Database Design Fundamentals - ppt download
Database Design Fundamentals - ppt download | sql normal forms

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Find out what normalization is and how your database can account from it (or ache from it). Apprentice the advantages, disadvantages, and some techniques and guidelines to accomplishing it yourself.

Database Design Fundamentals - ppt download - sql normal forms
Database Design Fundamentals – ppt download – sql normal forms | sql normal forms

In this hour, you apprentice the action of demography a raw database and breaking it into analytic units alleged tables. This action is referred to as normalization. The normalization action is acclimated by database developers to architecture databases in which it is accessible to adapt and administer abstracts while ensuring the accurateness of abstracts throughout the database.

The advantages and disadvantages of both normalization and denormalization of a database are discussed, as able-bodied as abstracts candor against achievement issues that affect to normalization.

The highlights of this hour include

What normalization is

Benefits of normalization

Advantages of denormalization

Normalization techniques

Guidelines of normalization

sql - Is this database in third normal form/10NF? - Stack Overflow - sql normal forms
sql – Is this database in third normal form/10NF? – Stack Overflow – sql normal forms | sql normal forms

The three accustomed forms

Database design

Normalization is a action of abbreviation redundancies of abstracts in a database. Normalization is a abode that is acclimated back designing and redesigning a database. Normalization is a action or set of guidelines acclimated to optimally architecture a database to abate bombastic data. The absolute guidelines of normalization, alleged accustomed forms, will be discussed after in this hour. It was a difficult accommodation to adjudge whether to awning normalization in this book because of the complication complex in compassionate the rules of the normal forms this aboriginal on in your SQL journey. However, normalization is an important action that, if understood, will admission your compassionate of SQL. We have attempted to abridge the action of normalization as abundant as accessible in this hour. At this point, don’t be ever anxious with all the specifics of normalization; it is best important to accept the basal concepts.

A database that is not normalized may accommodate abstracts that is absolute in one or added altered tables for no credible reason. This could be bad for aegis reasons, deejay amplitude usage, acceleration of queries, ability of database updates, and, maybe best importantly, abstracts integrity. A database afore normalization is one that has not been burst bottomward logically into smaller, added acquiescent tables. Amount 4.1 illustrates the database acclimated for this book afore it was normalized.

Figure 4.1 The raw database.

Any database should be advised with the end user in mind. Analytic database design, additionally referred to as the analytic model, is the action of alignment data into logical, organized groups of altar that can calmly be maintained. The analytic architecture of a database should abate abstracts alliteration or go so far as to absolutely annihilate it. After all, why abundance the aforementioned abstracts twice? Naming conventions acclimated in a database should additionally be accepted and logical.

The needs of the end user should be one of the top considerations when designing a database. Remember that the end user is the being who ultimately uses the database. There should be affluence of use through the user’s front-end apparatus (a applicant affairs that allows a user admission to a database), but this, along with optimal performance, cannot be accomplished if the user’s needs are not taken into consideration.

Some user-related architecture considerations accommodate the following:

What abstracts should be stored in the database?

Database Normalization - Database Design - Lecture Slides - Docsity - sql normal forms
Database Normalization – Database Design – Lecture Slides – Docsity – sql normal forms | sql normal forms

How will the user admission the database?

What privileges does the user require?

How should the abstracts be aggregate in the database?

What abstracts is the best frequently accessed?

How is all abstracts accompanying in the database?

What measures should be taken to ensure authentic data?

Data should not be redundant, which agency that the duplication of abstracts should be kept to a minimum for several reasons. For example, it is accidental to abundance an employee’s home abode in added than one table. With duplicate data, accidental amplitude is used. Confusion is consistently a blackmail when, for instance, an abode for an agent in one table does not bout the abode of the aforementioned agent in accession table. Which table is correct? Do you have affidavit to verify the employee’s accepted address? As if data administration were not difficult enough, back-up of abstracts could prove to be a disaster.

The aing sections altercate the accustomed forms, an basic abstraction complex in the action of database normalization.

Normal anatomy is a way of barometer the levels, or depth, to which a database has been normalized. A database’s akin of normalization is bent by the accustomed form.

Chapter 10 Summary Normalization | Table (Database) | Sql - sql normal forms
Chapter 10 Summary Normalization | Table (Database) | Sql – sql normal forms | sql normal forms

The afterward are the three best accepted accustomed forms in the normalization process:

The aboriginal accustomed form

The additional accustomed form

The third accustomed form

Of the three accustomed forms, anniversary consecutive accustomed anatomy depends on normalization accomplish taken in the antecedent accustomed form. For example, to normalize a database application the additional accustomed form, the database charge aboriginal be in the first accustomed form.

The cold of the aboriginal accustomed anatomy is to bisect the abject abstracts into analytic units alleged tables. Back anniversary table has been designed, a primary key is assigned to best or all tables. Examine Amount 4.2, which illustrates how the raw database apparent in the antecedent amount has been redeveloped application the aboriginal accustomed form.

You can see that to accomplish the aboriginal accustomed form, abstracts had to be burst into analytic units of accompanying information, anniversary accepting a primary key and ensuring that there are no again groups in any of the tables. Instead of one large table, there are now smaller, added acquiescent tables: EMPLOYEE_TBL, CUSTOMER_TBL, and PRODUCTS_TBL. The primary keys are normally the aboriginal columns listed in a table, in this case: EMP_ID, CUST_ID, and PROD_ID .

The cold of the additional accustomed anatomy is to booty abstracts that is alone partly abased on the primary key and admission that abstracts into accession table. Amount 4.3 illustrates the additional accustomed form.

According to the figure, the additional accustomed anatomy is acquired from the first accustomed anatomy by added breaking two tables bottomward into added specific units.

Database Design Fundamentals - ppt download - sql normal forms
Database Design Fundamentals – ppt download – sql normal forms | sql normal forms

EMPLOYEE_TBL breach into two tables alleged EMPLOYEE_TBL and EMPLOYEE_PAY_TBL. Personal agent advice is abased on the primary key (EMP_ID), so that advice remained in the EMPLOYEE_TBL (EMP_ID, LAST_NAME, FIRST_NAME, MIDDLE_NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP, PHONE, and PAGER). On the added hand, the advice that is alone partly abased on the EMP_ID (each alone employee) is acclimated to abide EMPLOYEE_PAY_TBL (EMP_ID, POSITION, POSITION_DESC, DATE_HIRE, PAY_RATE, and DATE_LAST_RAISE). Notice that both tables accommodate the cavalcade EMP_ID. This is the primary key of anniversary table and is acclimated to bout agnate abstracts amid the two tables.

CUSTOMER_TBL breach into two tables alleged CUSTOMER_TBL and ORDERS_TBL. What took abode is agnate to what occurred in the EMPLOYEE_TBL. Columns that were partly abased on the primary key were directed to accession table. The adjustment advice for a chump is abased on anniversary CUST_ID, but does not anon depend on the general chump advice in the aboriginal table.

The third accustomed form’s cold is to aish abstracts in a table that is not abased on the primary key. Amount 4.4 illustrates the third accustomed form.

Another table was created to affectation the use of the third accustomed form. EMPLOYEE_PAY_TBL is breach into two tables, one table absolute the absolute agent pay advice and the added absolute the position descriptions, which absolutely do not charge to abide in EMPLOYEE_PAY_TBL. The POSITION_DESC cavalcade is absolutely absolute of the primary key, EMP_ID .

Naming conventions are one of the foremost considerations back you’re normalizing a database. Names are how you will accredit to altar in the database. You appetite to accord your tables names that are anecdotic of the blazon of advice they accommodate so that the abstracts you are attractive for is accessible to find. Anecdotic table names are abnormally important for users querying the database that had no allotment in the database design. A company-wide allotment assemblage should be set, accouterment advice in the allotment of not alone tables aural the database, but users, filenames, and added accompanying objects. Designing and administration naming conventions is one of a company’s aboriginal accomplish against a acknowledged database implementation.

Normalization provides abundant allowances to a database. Some of the major allowances accommodate the afterward :

Greater all-embracing database organization

Reduction of bombastic data

Data bendability aural the database

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A abundant added adjustable database design

A bigger handle on database security

Organization is brought about by the normalization process, making everyone’s job easier, from the user who accesses tables to the database ambassador (DBA) who is amenable for the all-embracing administration of every article in the database. Abstracts back-up is reduced, which simplifies data structures and conserves deejay space. Because alike abstracts is minimized, the achievability of inconsistent abstracts is abundantly reduced. For example, in one table an individual’s name could apprehend STEVE SMITH, admitting the name of the aforementioned alone reads STEPHEN R. SMITH in accession table. Because the database has been normalized and burst into abate tables, you are provided with added adaptability as far as modifying absolute structures. It is abundant easier to adapt a baby table with little abstracts than to adapt one big table that holds all the basic abstracts in the database. Lastly, aegis is also provided in the faculty that the DBA can admission admission to bound tables to certain users. Aegis is easier to ascendancy back normalization has occurred.

Data candor is the affirmation of constant and authentic abstracts aural a database.

Referential candor artlessly agency that the ethics of one cavalcade in a table depend on the ethics of a cavalcade in accession table. For instance, in adjustment for a chump to accept a almanac in the ORDERS_TBL table, there charge aboriginal be a almanac for that chump in the CUSTOMER_TBL table. Integrity constraints can additionally ascendancy ethics by akin a ambit of ethics for a column. The candor coercion should be created at the table’s creation. Referential candor is about controlled through the use of primary and adopted keys.

In a table, a adopted key, commonly a distinct field, anon references a primary key in accession table to accomplish referential integrity. In the preceding paragraph, the CUST_ID in ORDERS_TBL is a adopted key that references CUST_ID in CUSTOMER_TBL.

Although best acknowledged databases are normalized to some degree, there is one abundant check of a normalized database: bargain database performance. The accepting of bargain achievement requires the ability that back a query or transaction appeal is beatific to the database, there are factors involved, such as CPU usage, anamnesis usage, and input/output (I/O). To accomplish a continued adventure short, a normalized database requires abundant added CPU, memory, and I/O to process affairs and database queries than does a denormalized database. A normalized database charge locate the requested tables and again accompany the abstracts from the tables to either get the requested advice or to action the desired data. A added all-embracing altercation apropos database achievement occurs in Hour 18, “Managing Database Users.”

Denormalization is the action of demography a normalized database and modifying table structures to acquiesce controlled back-up for added database performance. Attempting to advance achievement is the alone acumen to ever denormalize a database. A denormalized database is not the aforementioned as a database that has not been normalized. Denormalizing a database is the action of taking the akin of normalization aural the database bottomward a cleft or two. Remember, normalization can absolutely apathetic achievement with its frequently occurring table accompany operations. (Table joins are discussed during Hour 13, “Joining Tables in Queries.”) Denormalization may absorb recombining abstracted tables or creating alike abstracts aural tables to abate the cardinal of tables that need to be aing to retrieve the requested data, which after-effects in beneath I/O and CPU time.

There are costs to denormalization, however. Abstracts back-up is added in a denormalized database, which can advance achievement but requires more accidental efforts to accumulate clue of accompanying data. Application coding renders added complications, because the abstracts has been advance beyond assorted tables and may be added difficult to locate. In addition, referential candor is added of a chore; accompanying abstracts has been disconnected amid a cardinal of tables. There is a happy average in both normalization and denormalization, but both crave a thorough ability of the absolute abstracts and the specific business requirements of the pertinent company.

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Most Effective Ways To Overcome Sql Normal Forms’s Problem | Sql Normal Forms – sql normal forms
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