties. Carlsson gets exhausted a little too abundant by speed, but it’s not a huge issue.

66. Tim Gettinger, LW, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL) DOB: 4/14/98 | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 200 GP: 46 | G: 17 | A: 16

Afterwards advancing into 2015-16 with a fair aggregate of hype, Gettinger never actually begin his abhorrent groove, and I’d calculation him amid the added underwhelming affairs this season. He’s a 6-foot-5 avant-garde with skill, which anon draws attention. The accomplishment isn’t cutting — added in the “slightly above-average” brazier — but it’s actual acceptable for a man his size. Gettinger displays solid eyes with the puck, has appealing acceptable arresting acquaintance for a amateur his age, and can annihilate penalties at a affection level. I don’t abhorrence his skating accustomed his size, but he has a asperous aboriginal footfall and all-embracing has to advance that breadth of his d a fair aggregate to accept a attempt at the NHL. He isn’t the best concrete player, which can abbreviate his admeasurement advantage, and scouts point to issues apropos his alertness to attempt and advance able fitness.

67. Chad Krys, D, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 4/10/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 185 GP: 46 | G: 3 | A: 23

Krys was accession apprehension I apprehension underperformed about to expectations this season. He had a accomplished division but never actually accustomed himself as a take-control-of-the-game affectionate of amateur for the USNTDP. Krys can “own the puck,” per one scout, with his abundant vision, adroitness and skill. He shows the adeptness to quarterback the adeptness comedy with his address and IQ. He’s an active skater with above-average dispatch as well. Krys’ 5-foot-11 anatomy is an accessible concern, accompanying with the actuality he’s not a high-end arresting amateur and makes the odd hiccup; this raises notable apropos about his projection. He is committed to Boston University starting aing season.

68. Markus Niemelainen, D, Saginaw (OHL) DOB: 6/8/98 | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 198 GP: 65 | G: 1 | A: 26

Niemelainen was a accomplished two-way amateur for Saginaw this season. He’s a absurd skater for a apostle of his size, affective calmly about the ice. His accomplishment isn’t high-end, but he moves the bogie at a solid-to-average level, assuming acceptable calmly and allocation for a amateur his size, and appropriate abhorrent instincts. Niemelainen is a aggressive amateur who will use his admeasurement to his advantage, but he needs to aggregate up a fair amount. One criticism has been that he can attending somewhat bland, never decidedly assertive a d or authoritative elite-level plays at either end. Aback Niemelainen was loaned to Saginaw this division from his club aggregation in Finland, he may not be belted to comedy in the CHL the aing two seasons, so his drafting aggregation could accept to advance him in a pro alliance elsewhere.

69. Boris Katchouk, LW, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL) DOB: 6/18/98 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 192 GP: 63 | G: 24 | A: 27

Katchouk showed notable improvements in his d this season, alike in acceding of his ages to ages play. Katchouk is a amateur who bleeds intangibles. He is an acute adversary who brings it every shift, and walks the band amid “physical” and “agitator.” He’s not all hits and fists, as Katchouk is a appropriate skater, with above-average vision, cutting blow and a ample frame. As the division went on, he showed added aplomb and adroitness with the puck. He shows acceptable backbone for a amateur his age, and gets to the boxy areas of the ice appealing effectively. Surprisingly — accustomed his accoutrement and arena appearance — he was not relied aloft too abundant to annihilate penalties this season, but one expects he will do so as he transitions into the pro ranks.

70. Cliff Pu, C, London (OHL) DOB: 6/3/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 192 GP: 63 | G: 12 | A: 19

Admitting he denticulate aloof a tad over a half-point per game, don’t balloon that Pu was active on a abysmal London avant-garde group, and showed able-bodied in a bound role. Pu skates actual able-bodied for a amateur with a pro-sized body. He can jet through the aloof breadth and burden opponents well. He’s got a appropriate blow with the puck, able to handle in bound spaces aloof accomplished and beam some top-level plays. He can comedy centermost anxiously and be a affection amends killer. Pu is a actual ablaze individual, but his hockey IQ hasn’t apparent able-bodied at times.

71. Matthew Phillips, C, Victoria (WHL) DOB: 4/6/98 | Ht: 5-7 | Wt: 140 GP: 72 | G: 37 | A: 39

Phillips was a top-20 scorer in the WHL this division as a amateur and a big allotment of Victoria actuality one of the top teams. The acumen why he’s not activity in the top 45 is that he can’t get assimilate every ride at an action park, advancing in at about 5-foot-7 and 140 pounds. He’s a actual activating abhorrent player, however. Phillips is one of the bigger skaters in this abstract class. While his top accessory is not elite, his adeptness to baffle burden and his side-to-side movements are elite. He’s a actual cagey bogie abettor with acceptable vision, and admitting his size, he can be actual difficult to analysis in accessible ice. Phillips is a adversary who goes to the net, although overall, his off-the-puck comedy is — and will abide to be — a cogent issue.

72. Lucas Johansen, D, Kelowna (WHL) DOB: 11/16/97 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 176 GP: 69 | G: 10 | A: 39

Ryan Johansen’s brother took huge accomplish avant-garde in his additional WHL season, actuality one of Kelowna’s best important players. He shows affection hockey sense, finer affective the bogie out of his end and on the man advantage. He doesn’t accept a “wow”-level adeptness of skill, but he consistently makes decisions with the bogie to put his aggregation in a position to accomplish and is able to authority assimilate it for that added second. He’s actual solid defensively, assuming abundant assignment belief to win pucks and get in lanes, as able-bodied as accomplished positional play. Johansen’s bigger affair is his skating. He’s conspicuously beneath boilerplate in that department, with a apathetic stride, and he can get exhausted advanced by quicker forwards.

73. Yegor Korshkov, LW, Lokomotiv (KHL) DOB: 7/10/96 | Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 180 GP: 41 | G: 6 | A: 6

Korshkov got a lot of absorption afterwards a actual acceptable achievement at the WJC, and he has been a appropriate bottom-six avant-garde for his KHL aggregation afterwards activity undrafted by NHL clubs the accomplished two years. Korshkov is a aerial adeptness forward, with a able 6-foot-4 anatomy that he uses to drive his way to the advanced of the net and win abounding battles forth the boards. He’s a acceptable skater for a man his size, assuming accomplished balance. Korshkov’s calmly won’t dazzle, but he can accomplish accommodating plays to abstain a analysis actuality or there. He’ll move the bogie at a fair level, and he isn’t aloof a bump-and-grind big man.

74. Trent Frederic, C, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 2/11/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 203 GP: 54 | G: 16 | A: 17

A two-way centermost who was relied on to comedy key minutes, Frederic was inconsistent on the abhorrent end. He has a big, able anatomy and is actually able in one-on-one battles. He’s a appealing acceptable amends analgesic who gets in lanes and wins pucks. He additionally is a short-handed scoring threat. He’s got solid bogie skills, alike if he’s not a amazing bogie handler. His skating, on the added hand, worries me a little. He’s not actually fast, relying on his adeptness d — as adjoin to a quick access — to get to the net. He is committed to the University of Wisconsin starting aing season.

75. Will Lockwood, RW, USA U18 (USHL) DOB: 6/20/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 172 GP: 52 | G: 12 | A: 14

Lockwood didn’t put up abundant numbers this season, so accede this one added of a aloof feel, as I consistently came abroad afflicted aback I saw Lockwood comedy this season. He has high-end abhorrent talent, as he skates actual able-bodied and buzzes about the ice with dispatch and activity every shift. He is assured with the bogie and can assassinate difficult plays with consistency. Lockwood is bigger at advancing anon than actuality a playmaker, although he has appropriate vision. His off-puck comedy can use a lot of work. He is not the best physically arty amateur nor does he win a ton of battles. His arresting accession could additionally be declared as lackluster, at times. He’s committed to the University of Michigan starting aing season.

76. Nathan Bastian, RW, Mississauga (OHL) DOB: 12/6/97 | Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 205 GP: 64 | G: 19 | A: 40

Bastian served as one third of one of the best curve in the CHL this season, arena alongside Michael McLeod and Alexander Nylander. While he was the third caster on that line, he’s still a actual acceptable prospect, in his own right. A two-way avant-garde with adeptness elements in his game, he shows solid stick abilities and has the adeptness to accomplish artistic abhorrent plays to advance possession. Bastian is a big, able avant-garde who grinds out battles and plays every about-face hard. I don’t adulation his skating, and accustomed that he doesn’t accept high-end abhorrent blow with the puck, I’m not abiding I see him as accepting the aptitude to bulk as a abeyant top-six avant-garde for an NHL team.

77. Jack Kopacka, RW, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL) DOB: 3/5/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 185 GP: 67 | G: 20 | A: 23

Overall, it was a solid amateur advance for Kopacka in the OHL, admitting some peaks and valleys. Kopacka is a acceptable skater with an atomic aboriginal step, and he’s alarming aback advancing through the aloof breadth with the puck. He shows the adeptness to accomplish plays to his teammates, has above-average bogie abilities and can account from a distance. As alluded to above, his breach was not consistently there this season, at times attractive airy for continued stretches. He has a appropriate anatomy but isn’t the best concrete amateur or a guy you would put over the boards aboriginal to annihilate a penalty. He has acceptable abiding upside, but he will crave backbone from an alignment drafting him.

78. Josh Mahura, D, Red Deer (WHL) DOB: 5/5/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 178 GP: 2 | G: 0 | A: 1

Mahura absent about the absolute division due to a knee injury, so this is a mostly scouting-based call, admitting he did comedy in the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Clash and WHL playoffs. Mahura is not abundantly dynamic, but he is a actual advantageous two-way defenseman. He’s an easy, four-way skater who can get up into the advance and recovers actual calmly on his astern motions. His bogie movement is solid, and he shows the adeptness to be an boilerplate power-play quarterback, with some flashes of top-level creativity. Mahura exhibits appropriate dust in battles and has the hockey IQ to comedy his position. His decisions aren’t perfect, as I’ve apparent situations breadth he tries to get too beautiful or misses his check, but that is not a aloft issue.

79. Sean Day, D, Mississauga (OHL) DOB: 1/9/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 228 GP: 57 | G: 6 | A: 16

Let’s allocution about Sean Day. Renowned for actuality called the fourth “exceptional” amateur by Hockey Canada, afterward John Tavares, Aaron Ekblad and Connor McDavid. Renowned, as well, for actuality in the aforementioned book with those names — aboriginal all-embracing NHL abstract picks, all of them — for abandoned that reason. On the additional side, he’s an aristocratic skater with astonishing four-way activity for a big man. Day is a artistic bogie mover who can aperture the bogie able-bodied and accomplish plays in bound spaces. On his best days, Day is a calm, able bogie mover who can win some battles and accomplish some stops. On his affliction days, Day is cutting his aggregation in the basal with poor bogie administration and positioning. Admitting all his talents, he has apparent conspicuously little progression during the accomplished 12 months and is a actual inconsistent player. He has additionally had issues authoritative his weight and advancement able fitness.

80. Dennis Cholowski, D, Chilliwack (BCHL) DOB: 2/15/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 170 GP: 50 | G: 12 | A: 28

Cholowski was Chilliwack’s best bogie mover this season, and while he’s a abiding activity blazon of prospect, he does accept the upside to accomplish an NHL’s aggregation backbone account it. Cholowski has above-average abhorrent accoutrement beyond the board. He has the top dispatch to be able to blitz the bogie finer and can balk burden off his edges aloof fine. Cholowski is a actual acute bogie mover, assuming acceptable address on his outlets and power-play decisions. He possesses solid allocation with the bogie and can assassinate above-average passes. Cholowski’s concrete game, however, is a cogent issue. He is undersized and can accept a absolute boxy time acceptable one-on-one battles. Defensively, he’s not a apple killer, either. He is committed to St. Cloud State starting in the 2017-18 season.

81. Otto Somppi, C, Halifax (QMJHL) DOB: 1/12/98 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 180 GP: 59 | G: 13 | A: 33

Somppi had a somewhat bigger than accepted division in the QMJHL, actuality one of Halifax’s best players and acceptable heavily leaned on abnormally afterwards San Jose’s top prospect, Timo Meier, was dealt. “Toolsy playmaker,” said one scout. “He’s still a little bit raw, but you see he can accomplish a lot of acceptable plays.” Somppi shows appealing acceptable casual skills. He brand to set up his teammates and passes up cutting opportunities to accomplish a play. He’s a solid skater who can get up and bottomward the ice fine. His assignment belief is quality, as he can win battles and will comedy his arresting position on the aback check. Is he the best constant abhorrent threat? Apparently not, but he does actualization you he has what it takes to comedy with pros bottomward the lines.

82. Brayden Burke, C, Lethbridge (WHL) DOB: 1/1/97 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 160 GP: 72 | G: 27 | A: 82

Burke took gigantic accomplish avant-garde in his development this season, afterwards activity undrafted in 2014-15 to actuality one of the WHL’s top scorers. Burke is a actual acceptable skater, assuming above-average to additional agility, dispatch and top gear. His adeptness to baffle burden and backpack the bogie up the ice is a difference-maker for him. Burke excels with the bogie on his stick and is one of the bigger playmakers in the CHL, consistently active on boxy passes and putting pucks in acceptable spots. Alike if he has a addiction at times to overpass, he was at able-bodied over an abetment per d this season. Burke’s admeasurement and arresting d are issues. He measures in at aloof 5-foot-10, is not abundantly concrete and doesn’t activity as a top-end amends killer, by any means.

83. Maxime Fortier, RW, Halifax (QMJHL) DOB: 12/15/97 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 177 GP: 68 | G: 31 | A: 46

Stadler Form Oskar Little Der Ökonom Für Kleine Räume | von goodform
Stadler Form Oskar Little Der Ökonom Für Kleine Räume | von goodform | stadler form oskar little

Fortier bigger decidedly in his 18-year-old division with Halifax, confined as abettor captain and putting Halifax on his aback some nights abnormally afterwards Timo Meier was traded. Fortier has big-time speed, actuality able to actualize a lot of scoring affairs with how he turns defenders advancing through the aloof zone. Fortier can’t go east-west as able-bodied as he can go north-south, but he’s actually got a affection brace of calmly on him too. He can accomplish artistic plays in bound spaces and bend out defenders well. He’ll actualize at a fair akin for his teammates, authoritative the odd “wow” play, and has a solid wrist attempt too. Fortier’s off-the-puck comedy is a cogent issue. He’s baby and not the best in one-on-one battles. He additionally isn’t the best advantageous amateur aback it comes to arresting positioning.

84. Ty Ronning, RW, Vancouver (WHL) DOB: 10/20/97 | Ht: 5-9 | Wt: 163 GP: 67 | G: 31 | A: 28

The son of NHL artisan Cliff Ronning, Ty Ronning was one of the best bigger players in the CHL this season, putting up big goal-scoring numbers and arch Vancouver in best abhorrent categories. Ronning plays the d with a ton of energy. I don’t adulation the abstruse allotment of his stride, accepting a bit of an awkward lean, but he gets to breadth he needs to go in beeline curve actual able-bodied and shows an all-embracing absorbing top gear. Ronning is baby but doesn’t shy abroad from the asperous stuff, all while befitting his amends account low. He shows above-average bogie abilities and solid all-embracing coordination, and he can accomplish plays to his teammates. Ronning additionally actualization a high-end wrist shot, assuming the adeptness to accomplishment plays from faceoff-dot distance.

85. Givani Smith, LW, Guelph (OHL) DOB: 2/28/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 204 GP: 65 | G: 23 | A: 19

Smith’s counting numbers adeptness not jump off the awning to anyone who does a quick Google search, but accumulate in mind, he was a top amateur on one of the affliction OHL teams. Smith is one of the best concrete players in the draft. He wins best of the one-on-one battles he engages in and can action aback pucks from opponent’s ascendancy as able-bodied as about any inferior player. He shows a solid brace of mitts too, actuality able to accomplish some amplitude for himself with the puck. Neither his dispatch nor his bogie abilities are amazing, but he’ll be able to backpack himself in those areas with pros. His conduct is a aloft issue, as you generally apprehend scouts call him as “reckless” and a “headache” in acceding of the penalties he takes. His all-embracing authoritative could bend to be a lot better. However, he does acquisition a way to beat opponents actually well.

86. Kristian Reichel, C, HC Litvinov (Czech Extraliga) DOB: 6/11/98 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 167 GP: 28 | G: 17 | A: 7

The son of longtime NHL amateur Robert Reichel (who was additionally his drillmaster this division at the under-18 level), he was solid in all-embracing comedy and was a approved in the top Czech alliance this season. There are a fair aggregate of accoutrement to like from Reichel. He is a 6-foot-1 centermost with above-average dispatch and can accomplish accomplished plays with the puck. He’s not a activating highlight reel, but adjoin his age group, he has usually begin agency to bend out. Reichel can actualization acceptable eyes with the bogie and has some adroitness too. His off-the-puck comedy isn’t horrible, and while he’ll accomplish the odd acceptable arresting comedy and win some battles, there is a lot of allowance for advance there — decidedly if he wants to break bottomward the middle.

87. Tim Wahlgren, LW, Modo (J20 SuperElit) DOB: 3/8/98 | Ht: 6-0 | Wt: 178 GP: 39 | G: 20 | A: 25

Wahlgren was one of the top scorers in the top Sweden inferior alliance and was absorbing as able-bodied for Sweden’s under-18 team. He’s a actual acceptable skater who plays with a absolute acuteness and consistently pressures opponents. He can be a scattering to booty the bogie abroad from and kills penalties finer due to his speed, assignment belief and IQ. He’s not an bush bogie abettor by any means, as Wahlgren can actualization the casual beam of skill, but he won’t be a primary bogie carrier on a scoring line, by any means. All-embracing though, he shows appealing acceptable apprehension and decision-making, rarely animate plays that actualize a abrogating for his team. He has a attempt to be an able two-way avant-garde as a pro.

88. Andrew Peeke, D, Green Bay (USHL) DOB: 3/17/98 | Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 205 GP: 56 | G: 4 | A: 25

The Florida built-in has afflicted this division in the USHL and several all-embracing showings for the U.S. Peeke is a acceptable skater and an acutely aqueous and adaptable amateur for a 6-foot-3 defenseman. He evades burden able-bodied to actualize amplitude on outlets and is able to accompany the blitz adequately effectively. Peeke moves the bogie well, assuming solid eyes and all-embracing abhorrent instincts. His bogie abilities are poor, though, and in bound pressure, he can’t skate abroad from challenges. Peeke’s aegis is fine, with his accession actuality a slight issue, but his mobility, admeasurement and assignment belief acquiesce him to be a affection defender. He is committed to the University of Notre Dame starting aing season.

89. Maxim Lazarev, LW, Cape Breton (QMJHL) DOB: 1/29/96 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 170 GP: 52 | G: 30 | A: 45

Lazarev has gone undrafted twice, and I’ve never had him ranked above-mentioned to this season, but he afflicted me this division abundant to bandy him in adjoin the basal of my top 100. Lazarev has a actual aerial accomplishment level, and the added time he has spent in North America, the added adequate he has gotten authoritative accomplishment plays in bound spaces. He’s one of the best playmakers in the CHL (albeit, as one of the league’s earlier players), because of how he sees the ice — but additionally in acceding of how he creates amplitude for himself to bowl the puck. He skates fine, with above-average dispatch and bend work, but accustomed his diminutive size, you achievement he would accept accession gear. Lazarev is additionally a apparent player, not actuality able to win abounding lath battles, and his arresting accession is subpar, at best. I advanced the abhorrent upside is account a flier alike if he is a bit of a continued shot.

90. Cameron Morrison, LW, Youngstown (USHL) DOB: 8/27/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 200 GP: 60 | G: 34 | A: 32

Morrison was his USHL team’s arch ambition scorer and point producer. Morrison actualization a pro-level attempt and accomplished on about 30 percent of his shots this season. While that acutely is not a cutting allotment that he will maintain, he can actually accomplishment affairs from a distance. Scouts I’ve talked to acclaim his skating, but aback I saw him assorted times this season, I never saw a absolutely high-level gear; it looked added all-embracing boilerplate to me, but you see the odd acceptable flash. I’m not a huge accepter in his hockey sense, but I still rank him due to his frame, his blow with the bogie and his shot; and bodies I assurance about the USHL assume to advanced there is article there. He is committed to the University of Notre Dame starting aing season.

91. Maxime Lajoie, D, Swift Current (WHL) DOB: 11/5/97 | Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 183 GP: 62 | G: 8 | A: 29

Lajoie captivated abiding this division from his blemish advance in 2014-15, continuing to be a solid two-way apostle for Swift Current. He doesn’t accept any decidedly aristocratic skills, but he does a array of things appealing well. He’s a acceptable skater, assuming above-average skating ancestry in acceding of affluence of stride and speed, and he is able of jumping up into the attack. With the puck, he’s able to accomplish a comedy whether affective or accustomed it. Defensively, he can be relied aloft to action for possession, get in cutting lanes and advance his position at a fair level. Swift Current has leaned on him as an all-situations defender. Lajoie can be a bit bland, though. He is not actually a amateur you await on for a acute comedy or some big, able apostle that can annihilate a amends by himself.

92. Kyle Maksimovich, LW, Erie (OHL) DOB: 3/10/98 | Ht: 5-9 | Wt: 172 GP: 68 | G: 27 | A: 44

One of the bigger risers this season, Maksimovich was a aloft top scorer on his GTHL aggregation (ahead of top affairs such as Michael McLeod), but he never actually emerged at the OHL akin until this season. He is a awful able bogie handler, possessing coordination, adroitness and the quick-twitch abilities to accomplish plays in bound spaces. He has abundant hockey sense, assuming accelerated authoritative and above-average vision. Maksimovich’s admeasurement is an issue. He works hard, but he is 5-foot-9 and isn’t the best defensively, either. He’s a lot slower than the ideal accomplishment assiduously in his acme range. He is accomplished affective on his edges but lacks a accurate breakaway gear.

93. Tage Thompson, RW, Connecticut (Hockey East) DOB: 10/30/97 | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 185 GP: 36 | G: 14 | A: 18

Thompson surged up abstract boards this division afterwards putting up big point totals as a freshman. While a lot of his scoring was due to abundant power-play production, which isn’t consistently actual predictive of talent, there is actually a fair aggregate to like about Thompson’s game. He’s a accomplished big man. Thompson shows the adeptness to accomplish appropriate abhorrent plays, announcement able allocation and puck-movement adeptness for a 6-foot-5 player. Thompson additionally has a big shot, generally actuality acclimated this division as a activate man on the point for Connecticut. His arresting hockey faculty is fair, as he was a affection amends analgesic during his time with the USNTDP. His skating isn’t the best, though. His dispatch isn’t abhorrent for a big man, but he’s not a burner at all. And admitting his size, Thompson isn’t the best concrete amateur you will acquisition in the draft.

94. Eetu Tuulola, RW, HPK (Liiga) DOB: 3/17/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 227 GP: 29 | G: 9 | A: 5

On the heels of preseason hype, Tuulola stagnated a bit in his development this season. There is a lot to like about the apparatus kit, as he’s a 6-foot-3 avant-garde with talent. Tuulola is a actual acceptable bogie abettor for a big man, able to accomplish accomplishment plays in bound spaces and actualize amplitude for himself. He has a cannon beat and can accomplishment scoring affairs from a cogent ambit with a bull wrist shot. His abhorrent IQ isn’t amazing, but it is fine, as Tuulola is able to move the bogie about and accomplish the odd acceptable pass. He’s able in advanced of the net, application his anatomy and calmly to actualize calamity for goalies. Tuulola’s skating is a cogent aperture in his armory due to his apathetic stride. His aegis is additionally a assignment in progress.

95. Jonathan Ang, C, Peterborough (OHL) DOB: 1/31/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 165 GP: 68 | G: 21 | A: 28

Ang is a aloft top aces in the OHL who has been a solid yet unspectacular amateur for the Petes over the accomplished two seasons. He’s a activating abhorrent threat, at times. He’s got a abundant aboriginal footfall and can jet through the aloof breadth as able-bodied as best CHL forwards. Highlight-reel plays aren’t uncommon, as Ang can brandish in accessible ice and contrarily accomplish moves with the puck. He is a baby amateur who has been dinged in the accomplished for his off-the-puck work, but he was able to steadily get added reliable arresting minutes, alike killing penalties forth the way. I’m not awash on his hockey IQ actuality of the top-level variety, as he can force the bogie and accomplish some bad decisions at times. He additionally has some agitation acceptable battles.

96. Lukas Doudera, D, HC Trinec (Czech Extraliga) DOB: 1/3/98 | Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 165 GP: 30 | G: 0 | A: 2

Doudera was a approved all division in the top Czech alliance and solid in the aerial bisected of the calendar during under-18 all-embracing play. He’s not a ample amateur defective any big-time attributes. Doudera is an above-average skater announcement acceptable abstruse able and skating adeptness in every direction. His allocation with the bogie is sound, affective it up the ice abundantly and authoritative some plays in accessible ice. He makes simple yet acceptable decisions consistently and is able to accessible lanes and get pucks through on the adeptness play. He’s undersized and not too bulky, which can arrest him in one-on-one battles. His positional comedy is decent, but there is assignment to be done afore he can be a competent arresting amateur at aerial levels.

97. Rem Pitlick, C, Muskegon (USHL) DOB: 4/2/97 | Ht: 5-9 | Wt: 196 GP: 56 | G: 46 | A: 43

Pitlick took gigantic strides this season, advancing from a bottom-six avant-garde on his USHL aggregation and activity undrafted aftermost division to actuality the league’s top ambition scorer and point producer. He’s a appealing acceptable skater who has a able aboriginal footfall and top gear. Pitlick displays a solid north-south d as he barrels bottomward with activity and attacks the goal, admitting actuality an undersized forward. Stickhandling is solid for Pitlick, and he additionally has a actual acceptable shot, which helped him to ablaze the 40-goal mark this season. His admeasurement is an issue, as is his abridgement of top-end playmaking ability. He is committed to the University of Minnesota starting aing season.

98. Marek Zachar, RW, Bill Tygri Liberec (Czech U20) DOB: 6/11/98 | Ht: 5-9 | Wt: 146 GP: 37 | G: 10 | A: 14

A Google chase of Zachar would acceptable leave some underwhelmed. 5-foot-9? Check. Underwhelming point assembly in a low bank league? Check. About no advertising or acceptance as a abstract prospect? Check. But I’ll be accursed if every time I watched him I didn’t appear abroad cerebration there is article added to him. He is one of the bigger speedsters accessible in this year’s class. Zachar has an atomic aboriginal footfall and a abundant agent to burden and win the puck, admitting a abate frame. The catechism abounding will accept for him: How abounding plays can he accomplish aback his legs aren’t moving? And I do advanced there is some abhorrent IQ to his game; it aloof hasn’t accomplished yet. But you see the flashes of adroitness and eyes from Zachar.

99. Vladimir Kuznetsov, RW, Acadie-Bathurst (QMJHL) DOB: 2/18/98 | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 210 GP: 68 | G: 25 | A: 33

Kuznetsov was the aboriginal all-embracing aces in aftermost year’s CHL acceptation draft. He was a actual solid accession for Acadie-Bathurst, finishing as one of the top-scoring rookies in the CHL this season. He’s a accomplished accompaniment who can stick handle at aloft boilerplate levels. Kuznetsov has a accomplished wrist attempt and shows acceptable eyes from the sideboards. They don’t appear with any consistently, but he’s able of “wow” moments, acknowledgment to his accustomed blow and solid speed. Kuznetsov is a big kid at 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, but he’s not all that physical, accident added battles than he should at his size. His accomplishment and positional comedy on the arresting end could use some assignment too. The aggregation that drafts him will be accepting a acceptable aggregate of abhorrent adeptness but will additionally apperceive there are a lot of warts to assignment around.

100. Ondrej Vala, D, Kamloops (WHL) DOB: 4/13/98 | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 207 GP: 72 | G: 4 | A: 17

At the 100th spot, we accept a amateur that has an arresting set of abilities and tools. Vala is a big defenseman at 6-foot-5, and I advanced there is some puck-moving upside to his game. Apperception you, he’s no Erik Karlsson, but Vala has apparent the hockey faculty to be competent with the puck. And at the under-18 and WHL levels, he has been able during his time on the adeptness play. He is appropriate defensively too, application his big anatomy to clog up lanes and win battles. His skating is poor, with a absolute awkward attitude and stride. He can be angry angular a little too accessible by quick forwards, which is a aloft hurdle that he’ll charge to affected on his way to potentially acceptable a top prospect.

Honorable mentions:

Henrik Borgstrom, LW, HIFK (Jr. A Liiga) Vojtech Budik, D, Prince Albert (WHL) Jacob Cederholm, D (J20 SuperElit) Dylan Gambrell, C, University of Denver (NCHC) Connor Hall, D, Kitchener (OHL) Ivan Kosorenkov, RW, Spartak (MHL) William Knierim, RW, Dubuque (USHL) Otto Makinen, C, Taapara (Jr.A Liiga) Mitchell Mattson, C, Grand Rapids Aerial (US Aerial School) Nikita Makeyev, D, Russia U18 (MHL) Nathan Noel, C, Saint John (QMJHL) Nick Pastujov, C, USNTDP (USHL) Livio Stadler, D, Zug (NLA) Andrei Svetlakov, C, CSKA (KHL) Alexander Yakovenko, D, Russia U18 (MHL)

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