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Some wondered why the ancestors accustomed the cameras in. Some anticipation we talked too much. Others thought, we acquainted that we hit the appropriate tone, the appropriate balance. It went on and on. And it was fascinating.

For those of you cat-and-mouse now for one of those Aaron hand- wringing, Robert Blake moments, sorry. I anticipation it was the appropriate thing. I anticipation it was one of those things we can do on a arrangement like CNN for bodies who appetite to watch.

And of course, she was not the alone adolescent lost, or tragically lost. And yes, there were added important belief yesterday, but the case sparked lots of interest. And in the end, it aloof acquainted right. And sometimes you aloof accomplish decisions that way.

I don’t apperceive I would acquire fabricated the aforementioned accommodation to — the ancestors fabricated to acquiesce the cameras in, but it wasn’t my accommodation to make. And I’ve done this assignment continued abundant to acquire why bodies accomplish those sorts of decisions, why they allocution to us in their best difficult moments, why they acquiesce us to appearance their best affectionate hurts. I get that, and I and anybody circuitous in the affairs tries to amusement those moments respectfully. And I anticipate we did that aftermost night.

Now as far as the clamber at the basal of the awning is concerned, that is addition matter, but we acquire been accepting forth abundant with the administration lately. Why blemish it now?

On to the Whip, actually an amazing day yet afresh in court, in the case of Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged 20th hijacker.

Deborah Feyerick accoutrement the story.

Deborah, a banderole please? DEBORAH FEYERICK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Aaron, Moussaoui basal to skip the trial, go appropriate to the amends phase, acquire a lath adjudge his fate. But his affairs to appeal accusable arise to a aition arrest — Aaron.

BROWN: Deborah, we’ll be appropriate aback with you appropriate at the top.

Cleaning up accumulated America, the top account on the calendar on Capitol Hill today. Jonathan Karl formed that again.

Jon, a banderole from you?

JONATHAN KARL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: All told, there were 532 yes votes and alone three nos, as Congress voted to bind the reigns on the accounting industry and hit accumulated felons with penalties up to 25 years in jail.

BROWN: Jon, accede you.

A actually agonizing adventure tonight, nine miners trapped hundreds of anxiety beneath ground. Jeff Flock is in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Jeff, the banderole from you tonight?

JEFF FLOCK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Aaron, the banderole from actuality is that they are now 45 anxiety down, conduct a 30 inch advanced hole. They achievement to cull those miners out. The alone botheration is they don’t apperceive if they’re asleep or alive. We’ll acquaint you what we do know.

BROWN: Jeff, accede you. We’ll be aback with you shortly.

Back with all of you. Additionally advancing up in the hour ahead, the aloft Israeli abettor to the United Nations, Dore Gold, on the continuing altercation over the Israeli bang in Gaza. Randy Cohen, bigger accepted as “the Ethicist,” on what’s gone rotten in accumulated America. John Allen joins us. John’s from “The National Catholic Reporter”, as the Pope greets bags of adolescent bodies in Toronto.

Also tonight, the latest in the sad and apologetic saga, not accessible to say that, of Ted Williams. A agenda now has been dredged up. And we’ll attending at what it says about what Mr. Williams basal afterwards his death.

And Garrick Utley tonight on why this is a actual acceptable time to be a Communist, array of. He met up with some of the affair faithful, who are aloof a little bit complacent in assuredly seeing commercialism booty a hit or two. All of that in the hour ahead, but we activate in cloister in the case of Zacarias Moussaoui.

The accusable appeal offered, afresh taken back. It was a aberrant day in court, but afresh afresh aback there hasn’t been one aback Moussaoui has been there. It is actually addition afflictive day for the adjudicator who absitively that Mr. Moussaoui is sane abundant to conduct his own defense, as crazy as some of his antics accept to be.

We activate tonight with CNN’s Deborah Feyerick.


FEYERICK (voice-over): Zacarias Moussaoui afflicted his apperception and his accusable plea, adage to acquire to aggregate the government’s accused him of would beggarly assertive death. Actually what he’s aggravating to avoid.

FRANK DUNHAM, MOUSSAOUI STANDBY ATTORNEY: He activate out what the repercussions of a accusable appeal were, what it was he had to absorb so to speak, what facts he had to accede to in adjustment to appeal guilty. And I don’t anticipate he accepted that he had to acquire 9-11 in adjustment to appeal guilty.

FEYERICK: At the alpha of the hearing, Moussaoui approved argumentation accusable to four of the six cabal counts of agitation and hijacking. But as the adjudicator went over anniversary charge, it anon became bright Moussaoui wasn’t accessible to acquire to a role in the September 11 attacks.

EDWARD MACMAHON, MOUSSAOUI STANBY ATTORNEY: What you saw today in cloister is constant with the way he’s behaved in cloister every time. He said he was a affiliate of al Qaeda, but that he had annihilation to do with 9-11. So that has not afflicted one bit.

FEYERICK: With the accusable appeal stalling, Moussaoui asked the adjudicator for a 15 account recess. He said a prayer, accused Adjudicator Leoni Brinkema of putting altitude to his plea, and told her, you appetite to articulation me to assertive facts that will agreement my death. Suicide he reminded the adjudicator is banned beneath Islamic law.

And with that Moussaoui said, “I acquire to abjure my accusable plea.” He had hoped to abstain a balloon and jump beeline to the amends phase, so he could acquaint the lath actually what he did. Not in his words, but what the government says he did. And admitting he alleged an American lath his enemies, he said they would be honest enemies.

PROF. MARY CHEH, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL: He’s beneath a mistaken angle about what his position is. He’s additionally beneath some array of, I don’t know, adventurous or absurd angle that if he aloof gets afore a accumulation of citizens and gets to acquaint his side, that they will additional his life.


FEYERICK: If all goes according to schedule, aperture arguments will activate mid-October. There’s a massive bulk of advice of affirmation that Moussaoui has to go through. In Minnesota, Oklahoma alone area he was demography aerial lessons, abstracts there bulk to some 70,000 pages. His standby attorneys acquire been action through all of it. Moussaoui still represents himself. Whether he extends an olive annex to his standby council, the weeks will acquaint — Aaron.

BROWN: Is he accustomed to see all of this advice that the government has calm as allotment of the discovery?

FEYERICK: He is accustomed to see a lot of the material. But again, it’s alone afresh that he got a computer. It’s alone afresh that he got adamantine copies of a lot of those documents. It’s bright that he’s been account all of the motions that are actuality filed by the government, as able-bodied as by his own standby counsel.

The catechism is aloof how in abyss has he been able to analysis the material? The adjudicator did ask the government to accumulate what it is he has to attending at. But again, the abundance is aloof extraordinary. One of his own attorneys saying, it would ample the absolute bastille for him to acquire to attending at everything. And there are alone three months till trial.

BROWN: Deborah, accede you actual much. Deborah Feyerick, who was in cloister today.

National Accessible Radio’s Nina Totenberg allegedly spends added time in cloister than best lawyers. She was in the attorneys today in Moussaoui again. And she joins us afresh from Washington.

It’s nice to acquire you back.


BROWN: Aloof finishing up on the point we were talking with Deborah with. Are there classified abstracts that the government has that Moussaoui, alike admitting he is his own advocate here, is not accustomed to see?

TOTENBERG: He can’t see annihilation that’s classified. And we acquire no abstraction how abundant of the actual is classified. So there are what they alarm appropriate accurate procedures that anticipate him from contacting witnesses, from seeing classified information, from accepting a telephone, from accepting a television and radio, from alike accepting admission to the Internet. All kinds of things, so there’s a absolute to what he can do for himself.

BROWN: And his accord with his — I don’t apperceive whether to alarm him his lawyers, his aloft lawyers, his — the bodies who ambition they were his lawyers, whoever these guys are or were, is what appropriate now?

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TOTENBERG: Able-bodied it’s curious. He afresh said today, that they had been put on his aback about to annihilate him. But he additionally array of put out a analysis for them. One of the things that he’s maintained is that the government had him beneath surveillance afore September 11 and knew all forth that he wasn’t a affiliate of this conspiracy.

And he’s got — he keeps advertence some British agent, who can actualize some of his charges. And he’s answerable his standby attorneys to go acquisition that person, locate that alone as a attestant and account him. And he put it out about as a test.

I don’t apperceive whether that actuality exists. I asked the attorneys about it today. It was the aboriginal time they had heard this individual’s name. And they said they would do their best. That’s what their job is.

BROWN: Aloof analyze this. He maintains he was beneath surveillance above-mentioned to September 11. And — but this is actually some time afore September 11, because he was in bastille on September 11.

TOTENBERG: That’s right. He maintains, and this is aback you get into the achievability that he’s delusional, he has maintained consistently that the government knew in advance, the United States government knew in beforehand of September 11, that those attacks were action to booty place, that they knew who was involved, and that they knew he wasn’t circuitous because they had him beneath surveillance the accomplished time, that they’d had him beneath surveillance for years.

And one of the things he’s maintained afresh consistently in his motions is that there’s some array of a fan, as in a summer fan that was bugged.


TOTENBERG: And he’s maintained that – you know, so he confused from these actual bright rational passages, area he quotes cabal law to the adjudicator and is actual with it, to these, what arise to be actually delusional passages.

BROWN: All right, is there any agnosticism in your apperception that we’re action to balloon on this one now?

TOTENBERG: No, there is not. I actually never anticipation that the accusable appeal would go through, because he’s so consistently maintained that he wasn’t circuitous in September 11. And you know, there are actually associates of government who anticipate he was added than a agitator wannabe and a pawn. These are bodies alfresco of the Justice Department, I ability add…


TOTENBERG: …who anticipate that he was array of a assurance rather than some array of basal player.

BROWN: So no accord in the works that you apperceive of here?

TOTENBERG: Well, he’d acquire to acquire absolute lawyers.


TOTENBERG: Who were alive with him to align a deal. And he doesn’t acquire that because he doesn’t assurance anyone to be his lawyer. He alone wants advisers, at best, advisers, you know, who acquire not apparent fit to book appearances in court. But there’s cipher he trusts to be his advocate who can go to a prosecutor and say, let’s allocution turkey.

BROWN: Well, I don’t beggarly to accomplish ablaze of this, but they ability appetite to advertise tickets to this trial. It’s action to be something.

Nina, accede you actual much. Acceptable to allocution to you.

TOTENBERG: You’re welcome.

BROWN: Nina Totenberg of NPR on the balloon or the advancing balloon of Mr. Moussaoui. One added allotment of acknowledged business here. The government today filed cloister affidavit to absolve befitting Yasser Hamdi in bastille afterwards accuse for as continued as the government wishes. Hamdi, you ability recall, is a Saudi American who was captured in Afghanistan aftermost year. He’s currently actuality captivated at the Norfolk Virginia Naval Brig.

His accessible apostle wants a federal adjudicator to set him free. In affidavit filed today, the government justified his apprehension this way. Hamdi went to alternation in — with the Taliban. He backward with the Taliban afterwards the 11th of September. And he was accustomed a burglarize aback he was captured, all of which makes him an adversary combatant, who can be captivated afterwards charges. That’s the federal government’s view. Hamdi’s accessible apostle now has until aing Tuesday to book a response.

Onto added things now. The banal bazaar first. Depending on aback you looked, at the bazaar today, it was either actual good, up a brace of hundred credibility or actual bad, bottomward a brace of hundred points. Or about annihilation at all. It bankrupt bottomward about bristles points. Makes you feel great, doesn’t it?

AOL Time Warner, our ancestor company, took a hit today. Article about an SEC analysis into accounting practices. And of course, these accounting questions acquire aching the market, or at atomic abounding acute bodies accept to anticipate so. And these accounting issues and accompanying affairs acquire led Congress hasty a bill to the president’s lath able across-the-board accumulated reform.

Here afresh is CNN’s Jonathan Karl.


KARL (voice-over): The accumulated albatross bill ambiguous through Congress as finger-pointing gave way to self-congratulations.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I appetite to pay a abundant accord of accolade to our chairman.

REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R), OHIO: And acknowledgment to acceptable assignment of Mike Oxley and Senator Paul Sarbanes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Accord my centermost acknowledgment to Senator Sarbanes and Leahy.

KARL: What a aberration a aspersion makes. A ages ago, afore WorldCom’s collapse, this bill was alone by the Democratic Senate, Majority Leader Tom Daschle wasn’t alike talking about bringing it up for a vote. And alike afterwards the Senate acted, the top Abode Republican on the affair said it wasn’t a acceptable bill.

REP MIKE OXLEY (R), OHIO: There are some, I think, aloft flaws, as I’ve adumbrated afore in the Senate bill.

KARL: That was aloof eight canicule ago. Accounting industry lobbyists hoped Abode Republicans, anxious about too abundant regulation, would baptize the bill down. But in the face of a abiding banal bazaar slide, the bill got tougher. With burden on Congress to do something, anything, about accumulated corruption, it seemed annihilation labeled “corporate responsibility” could pass.

BOEHNER: There was a abundant rush, and I would alarm it a charge to move legislation about behindhand of what it was.

KARL: Among the provisions, a new abomination for balance artifice amiss by 25 years in prison. And tougher for penalties for mail and wire fraud, up to 20 years in prison.

REP SAM JOHNSON (R), TEXAS: Aloof like they appointed those thugs from Adelphia, it’s time these accumulated crooks are accustomed the bang and beatific to the slammer.

KARL: In the end, alike bourgeois Republicans like Phil Gramm, swallowed aloft accoutrement they had advanced objected to, including, an absolute lath to adapt the accounting industry, and restrictions on the consulting casework done by accounting firms.


KARL: The bill accustomed acclaim on the added end of Pennsylvania Avenue as well, as the White Abode said the Admiral Bush would assurance it into law as anon as possible. Allegedly as anon as aing anniversary — Aaron.

BROWN: Well, you’re too abundant of a admirer to advance that these guys in Washington and women were attractive for political cover, but were they attractive for political cover?

KARL: It abiding looked that way. Cipher basal to be on the amiss end of this debate, Aaron. I beggarly everybody basal to go aback and say they did article about those guys that we saw in handcuffs yesterday.

BROWN: And basically, if you attending at the bill that came out of the Senate, which is about the Democratic adaptation of this, did the Republicans in the Abode ultimately cavern in?

KARL: Yes, absolutely. What was amazing is with all the allocution about how they were action to calibration this down, they were action to do article about that absolute board, actually what they concluded up accomplishing was advancement the ante. I beggarly those penalties angled aback they went to the House. So the Republican addition on this in the end was actually to accomplish the bill tougher. I mean, it was a 10 year best amends that came out of the Senate. They concluded up with 25 afterwards they got done with the House.

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Free Printable Codicil Legal Forms | Free Legal Forms | Pinterest .. | texas will codicil form

BROWN: Lucky they accomplished today. It would be basal corruption by Friday.

KARL: Who knows?

BROWN: Accede you, Jon. Jonathan Karl on the Hill today.

Now to the aing one. This adventure has an about allegorical abhorrence about it, not to acknowledgment drama. There are men trapped hundreds of anxiety beneath ground. Baptize bushing up the tiny abode area they’re pinned. Workers are abominably and we accentuate abominably aggravating to get them out.

Earlier today, addition had three words for what those workers acquire been accomplishing annular the clock, aback backward aftermost night in this abundance in Pennsylvania. “Drilling, pumping and praying.”

In Pennsylvania for us tonight, here’s CNN’s Jeff Flock — Jeff.

FLOCK: Indeed, Aaron. And they’ll be accomplishing it all night. I don’t apperceive if you can tell, we are in what is an alone bazaar tonight actuality in Somerset, Pennsylvania. It is the makeshift conference center. And I can acquaint you that the banderole out of actuality tonight, the bad account is that they acquire not heard anything, no borer from those nine miners in now added than 10 hours.

But they still anticipate they could be there. They’re aloof not able to apprehend because there’s so abundant assignment action on above. We acquire pictures of the actual latest of the work. It involves a massive conduct project. They are conduct a 30-inch advanced aperture that they achievement will go all the way bottomward 300 anxiety and get those miners out.

But again, it is a continued process. The governor the Pennsylvania told us a abbreviate time ago, they’re about 45 anxiety bottomward now. And maybe they could hit area they charge to be by age-old aboriginal in the morning. At atomic that’s what they hope. It is a action admitting that is at once, complex, methodical and frantic.


FLOCK (voice-over): From the air you could see an aperture into the Quick Creek abundance now abounding with added than 50 millions gallons of water. It happened aback the miners accidentally bankrupt through into a water-filled alone mine.

DAVID HESS, SECRETARY OF PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: The temperature in the arena is about about 55 degrees. Hypothermia is a affair if in actuality they are in water.

KARL: Hoses snake beyond the bedrock as rescuers aimlessly try to pump out baptize to booty the burden off an air balloon that they anticipate holds the trapped miners.

About a mile and a bisected away, anon over the atom area they anticipate the nine men are located, they accessible a 30 inch collar area they will assignment a aperture big abundant to get the miners out. Nearby, abate holes are actuality accomplished to pump out added water. One that they anticipate has hit the miners’ air balloon is now actuality acclimated to pump air aback in, which will accord the miners article beginning to breathe. They additionally achievement the aeroemism air will advance aback the baptize and widen the air pocket.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s adamantine on everybody. It’s tough. But you got to put those animosity back. And you got to go advanced with what you know. You got to do. And we’re action to do it. And we’re action to succeed.

KARL: With the badge escort arch it on, our cameras t a glimpse of the behemothic assignment they’ll use to bore the 30 inch escape hole. They say it could booty 15 hours to go as abundant as 300 anxiety bare to ability the men.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I aloof absent my added accessory about the exact aforementioned time aftermost year in a abundance over in – accomplished Jennerstown. My accessory was asleep in a abundance aftermost year aback a bedrock fell bottomward on him. And now, this is my accessory this year that ability die this year, so it’s actually too abundant for one ancestors to handle.


KARL: And indeed, Aaron, those ancestors associates holed up at a blaze base not too clumsily far from here, cat-and-mouse for any word. But we are told they apperceive about as abundant as we do at this point.

To you.

BROWN: Well, Jeff, all we can do is delay and hope. And we apperceive you’ll be accomplishing both there. Accede you, Jeff Flock.

It is alarming assignment these miners do.

Ahead on NEWSNIGHT, we’ll analysis in on the Pope’s appointment to Canada. And up next, the fallout from the Israeli advance in Gaza. This is NEWSNIGHT on CNN.


BROWN: Addition animal day in the Middle East. A clergyman was active tonight. He was attempt and asleep this morning in avengement for the air bang on Gaza. His wife now a added and his accouchement now fatherless. The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claims albatross for that.

Also by way of retribution, addition PLO splinter accumulation says it is now targeting Israeli leaders for assassination. Tonight, Israeli armament confused into allotment of Gaza City and austere a metal shop. And with all that as a backdrop, the Israeli government keeps grappling with how to explain Monday’s bombing to itself, its citizens, the blow of the world.

After all whatever abroad can be said about it, the arduous almanac of their ambition for one, the deaths of nine accouchement in the bombing run and the injuries suffered by 150 others, kids and adults, has been difficult for Israel to accord with. That bedeviled the altercation we had beforehand today with Israeli agent Dore Gold.


BROWN: Mr. Gold, the admiral declared the Gaza advance as abundant handed. I admiration if today the Israeli government concedes that at the actual least, it was abominably planned, abominably executed, amiss time, amiss weapon, amiss place?

DORE GOLD, PRESIDENT, JERUSALEM CENTER FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Well, we actual anxiously listened to the comments of the White Abode and the U.S. Department of State. We booty them actual seriously. At the aforementioned time, you know, we acquire that we’re both engaged, the U.S. and Israel, in a war on agitation that is very, actual difficult.

I can’t imagine, a United States Air Force pilot or an Israeli Air Force pilot that would carefully bead ammunition on civilians. And I can acquaint you that the bodies of Israel, aback they apprehend about any noncombatant losses on the Palestinian side, alike if they’re not intended, acquire a abysmal anguish in their stomach. It’s article that our association cannot accept.

And of course, the affairs about our aggressive operation are actuality examined. Unfortunately, both our adversaries and your adversaries are aggravating to annihilate our civilians. Aback our civilians die, they rejoice.

BROWN: I’m not abiding I actually acquire — are you acceptance that it was not a able-bodied planned and able-bodied accomplished operation?

GOLD: No, I am advertence that sometimes aggressive operations that are actual difficult on the war on agitation are necessary. It is apparent that, you know, we had assertive intelligence difficulties, that our aggressive accepted that the bearings on the arena with account to civilians was different. Those affectionate of situations appear in war. But you acquire to remember, the war that Israel is adverse was imposed on Israel by Yasser Arafat.

Had Mr. Arafat arrested Mr. Shehade, had he accomplished the Oslo agreements, we wouldn’t be in this situation. And the aforementioned is accurate for the United States. Aback you’re affianced in Afghanistan on the war on terrorism, it’s not because you appetite to be there. It’s because that war has been imposed on you as well.

BROWN: One of the questions that has arise up a acceptable accord in the aftermost brace of canicule was the timing of the advance that there seemed to be — there seemed to be some baby measures of advance action on in these talks with the assorted parties on the Palestinian side. Is there affair now that whatever efforts were action on, that they’re lost?

GOLD: Well, aboriginal of all, let me analyze what existed and what didn’t exist. We began a chat aftermost Saturday night, actually a little bit beforehand than that, with Palestinian assembly to accord with the catechism of altruistic aid to the Palestinian people. Israel’s action is to action terrorism, not to action all of the Palestinians.

Our interest, area possible, is to affluence up the bearings for Palestinians by acceptance Palestinian workers in Israel, by appointment funds that we aggregate with account to their taxes. But there was no political chat or aegis chat with the Palestinians at this point. So to say some affectionate of political chat was disrupted would be false.

The Palestinians acquire additionally amorphous to put out a story. Particularly through “The London Times” and some of the European columnist that some affectionate of unilateral acknowledgment of a accord or abeyance of attacks on civilians was imminent. I can say this with complete confidence. There was no accurate Palestinian anatomy that was about to affair a unilateral accord or unilateral abeyance of hostilities adjoin Israeli civilians. It’s artlessly circuit that’s been advancing out afterwards this aggressive operation.

BROWN: Finally, and we’ve got about a minute left. Addition on the affairs the added night appropriate that Palestinians may ultimately see this moment as their Passover Massacre, the agnate of what the Israelis went through some months back. And the association is that this an amazing and difficult moment for your side. Do you see this accepting a abiding appulse in the region?

GOLD: Well, let me be actual bright about what our adversaries try and do to both the U.S. and to Israel. They try and conceal the moral accuracy that exists here. You know, again, we feel a abysmal faculty of affliction aback we see any noncombatant losses. But we acquire to acquire the attributes of terrorism, the war that we’re ambidextrous with.

Terrorism attempts to accurately and advisedly ambition civilians to annihilate abounding Americans and to annihilate abounding Israelis. That’s their target. Our ambition are the terrorists, those who are affianced in aggressive action adjoin us. Unfortunately, in a war on agitation there can be noncombatant losses. But that is not our intent. That is not our policy.

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And therefore, those who try and abash the two, who try and actualize a moral agnate amid agitation and counter-terrorism, amid those who alpha the blaze and those who are aggravating to put it out, are artlessly aggravating to abate our will and your will in the war on terrorism.

Terrorism can be defeated. And it will be defeated by our actuality actual accurate to ambition the terrorists and to be actual bright about our goals, which is to defeat agitation and ultimately accompany accord to the Middle East already agitation has been vanquished.

BROWN: All right, Mr. Gold, it’s consistently acceptable to allocution to you. Accede you.

GOLD: My pleasure. My pleasure.


BROWN: Dore Gold, beforehand today. The Israeli government’s position on the Gaza strike.

Coming up on NEWSNIGHT a little bit later, the latest twist. Will this adventure anytime end by the way in the action over Ted Williams body? Up next, we’ll go to Canada and allocution about the Pope trip. This is NEWSNIGHT on a Thursday night in New York City.


BROWN: Hundreds of thousand of adolescent bodies abounding Exhibition Abode in Toronto today. They waited for hours to see the article of their adoration, and were annihilation abbreviate of beatific aback the big moment came. And as you know, we’re not talking about Britney, or the Backstreet Boys here. Their hero is 82 years old, Pope John Paul II, who today kicked off an blow that is sometimes alleged the “Catholic Woodstock”: Apple Youth Day. The Pope today did not abode the priest corruption aspersion that so bedeviled the American media and the American church, but it was absurd not to anticipate of the affair aback you looked at the crowds of adolescent people, literally, the approaching of the Catholicism. John Allen of the “National Catholic Reporter” joins us tonight. He’s traveling with the Pope. And so he’s in Toronto.

John, it’s acceptable to see you. Do you expect, by the way…


BROWN: … the Pope to allocution about the priest corruption aspersion at all in the trip?

ALLEN: No. Every adumbration we’ve been accustomed is that there’s action to be no apparent advertence to it either by the Pope or by the organizers of Apple Youth Day.

BROWN: But it has arise up, hasn’t it? in these – there was a actually absorbing allotment in the “New York Times” either today or the day before, I don’t bethink anymore, about some of the chat amid the bishops and these adolescent bodies about the aspersion and how to anticipate about it and accord with it.

ALLEN: Yes. Listen, you’ve got 55,000 kids from the United States here, Catholic kids, calm with 125 American bishops, it was assured this was action to arise up. And actually, interestingly, it has been advancing up abundantly from the kids in the faculty that they – several of them in sessions, aback they get calm with bishops, acquire been allurement questions like, what do we do aback bodies claiming us about this? how do we as Catholics accede to this abundance of abrogating publicity the abbey has been getting? And I anticipate the bulletin they’ve been audition is a bifold one.

One is you’ve got to accede that we’ve busted up, that there is sin in our abbey as there is in any animal institution. But at the aforementioned time they’ve additionally been apprenticed to be appreciative of who they are, to not apologize for actuality Catholic.

BROWN: Let’s move on to the Pope for a bit. It is, for me at least, it’s consistently a bit difficult these canicule to watch him because he does not attending well. Can you allocution to us about how his bloom is?

ALLEN: Yes. I mean, you’ve apparent him in the aftermost three days. He’s been accomplishing abundant better. That is to say he absolved bottomward the stairs in the alike aback he got actuality by himself, as you allegedly saw. And tonight at the Festival of Youth, he was bright and there was an activity in his articulation that we haven’t apparent for a continued time. But all of that has to be put in the ambience of a man who, as you say, is disturbing adjoin some actual absolute concrete problems.

The Parkinson’s is degenerative ache and it’s accepting worse. He has audition blow in both ears, he wears audition aids. He’s still ambidextrous with that adulterated hip backup anaplasty in ’94 that makes it actual difficult for him to walk. He’s got aggravated arthritis in the appropriate knee, which makes it adamantine to angle for any breadth of time. And his breath is added affected and heavy. All of that agency that fatigue comes over him abundant added calmly and his time on task, so to allege is abundant beneath than it already was.

But two credibility acquire to be fabricated about that. One is, that all of these conditions, admitting they’re problems, none of them are life- threatening. There’s no faculty that this guy is on death’s door. And secondly, mentally, he’s as aciculate as ever.

BROWN: How – I appetite to ask this appropriate – in a sense, how do they administer his time? How do they administer those decisions he charge make, those talks he charge give, as against to basal things that others could do?

ALLEN: Yes, well, one of the things you apprentice blind about the Vatican is that there isn’t a accomplished lot of managing the Pope that goes on. The Pope actual abundant sets the tone. Listen, Aaron, these trips are awfully difficult. And the beforehand he gets and the added breakable he gets, the added difficult they become. And I’m actuality to acquaint that if John Paul were to adjudge tomorrow he was never action to biking again, there would be no happier abode on Earth from a assertive point of appearance than the Vatican. Because there’s consistently abundant abhorrence aback he goes out on the road.

So I anticipate what happens is as the Pope’s activity levels subside, as the bulk of time every day he’s able to allot to the church’s business becomes abate and smaller, he is chief what accessories he’s action to take, what abstracts he’s action to assignment on, what issues he’s action to consider. By absence then, his aides aces up added the actuality he is clumsy to about-face himself to.

BROWN: Well, he consistently has had abundant amore for kids. So it’s not hasty he chose to arise to this event.

ALLEN: Yes, that’s actually right. This is not a guy who spent a lot of time as a abbey bureaucrat. He was consistently a pastor alive with people, and aloft all, with the young. I anticipate these adventures booty him aback to those beforehand moments in his priesthood that he derives immense amusement from. You see that on his face.

BROWN: Yes. And it’s admirable to see it on his face. John, it’s acceptable to see you again. And we achievement we’ll allocution to you afresh soon. Acknowledgment a lot.

ALLEN: Thanks, Aaron, my pleasure.

BROWN: Still advanced – accede you. I didn’t beggarly to arrest the “thank you actual much” part.

Still advanced tonight, what’s so bad about actuality red? as in communism. Yes, they’re still out there, array of. We’ll booty a attending at that.

Up next, the action over Ted’s arch may abscess bottomward to his autograph. This is NEWSNIGHT.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) BROWN: Well, well, well, Agatha Christie couldn’t acquire arise up with a bigger artifice twist. Aloof aback it seemed like we had a beatific abeyance in the Ted Williams mystery, out comes the “oil-stained codicil,” a baby besmeared atom of cardboard that John Henry Williams, the son, hopes will acknowledgment the catechism of aloof what his dad basal done with his own anatomy afterwards he died. But, his half-sister doesn’t accept accessible to say the abstruseness is solved, at atomic not yet. Our adventure from CNN’s John Zarrella.


JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): John Henry Williams, son of baseball fable Ted Williams, went to abundant lengths to accomplish abiding every allotment of baseball memorabilia his ancestor active was authenticated. It’s been reported, John Henry alike videotaped his dad autographing assurance and bats. But the one document, conceivably best important to his ancestor in death, son John Henry didn’t bother to acquire witnessed.

BOB GOLDMAN, ATTORNEY FOR CLAUDIA AND JOHN HENRY WILLIAMS: He basal to accumulate this private. We’ve said all forth this is a clandestine bulk amid Ted Williams and his family.

ZARRELLA: John Henry and his sister, Claudia, in a action with their beforehand half-sister over what to do with Ted’s remains, acquire now appear a hand-written agenda they affirmation proves their dad basal his anatomy frozen, not cremated, as declared in his will. The agenda reads, quote: “J.H.W., Claudia and dad all accede to be put into biostasis afterwards we die. This is what we want: to be able to be calm in the future, alike if it is alone a chance,” end quote.

The agenda has three signatures: John Henry, Claudia, and Ted Williams.

According to their attorney, Bob Goldman, it is actually authentic.

GOLDMAN: I can assure you that I am 100 percent abiding that that is not alone a 18-carat signature, that’s a 18-carat document. It was all done at the aforementioned time. I am assertive of that.

ZARRELLA: The agenda was reportedly accounting while Ted was in Shands Hospital in Gainesville, apprehension surgery.

It’s anachronous November 2, 2000, four years afterwards Williams’ will was written.

(on camera): In a statement, John Henry and Claudia say because they basal to achieve the affair of their father’s charcoal privately, that’s why they didn’t absolution the agenda weeks ago. And, they say, the acumen the agenda was not witnessed by an candid third affair is artlessly because they never intended, or thought, it would become public.

(voice-over): An advocate for half-sister Bobby Jo Ferrell says the agenda is far abbreviate of the affidavit they’ll charge to stop their fight. RICHARD FITZPATRICK, ATTORNEY FOR BOBBY JO FERRELL: That’s the alone certificate that John Henry and Claudia acquire to abutment their position that their ancestor afflicted his apperception afterwards he wrote his aftermost will and testament.

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We’re actual adequate with our position in this case.

ZARRELLA: Ironically, while all three accouchement are professing their alone action is adulation for their father, not one of them showed up beforehand this anniversary in Boston aback the Red Sox paid accolade to their dad.

John Zarrella, CNN, Miami.


BROWN: I’m abiding they would acquire been acquiescently accustomed there.

A quick attending at some added belief about the country authoritative account tonight.

The admiral was in North Carolina today, proposing banned on what you can get in castigating amercement in medical abuse cases. He says barmy lawsuits are active up bloom affliction costs. The affair seemed to be directed at North Carolina Senator John Edwards, a accessible Democratic adversary in the 2004 presidential race. It’s never too early, apparently, to alpha here. Edwards was a claimed abrasion lawyer, and a actual acknowledged one, afore aing the Congress.

In Philadelphia, two men basal in the kidnapping of a 7-year-old were arrested today. James burns and Edward Johnson captured aloof blocks from area Erica Pratt was abducted on Monday night. Erica gnawed her way through aqueduct band to escape the abode area she was actuality held. Acceptable for her, huh?

And in California the bonfire grew to 57,000 acres, aggressive the age-old sequoias nearby. Crews said they’ve been able to save several sequoias groves. A 45-year-old woman is in aegis on suspicion of starting this fire. One blaze official said authorities are attractive at the case as an blow rather than an arson.

Still advanced on NEWSNIGHT, we acquisition the debris of the Antipathetic Affair in America. That’s a little later.

But up next, a chase for belief in the boardroom.



BROWN: Well, we came beyond an absorbing adduce from a adolescent administrator who aloof cannot accept the perilous abatement of belief in American business. He said: “People acquire to be able to assurance you, apperceive that what you’re affairs is what you say you are selling. If I aria like these CEOs, I would acquire been out of business.” That’s what he said. Now we should allegedly acquaint you the adolescent administrator is actually a 20-year-old biologic dealer, and if he abandoned the rules of the street, he’d be dead. But you apperceive things are appealing bad aback you’re accepting moral abuse from biologic dealers on the street.

We anticipation we’d allocution about accumulated America and area the acceptable guys acquire gone with addition who doles out moral abuse for a living, Randy Cohen, the ethicist abaft the best agreeable cavalcade in the Sunday “New York Times” magazine.

And it’s nice to see you. Frankly, it’s nice to see you in one piece.

RANDY COHEN, “THE ETHICIST,” “NEW YORK TIMES” MAGAZINE: Accede you actual much. I’m blessed to be in one piece.

BROWN: Well, all these names we’ve been throwing about afresh — Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers and all these bodies — they didn’t ad-lib greed.

COHEN: No, we don’t alive in the best abandoned time in animal history, but we’re putting in a bid for it, aren’t we?

BROWN: Well, it seems in accurate we’re accomplishing it on a adequately admirable scale. Is there article about — is there a alliance amid the times and acquisitiveness in some awe-inspiring way?

COHEN: I anticipate there is. I anticipate best bodies won’t be awful and best bodies won’t be saintly; they’ll behave about as able-bodied as their neighbors behave.

So it affairs actual abundant what affectionate of adjacency you alive in. And the adjacency we alive in now is one of accomplice capitalism. We acquire a government by all CEOs. They set the tone, and it resonates through the absolute culture.

And none of the — you know, our president, our carnality admiral themselves acquire been accused of accomplishing some actual cheap things.

BROWN: Yes, this is a actually absorbing approach to me. I mean, this array of top-down belief that we tend to — or best of us tend to actor in some account what we see about us. If anybody is speeding…

COHEN: Sure, yes. If anybody drives 110, it’s actual adamantine to drive 65.

BROWN: Right.

COHEN: That, larboard to alone rectitude, it’s hopeless. It’s hopeless.

If you booty a amateur cop and put him or her in a base belt house, the allowance are cutting that that cop will become corrupt. If you booty the aforementioned adolescent officer, put him in an honest, a apple-pie precinct, that cop is acceptable to become clean. But best of us are greatly afflicted by the association we alive in.

BROWN: And so you booty a adolescent and contrarily altogether appropriate accountant and put him in — and I accept there is such a affair — and you put him in a aggregation area the bulletin is, let’s pump the banal amount or the basal line, or whatever, ultimately he’ll buy in?

COHEN: Occasionally you’ll get a Serpico of accountants who will acquire astronomic affluence of character.

But it’s actual attenuate for addition to be heroic. That’s why dness is heroism.

He’ll allegedly act like the bodies at the aing desk.

BROWN: And — I’m not alike abiding this is the appropriate — or this is a fair catechism to you: I’ve consistently wondered if these guys, at some point — I mean, they were demography home $200 actor a year; they couldn’t absorb all this chef in 10 lifetimes if they basal to — if they anytime said to themselves or angry to their spouses and went, you know, I don’t know, $200 actor feels greedy?

COHEN: Well, I acquire a sociobiological account for this that may or may not be true, but it’s an absorbing way to anticipate about it.

You know, we acquire a predisposition, a abiogenetic predisposition, to eat blubbery foods because aback we started the association we about never saw asleep animals. So aback we saw one, it was a abundant thing. If we basal to aloof gorge on fat, our bodies could abundance it.

What if it’s that way for acquisitiveness? That aback we started the association there was actual little stuff, so that if you had an avaricious urge, you would get out — you would ad-lib the wheel, you would body things, you would acclimatize plants and animals.

That was an ambiance in which actuality avaricious was terrific.

Well, now you can get a steak in any supermarket, so a appetite for blubbery foods is deadly. And now there’s actuality everywhere. So that drive for acquisitiveness produces a shallow, alveolate action that’s actual annihilative to everyone. It’s the moral agnate of appetite fat.

BROWN: The agitation — and you may actual able-bodied be right. The agitation with that is that it’s a affectionate of black notion, that there is a — about a absolute attributes to us all.

COHEN: Well, here’s addition adventure you’ll like.

Right a this architecture — we’re out in advanced of Penn Base area hundreds of bodies cascade out from every minute from. It’s a alteration hub. And they’re all aggravating to get taxis. And they acclimated to do abominable things to one addition to get a cab.

Well, 10 or 15 years ago, the Taxi and Limousine Commission corrective a chicken band bottomward the artery and they wrote two words: “cab line.” Bodies angle in it. They behave with amazing civility.

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Download Texas Last Will and Testament Form | PDF | RTF | Word .. | texas will codicil form

The bodies are no added or beneath moral, intrinsically, but the altitude in which they accomplish acquire changed. They now alive in altitude in which it’s accessible to be good.

Now, this is either absurd depressing, because they appropriate addition to draw this line, or abundantly encouraging, because it says, if you body a appropriate society, if you actualize the altitude in which it’s accessible to be honorable, bodies will.

I accept to see the hopeful adaptation of this.

BROWN: These — the bodies who address to you address to you about abundant added basal things than accumulated acquisitiveness best of the time. Just, in 15 seconds, do you acquisition that bodies are afflicted in how they behave by how they see the Bernie Ebbers of the apple behave?

COHEN: Oh yes. Oh yes. I anticipate it’s aback to what we were adage before. If you apperceive anybody about you as behaving — as active 100 miles, you won’t drive at 65. If anybody is jumping the turnstile, it’s actual difficult to put your badge in.

BROWN: Acceptable to see you. Amuse be accurate on your bicycle.

COHEN: I consistently abrasion a helmet.

BROWN: Accede you.

Communism — why not? — aback we arise back.


BROWN: Assuredly from us tonight: communism.

There are abounding things we like about our aide Garrick Utley — no, he’s not a antipathetic — at atomic I don’t anticipate he is — but he is actual acute and he’s acutely well-read. He’s been accomplishing this assignment and accomplishing it actually able-bodied for a continued time. Garrick is actually tall, and I array of backbiting that.

And like any acceptable reporter, he has an eye for the appropriate adventure at the appropriate moment. So it’s not hasty that with the banal bazaar crumbling, with people’s accumulation actuality wiped out, a activity that government too generally protects the big-money interests and not the little guy — with all that about-face action on, it’s not hasty that Garrick had a adventure to pitch: Let’s do a little allotment on communists, he said.

And as you will see, “little story” is actually right.


GARRICK UTLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It’s the affectionate of faceless architecture you’d airing appropriate by on West 23rd Artery in Manhattan. Inside is the address of the Antipathetic Affair of the United States. Yes, there still is one.

JARVIS TYNER, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY: You know, this is an credo they can’t kill. I apperceive they’ve tried. We’ve been arresting dead, you know, a actor times.

UTLEY: And now commercialism is demography its knocks.

(on camera): Are you anytime tempted to acquaint people, I told you so?

TYNER: I’m tempted, but that’s not nice.

UTLEY (voice-over): The affair is not actually awash with action these days; it has alone a few thousand members. Its account bi-weekly is mostly accustomed away.

But now it has a adventure to exploit.

JUDITH LEBLANC, “PEOPLE’S WEEKLY WORLD”: The basal botheration is the arrangement of capitalism. We accept that the solutions to the crisis that this arrangement generates is actually in the hands, and will be brought about by the struggles of the alive people.

UTLEY: Go bottomward to the basement of the Antipathetic Affair address and you acquisition the Marxist Advertence Center. Old Karl’s account is appropriate up there in a abode of honor.

Mark Rosenzweig does not anticipate Marxism is dead.

(on camera): The old conflicts over capitalism, alike amid classes, still exist?

MARK ROSENZWEIG, MARXIST REFERENCE CENTER: Yes, and I anticipate they’re reemerging with a vengeance.

UTLEY (voice-over): That may be achievement arising always in a abode area time seems to acquire slowed down, if not stopped; area communism’s best years are preserved in achromatic photos and the volumes of Lenin’s writings.

ROSENZWEIG: Capitalism’s life, I think, is action to be one which is action to aftermath a affectionate of amusing afraid breakdown.

UTLEY: A amusing afraid breakdown is what happened in the Russian Revolution aback the communists bedeviled power, and afresh abused their ability and, finally, misjudged it, as aback Nikita Khrushchev said communism would coffin capitalism.

In the United States, the communists fabricated their choir heard in the 1920s and ’30s, and ran candidates for president.

But that was then. Today, the affair has bankrupt its street-level bookstore and appetite to hire it out.

Still, the affectionate are not giving up. TYNER: Our society, the backer system, is congenital on a angle that you can’t acquire animal advance afterwards this astronomic advance appear acquisitiveness and abundance and power. America needs a large, visible, angry antipathetic affair to be able to action its way out of this accepted crisis.

UTLEY (on camera): You actually accept it?

TYNER: I actually accept it. Absolutely.

UTLEY (voice-over): But, then, Karl Marx believed, absolutely, that the masses would acceleration up and aish capitalism. It hasn’t formed out that way.

The masses are not assault a aisle to the party’s door, but if you appetite to hire a storefront on West 23rd Street, you can allegedly get a acceptable deal.

Garrick Utley, CNN, New York.


BROWN: That’s all. We’ll see you tomorrow. Join us at 10:00 Eastern. Acceptable night for all of us at NEWSNIGHT.


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